10 Disturbingly Eerie Crypts/Catacombs Around The World

When a person hears the words “crypt” or “catacomb,” they automatically think “creepy”, “eerie”, “disturbing”, etc. With these places being the final resting grounds for hundreds or thousands of people, there are always eerie feelings that lurk amongst the walls and floors of these resting grounds. Some are designed so creepily that just looking at the pictures will send shivers down your spine and keep you up at night wondering why someone would create such an eerie place. Nonetheless, these catacombs and crypts hold a lot of history and persons within their walls, floors, and tombs that contribute to the creepy feeling others have felt while being there.

Catacombs — Home to the Dead

Even the dead need a place to inhabit. And they don’t deserve graves, they deserve to be aesthetically yet eerily presented to the world in the form of eerie crypts so that their presence can still be felt by the world. Some people preserve lots of remains of the dead just to honor them, some do it because their malevolently tainted mind tells them to. And some eerie crypts and catacombs just come into existence in their own mysterious ways.



An eerie photo of the catacombs of Paris.

Source: ancient-origins

These catacombs are one of the most well-known catacombs around the world. Starting in 1786, the cemeteries in Paris started to become overfilled with caskets and the government saw an opportunity in front of them. These catacombs then became the final resting place to over 6 million people and have become famous over time. For starters, bodies from the riots in The Place de Grève, the Hôtel de Brienne, and Rue Meslée were placed in the catacombs in 1788, Parisian members of the French Resistance used the tunnel system during World War II, the Nazis created an underground bunker at a high school where the catacombs lie under, and in 2004, the police found a fully equipped movie theater within one of the caverns. In this movie theater set up, it had a giant cinema screen, seats for the audience members, projection equipment, film reels of classic movies and more recent films, a fully stocked bar, and a complete restaurant that had tables and chairs. To this day, no one knows who was in charge of this movie theater as well as how they received any type of power source. The catacombs have been reopened to the public after a vandalism in 2009, making them a hotspot of tourist attraction. 


BRNO OSSAURY Eerie Catacombs

A staircase looking stack of skulls from the deceased.

Source: wikipedia

This catacomb lies in the Czech Republic and is the second largest catacomb within Europe. It holds the remains of over 50,000 people and was established in the 17th century with some of it being under the St. James church. It was forgotten about for a long while until it was re-discovered in 2001 and then became open to the public in 2012. People believe that the bones within this catacomb were dug up and moved so there could be more space for more burials. These bones show people that the ones who have lost their lives in these catacombs died because of various diseases and were thrown down there. For example, even though these bones are yellow because they haven’t seen sunlight in ages, the more yellow bones can be classified as being part of a person who has died from cholera, while the red-tinted bones belonged to a person that was killed because of the plague. 



A pile of remains from hundreds of people.

Source: flickr

The grounds of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna, opened themselves up in 1147 A.D., after its consecration, to become cemeteries as a result of the high honor that people placed near the church. Today, the catacombs hold over 11,000 remains after interments began in 1735 and continued until 1783. There are two underground systems, actually, that are labeled as the newer system and the older system. The older crypt parts of these catacombs, the ones directly under the Cathedral, have been refurbished over time and have a less dark, eerie vibe to them than the newer part of the catacombs. In the newer part, which is under the square patch next to the church, are left in rawness and darkness. Only a handful of lights have been installed, so the dark and eerie feeling lurks within the tunnel system of these catacombs and sends shivers down a person’s spine. History also shows that when the caverns became too full of bodies, prison guards had to go down into the catacombs and remove the bones from the bodies of the dead to create more room for more bodies to be stored down there.


CATACOMBS Eerie Crypts

A beautiful picture of what the catacombs look like.

Source: arounddeglobe

Also known as “Mound of Shards”, these catacombs are a series of tombs in Alexandria, Egypt that reach a depth of about 100 feet. They were originally built for a wealthy family in the second century, A.D., but were unfortunately forgotten about until 1900. The rediscovery of these catacombs happened because a donkey accidentally fell into the access shaft for the catacombs. Upon further investigation, human and animal bones were discovered, including 3 sarcophagi. The catacombs received their name after people brought food while visiting the tombs in terra cotta jars to eat while visiting the dead. When they finished eating, they did not want to bring their jars back home, especially after visiting tombs of the dead, so they would throw their jars against the walls and grounds, shattering them all over the place. This would leave shards on the ground, making people rename it as the Mound of Shards. 


A creepy photo of what the walls and ceiling look like.

