20+ Horrific Nail Art To Inspire Fear Around You

Halloween brings out the spooky side of creativity. There are entire stores devoted to the one day a year dedicated to scaring decent folks. No, we don’t mean tax day. A Dutch artist going by the name of Piggieluv on Instagram has taken nail art to a whole new level. Beginning in 2014, she began her creepy designs and has continued to step up her game ever since. It’s only been three years but she seems to have the craft nailed.

Utilizing designs featured gruesome gore, maniac monsters, and ghastly ghouls, these macabre manicures are destined to inspire nail-biting screams. Here’s a list 25 ghoulish nail designs for Halloween.

20+ Horrific Nail Art Designs To Follow To Create Fear

Coming into our worl
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

Coming into our world

In a scene straight out of A Nightmare on Elm Street, these horrifying nail designs evoke spirits from another world coming into ours via these chilling cuticles.

Spooky silhouette
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

Spooky silhouette

This horrific nail design works on two levels. On the first, it illustrates a scared little girl but when the lights go out, a spooky scene of a dark tree branch and a lost child is evoked.

Mummy's calling
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

Mummy’s calling

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the festivities but these horrifying nail designs will lend a hand. Their glow in the dark eyes will add an eerie effect as well.

Well dressed wounds
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

Well dressed wounds

These horrifying nail designs are so realistic, it’s hard to discern if they are stitched wounds or corsets.

What terrible nails we weave
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

What terrible nails we weave

The cob webs on these horrifying nail designs spin only terror.

Sleep tight
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

Sleep tight

A scared boy gets terrified when a giant spider turns off the lights to reveal glowing eyes in the horrifying nail. design.

Player cuts
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

Player cuts

The dealer always gets his cut in this horrifying nail design.

Death plays a hand
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

Death plays a hand

This horrifying nail design illustrates the grim reaper, relaxing in hell.

Gravediggers biscuits
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

Gravediggers biscuits

A cemetery is not as scary during the day, but at night, but at night the ethereal glow of the dead begins to arrive in this horrifying nail design.

heeeeeere's Johnny
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

heeeeeere’s Johnny!

There’s always something creeping behind your nails in the horrifying nail design.

Cutting to the quick
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

Cutting to the quick

This horrifying nail design illustrates a cutting lesson in safety.

A bad habit
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

A bad habit

This is what happens when you take horrifying nail (biting) designs too seriously.

Hell's angel
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

Hell’s angel

People are reminded that Lucifer once resided in Heaven, unlike this horrifying nail design.

The eyes have it
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

The eyes have it

This horrifying nail design takes “seeing with your hands” a bit too literally.

The freaks come out at night
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

The freaks come out at night

A night at the graveyard only gets more frightening when the lights go out in this horrifying nail design.

Idle hands
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

Idle hands

This horrifying nail design looks like the devil’s playground, and he has his eyes set on you!

Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/


Behind the wooden crate lies fear in this horrifying nail design.

Come into my web
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

Come into my web…

This horrifying nail design pulls you in with its intricate work and feasts on your soul once you are trapped.

Who ya gonna call
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

Who ya gonna call?

This horrifying nail design is reminiscent of the library ghost in Ghostbusters.

Cat's eye
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

Cat’s eye

A three eyed monster getting his face sprayed with blood after an attack could be the setting of this horrifying nail design.

The bigger the web
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

The bigger the web…

This horrifying nail design will get you tangled up with its huge spider.

Combining two holidays
Source: via https://www.instagram.com/narmai/

Combining two holidays

Combining two holidays into one nail-biting experience, this horrifying nail design shows off a possessed snow man that you don’t want nipping at your nose.

Final Thoughts
So that was a list of horrifying nail designs by a Dutch artist. Her designs literally jump off the cuticle and into our worst nightmares. The creativity used to construct these hellish pieces of art is otherworldly. From demons and mummies to possessed snowmen and spiders, this (love) craft will darken your soul.

Piggieluv has taken a quirky gimmick like the manicure and brought it to scary heights. It is unknown what inspired her to explore the meaning of fear in finger form, but we are truly thankful for her descent into the mouth of madness.

10+ Creepy Christmas Traditions from Around the World

The holidays are a joyous time. Good will toward men abounds when the spirit of Christmas is in the air. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost and his nose-nipping, and people hiding their brooms so that witches don’t steal them make for some of the most repeated memories of Christmas.

What’s that? Haven’t you heard of that last one? Well, it’s just a drop in the bucket in the creepy traditions held the world over in honor of the 25th of December. This list contains stories of demonic Santa’s helpers, eating moldy birds, and more than one story of Christmas poop. Here is a list of 15 Creepy Christmas traditions from around the world.

Yule Cat
Source: lifewithcatstv

Yule Cat

Also known as the Jólakötturinn, this creepy Christmas tradition is an old Icelandic monster that hid in the snow and attacked those who were unfortunate enough not to have gotten new clothes for the holidays. Scheming employers would use this to their advantage and “motivate” the workforce by telling them that the Yule Cat would get them if they didn’t make their quotas.

Location: Iceland

Christmas Witch
Source: Pinterest

Christmas Witch

This Creepy Christmas tradition perhaps started as a cautionary tale about OCD. Legend says that La Befana didn’t go with the wise men to usher in the birth of Jesus because she had too much cleaning to do. Because of this, she has roamed the Earth for over two thousand years in search of the Son of God.

Location: Venezuela

Catalonia the Caganer
Source: Vox.com

Catalonia the Caganer

In some regions in South America, some versions of the Nativity scene are presented with a man squatting down and defecation. Becoming popular in the 17th and 18th centuries, there are many theories as to why but nothing concrete as to why this bears relevance to the holiday or the religious observance.

Location: Spain

No cleaning for Christmas
Source: flickr.com

No cleaning for Christmas

The holidays can be a stressful time for most with getting everything ready for visitors and of course for St. Nick. In some parts of the world, however, it is believed that if you hide your brooms, it will protect against witches from stealing them.

Location: Norway

Eating a moldy bird

Eating a moldy bird

This creepy Christmas Tradition calls for the eating of a fermented bird, also known as a Kiviak. The bird is stored in the carcass of a seal for seven months to ensure that it will be prepared for the holidays.

Location: Greenland

Source: Pinterest

Christmas Spider

This creepy Christmas tradition is a bit sweet if not truly eerie. Legend says that a spider took pity on a poor family and decorated their house for the holidays. there is no report of the family then burning the house down because there was a spider in it.

Location: Ukraine

Machine gun Santa
Source: pinterest

Machine gun Santa

If you’ve always wanted to get your picture taken with Santa Claus and a machine gun then this creepy Christmas tradition is right up your alley. The Scottsdale Gun Club hosts the annual event which spreads love, peace and bullet casings for the holidays.

Location: Arizona

Source: wikipedia


Few believe that films can actually have a basis in fact but this creepy Christmas tradition is the exception to the norm. Krampus is the legend of the man who beats naughty children with sticks instead of the lovely visit from Santa. The film did get one thing wrong though. Instead of Krampus being the opposite of Santa, Krampus is actually a partner/sidekick.

Location: Germany

Pooping tree trunk
Source: via oddity Central.com

Pooping tree trunk

This creepy Christmas tradition calls for a log to be set under the tree and “fed” with gifts beginning on Dec. 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception celebration. The log is kept warm until Christmas when the tree “poops” out all of the gifts. Sometimes children help it along by hitting it with a stick like a pinata.

Location: Spain

Christmas straw goats
Source: wikipedia

Christmas straw goats

This creepy Christmas tradition has Nordic origins. Goats have always been celebrated during the holidays from small ornaments to giant straw goats held in the city of Gavle. The creepy tradition here, however, is that arsonist frequently attempts to burn the goat down. Last successful in 2012, the goat has only survived 13 times since 1966.

Location: Sweden

Bonfire of good fortune
Source: Thenorthpole.com

Bonfire of good fortune

Good fortune comes in many forms in the oddest of places. This creepy Christmas tradition is held by the few Christians left in the Middle East. They light a bonfire in front of their home and depending on how the fire burns, it will predict the family’s fortune for the coming year. If it burns to ashes, they will have good luck.

Location: Iraq

Yule Lads
Source: iceland.is

Yule Lads

Much like the seven dwarves, this creepy Christmas tradition features small individuals named after personality traits. Instead of Sleepy and Dopey, however, they have names like Spoon-Licker, Sausage-Swiper, Door-Sniffer Pot-Scraper, and most worryingly, Window-Peeper. And if the names don’t put you off, they are the owners of another entry on this list, the Yule Cat.

Location: Iceland

Zwarte Piet
Source: Huffington Post

Zwarte Piet

This creepy Christmas tradition has a bit in common with Krampus. You see, Zwarte Piet is a side kick to old St Nick in this part of the country. Every Christmas, the pair arrive by boat and shower the good little boys and girls with gifts. The bad ones, however, are taken away to Spain, never to be heard from again. The people have tried recently to discontinue the legend of Zwarte Piet as he was always portrayed as an African American and in not the most positive of lights.

Location: The Netherlands

Source: en.wikipedia.org


Much like Krampus, Perchta is another sidekick to Santa Claus except she is sort of a precursor to the big show. Perchta operates up to 12 days before Christmas to judge all the little children and if they are found bad, slits their bellies. The punishment seems to outweigh the crime as if a child refuses to eat their vegetables, they will be disemboweled.

Location: Austria

Source: villains.wikia.com


This creepy Christmas tradition involves a mountain giantess/troll who comes down in search of food, in this case, naughty children. When she finds them, she eats them.

Location: Iceland

Final Thoughts
The holidays can be a stressful time for anyone. Trimming the tree, last minute shopping, and uncomfortable family visit is just some of the hassles people must deal with. Of course, there is also the occasional demonic cat, automatic weapon-toting Santa Claus, and a well-intentioned Christmas spider to contend with. The world has many creepy traditions that it observes and Christmas is no exception.

From demonic sidekicks to St. Nick to demonic dwarves, the holidays offer more horrific tales and pagan religions that Sam Hain could ever dream of. The Nightmare Before Christmas may have been on to something when it suggested that Halloween was jealous of Christmas.

10 Disturbingly Eerie Crypts/Catacombs Around The World

When a person hears the words “crypt” or “catacomb,” they automatically think “creepy”, “eerie”, “disturbing”, etc. With these places being the final resting grounds for hundreds or thousands of people, there are always eerie feelings that lurk amongst the walls and floors of these resting grounds. Some are designed so creepily that just looking at the pictures will send shivers down your spine and keep you up at night wondering why someone would create such an eerie place. Nonetheless, these catacombs and crypts hold a lot of history and persons within their walls, floors, and tombs that contribute to the creepy feeling others have felt while being there.

