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Bio: Deborah Escalante currently spends her days working at a university, and by night, she enjoys contributing to the always non-profitable poetry industry, having been published in literary journals such as Párrafos (UCLA’s bilingual literary magazine), Blueprint Review, Elephant Tree, Medulla Review, and Danse Macabre. Her writing influences stem from the creative minds of Shel Silverstein, Guillermo del Toro, Oscar Wilde, Stanley Kubrick, Morrissey, and Tim Burton, so her writing style could best be described as the love child of Dr. Seuss and Freddy Krueger. During her free time, Deborah can be found conducting culinary experiments on innocent produce, stargazing, creating memories with her husband and children, finding foster plants for orphaned spiders, and applying literary theory to The Walking Dead, Dexter, American Horror Story, and The Real Housewives of New York series.

Posts by Deborah:

10+ Most Terrifying Things to Ever Happen In A Morgue

Posted on: 25 Jul 2017

With its cool steel interior and uncannily silent atmosphere, the morgue isn’t exactly one of the most idealistic places where you’d want to spend your free time—holding rows and rows of the recently deceased waiting to be identified and laid to rest, it’s usually limited to a dead man’s party of one. Cadavers aside, since …