Source: smithsonianmag

Located in Czerma, Poland, this catacomb is exactly as what the name says it is. This particular catacomb was built in 1776 by a local priest and serves as a mass grave for nearly 25,000 people. The majority of people that were lied to rest in this catacomb were from the Thirty Years War, 3 Silesian War, the Cholera outbreaks, and from people who died from hunger. The priest who had built this catacomb system took the liberty to collect the remains from those who passed away and bring them to their final resting ground. This catacomb chapel gained its infamous name because the walls and the basement are full of skulls and bones from those who had passed away. As a nice tribute to those who had built this chapel, their remains are located in the center of the church where the altar is, nodding off to the fact that they are the center of attention because of their hard work and dedication that was put into building this eerie catacomb. With the skull and bones put into the basement and the walls, an eerie, disturbing feeling overcomes anyone who looks at it and for anyone that goes there, this eerie, disturbing feeling washes over them.



A beautiful sight of St. Catherine’s.

Source: news.artnet

This chapel is also known as The Monastery of the Transfiguration and is a place that holds major religious and historical significance. Beneath this beautiful monastery, though, there is a dark and eerie charnel house that represents the harsh and cruel environment that surrounds this house. The Byzantine Emperor Justinian decreed that there were to be a monastery built near the Chapel of the Burning Bush in the 6 century A.D.  Furthermore, the monks of St. Catherine were sent to Sinai because they were proved to be difficult or appeared to be a disgrace to the rest of the monks; but, along their travel in the hot desert of Egypt, they found that the ground was too hard to break to bury the dead. “House of Skulls” later became one of the most popular tourist attractions that people flocked to visit when they went to Egypt. This name developed because the remains that are lying inside this chapel are the remains of the monks and are arranged out of necessity instead of decoration. It has been labeled as a gruesome and morbid monument of these monks that fell victim to the hardships provided by Mount Sinai.



A haunting picture of remains from this Austria crypt.

Source: atlasobscura

Lying beneath the somber and pious majesty of St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a dark, decrepit, haunting secret that tourists flock to every year. Over 11,000 skeletal remains lie in this crypt and were used as a final resting place for the Archbishop of Vienna Franz Cardinal KËTING as recently as 2004. In the main part of this crypt, the bodies that lie within there are largely there because of the relocation of burial survives to the pit below the church that was caused by the bubonic plague that struck Europe in 1735. However, in another section of this eerie, dark crypt is a section that was created specifically for the royalty. Instead of being in tombs or having the remains spread around the crypt, there are jars that are preserving the innards of the royalty. For example, the Hapsburg royalty’s hearts, intestines, and even the stomach of Queen Maria Teresa can be located in this location. 



Top photo: The Catacombs of St. Paul.
Bottom photo: Part of the Catacombs of St. Agatha.
Source: wikipedia

Being some of the eeriest and disturbing crypts throughout the entire world, St. Agatha is the final resting place of over 500 people in Roman times. This final resting place includes a multitude of children as well. St. Agatha’s tombs were created for two people, regardless of their religion, were laid in these tombs and buried within the walls of this crypt. St. Paul’s Parish is said to be that the saint himself stayed here during his time in Malta in 60 A.D. As explorers traveled through these catacombs, they discovered that there were different tombs for different types of classes that were offered to people during the 2nd and 3rd century A.D.


CAPUCHIN CRYPT Eerie Catacombs

An eerie and haunting photo of how the bodies of the deceased are set up.

Source: atlasobscura

This crypt is possibly one of the creepiest and eeriest crypts that cease to exist within the world today. It started to become popular when the Capuchin Monastery ran out of room within their church burial grounds. Within this crypt, over 8,000 remains of Capuchin parishioners lie. However, the remains of these parishioners can also be found standing in five adjoining chambers throughout the cold, dark, decrepit basement of the Monastery. Since 1599, friars, children, and local dignitaries have been buried within this crypt and their skeleton remains have been mummified or left as they are for anyone and everyone to see when they enter this crypt. An eerie feeling comes into play because of how these remains are arranged within this strange resting place, making people believe that these skeletons have been put on display rather than laid to rest. Some skeletons still have some of their clothes intact, making people shiver with chills as they stare at the soulless remains. 


LAEKEN Eerie Crypts

A creepy photo of what this crypt looks like.