Catacombs — Home to the Dead

Even the dead need a place to inhabit. And they don’t deserve graves, they deserve to be aesthetically yet eerily presented to the world in the form of eerie crypts so that their presence can still be felt by the world. Some people preserve lots of remains of the dead just to honor them, some do it because their malevolently tainted mind tells them to. And some eerie crypts and catacombs just come into existence in their own mysterious ways.



An eerie photo of the catacombs of Paris.

Source: ancient-origins

These catacombs are one of the most well-known catacombs around the world. Starting in 1786, the cemeteries in Paris started to become overfilled with caskets and the government saw an opportunity in front of them. These catacombs then became the final resting place to over 6 million people and have become famous over time. For starters, bodies from the riots in The Place de Grève, the Hôtel de Brienne, and Rue Meslée were placed in the catacombs in 1788, Parisian members of the French Resistance used the tunnel system during World War II, the Nazis created an underground bunker at a high school where the catacombs lie under, and in 2004, the police found a fully equipped movie theater within one of the caverns. In this movie theater set up, it had a giant cinema screen, seats for the audience members, projection equipment, film reels of classic movies and more recent films, a fully stocked bar, and a complete restaurant that had tables and chairs. To this day, no one knows who was in charge of this movie theater as well as how they received any type of power source. The catacombs have been reopened to the public after a vandalism in 2009, making them a hotspot of tourist attraction. 


BRNO OSSAURY Eerie Catacombs

A staircase looking stack of skulls from the deceased.

Source: wikipedia

This catacomb lies in the Czech Republic and is the second largest catacomb within Europe. It holds the remains of over 50,000 people and was established in the 17th century with some of it being under the St. James church. It was forgotten about for a long while until it was re-discovered in 2001 and then became open to the public in 2012. People believe that the bones within this catacomb were dug up and moved so there could be more space for more burials. These bones show people that the ones who have lost their lives in these catacombs died because of various diseases and were thrown down there. For example, even though these bones are yellow because they haven’t seen sunlight in ages, the more yellow bones can be classified as being part of a person who has died from cholera, while the red-tinted bones belonged to a person that was killed because of the plague. 



A pile of remains from hundreds of people.

Source: flickr

The grounds of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna, opened themselves up in 1147 A.D., after its consecration, to become cemeteries as a result of the high honor that people placed near the church. Today, the catacombs hold over 11,000 remains after interments began in 1735 and continued until 1783. There are two underground systems, actually, that are labeled as the newer system and the older system. The older crypt parts of these catacombs, the ones directly under the Cathedral, have been refurbished over time and have a less dark, eerie vibe to them than the newer part of the catacombs. In the newer part, which is under the square patch next to the church, are left in rawness and darkness. Only a handful of lights have been installed, so the dark and eerie feeling lurks within the tunnel system of these catacombs and sends shivers down a person’s spine. History also shows that when the caverns became too full of bodies, prison guards had to go down into the catacombs and remove the bones from the bodies of the dead to create more room for more bodies to be stored down there.


CATACOMBS Eerie Crypts

A beautiful picture of what the catacombs look like.

Source: arounddeglobe

Also known as “Mound of Shards”, these catacombs are a series of tombs in Alexandria, Egypt that reach a depth of about 100 feet. They were originally built for a wealthy family in the second century, A.D., but were unfortunately forgotten about until 1900. The rediscovery of these catacombs happened because a donkey accidentally fell into the access shaft for the catacombs. Upon further investigation, human and animal bones were discovered, including 3 sarcophagi. The catacombs received their name after people brought food while visiting the tombs in terra cotta jars to eat while visiting the dead. When they finished eating, they did not want to bring their jars back home, especially after visiting tombs of the dead, so they would throw their jars against the walls and grounds, shattering them all over the place. This would leave shards on the ground, making people rename it as the Mound of Shards. 


A creepy photo of what the walls and ceiling look like.

Source: smithsonianmag

Located in Czerma, Poland, this catacomb is exactly as what the name says it is. This particular catacomb was built in 1776 by a local priest and serves as a mass grave for nearly 25,000 people. The majority of people that were lied to rest in this catacomb were from the Thirty Years War, 3 Silesian War, the Cholera outbreaks, and from people who died from hunger. The priest who had built this catacomb system took the liberty to collect the remains from those who passed away and bring them to their final resting ground. This catacomb chapel gained its infamous name because the walls and the basement are full of skulls and bones from those who had passed away. As a nice tribute to those who had built this chapel, their remains are located in the center of the church where the altar is, nodding off to the fact that they are the center of attention because of their hard work and dedication that was put into building this eerie catacomb. With the skull and bones put into the basement and the walls, an eerie, disturbing feeling overcomes anyone who looks at it and for anyone that goes there, this eerie, disturbing feeling washes over them.



A beautiful sight of St. Catherine’s.

Source: news.artnet

This chapel is also known as The Monastery of the Transfiguration and is a place that holds major religious and historical significance. Beneath this beautiful monastery, though, there is a dark and eerie charnel house that represents the harsh and cruel environment that surrounds this house. The Byzantine Emperor Justinian decreed that there were to be a monastery built near the Chapel of the Burning Bush in the 6 century A.D.  Furthermore, the monks of St. Catherine were sent to Sinai because they were proved to be difficult or appeared to be a disgrace to the rest of the monks; but, along their travel in the hot desert of Egypt, they found that the ground was too hard to break to bury the dead. “House of Skulls” later became one of the most popular tourist attractions that people flocked to visit when they went to Egypt. This name developed because the remains that are lying inside this chapel are the remains of the monks and are arranged out of necessity instead of decoration. It has been labeled as a gruesome and morbid monument of these monks that fell victim to the hardships provided by Mount Sinai.



A haunting picture of remains from this Austria crypt.

Source: atlasobscura

Lying beneath the somber and pious majesty of St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a dark, decrepit, haunting secret that tourists flock to every year. Over 11,000 skeletal remains lie in this crypt and were used as a final resting place for the Archbishop of Vienna Franz Cardinal KËTING as recently as 2004. In the main part of this crypt, the bodies that lie within there are largely there because of the relocation of burial survives to the pit below the church that was caused by the bubonic plague that struck Europe in 1735. However, in another section of this eerie, dark crypt is a section that was created specifically for the royalty. Instead of being in tombs or having the remains spread around the crypt, there are jars that are preserving the innards of the royalty. For example, the Hapsburg royalty’s hearts, intestines, and even the stomach of Queen Maria Teresa can be located in this location. 



Top photo: The Catacombs of St. Paul.
Bottom photo: Part of the Catacombs of St. Agatha.
Source: wikipedia

Being some of the eeriest and disturbing crypts throughout the entire world, St. Agatha is the final resting place of over 500 people in Roman times. This final resting place includes a multitude of children as well. St. Agatha’s tombs were created for two people, regardless of their religion, were laid in these tombs and buried within the walls of this crypt. St. Paul’s Parish is said to be that the saint himself stayed here during his time in Malta in 60 A.D. As explorers traveled through these catacombs, they discovered that there were different tombs for different types of classes that were offered to people during the 2nd and 3rd century A.D.


CAPUCHIN CRYPT Eerie Catacombs

An eerie and haunting photo of how the bodies of the deceased are set up.

Source: atlasobscura

This crypt is possibly one of the creepiest and eeriest crypts that cease to exist within the world today. It started to become popular when the Capuchin Monastery ran out of room within their church burial grounds. Within this crypt, over 8,000 remains of Capuchin parishioners lie. However, the remains of these parishioners can also be found standing in five adjoining chambers throughout the cold, dark, decrepit basement of the Monastery. Since 1599, friars, children, and local dignitaries have been buried within this crypt and their skeleton remains have been mummified or left as they are for anyone and everyone to see when they enter this crypt. An eerie feeling comes into play because of how these remains are arranged within this strange resting place, making people believe that these skeletons have been put on display rather than laid to rest. Some skeletons still have some of their clothes intact, making people shiver with chills as they stare at the soulless remains. 


LAEKEN Eerie Crypts

A creepy photo of what this crypt looks like.

Source: lovethesepics

This crypt has been labeled as a beautiful sight that people have to witness for themselves- but also extremely eerie and creepy. The use of this crypt has been dated back to 1870’s and shockingly enough, there are no blood, gore, or skeletons lying against or within the walls. This vault is rumored to be well organized and boasts hundreds of hermetically sealed niches that also have beautiful stone work incorporated within them. Restoration of this beautiful place is in the set for the hidden gem within Brussels since this crypt grew with the community but fell into a despair in the 1990’s because of a series of annexes and extensions. 

What is shown in this article about these ten disturbingly eerie crypts is not what is all to them. There are numerous photos as well as documentaries on the web which tell us more about these grotesque and eerie catacombs decorated with the remains of the dead. Sure is a sight to see for those who seek pleasure in eerie sights and places. If you are up for an adventure, these eerie crypts and catacombs ought to be on top of your list.

What’s more to these eerie crypts is that they are home to thousands of ghostly entities who haunt every speck of the air that environs the eerie crypts. These places are, by all means, the best in you want to feel the cold air of the undead on your skin. Not to worry though, most of these departed souls are at peace. But if you’re really feeling lucky, you might even encounter a bitter one!

10+ True Creepy Encounters To Chill You To The Bones

Experiences that simply defy all explanation happen around us more than you think. Have you ever had any true creepy encounters that linger in memory to haunt you till this very day? Citizens of the world have pooled their haunting inexplicable experiences on threads of Reddit and Quora. Hand picked from the countless entries are the following blood-curdling tales that will have you looking over your shoulder every time you are alone from here on.

Do you Believe in Creepy Encounters?

Did you friend or cousin ever came to sleep over and give you a scary tingly feeling by telling you an allegedly true creepy encounter they experienced? All friends and cousins do that! You might have done the same just to give your little brother a fright so that he can’t sleep at night. But sometimes, people are desperate to have their creepy story believed; not just for attention but because it transpired to them in real. And that’s when you know that the story they are trying to tell is indeed a true creepy encounter. Next time you hear one, think what you just read!

1. Creepy Caller

When I was about eighteen, I got a telephone call from a strange man. The phone in my room rang (for you kids reading now, telephones used to actually be attached to walls; you didn’t carry them around with you. I was one of the privileged few kids my age who not only had hidden own phone but also his own number – listed in the phone book and everything!) and I went in and answered it. He asked, “Is this Courtney Ballard?” and I acknowledged that it was. Then, he told me his name in a tone that implied that he expected me to know who he was. I was clueless.

He asked me again if I was me, and I had no choice but to again say that yes, I was in fact me. He then said, “I’m calling to make sure you’re OK. You looked pretty shook up yesterday.”

At this point, I had to tell him that I had no idea what he was talking about. I had been fine the day before.

He pressed on: “Yesterday? When you wrecked your car?”

“Sir… I… think you might have the wrong number.”

“This is Courtney Ballard, right?”

“Yes sir, my name is Courtney Ballard”

“And you live in (the name of the tiny town I lived in)?

“Yes sir, that’s me, but I didn’t wreck my car yesterday…”

Over the course of a very confusing and uncomfortable fifteen minutes, he proceeded to tell me about ‘our meeting’ the day before: I had come around the corner in front of his house too fast, lost control, and hit a large oak tree in his front yard. I had been shaken up, but the car was driveable and I’d refused all offers of help. He’d managed to get me to reveal my name before I left, and I’d told him that I was on my way to that small town, but nothing else.

He described me – my size, my shape, my hair length, and color. He described my car – not the make and model, but the size, shape, and color.

At first, I thought it was a put-on, that a friend was pranking me, but as the conversation progressed, the man’s concern was convincing. He had been so worried about me that he’d looked me up and called to make sure I was Ok.

By the end of the conversation I managed to convince him that I was Ok, that I really didn’t know anything about it. He had given me his name and address over the course of the call, and he invited me to stop by sometime.

When I hung up the phone, I was actually curious; I went outside and looked at my car. No damage – everything was just as I remembered it. I shook my head and walked back inside.

A few days later I was driving home and this phone call was echoing around the back of my mind. I remembered the man’s name, and what part of town he lived in. It wasn’t far off of my route home, so I looked him up in the phone book, got his address, and headed that way. As I came around a sweeping bend in the road I saw a house like the one he had described. In the front yard was a large oak, and there were marks in the grass where a car has recently left the road, leading straight for the tree.

And on the tree, paint that perfectly matched my car.

I was so shaken that I almost ran off the road and into the tree.

2. Military Stalker

So my husband, Ted, is in the military. We have generally lived on base every station we have been to because the surrounding towns can be very crime ridden and sketchy and with my husband gone most the time the extra security is appreciated.

I work from home due to us moving so often. So one afternoon I was taking a break. Had made a bite to eat and was snuggling up on the couch with my dog. That’s when I heard the sliding glass door open. It was so nonchalant I thought it was Ted. I saw my cat run from the kitchen and a shadow standing near the door entering it.

I thought maybe he had come back for something so I called out to him and was like “What are you doing home? Did you forget something?” No answer.

This is where I got just an eerie feeling. After I asked what he was doing I saw the shadow move and heard the click of the sliding door lock. From there he walked to the laundry room and shut the door. I still had not received a response. So I’m sitting on the couch scared out of my mind and I call my husband hoping to hear his phone in the laundry room.

I don’t hear a ring but he answers. I asked him why he came home and didn’t answer me and all he says is “That wasn’t me. Grab the dog and get in your car.” I freak.

After getting off the phone with Ted I grab the dog and run to my car. From there I call the Military Police. Waiting for them was probably the longest 20 minutes of my life.

When they got there they cleared the house and found no one. They asked me to make a statement and even they were baffled that someone would try this on a base.

We still live here. I am so scared he will come back.

3. Murderer In The House

A guy I work with told me a similar freaky story once. He was a kid visiting in his grandma in Atlanta on a hot summer night. He slept on the floor right by the front door, which was left open (screen door) as it was hot. From what he told me he woke up in the middle of the night to a man crouching down on the other side of the screen door looking at him. When he woke, the man winked at him and left. The next day it was discovered his neighbors had been murdered.

4. Real Life “The Grudge”

This might not be as creepy as the other stories I’ve read in the answers, but it actually happened and it was really odd, at least to me and my mom.

I usually go to sleep with the TV on and no sound, and that night was not an exception.

I had gone to bed early and woke up in the middle of the night, agitated, uneasy. There was SO MUCH noise, almost unbearable. When I looked up, there was the TV on as I had left it, but there was this pale girl, with red eyes, and she was screaming, and it seemed as she was trying to get out of my TV set.

Before I even had the chance to turn the TV off (I couldn’t even move anyway), my mom had already come quickly to see what was up with that horrible noise. She immediately tried to turn the TV off from the remote, with no success! I had been able to recover my body in that short period so I stood up and tried to turn it off directly, but it was useless too.

Somehow I got so desperate that I just disconnected the whole thing.

Needless to say, I slept with my mom that night.

5. Ghostly Encounter

Speaking of true creepy encounters, this incident occurred while I was in college. I was writing letters for my closest high school friends one night. Email and texts weren’t “in” back then. While writing a letter for one of those friends, I felt a creepy chill that brought shivers down my spine as if the wind blew but it wasn’t a windy nor rainy day back then. It was followed by the smell of candle burning and some sort of floral perfume.

The next day, I found out that that classmate in mind died the night before. I don’t believe in ghosts but many people say it was her and she dropped by our house the night she died to say goodbye.

6. Death by Apple

In October of 2013,  my husband and I were going to a local concert to see two friends perform. On our way back, I called home to check on the kids, and was talking to my one son, when I suddenly felt this incredible burning pain sensations throughout my body. I screamed and dropped the phone. The pain continued for about 10 minutes. It was horrible. Turns out that I was electrocuted by the current running through my cell phone. I was freaked out and called a doctor.   She basically told me that if I called her, there was nothing else she could do.  However, that kind of shock can stimulate a heart attack.   I was LUCKY.

So I am thinking that APPLE has a problem with the car charger and I am mad as hell.  I am a good letter writer and wrote a note to Tim Cook at Apple,  scanned it to him on October 22. (Full disclosure, my last documentary-APPLE engineers were GREAT to me). I basically wrote what happened, and how I wanted to share my experience with him on the product asap, as I believed the product to be dangerous. At that time, I didn’t know if it was an Apple manufactured product or a third party product, my goal was to alert Apple to the situation in case they needed to remove these products from the shelves.

I didn’t get much of a response from the CEO’s office and called the APPLE hotline, which was worse – they sent me to Alabama, where they offered me a Genius Bar appointment. I went back and forth trying to get someone to pay attention to what I was saying.  This all happened over a three day period.

Completely frustrated, I finally just sent the original copy of the letter to Tim Cook and kept a copy on my desk.  I figured if they wanted to do something, they knew how to reach me.  A few days later, when I walked into my office, there was a note on the copy of the letter.   It was on a little yellow “stickie” and it said, “CAREFUL” in uneven caps.  The word careful was underlined four times.  I immediately went to my husband and said: “Why would you write a note on the top of my note to Apple?”   He looked at my strangely and said: “I have no idea what you are talking about.”   I showed him the note, (Which I still have).  Nope, not him.  The only other occupants of our house were kids, and they weren’t the least interested in a letter to the CEO of Apple.

So here was a note from someone who came into my house and actually searched my desk to find the letter.  Think about it, how would they know I wrote a letter unless they were listening to my calls. (Very easy to do in my office space). They took one of my stickies to write the warning.  Pretty brazen.

At that point, my husband and I realized that something was terribly wrong.  Someone was obviously listening to my calls and had been in our house.  Perhaps more than once.  We didn’t lock our doors, we kept our keys in our cars, it has been pretty safe where we lived.  No more. I went to the local Sheriff. He explained to me when someone wants you to have an “accident” they can rewire your car phone charger so you can be electrocuted.  As we sorted through what we knew, other things that didn’t make sense.   (My passport disappeared) we realized that someone had actually tried to kill me.   After their failed attempt, they came into my office and left me a note to ensure that I knew this was not an accident.  How CREEPY is that?

At that time, I was working on a few story ideas for a new documentary. One was a situation happening in East Palo Alto and another on Locust’s destroying the food supply in Madagascar. I also thought about the last documentary that I did which was airing on SHOWTIME. All three of them had elements where I was challenging a powerful government or major corporation.

I thought long and hard about what my options were.  I was clear that I could never forgive myself if anything happened to my kids or my spouse. We immediately put camera’s in and around our property to record any and all movement. The sheriff’s office had our house in their daily route to make sure everyone was safe.

I also closed my non-profit and decided despite loving my work on human rights issues, I didn’t ever want my work to endanger anyone that I loved. Things have calmed down since I stopped working on any projects. I consider myself very lucky.

7. Mystery Premonitions

This happened to a friend of my ex-coworker. The story goes like this: Her aunt has a guest room in her house, and one day she let one of her friends take a nap there. People say her friend was a quiet, mellow type of guy. So everyone was taken aback when he suddenly sat up and started yelling very angrily “I’M HUNGRY!” and he started throwing things at the wall. Reportedly, he went back to sleep after this and didn’t mention anything about the incident after. However, a few days after this incident, he committed suicide.

Years later, another friend of the aunt took a nap in the same bedroom. Strangely enough, the same exact thing happened. She woke up suddenly, very angry, and yelled “I’M HUNGRY!” and started throwing things. I’m not sure what happened after this, but I think she is still alive, but nobody knows what caused the sudden outbreaks of hunger and anger.

8. African American Heritage

This happened to a relative of a classmate in high school. I can’t remember all the details since I heard this story years ago, but I remember the gist of it. Somewhere in the US, my classmate’s aunt and uncle moved in a house. They had a young son. Occasionally, random household objects would disappear for long periods of time and then show up later in odd places. Other than that, everything was fine. One day, their son started talking to an imaginary friend. But instead of giving him a normal name, like Peter or Henry, he simply called him “Man.” He would say things like “Man is over there” or “I’m talking to Man.”

His parents just humored him, knowing kids did stuff like this. One day, the family was watching TV and an African American man came on. Where they lived, their son hadn’t been exposed to many African Americans before. However, when he saw him, the son suddenly said “Look! There’s Man!” Later on the parents came to find out that their house had a background of African American slavery back in the 1700s, and some remains had been found under the house. Coincidence? Maybe. But I still think the story is very interesting

9. Meet Me On The Other Side

When I was in kindergarten and elementary school, I was friends with a girl, let’s call her Jennie because I feel uncomfortable writing her real name in public. She came over to my house all the time and up until now, my Mom would still recall memories of her with fondness. She said that she never knew anyone as honest as Jennie. When my parents asked her what I had been doing in class, Jennie would tell them everything. EVERYTHING. Whether I got a bad grade, fell asleep in class and upset a teacher or crushed on a boy.