Source: lovethesepics

This crypt has been labeled as a beautiful sight that people have to witness for themselves- but also extremely eerie and creepy. The use of this crypt has been dated back to 1870’s and shockingly enough, there are no blood, gore, or skeletons lying against or within the walls. This vault is rumored to be well organized and boasts hundreds of hermetically sealed niches that also have beautiful stone work incorporated within them. Restoration of this beautiful place is in the set for the hidden gem within Brussels since this crypt grew with the community but fell into a despair in the 1990’s because of a series of annexes and extensions. 

What is shown in this article about these ten disturbingly eerie crypts is not what is all to them. There are numerous photos as well as documentaries on the web which tell us more about these grotesque and eerie catacombs decorated with the remains of the dead. Sure is a sight to see for those who seek pleasure in eerie sights and places. If you are up for an adventure, these eerie crypts and catacombs ought to be on top of your list.

What’s more to these eerie crypts is that they are home to thousands of ghostly entities who haunt every speck of the air that environs the eerie crypts. These places are, by all means, the best in you want to feel the cold air of the undead on your skin. Not to worry though, most of these departed souls are at peace. But if you’re really feeling lucky, you might even encounter a bitter one!

10+ Pieces Of Architecture That Brilliantly Deconstruct Mental Illness

In today’s society, many struggle with mental illness in a variety of forms. One Barcelonian architect named Federico Babina is using a project called Archiatric to define some disorders with a bit of tongue-in-cheek surrealism.

It’s not Magic, It’s Neurochemistry

The human brain responds mysteriously to specific patterns and pieces of architecture; the neurons in the brain can alter the brain’s chemistry in order to learn, adapt and become better at self-awareness and self-control in complex everyday situations. When the brain perceives certain patterns, certain neurological links get detached and reconnected with other neurons which shift the chemistry of the brain significantly, resulting in elimination or deterioration of certain mental disorders from which a person suffers in social or private life. However, this is just a concept; neurologists have done extensive research on the brain but yet they cease to understand how the circuitry of the complex neurological links of the brain truly works.


This piece brilliantly captures the feeling of impending doom brought about by anxiety.

Anxiety - Mental Illness
Source: Federico Babina


Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are on display as one might feel simultaneously trapped and drowning.

Depression - Illness
Source: Federico Babina


This amazing piece describes the constant dripping on one’s thoughts causing a person to not be able to achieve and sustain sleep.

Insomnia - Mental Illness
Source: Federico Babina


The different blocks indicate the changing moods, delusions, and another heavy hitter on this list, anxiety.

Dementia - Illness
Source: Federico Babina


This piece shows the lack of control as feelings of hallucinations and delusions set in.

Schizophrenia - Mental Illness
Source: Federico Babina


This house accentuates the perfect pattern that a sufferer of OCD must have in their perception at all times.

OCD - Mental Illness
Source: Federico Babina


A common myth about Autism is that their sufferers cannot feel emotions. This is not true. They simply lack the skills to identify those emotions which is what is presented in this piece.

Autism - Mental Illness
Source: Federico Babina


The crack in the wall illustrates the loss of memory whereas the sprinkles are the bits of memory the sufferer clings to.

Alzheimer - Mental Illness
Source: Federico Babina


This piece illustrates the dual personality traits that one experiences with bipolar disorder. one side is safe and the other is chaotic.

Bipolar - Mental Illness
Source: Federico Babina


This shows the feeling of constantly being surrounded by danger, despite being at home which is usually considered a safe space.

Phobias - Mental Illness
Source: Federico Babina


This Escher-style send up displays the exaggerated feeling that someone is trying to harm one’s self.

Paranoia - Mental Illness
Source: Federico Babina


The small figure brings to mind the opposite direction that dyslexics tend to perceive things.

Dyslexia - Illness
Source: Federico Babina

Eating Disorder

Several bites have been taken out of the house by a large and thin person and yet the house still feels empty inside.

Eating Disorder - Mental Illness
Source: Federico Babina

Dissociative Disorders

At first, it appears to be a black silhouette, the house actually has a smaller house shape inside the piece. This illustrates the feeling of being in a bubble that most sufferers of the disease experience.

Dissociative Disorders - Mental Illness
Source Federico Babina

Gender Disorder

More commonly referred to today as Gender Dysmorphia, this piece alludes to the stress one experiences when going through a disconnect between mind and body.

Gender - Mental Illness
Source: Federico Babina


The feeling of lack of sleep during the day, muscle fatigue, and hallucinations are brought to light through the dimming shades.