In 5th grade, on the last day of school, a group of students in our class, including Jennie, decided to skip school to go to the beach. I was being grounded so I couldn’t join. During that trip, two of the kids drowned and several of them were admitted into psychiatrist ward. Jennie was one of those who died. I don’t really know what happened, no adult ever gave me any detail. My parents even forbid me to go by Jennie’s house after that because whenever Jennie’s mom saw me, she would call me in and say: “If Jennie was still alive nowadays, she would be going to school like you.” Then she would try to hug me and call me Jennie.

About a year later, when I had just finished 6th grade, I had a dream in which Jennie and I were playing. Jennie was braiding my hair the way she always did and told me that she was happy because I would be visiting her soon. I woke up feeling a bit spooked but didn’t think much of it. Then at breakfast, my parents told me that they had a surprise for me: they were taking me to the beach. On our way, my Mom made us stop at an unpopular beach which now had the sign “Danger” and told me: “That’s where your friend Jennie died.” I thought of the dream and started crying. I had never dreamt about Jennie before, or maybe I had but I never remembered it until that night. After that, I never dreamt about her again.

From that point on, I can never think of that dream without getting goosebumps all over.

9. Abraham Lincoln

I was a teenager in the 70’s and was hanging out one night with a group from our neighborhood.  We decided that we were going to do a ‘seance’.  There were about 6 of us and we held hands and I began the seance by speaking to the spirit of Abraham Lincoln.  I was, of course, being silly and asked him to call the phone but hang up when we answered.  The phone rang instantly, and we all got chills… It rang until the girl who lived in the house answered it, and whoever called quickly hung up.  I was accused of years of setting up a prank — I didn’t.

10. Cancer & Dementia

My father was in the last stages of his life following a battle with cancer.  My mother had been caring for  him, but then she became ill and had to be hospitalized.  We therefore moved my father into our home so we could care for him.  After two weeks of caring for my father and traveling to the hospital to check on my mother, my cousin called me one day to say she had just been to the hospital and my mother had passed somewhat unexpectedly.

I had to let my father know that my mother had died.  At the time he was in and out  due to all the medication, but I told him and his only comment was “I guess we need to tell Lamar, oh no wait he already knows”.  He then laid his head down and went to sleep.  The only Lamar I knew as a good friend of my parents from our hometown 7 hours away and I knew no reason why there would be any special need to let him know of my mother’s passing, so I just chalked it up to the drugs and carried on.

Several days later we traveled back to my old hometown where my mother was to be buried.  I was discussing the arrangements with the funeral director, when just in passing he said “what a coincidence that your mother and her good friend Lamar, died on the same day within minutes of each other”.

I can’t decide if it was creepy, supernatural or what, but I know there is no way that my father could have possibly known about his friend who had just died 7 hours away and somehow connecting that to his wife’s (my mother’s) death.  He in fact did not even remember saying anything to me about Lamar or my mother’s death.

11. New York City

I grew up in NYC, so not many things scare me. I’ve seen the craziest of people in the subways alone, like the religious woman that speaks in tongues conveniently from DeKalb to Canal, the weirdest 10 minutes of your life, or one special nutjob twirling a 4ft sword on a subway platform while laughing maniacally. I can write a novel on these experiences, but this particular incident happened above ground.

It was early September and I got out of Penn Station after a long day of traveling for work. My goal was to walk to Koreatown to pick up some food. Koreatown is on 32nd Street, about two blocks away and two avenues, and I intended to make my way onto 32nd. I ended up walking past it and turned on 31st instead. No big deal, I figured I was almost halfway down a long avenue and would head back to 32nd at the end of the avenue.

This avenue looked like any normal block in NYC. I saw people around and there was some lighting in the middle of the block. As I kept walking, I saw a church with about 15 people outside. Most were well-dressed, and a handful sat on the steps. All of them were wearing black and it looked like a funeral. Nobody spoke to each other and the church doors were closed. They looked like they had just left.

When I was about two cars away from the group, 5 well-dressed people turned suddenly, looked at me with empty expressions, started mumbling something in unison, and walked towards me with their arms flinging and reaching about, like something straight out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Of course, the light then flickered and a few went out. It was dark but not pitch black, and I could see some really pale faces.

Beyond terrified, I clutched my keys and raced across the street, almost getting run over in the process. I now glanced back and saw the same 5 weirdos were following me! I walked so fast and made sure they were considerably behind me. This side of the street, however, had a handful homeless druggies. One particularly thin woman ran up and started asking me for money.

I’m thinking “lady, this is not a good time” but she insisted on following me and kept tapping my shoulder. Although I swatted her away, she clung onto my arm. I almost instinctively punched her but I gave her a forceful push, handed her two bucks, and told her to leave me alone. I glanced back to keep an eye on “the situation” and she runs towards the 5 weirdos and they start wigging out at each other.

This was the creepiest and weirdest experience of my life. It was like I ended up on a steroidal Skid Row in NYC. I was so sure I was going to die, like 3 separate times over the course of 1 minute. To this day, I still wonder what the heck happened. Were they all just druggies? Religious druggies? Well-dressed druggies chilling out with homeless druggies? Were they in a trance? Did I get punk’d? It’s all very puzzling.

12. Directions

My (female) friend’s dad once answered the door late one night, like 11:00 P.M. or so and there was a weird man asking for directions to the main road. Her dad usually works nights, but on this rare occasion he’d taken the night off. So, he told him the route, and the weird man thanked him and went off, but in the opposite direction. He’d seemed quite nervous and jittery, which is odd, but what’s even weirder is he was known in the area, he’d lived there years, he wouldn’t need to ask directions to the main road.

Anyway, it was revealed in the news that on the same night, he’d broken into a house and violently raped a woman and her daughter, and later tried to sexually assault another woman in the street but a passerby managed to help her get away. This was after he called at my friend’s house, so he’d gone there then went off in that wrong direction and tried to rape someone.

Now, my friend’s family was having a lot of drama at the time, her mom is a nutcase alcoholic and the whole street knew that she’d been sent to rehab. With her dad working nights, it’s likely that the weird man knew my friend would be home alone. We think she had a very close call with that one.

13. Dead Cold Eyes

When I was younger, I used to kick around all the nightspots in my town.  I made friends with the bouncer, Michael, at a specific sports bar.

One night, my friend and I were in the bar and I had a persistent feeling of being watched/uneasy.  I had a couple of drinks, and it didn’t go away.  At some point, I scanned the bar and noted an older man sitting way off in a corner who made eye contact with I looked his way.  He sat alone and didn’t look away from me, and it made me feel even more disquieted.  I finally decided I’d had enough and asked my friend if we could go somewhere else since she drove.  She told me to meet her at her car, that she would be a minute in the bathroom and saying goodbye to a friend.

I left the bar, waving to my bouncer friend Michael at the door, and made my way through the dark parking lot towards Marie’s car.  The feeling of unease got worse and I eventually thought I heard something behind me and turned to find…the guy I had noticed in the bar.

He backed me all the way up against the passenger side of the car and was trying to get me to turn my head away from him.  He kept saying “I feel so bad for that dog over there…” like he was trying to make me look that way.

I’ve been through some stuff in my life, and I have never been so terrified as I was when I was looking in that man’s eyes.  They were just…empty.  I knew, without a trace of doubt, that he intended to do terrible things to me.  If I turned my head, that would probably start the struggle that would lead to the end of my life.

So in the midst of him trying to make me turn my head or let my guard down, I’m mentally freaking out.  Like wow, I can’t believe this is legitimately happening to me.  Nearly in shock, I managed to make a plan.  Planning on counting to three, I braced myself against the car to knee him in the crotch as hard as I could. I decided I wasn’t going down without a fight.

On the count of TWO, my bouncer friend Michael came running through the parking lot towards us, yelling for me.  The creepy guy saw him and took off running for the alleyway.  Michael had noted the guy following out too close behind me and had a feeling something was off, so he came to investigate.  That night I am pretty sure he saved my life.

Sometimes, I wonder what happened with that guy.  I wonder if he went on to do those horrible things he was planning to someone else, or multiple other people, and it haunts me.

14. Through The Veil

I’ve had many experiences, but one of the most terrifying was when I was 10 years old, and my mom was driving me and my siblings home from a birthday party. The party was in the rural country, at the end of January, and a snowstorm began just as we entered the country roads with no other cars in sight. We were a good hour from home. The snow increasingly got worse until all I could see was a sheet of white in front of us.

My siblings, fortunately, fell asleep. My mom had no choice but to pull over and wait for the whiteout to pass. By the time she felt confident enough to get back on the road, our van was stuck in the snow; wheels spinning, not moving an inch. I thought we might freeze to death on that country road. Suddenly, headlights appear behind us and a man’s figure gets out of a vehicle, walks up to my mother’s window and knocks. He offers to push the car and get us back on the road; he succeeds!! I turn around in my seat to catch one last glimpse of the stranger who, I felt, saved our lives; but no man was there. No vehicle or headlights were even in sight. To this day I believe it was an angel that saved us that night.

Second, fast forward 20 years, the day I had to take my fiance off life support and watch his heart beat for the last time before he was pronounced dead. I went home not knowing what to do with myself, how to cope. I couldn’t sleep for the life of me; my brain was too busy processing our last days together, our horrible fight, the things I should have done differently, the future we no longer had. Suddenly, I felt an arm wrap around my waist and hold me, the exact same way my fiance used to do as we slept.

It felt so real that I jumped out of bed, looking around, expecting someone to be there. But I was alone. I dreamt of my fiance that night. We were riding in a car and I could see him laughing and smiling, showing his huge dimples, but I couldn’t reach him. I woke up feeling comforted like he was still with me and he was telling me he was OK and I would be OK too.

15. Black Figures

This has to be the most surreal of true creepy encounters that ever happened to me and I swear it was 100% real.

One evening my family was going out for dinner, I was rushing because I was late and I ran out of the house locking up and everything. Once I got to the car only then did I realize my mom had asked to me get a jacket for my younger brother. As it was pretty cold, I rushed back inside the house. Now, you see my younger brothers clothing cupboard is in my room. I walked into my room and lo and behold There is a full black man laying on my bed!!!

Now understand when I say full black I mean the man himself not as in clothing wise!! His entire body face arms fingers LITERALLY everything full f*cking black!

I stopped to see if my mind was playing games with me but it wasn’t. I quietly backed out of the room and walked out of the house. Explaining the incident to my parents, I went with them back into the house. They were taunting me about being scared and delaying them! Conveniently the figure decided that it should disappear in that period, needless to say, my parents weren’t thrilled with me.

Now, guys, you might think I’m kidding but why I say that I’m not is because the exact same thing happened to my sister a few days later.

So, you must have read these quite inquisitively. You might have thought creepy stories are hoaxes but when you listen carefully to one, your skin really would tingle at the climax of the story. Doesn’t matter whether a true creep encounter really is true, or is just a hoax. In the end, it can have you encapsulated in thoughts and make you wonder for days whether the reality you experience is existent or not.

Nonetheless, these fifteen true creepy encounters are indeed something worth pondering upon. You can call it time travel, or time loops in the case of the story Creepy Crawler. Or you can call it a work of a spirit or a demon in the stories Ghostly Encounter or Abraham Lincoln. Needless to say, you can give whatever explanation you can to these stories, but they will always strike you mind as true creepy encounters and you might as well tell them to your pals on a late night camping trip. Good luck with your thoughts at nights!

10+ Creepy Coincidences Throughout History You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

All throughout history, there have been strange occurrences that have happened between people or events. People today are still searching to find some type of explanation as to why these occurrences have happened. Some of these will send chills down your spine and make you rethink if you have had any weird or creepy occurrences yourself throughout your life time. Maybe you have and you just don’t know it yet.

What Are Creepy Coincidences?

Creepy coincidences are events that happen either at the exact same time but in different areas, one person that has the same exact name and lifestyle of another person, or a plethora of other things. Some coincidences are so terrifyingly creepy that people to this day refuse to believe that they actually happened. These coincidences have been documented from hundreds of years ago, maybe even thousands of years ago, and have been talked about throughout the remainder of time. People today are still trying to figure out how these particular coincidences have happened by creating conspiracy theories to maybe help explain them. Nonetheless, some of these coincidences will make you question reality and have you believing that they truly did not actually happen. But, the truth is- they did.

1. Hugh Williams

Hugh Williams

An eerie photo of a shipwrecked boat sitting upon a shore. 

Source: History.CO.UK

This name is one of the most infamous names throughout history- and shipwrecks. The triggering event of the creation of this creepy occurrence circulating this name was in 1660 when there was an awful shipwreck in the Dover Straits. When rescuers came to the scene, the only man that survived this tragedy was Hugh Williams. The next event happened in 1767 where there was another tragic shipwreck that happened to be in the same area as the one in 1660. It was revealed that the only survivor was a man named Hugh Williams. The creepy coincidence of these two survivors having the same name doesn’t stop there. In 1820, a ship capsized on the Thames, leaving there to be only one survivor by the name of Hugh Williams. The ending of this creepy coincidence was in 1940 where a ship was destroyed by a German mine. Again, as rescuers came to the scene, there were surprisingly only two survivors from this tragic event. The two survivors happened to be uncle and nephew, and oddly enough, both of their names were Hugh Williams.

2. Babies Falling From The Sky

Babies Falling From The Sky

This was considered a safe way for babies to play outside when families didn’t have access to green areas for them to play in. 

Source: Godownsize

You read that correct. In 1937, a young mother is deemed as irresponsible as her baby fell from a fourth-story building window. Luckily, a person by the name of Joseph Figlock was walking under the window while sweeping where the baby had fallen at the same time and was struck by the infant on his head and shoulders. Despite these two people sustaining minor injuries, both Joseph and the baby survived. What a relief, right? Unfortunately, a year later, the same incident occurred. Another mother was not watching her child, two-year-old David Thomas, fell out of a high story building window. Joseph Figlock was sweeping an alley way and was again struck by a falling infant, and again, both Joseph and David survived and had minor injuries.

3. The Infamous Miss Unsinkable

The Infamous Miss Unsinkable

The infamous Miss Unsinkable in her uniform. 

Source: Express.CO.UK

Violet Jessup was a well known name throughout history as the person who refused to sink. The start of her creepy coincidence sequence started when she was a stewardess and nurse on the HMS Olympic. During her time on the ship, it had crashed into the HMS Hawke. Later on in her life, she was also on the HMHS Britannic where this ship unfortunately sank after it had struck a sea mine. To conclude her odd coincidences, she was also on board of the famous Titanic the night it had struck the iceberg and sank to the bottom of the ocean. From these occurrences, she gained the popular name of Miss Unsinkable since she survived all of these mishaps.

4. Ferrari Company Founder or Football Player?

Ferrari Company Founder or Football Player

Side by side images of Enzo and Mesut. Can these really be the same people?

Source: DailyStar.CO.UK

Over the past few years, the Internet has been bombarding its users with images of celebrities that look somewhat identical to a person from the past. These matches have been spot on to the point of where people are questioning time travel. In this creepy coincidence, not only does this person look like the founder of Ferrari, but he is somehow associated with the founders death. Enzo Ferrari was the founder of Ferrari and sadly died on August 14, 1988. A month later, however, a baby was born by the name of Mesut Özil was born on October 15, 1988 and rose to be a football player. Looking at the side-by-side pictures, people have speculated that this is proof of reincarnation. What do you think?

5. West Side Baptist Church

West Side Baptist Church

The aftermath of the destructive fire of the church. 

Source: Mysteries Over Martinis

In Beatrice, Nebraska, the West Side Baptist Church held choir practice every Wednesday at 7:20pm. People were expected to be there on time and not a minute later because this church was known to start their choir practices precisely at 7:20pm and not a minute later. Ironically, though, on Wednesday, March 1st, 1950, the church underwent a tragic demise at it exploded. The cause of this explosion was because of a gas leak somewhere within the church. The creepy coincidence in this story is that all 15 members of the choir, as well as the choir director, were unharmed because for different reasons, they were all running late that evening. The church exploded at 7:27pm.

6. Social Security Fraud

Social Security Fraud

An image of a blank social security guard. 

Source: Pinterest

It’s scary when your identity gets stolen and a person has every single ounce of your personal information. This includes your bank information, your credit/debit card(s) information, your birthday and name, and your social security number. Two women believed that they were given the same social security number because of a computer error and went into an office to register a complaint about this mishap. Upon their complaint, chills went down their spine as they discovered a few things: they both had the same name, Patricia Ann Campbell; they were both oddly enough born on the same day, March 13, 1941; both of these women’s fathers were known as the same name, Robert Campbell; both of these women married in 1959 to men who were in the military; and lastly, they both had children who were the same age, 21 and 19.

7. The Omen Wasn’t Just A Scary Movie

The Omen Wasn't Just A Scary Movie

A still photo of Damian from The Omen. 

Source: Den of Geek

The Omen has been deemed one of the most haunting movies of horror movie history because of its creepy demeanor and the haunting and creepy story it told. People working on the set claimed there were some creepy coincidences and occurrences that had happened during filming this movie, but deemed this coincidence being the creepiest of them all. The crew of this movie once hired a private jet but it cancelled the last minute. After cancelling, the private jet soon tragically crashed onto a road it was near. This made an additional to cars crash. The pilot of this private jet had unfortunately crashed into the car that held both his wife and children. Sadly, no one survived this tragic line of events.

8. The Story of King Umberto

The Story of King Umberto

An image of King Umberto I. 

Source: Britannica

This creepy coincidence has a bone chilling storyline. On July 28th, 1900, King Umberto I of Italy decided to go out to dinner that night and went to a small restaurant in Monza. During his time here, the owner took the King’s order and was ironically called Umberto as well. As the order was being taken, the King and the owner slowly realized that the two of them were apparent virtual doubles. As the night went on, both men sat down with one another and soon discovered that they had more similarities than differences. For starters, both of these men were married on the same day, which was March 14th, 1844 and happened to have their weddings in the same town named Turin. This tale of a creepy coincidence runs deeper as they discovered that they both married a women named Margherita and that the restaurant had opened the same day Umberto became King. After a self discovering night for the two Umberto’s the King sadly discovered that the restaurant owner had tragically died in what some called a mysterious shooting. The King then expressed his regret to a crowd, and this is where an anarchist in the group rose from the crowd and assassinated the King.

9. Karma Finds Its Way

Karma Finds Its Way

What the tree may have looked like after Henry blew it up before the bullet became dislodged. 

Source: Filter Copy

In 1883, Henry Ziegland broke off his relationship with his girlfriend at the time. Due to the distress and heartbreak she was undergoing, she unfortunately committed suicide. The girl had a brother who was enraged by what had happened between Ziegland and his sister, leading him to blame Ziegland for the death of his sister. The brother then set off on a mission to hunt down Ziegland and when he found him, shot him. By the way the brother shot him, he believed that he had killed Ziegland, leading him to kill himself. However, the brother unfortunately did not live to see that Ziegland had actually lived. The bullet had only grazed his face and became lodged in a near-by tree. From this day, Ziegland claimed that he was one of the luckiest men to be alive. Years later, Ziegland returned to the same spot where he was shot at and wanted to cut down a large tree. Since he was having a difficult time cutting this tree down, he decided to blow the tree up. Ziegland, however, did not realize the tree he was blowing up had the bullet that was shot at him in it and when the wood from the tree exploded, the bullet had become dislodged from the tree and ultimately killed Ziegland.

10. A Bone Chilling Picture

What this creepy image looks like. 

Source: Mind Cafe

In the year 1914, a German mother wanted to purchase an individual photogenic plate for a picture of her infant son. After getting the picture, she took the plate to a local shop in Strasbourg to have the photo fully developed. Due to war breaking out near the mother, she unfortunately was never able to pick up the picture of her baby son. Two years later, she moved to Frankfurt and wanted to purchase another photogenic plate so she had a picture of her new born child. Happily, she was able to pick up this photo and when she did she noticed something off about the picture of her daughter. Behind her daughter was a faint picture of her son from when she purchased a photogenic plate for his picture two years prior. It was well known throughout this time that photogenic plates were reused time and time again, however, this photogenic plate was not cleared properly and was sold to the same woman 100 miles away, creating an ominous, disturbing, ghostly photo of her two children together.

11. Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Mark Twain’s quote about Halley’s Comet and how he wants to leave Earth with it. 

Source: Pinterest

Mark Twain was one of the most iconic persons throughout history and has been quoted as one of the most intelligent men of all time. This creepy coincidence, though, revolves around the start of his life and the end of his life. Twain was born on the day Halley’s Comet showed itself to Earth in 1835. Ironically, Twain passed away Halley’s Comet returned to Earth in 1910. This creepy coincidence gets creepier. Mark Twain had actually predicted when he would die. In 1909, he had stated that he arrived on this Earth in 1835 when Halley’s Comet had arrived. He then said that it was coming next year, and he expects to go out with it.