Narcolepsy - Mental Illness
Source: Federica Babina

The houses presented here are clearly presented in various states of disrepair, much like someone who suffers from these crippling issues. The style used in these pieces is simple and yet brilliant in its execution. Sometimes, one must tear down everything before they can rebuild from the ground up.

These pieces of architecture are truly sensational and whosoever is the brains behind these patterns is nothing less than a mastermind architect. These patterns have been tested and have a high percentage of deconstructing mental illnesses and helping the brain to achieve self-control and enhance its cognitive abilities. The science behind how or why these pieces of architecture were designed is currently unknown and is presently under study by many researchers.

There can be derived some whimsical meaning from these patterns; the pattern for Dyslexia contains words enclosed in a block shaped with handwriting scribbled in the background, which represents the mental disorder. Some words have been cut out which could possibly represent the frustrations of a person suffering from dyslexia. They houses might represent one’s mind or boundaries in which such mental illnesses reside. Which means that mental illnesses cannot exist outside the house. This is just one perception. You will surely have another. Happy healing!

10+ Unexpectedly Creepy Tourist Attractions Just For You!

Imagine going on a nice family vacation. You have excitement in your eyes and butterflies in your stomach because you’re so excited. You didn’t sleep last night because your mind was engulfed with the thoughts of what you’re going to see during this vacation. When you get to your destination, it is everything you have dreamed of, except one thing- that one extremely creepy tourist attraction that is staring at you. Multiple places around the world are full of beauty and wonder but deep within its beauty there may be a hidden tourist attraction that people flock to in order to bask in its creepiness.

Creepy Tourist Attractions To Creep You Around World

1. The Big Giving, London

The Big Giving, London Creepy Tourist Attractions

 Tourist Attractions

An image of these statues spewing water out of various parts of the molds. (top)

A closer look to see what these statues actually look like up close and personal. 

Images via: Fountain ExplorerFlavor Wire

These giant rock-looking creations in London have left people turning their heads and questioning why someone would put them there. These sculptors have human faces sticking out of them with hands or arms at various parts of the statues, making it seem like they are doing some awkward pose for the people of London. They can be seen with water coming out of their mouths and other various parts of their structures. It was created by Klaus Weber and is placed on the Southbank where people claim it is a fun installation. It refers to the Native North American “Potlach” ceremony of competitive giving. There is also an indication that the more the man gives, the bigger the statue will grow.

2. Mano Del Desierto, Atacama Desert, Chile

Mano Del Desierto Tourist Attractions

This tall hand sitting high in the sand with some graffiti on it. 

Image via: Trip Advisor

This creepy hand sits in the Chilean Atacama Desert, standing 36 feet into the air. Mario Irarrazabal had an image to create this sculptor and has left people wondering why he would build such a thing in the desert. It is located near the legendary Pan-American Highway and some say it has an extremely haunting meaning to it. Rumors are that this particular statue is supposed to make people feel loneliness, torture, and helplessness.

3. Children Are the Victims of Adult Vices, Moscow

Children Are the Victims of Adult Vices Creepy Tourist Attractions

Children Are the Victims of Adult Vices

The two children innocently playing while the adult vices are surrounding them. You can see how eerie the adult vices are.

Images via: Rusmania, Atlas Obscura 

These interesting set of statues that people flock to were designed by a Russian artist by the name of Mihail Chemiakin. They are bronze statues and consist of 13 individual statues that are depicting “adult vices”. This means alcoholism, drug addiction, and prostitution; and, these statues are there to represent how these types of vices affect the children. The strangely articulated statues are closing in on a boy and girl with the main center piece representing “Indifference”. Many people in this town were in fear that this set of statues would scare the children away, but the Mayor persisted on leaving it as a message to everyone. Even though these statues are somewhat creepy, they depict a deeper message for everyone to obtain.

4. Capela dos Ossos, Évora, Portugal

Capela dos Ossos Tourist Attractions

An image of some of the skeletons on the walls, including the hanging man and young child skeleton. 

Image via: Wikipedia

Also called The Chapel of Bones, this eerie chapel has people doing a double take the moment they step inside of it. This eerie chapel is actually  inside The Royal Church of St. Frances and to the average person just walking past it, it looks absolutely beautiful and a nice shrine for the piety. The Chapel of bones received its name because in the 16th century, there was a short of space on burying people, making monks move over 5,000 corpses to a chapel and decorate their space with these boney remains. The one particular part about this tourist attraction, though, is that two rotted corpses that represent an unnamed man and young child dangle from the ceiling with a noose around their necks.