12. The Taxi Driver

The Taxi Driver

What one of the taxi’s looks like in Bermuda.

Source: The Onion Patch

During the year 1975, a tragic event had happened when a moped driver in Bermuda was sadly killed by a taxi driver. The creepy coincidence in this tragic story happens a year later where the previous moped driver’s brother was killed while he was riding the same exact moped his brother was on the same exact street. It was soon discovered that the same exact taxi driver had killed the two brothers and was also carrying the same exact passenger.

13. JFK and Lincoln Have More In Common Than We Thought

JFK and Lincoln

JFK on the right and Abraham Lincoln on the left. 

Source: Cat Dumb

These two beloved Presidents will make you love them more when you realize how much they actually had in common. For starters, Lincoln had been elected into Congress during the year 1846, won his election in 1860, and his inauguration was held in 1861. A century later, JFK was elected into Congress in 1946, won his election in 1960, and had his inauguration in 1961. Secondly, they both had Vice Presidents that shared the last name of Johnson. Lastly, both of these Presidents were tragically shot in the back of the head and were sadly assassinated in front of their wives. This gets creepier when you realize that Lincoln was shot in Ford’s Theater and JFK was shot in a Lincoln, which was ironically made by Ford. Both of these Presidents were killed on a Friday.

14. A Tale of Twins

A Tale of Twins

What Helsinki actually looks like.

Source: Visit Helsinki

In the year 2002, a seventy-year-old man was enjoying a bike ride and was attempting to cross a highway where he was tragically killed by a lorry 600 kilometers north of Helsinki. Two hours earlier, however, and about 1.5 kilometers away, another seventy-year-old man was tragically killed on his bike by a lorry while he was trying to cross a highway on his bike and was 600 kilometers north of Helsinki. These two seventy-year-old men were brothers, actually, were identical twin brothers.

15. Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

The cover of this famous predictable book. 

Source: Genius

As soon as this story came to light, many people started to claim that Edgar Allan Poe had a time machine and traveled to the future and wrote a book about what had happen, or, that he just simply predicted the future. In the 19th century, Poe wrote a book called “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym”. This particular story was about four survivors of a shipwreck that were left on an boat for days and days until they finally decided to kill the cabin boy and eat him. The cabin boy was named Richard Parker. In 1884, the Mignonette, had crashed and there were only four remaining survivors that were left on an open boat for days and days. Eventually, the three senior members on the open boat decided to kill the cabin boy and eat him. Ironically, the cabin boys name was Richard Parker.

16. Practice What You Preach

Practice What You Preach

What led to Danie’s death was this type of peppermint. 

Source: Pinterest

At the age of 49, a South African astronomer named Danie du Toit was giving a lecture about death. During this lecture, he told his audience members that death is unpredictable and it could come at any time, at any moment, at any day of the week. After giving this excellent speech, he put a peppermint into his mouth and sat down. As he was sitting down, he started to choke, which eventually lead to his immediate death.

17. Twins Share Everything

The flag of Great Britain, where this story takes place. 

Source: Wikipedia

In Great Britain, there were twin brothers by the names of Arthur and John Mowforth. These twins lived 80 miles apart from each other and on the same night, May 22, 1975, they both fell extremely ill with severe chest pains. During this time, each family of the other brother had no knowledge that the other was sick, making this creepy coincidence even creepier. At around the same time, the two twin brothers were rushed to completely separate hospitals and unfortunately, both died from heart-attacks a short while after they arrived.

18. The Simpsons Predict The Future

The Simpsons Predict The Future

Just a few of the screenshots that people believe prove that the Simpson’s did in fact predict the presidency of Donald Trump. 

Source: Snopes

When President Trump was elected as President, conspiracy theorists lit up the Internet with this insane theory that the Simpson’s had actually predicted President Trump’s winning back in the year 2000. In fact, people started looking at the episode in which President Trump had won and were starting to sync up a few of President Trump’s appearances in 2016/2017. People have pointed out things that during the episode of the Simpsons, you can see President Trump waving to people while he is going down an escalator and in the background there is a person that drops the poster they were holding. Then, people played a clip during the year 2016/2017 where President Trump is riding down an escalator waving to people and in the background, a person drops their sign the same way they did in the episode. The Simpsons have been known to predict things in their shows, but this one sent chills down everyones spines.

These creepy coincidences are just a few among the actual coincidences that have happened throughout history. They are often at times shocking and extremely creepy while others make you really sit down and think extra hard about how these things strangely occurred at the same time. What do you think of these coincidences? Have you heard of any? Be aware, too, because you never know when a creepy coincidence might just happen with you.

10+ Unexpectedly Creepy Tourist Attractions Just For You!

Imagine going on a nice family vacation. You have excitement in your eyes and butterflies in your stomach because you’re so excited. You didn’t sleep last night because your mind was engulfed with the thoughts of what you’re going to see during this vacation. When you get to your destination, it is everything you have dreamed of, except one thing- that one extremely creepy tourist attraction that is staring at you. Multiple places around the world are full of beauty and wonder but deep within its beauty there may be a hidden tourist attraction that people flock to in order to bask in its creepiness.

Creepy Tourist Attractions To Creep You Around World

1. The Big Giving, London

The Big Giving, London Creepy Tourist Attractions

 Tourist Attractions

An image of these statues spewing water out of various parts of the molds. (top)

A closer look to see what these statues actually look like up close and personal. 

Images via: Fountain ExplorerFlavor Wire

These giant rock-looking creations in London have left people turning their heads and questioning why someone would put them there. These sculptors have human faces sticking out of them with hands or arms at various parts of the statues, making it seem like they are doing some awkward pose for the people of London. They can be seen with water coming out of their mouths and other various parts of their structures. It was created by Klaus Weber and is placed on the Southbank where people claim it is a fun installation. It refers to the Native North American “Potlach” ceremony of competitive giving. There is also an indication that the more the man gives, the bigger the statue will grow.

2. Mano Del Desierto, Atacama Desert, Chile

Mano Del Desierto Tourist Attractions

This tall hand sitting high in the sand with some graffiti on it. 

Image via: Trip Advisor

This creepy hand sits in the Chilean Atacama Desert, standing 36 feet into the air. Mario Irarrazabal had an image to create this sculptor and has left people wondering why he would build such a thing in the desert. It is located near the legendary Pan-American Highway and some say it has an extremely haunting meaning to it. Rumors are that this particular statue is supposed to make people feel loneliness, torture, and helplessness.

3. Children Are the Victims of Adult Vices, Moscow

Children Are the Victims of Adult Vices Creepy Tourist Attractions

Children Are the Victims of Adult Vices

The two children innocently playing while the adult vices are surrounding them. You can see how eerie the adult vices are.

Images via: Rusmania, Atlas Obscura 

These interesting set of statues that people flock to were designed by a Russian artist by the name of Mihail Chemiakin. They are bronze statues and consist of 13 individual statues that are depicting “adult vices”. This means alcoholism, drug addiction, and prostitution; and, these statues are there to represent how these types of vices affect the children. The strangely articulated statues are closing in on a boy and girl with the main center piece representing “Indifference”. Many people in this town were in fear that this set of statues would scare the children away, but the Mayor persisted on leaving it as a message to everyone. Even though these statues are somewhat creepy, they depict a deeper message for everyone to obtain.

4. Capela dos Ossos, Évora, Portugal

Capela dos Ossos Tourist Attractions

An image of some of the skeletons on the walls, including the hanging man and young child skeleton. 

Image via: Wikipedia

Also called The Chapel of Bones, this eerie chapel has people doing a double take the moment they step inside of it. This eerie chapel is actually  inside The Royal Church of St. Frances and to the average person just walking past it, it looks absolutely beautiful and a nice shrine for the piety. The Chapel of bones received its name because in the 16th century, there was a short of space on burying people, making monks move over 5,000 corpses to a chapel and decorate their space with these boney remains. The one particular part about this tourist attraction, though, is that two rotted corpses that represent an unnamed man and young child dangle from the ceiling with a noose around their necks.

5. Torture Museum, Amsterdam

Torture Museum Tourist Attractions

One of the devices that is featured in the Torture Museum. 

Image via: Gothic

No, you read that correctly. There is an actual museum in Amsterdam called the Torture Museum. This unique museum displays torture devices throughout history and has been deemed as a museum that is not for the squeamish. Some of their most infamous devices within this museum are pieces from the Middle Ages, including: the skull cracker, the limb-dislocating rack, and the guillotine. Some people report that this museum is so hauntingly disturbing and that fans of this type of torture enjoy themselves at this museum. One of the most haunting things included in this museum, though, is an image of a nude man hanging by his ankles and being sawed in half lengthwise.

6. The Museum of Death, Hollywood

The Museum of Death Creepy Tourist Attractions

One of the rooms inside of the Museum of Death. 

Image via: Atlas Obscura

If you thought that the Torture Museum in Amsterdam was bad and bone chilling, then why not check out The Museum of Death in Hollywood? This museum is an ode to the murder, dismemberment, and other various acts of killing all throughout history. It holds inside of its walls serial killer artwork as well as photos of horrible, tragic accidents and actual crime scenes that have happened, and one of the most prized pieces within this museum is the severed head from the guillotine of the Bluebeard of Paris. Not only do the haunting images of serial killers and their artwork or the dismemberment of people hide within this museum, but there are even creepier things amongst this place. The tour lasts about an hour or so, but people can still hang around and gush over videos of autopsies and actual death footage of real life deaths.

7. Museo de las Momias, Mexico

Museo de las Momias Tourist Attractions

One of the hallways in this eerie mummy museum. 

Image via: Momias de Guana Juato

This museum is a particular kind of creepy. No, it doesn’t have photos of people being dismembered or has torture devices on display for people to see. Instead, there are 111 remarkably preserved mummies sitting perfectly on display for people to look at. They were brought to this museum from the Santa Paula Pantheon between 1865 and 1989. What sends chills down people’s spines is the fact that some of these mummies appear to be screaming, almost like they are saying “no” to whomever is doing this to them and some have very tight clenched fists. What saddens the people, though, is that there are in fact some babies that have been mummified and well preserved.

8. Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California

Winchester Mystery House Tourist Attractions

This image contains a staircase that leads to nowhere (left), part of the house itself (middle), and what a window looks like (right). What this house actually looks like (bottom). 