5. Torture Museum, Amsterdam

Torture Museum Tourist Attractions

One of the devices that is featured in the Torture Museum. 

Image via: Gothic

No, you read that correctly. There is an actual museum in Amsterdam called the Torture Museum. This unique museum displays torture devices throughout history and has been deemed as a museum that is not for the squeamish. Some of their most infamous devices within this museum are pieces from the Middle Ages, including: the skull cracker, the limb-dislocating rack, and the guillotine. Some people report that this museum is so hauntingly disturbing and that fans of this type of torture enjoy themselves at this museum. One of the most haunting things included in this museum, though, is an image of a nude man hanging by his ankles and being sawed in half lengthwise.

6. The Museum of Death, Hollywood

The Museum of Death Creepy Tourist Attractions

One of the rooms inside of the Museum of Death. 

Image via: Atlas Obscura

If you thought that the Torture Museum in Amsterdam was bad and bone chilling, then why not check out The Museum of Death in Hollywood? This museum is an ode to the murder, dismemberment, and other various acts of killing all throughout history. It holds inside of its walls serial killer artwork as well as photos of horrible, tragic accidents and actual crime scenes that have happened, and one of the most prized pieces within this museum is the severed head from the guillotine of the Bluebeard of Paris. Not only do the haunting images of serial killers and their artwork or the dismemberment of people hide within this museum, but there are even creepier things amongst this place. The tour lasts about an hour or so, but people can still hang around and gush over videos of autopsies and actual death footage of real life deaths.

7. Museo de las Momias, Mexico

Museo de las Momias Tourist Attractions

One of the hallways in this eerie mummy museum. 

Image via: Momias de Guana Juato

This museum is a particular kind of creepy. No, it doesn’t have photos of people being dismembered or has torture devices on display for people to see. Instead, there are 111 remarkably preserved mummies sitting perfectly on display for people to look at. They were brought to this museum from the Santa Paula Pantheon between 1865 and 1989. What sends chills down people’s spines is the fact that some of these mummies appear to be screaming, almost like they are saying “no” to whomever is doing this to them and some have very tight clenched fists. What saddens the people, though, is that there are in fact some babies that have been mummified and well preserved.

8. Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California

Winchester Mystery House Tourist Attractions

This image contains a staircase that leads to nowhere (left), part of the house itself (middle), and what a window looks like (right). What this house actually looks like (bottom). 

Images via: RecollectionsTwitter

This infamous house has been on paranormal investigating shows, investigated by many paranormal groups, and still leaves people wondering why this house was built the way it was. Sarah Winchester took 32 years to build this 160 room Victorian style mansion. She did séances within her home and wanted to talk to the people who were killed by one of the Winchester bullets. In this house, it contains: over 2,000 doors, 10,000 windows, 47 fireplaces, and 47 staircases. There have been paranormal reports that at least three ghosts roam around this home throughout the day and night. It is rumored that the confusing hallways that are extremely twisted and the dead-end staircases that lead to nowhere were put there by Sarah to ward off any negative and unwanted spirits and to sort of confuse them in a way. People who have stayed over night at this house have heard organ music play, have seen moving lights as well as turning doorknobs, and some have even been lucky enough to see some ghostly figures roaming around the hallways.

9. Actun Tunichill Muknal Cave, Belize

Actun Tunichill Muknal Cave Tourist Attractions

The remains of the Crystal Maiden. 

Image via: Wikipedia

With this tourist attraction, people are warned that if they do not feel brave enough that they should in fact stay back at the hotel. The brave souls that do want to explore this cave start their exploration by diving into ice cold, pitch black water and traveling through this water to reach a disturbing sight. One of the most iconic figures that are seen in this cave is the remains of a teenage girl from when Mayans used to practice human sacrifices within this cave. This skeleton of the teenage girl is nicknamed The Crystal Maiden because people claim that her bones seem to sparkle when light touches them. Ancient ceramic bowls can also be found in this cave and have “kill holes” in them. This means that these specific types of bowls are were used during bloodletting rituals.

10. Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic

Sedlec Ossuary Creepy Tourist Attractions

The chandelier of this bone filled chapel. 

Image via: Atlas Obscura

Located in Kutna Hora, this 15th century gothic church contains a haunting inside. 19th century woodcarver Frantisek Rint created this glorious chapel into something that is imprinted in its tourists minds forever. This basement-level chapels contains over 40,000 skeletons that are displayed in a beautiful way. Tourists can see these skeletons portrayed in skull candelabras, a towering coat of arms, and a chandelier. Tourists can really see how 40,000 skeletons are used to create this eerie display by looking at the gap-eyed skeletons that hang silently from the ceiling as well as looking at the bone pyramids that are spread around this chapel.