Images via: RecollectionsTwitter

This infamous house has been on paranormal investigating shows, investigated by many paranormal groups, and still leaves people wondering why this house was built the way it was. Sarah Winchester took 32 years to build this 160 room Victorian style mansion. She did séances within her home and wanted to talk to the people who were killed by one of the Winchester bullets. In this house, it contains: over 2,000 doors, 10,000 windows, 47 fireplaces, and 47 staircases. There have been paranormal reports that at least three ghosts roam around this home throughout the day and night. It is rumored that the confusing hallways that are extremely twisted and the dead-end staircases that lead to nowhere were put there by Sarah to ward off any negative and unwanted spirits and to sort of confuse them in a way. People who have stayed over night at this house have heard organ music play, have seen moving lights as well as turning doorknobs, and some have even been lucky enough to see some ghostly figures roaming around the hallways.

9. Actun Tunichill Muknal Cave, Belize

Actun Tunichill Muknal Cave Tourist Attractions

The remains of the Crystal Maiden. 

Image via: Wikipedia

With this tourist attraction, people are warned that if they do not feel brave enough that they should in fact stay back at the hotel. The brave souls that do want to explore this cave start their exploration by diving into ice cold, pitch black water and traveling through this water to reach a disturbing sight. One of the most iconic figures that are seen in this cave is the remains of a teenage girl from when Mayans used to practice human sacrifices within this cave. This skeleton of the teenage girl is nicknamed The Crystal Maiden because people claim that her bones seem to sparkle when light touches them. Ancient ceramic bowls can also be found in this cave and have “kill holes” in them. This means that these specific types of bowls are were used during bloodletting rituals.

10. Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic

Sedlec Ossuary Creepy Tourist Attractions

The chandelier of this bone filled chapel. 

Image via: Atlas Obscura

Located in Kutna Hora, this 15th century gothic church contains a haunting inside. 19th century woodcarver Frantisek Rint created this glorious chapel into something that is imprinted in its tourists minds forever. This basement-level chapels contains over 40,000 skeletons that are displayed in a beautiful way. Tourists can see these skeletons portrayed in skull candelabras, a towering coat of arms, and a chandelier. Tourists can really see how 40,000 skeletons are used to create this eerie display by looking at the gap-eyed skeletons that hang silently from the ceiling as well as looking at the bone pyramids that are spread around this chapel.

11. Manchac Swamp, Louisiana

Manchac Swamp Tourist Attractions

An eerie image of a tree-line in this haunting and creepy Louisiana swamp. 

Image via: Louisiana Swamp

Featured in the hit HBO show True Blood, this eerie swamp holds more than alligators within its territory. People who have visited this swamp have claimed that there are all sorts of mishaps that happen in the swamp that leave some people with straight shivers down their spines. Here in this swamp, though, is the ghost of the voodoo princess Julie White as well as the Rougarou werewolf of Cajun mythology. There are also eerie and creepy landmarks that people point out are key areas that tourists must see while they are in this swamp. These landmarks include The Hanging Tree and the Frenier Cemetery.

12. Isla de las Muñecas, Mexico

Isla de las Muñecas Tourist Attractions

Some of the dolls that are on the Island of the Dolls, hanging silently in the trees and on wires. 

Image via: Daily Mail

Some people have a strong fear of spiders, others have a strong fear of snakes, while others have a strong fear of clowns. But, there is another fear that most people have, and that is dolls. This island in Mexico is a persons worse nightmare if they have a deep, strong fear of dolls because a farmer created this island of dolls because he was haunted by his memories of a little girl’s body being washed up on the shore of his island. This island is located on Lake Xochimilco, which is near Mexico City. To please this little girls spirit and to represent the spirit of her and the other dead children that there may be, this farmer set out and collected over 100 dolls. Some of these dolls, though, had either missing eyes, limbs, or heads. This farmer then hung these dolls from trees and wires all over the island, making it one of the most ominous and eerie looking islands ever in this world.

13. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Aokigahara Forest Tourist Attractions

These are remains that were found in the forest. 

Image via: Atlas Obscura

This forest is the most famous forest in Japan and perhaps the whole world. It is also nicknamed “suicide forest” because each year, people go into this forest and sadly end their lives. Over the past 50 years, this forest, sitting at the bottom of Mt. Fuji, has witness over 1,000 suicides. This forest contains such thick and dense trees that people have claimed that it is easy to get extremely lost within this forest and that the silence it contains is eerie and haunting. It was also a famous place of ubasute, which means that this was a Japanese custom for leaving elderly people in the wilderness to die. This forest has been deemed one of the most haunted forests in this world by the anger spirits were either abandoned in this thick forest or of those who had taken their lives within these trees.

As you can see, some of these places are true masterpieces that have been put together by some creative artists throughout the years. Every year, tourists visit these locations to either experience what others have or to witness the glory of these haunting places. Whether the people who created some of these places intended them to be such high, popular tourist attractions or not, these places are some of the most populated areas to go whenever someone goes on vacation. Would you dare to go to any of these locations? Remember these places the next time your family plans to go on vacation and maybe even look up to see if there are any creepy tourist attractions where you are going. You never know if you’ll be able to experience the feelings others had when they stepped foot inside of these hauntingly eerie and creepy places.

10 Creepy Natural Made Wonders From Around The World

Have you ever looked at a map of Google images and saw something that sent shivers down your spine? How about hearing a story from someone about when they saw something so strange and peculiar that they didn’t know how it got there? This world is filled with strange things that are hiding either in plain sight or in cracks and crevices deep into a mountain or a river. There is a multitude of natural made wonders that still leave people questioning how these structures or wonders have gotten there, but are mainly wondering why they are there. They are beautiful at times, but they can also be weird and bizarre. 

What are Natural Made Wonders?

A lot of wonders that happen in nature have been considered as some supernatural phenomenon in the past ages. But since the advent of science and understanding of the universe, these phenomena have been labeled as natural made wonders. Since they have a scientific explanation but happen so rarely, this title suits them best. Here are some of the astounding phenomenon that happens in nature due to bizarre scientific reasons.


Firefox Creepy Wonders

Firefox growing on a tree in the daylight and the night time.

Source: all-that-is-interesting

No, this is not the Internet domain that people use every single day of their lives. Instead, this strange yet beautiful phenomenon happens when a fungus from trees that are rotting produce Bio-Luminescent light and creates this bright green color that people call FireFox. This can only be seen in the darkness of the night.


A fire rainbow high in the sky.

Source: snopes

Everyone loves seeing a rainbow in the sky after a huge thunderstorm or rainstorm, and everyone goes crazy over a double or even triple rainbow that is stretching far across the sky. But, have you heard of a fire rainbow? This stunning natural occurrence happens as a result of the formation of plate-shaped ice crystals that are in the air and are infused into cirrus clouds. It’s a sight to see and can be a jaw-dropping sight for all!


Red Tide Creepy Natural Wonders

An eerie photo of Red Tide.

Source: serc.carleton.edu

Have you ever seen this sort of tide at your local beach or in pictures on the Internet? This strange weird occurrence happens when there is a huge buildup of algae in the water. It causes a deep, blood red color that can be seen on the shore. 


Catatumbo Lightning Natural Wonders

An ominous picture of catacumbo lightening.

Source: infinitelegroom

As beautiful as lightning can be during a thunderstorm, this series of lightening is so unbelievably beautiful, you have to fight back the urge to get close enough to see it. The multiple streaks of lightning hitting the ground can send a strong surge of electricity through the ground and through any person that is standing close enough to it.


Brinicle Creepy Natural Made Wonders

Brincle forming on the sea floor.

Source: dailymail

Looking like a long, white, decrepit finger coming from the sea, this rare phenomenon happens when salt water is excluded from the sea as the ice sinks within the ocean. Even though this is a sight worth seeing, it still sends a shiver down a few people’s spines because of how eerie and creepy it looks against the brightness of the sea floor below. 


The White Rainbow Creepy Wonders

An eerie yet beautiful picture of a white rainbow.

Source: express

This rainbow is colorless, however, it is still a bizarre natural thing that occurs within this world. It looks like someone is opening up a portal to another world because of how eerie and misty the center looks of this rainbow.


Haboob Sandstorm Creepy Natural Wonders

A sandstorm forming in the distance.

Source: theprovince

Have you ever witness a sandstorm in real person instead of just seeing it on movies? These sandstorms are as dangerous and creepy as they are depicted throughout movies. Within these sandstorms, there is a 0% chance of any type of visibility and if a person isn’t careful enough, the sand can get into their eyes and irritate them extremely. The sand can also fill the person’s lungs, making them have a difficult time to breathe.


Sun Pillars Creepy Wonders

A creepy yet beautiful picture of a sun pillar.

Source: youtube

These beautiful pillars are ones that cannot be missed if it occurs around your home. This particular thing happens when ice crystals are present in the Earth’s atmosphere and creates a stunning show of light in the sky.


Firenado Creepy Natural Wonders

A dangerous firenado.

Source: upi

Tornados are already a terrifying natural occurrence that destroys homes and areas in a matter of seconds. Fire is another destruction that people flock from because it consumes anything in its path in seconds. But, when you combine these two elements together, how would you react? Firenadoes are natural occurrences that happen when a tornado sucks up a fire and continues on its path of destruction. 


Volcanic Lightening Natural Wonders

An eerie, ominous photo of a volcanic eruption with lightening.

Source: seeker

Volcanoes are still labeled as unpredictable to this day because no one knows when one will erupt. That leaves a haunting feeling to people living near one because at any second of any day the volcano can erupt and destroy the homes and lives of everyone near it. Volcanic lightning is a creepy occurrence that happens when there is a mixture of charged particles and lightning when there is an eruption of a volcano. Even though it is a sight to see, it is a sight that sends shivers down anyone’s spine.

Mother Nature is indeed a force to be reckoned with, but, at the same time, it gives off such majestic looks that one ceases to remain oblivious of the beauty of nature. With monstrous occurrences like volcanoes, sandstorms, The Catatumbo Lightning to harmless white rainbows and bio-luminescent algae, every phenomenon out there is as beautiful as heaven itself. There are various examples of passionate researchers who lost their lives while getting too close to the beauty they perceived in the destructive portent of Mother Nature.

People have lost lives while getting too close to volcanoes, getting inside a massive thunderstorm, falling inside a volcano. It is human nature to be so passionate that curiosity overcomes their feeling of fear and as a result, they either gain great knowledge or simply lose their lives. There are countless natural man-made wonders that are yet to be uncovered and relished by those who have the eyes to perceive the beauty.

The Deep Web and It’s Contents

With a wide array of topics ranging from cat pictures to red rooms, one could say that the deep web is nothing close to ordinary. Ran by the TOR browser, the darknet is the home of illegal stores, or the black market. Nothing on this part of the internet can be bought without a bitcoin, the dark webs form of currency. Many people have heard of bitcoin, as most online e-commerce sites accept them as a form of payment. Only one bitcoin is equivalent to 2,948.69 US dollars (as of June 11, 2017). The following list demonstrates the variety of sites that the deep web has to offer.

Understand The Deep Web – Goosebumps Ahead

1. The Hidden Wiki

Founded in mid-late 2011, the Hidden Wiki is a website that provides various links with different categories (EX- forums, sales markets, financial services, and darknet social networking sites). This .onion link is the most visited among all other links on the deep web.

Source: google

2. Anonymous Chat Sites

Dating back many years, Anonymous Chat Sites (similarly resembling Omegle) are sites that connect two strangers to a private room to talk to one another. Though many visitors of these sites may be curious teens and preteens, one should be careful when clicking on an unlabeled link sent to them.

Source: google

3. Hidden Services

Hitmen, passports, counterfeit money, and fake citizenship has been around way longer than even the internet. These Hidden Services were exponentially brought to date since the darknet surfaced. Only one in every one hundred (+) sites that claim they provide these services are actually the real deal.

Source: google

4. The Silk Road

There are many buy/sell websites on the deep web containing illegal weapons and drugs; the Silk Road is the most famous black market out there. (Online) users are able to buy items anonymously without product trafficking. In the past, seller accounts had to be purchased from an online auction; more recently, seller accounts are now charged a fee so there is no limit as to how many accounts may be made.

Source: google

5. Gore Sites / Red Rooms

The blood and gore sites of the deep web are worse than the limited amount offered on the clear net. The extremities of gore on certain .onion links can range from Crush Porn all the way to Red Rooms. Crush porn contains videos or images of women, primarily in high heels, stomping on helpless small animals until death. Red Rooms are sites where a twisted individual can pay currency for the opportunity to tell the admins a specific way to murder a kidnapped victim.

Source: google

6. Erotica (No Picture Provided)

The darknet doesn’t only offer the average porn sites people use on a daily basis. The erotica featured here is a necrophiliac and pedophile’s wet dream. At some point in time, there was a .onion link that directed to dog genitalia.

10+ Photos That Will Literally Freak You Out

It is said that pictures are worth a thousand words, but these pictures will leave you speechless. Here are 20 pictures that give a glimpse into humanities darkest moments.

1. The Jonestown Massacre

The Jonestown Massacre was an event where a religious American cult committed mass suicide. All except two of the 909 individuals died that day as seen in the picture above.

Source: nydailynews

2. New York Post Subway

This picture was taken moments before this man was killed, he was reportedly pushed on and is considered the most controversial picture of today. It remains the perfect example of product over people.

Source: forbes

3. Baby Cage

In the 1930’s it was believed that babies in the city weren’t getting enough sunlight so babies cages became all the rage. Thus creating an oddly precarious situation for the infants. At least the babies got more time in the smog for urban air.

Source: treehugger

4. Vapor People

Soon after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, those closer to the blast didn’t suffer burns but rather were vaporized alive leaving these darkened shadows behind in their memory.

Source: quoracdn

5. Elephant’s Foot

The Elephant’s foot is considered the most radioactive place in the world. This photo was taken of the reflection of a mobile robot from 30 feet away. The robot never made it back. This remains the only photo of the elephant’s foot to this day.

Source: nautil

6. Diving Death

While Gabe Watson was acquitted of his accused crimes. This picture captures the body of Tina Watson sinking to the ocean floor. As you can see in the background the body sinking and resting on the ocean floor.

Source: abcnews

7. Nuclear Baby Carriage

When the nuclear threat of world war two was too much to handle, what do you do when you need to take you baby for a walk? You put them in a nuclear proof baby carriage and you get going. When you look at it, it looks more like a steam engine than a baby carriage.

Source: worthytales

8. Bison Skull

If you are desperate for fertilizer and had nothing but Bison to fix the problem, you follow these men’s idea. You ground up Bison Skull and make sure your crops are good to go. Reportedly, this was common practice in the late 19th century.

Source: anokaramsey

9. Pogo the Clown

Pogo the Clown (Aka John Wayne Gacy) confessed to murdering and sexually assaulting 25-30 boys. He hid their bodies in the crawl space of his house. If people say they aren’t scared of clowns, then show them this.

Source: nocookie

10. First Bulletproof Vest

The testing of the first bulletproof vest in progress. Either you have to be completely confident with the product or you are wishing for death, regardless the guts this took are too much to handle.

Source: blogspot

11. The Hindenburg

The Hindenburg was supposed to be the future of the travel, but due to a malfunction in its maiden voyage, an explosion took place resulting in disaster. The picture does not do this disaster justice in its size.

Source: marymount

12. Fire Sacrifice

During a fire rescue in 1975, a godmother and her godchild jumped out of a window. The godchild survived only by landing on her godmother’s body.

Source: ebaumsworld

13. The Last Guillotine

The last public execution to take place, however, what makes it unique is that it was done with a guillotine. People at this event were unaware that they were witnessing history.

Source: blogspot

14. Mickey Gas Mask

More often than not, there is a lot of creepiness that is found in nuclear war and nuclear planning. So born was the Mickey Gas Mask and the nightmare fuel that come with it.

Source: lateet

15. Falling Ceiling Body

You may have seen this picture circulation around and no one really knows what to think. If it is fake then woo! Another Hoax. If it’s real than the timing and the fear of the situation is insurmountable.

Source: shortoncontent

16. Gas Chamber Scratching

This photo was taken from the inside of one of the gas chambers of the Holocaust. From here you can clearly see the scratch mark of people trying to claw their way out for life.

Source: furtherglory

17. The Final Embrace

In the last minutes of their life, two engineers atop of a burning wind turbine embraced each other one last time before falling to their death.

Source: imgur

18. Keith Sapsford

After wanting to travel more, Keith Sapsford went hid in the wheel well of a plane bound for Tokyo. However, when the wheel well open in arrival, he fell 150 feet to his death.

Source: emadion

19. Mt. Saint Helens

The eruption of mount saint Helens resulted in a few deaths, however, the ash that covered the sky was the enough for anyone to think the world was ending.

Source: theatlantic

20. Beautiful Suicide

This is a 23-year-old woman that jumped off the empire state building and landed on the limousine of the United Nations. This has been coined, ‘The Most Beautiful Suicide’.

Source: blogspot

8 Creepy Surface Websites That Aren’t For The Faint Of Heart

The Internet isn’t just for social media and cat videos anymore. Here are eight websites you can go to right now that will make it harder for you to sleep at night.

Here are Most Creepy Websites of The Internet: 

1. Take This Lollipop

This is more of an experience more than anything but it will make you lose sleep and will make you more self-conscious. This program very carefully combs through your Facebook and presents you with a look through the eyes of your virtual stalker. It builds it based on your posts, likes, comments and builds an eerily creepy look into your life through another person’s eyes. This whole thing isn’t scary or weird it just makes you squirm at the idea of being completely vulnerable to a stranger. It’s much like have people watching you through your webcam unknowingly.

Source: theinspirationroom

2. The Joy Of Satan

If you end up summoning something that causes serious bodily harm, then you can’t blame me. This site details the summoning of demons, devils, and Satan himself. If that really isn’t your thing then you can take a look at devoting your soul to Satan and how to go about that. I could go on and on with quips about Satan and all the features this site has to offer. But as much as I am turned away, it makes for an interesting read. It includes a viewpoint that most people turn away from and overall the most level headed on this list.

Source: geek

3. The Human Experiment’s

Now this one is extremely detailed and curious as much as it is depressing. These sites detail the experimentation with different conditions on the human body. Despite it not have been updated in the past few years, it contains the details of how different conditions affect the human body. The things that they start with the simple things (i.e overheating and freezing) and how that affects the body. It goes all the way to the more painful of starvation, lack of hydration, and isolation. The plot thickens when you find out how these experiments find their patients. The rumor goes that they are performed on homeless people taken off the street. Whether that is true or not the experiments and their details are truly chilling. I have searched the site and have determined that it lies deeper on the internet than I am willing to go.

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4. Open Webcams

Are you being watched? Check your webcam because God knows if it’s on. This site is dedicated to the art of spying on people through cameras and usual without them knowing. There are plenty of random Russian traffic cam’s, but there are some security camera’s that are in people’s home. If you think this is bad, think about the fact that this site is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to anonymously spying via webcams and security camera. The possibilities of being spied on are creepy enough, but thinking that every camera around you could be live streaming to anywhere in the world is another beast altogether.

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5. The Fifth Nail

This blog reads like a serial killer’s manifesto, history, and experience on death row. Now the funny thing is, this blog is exactly that. It chronicles the story of Joseph E. Duncan III and his story from death row. He confessed to two murders but it believed that he killed at least 15 people. The serial killer and sex offender is convicted of life in prison and capital punishment. This blog has posts pieces dating back to at least 2012 with over 50 posts along the way. Now if you wondering how a convicted murderer has access to Blogspot well you aren’t alone. Apparently, this man sends his pieces to another person who then posts them online for him. So now is your chance to get into the head of convicted murderer and sex offender.

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6. White Power Milk

Weird doesn’t begin to describe this product. That’s right this is something that you can purchase for your very own and oh boy is it unique. Bare with me here, but this is milk gargled in a white woman’s mouth and that’s the product. They sell you milk that has been ‘purified’ and the whole process is documented on their website (yes, even videos). You can choose the model who gargles the milk, the percentage, and the quality of the milk. It’s weird and yet the thought process behind it sound in their logic but weird nonetheless.

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7. The Bareback Forums

I am still trying to wrap my head around this site and sites like it. It’s one of the more unique and purpose driven sites that I have seen. It features males that have H.I.V/A.I.D.S and their search for people to share it with. There are people looking for a consensual relationship and a partner to have for the rest of their days. However, it does take a dark turn when there are also people bragging about all the people they have passed the disease onto and looking to do it again. I understand that it is a controllable disease in this day and age but it is in a way forcing someone into a ball and chain for the rest of their life. The link above is only one such example of this. If you are wondering why the picture is a horse, it’s because it was the best SFW picture I could find for this particular site.

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8. Stillborn Angels

If you want to be thoroughly creeped out, then look no further than the link above. This site is a posting board that helps women get over their stillborn children. Sounds helpful enough, however, the way they do this is the disturbing part. They either make life-like versions of their deceased children or dress up their deceased children. This makes for so very disturbing images are just simply unsettling. It won’t be the weirdest one the list, but something about dressing up your dead baby just makes my head spin and insides spin around. Don’t get me wrong, coping with the loss of a loved one is tough however some ways are creepier than others.

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