11. Manchac Swamp, Louisiana

Manchac Swamp Tourist Attractions

An eerie image of a tree-line in this haunting and creepy Louisiana swamp. 

Image via: Louisiana Swamp

Featured in the hit HBO show True Blood, this eerie swamp holds more than alligators within its territory. People who have visited this swamp have claimed that there are all sorts of mishaps that happen in the swamp that leave some people with straight shivers down their spines. Here in this swamp, though, is the ghost of the voodoo princess Julie White as well as the Rougarou werewolf of Cajun mythology. There are also eerie and creepy landmarks that people point out are key areas that tourists must see while they are in this swamp. These landmarks include The Hanging Tree and the Frenier Cemetery.

12. Isla de las Muñecas, Mexico

Isla de las Muñecas Tourist Attractions

Some of the dolls that are on the Island of the Dolls, hanging silently in the trees and on wires. 

Image via: Daily Mail

Some people have a strong fear of spiders, others have a strong fear of snakes, while others have a strong fear of clowns. But, there is another fear that most people have, and that is dolls. This island in Mexico is a persons worse nightmare if they have a deep, strong fear of dolls because a farmer created this island of dolls because he was haunted by his memories of a little girl’s body being washed up on the shore of his island. This island is located on Lake Xochimilco, which is near Mexico City. To please this little girls spirit and to represent the spirit of her and the other dead children that there may be, this farmer set out and collected over 100 dolls. Some of these dolls, though, had either missing eyes, limbs, or heads. This farmer then hung these dolls from trees and wires all over the island, making it one of the most ominous and eerie looking islands ever in this world.

13. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Aokigahara Forest Tourist Attractions

These are remains that were found in the forest. 

Image via: Atlas Obscura

This forest is the most famous forest in Japan and perhaps the whole world. It is also nicknamed “suicide forest” because each year, people go into this forest and sadly end their lives. Over the past 50 years, this forest, sitting at the bottom of Mt. Fuji, has witness over 1,000 suicides. This forest contains such thick and dense trees that people have claimed that it is easy to get extremely lost within this forest and that the silence it contains is eerie and haunting. It was also a famous place of ubasute, which means that this was a Japanese custom for leaving elderly people in the wilderness to die. This forest has been deemed one of the most haunted forests in this world by the anger spirits were either abandoned in this thick forest or of those who had taken their lives within these trees.

As you can see, some of these places are true masterpieces that have been put together by some creative artists throughout the years. Every year, tourists visit these locations to either experience what others have or to witness the glory of these haunting places. Whether the people who created some of these places intended them to be such high, popular tourist attractions or not, these places are some of the most populated areas to go whenever someone goes on vacation. Would you dare to go to any of these locations? Remember these places the next time your family plans to go on vacation and maybe even look up to see if there are any creepy tourist attractions where you are going. You never know if you’ll be able to experience the feelings others had when they stepped foot inside of these hauntingly eerie and creepy places.

Annabelle: Creation Gets A Scary 100% Rating On Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes can be a very mixed bag when it comes to films. The infamous website has become the gold standard when it comes to film reviews as it allows audience participation so that fans can get a “man-on-the-street” perspective. The general public has come to trust Rotten Tomatoes more that established critics in recent years.

(Source: Annabelle Creation Warner Bros.)

Take, for instance, the Conjuring series, with two titular films, a spin-off named Annabelle which received a 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and a sequel entitled Annabelle: Creation set to be released August 11. After a screening in LA in June, viewers headed over to Rotten Tomatoes to give their feedback, which has been unusually high.

The average rating is 7.9/10, however, the site is listing the film with a 100% approval rating. our of 4500 people polled, 92% said that they would see the film upon release. Hollywood Reporter critic Justin Lowe says:

“[Director David F. Sandberg] demonstrates a deft affinity for the elaboration of horror conventions, as well as the expansion of the Conjuring universe.”

Despite 100% approval, not everyone has a glowing review, however. Variety’s Peter Deburge says:

“This effective yet empty-headed horror movie goes to show how eager audiences are to be scared, and how even an unsightly doll can do the trick when the spirit is willing.”

The prequel film will focus on the creation of the demonic doll, which came to be after a family loses their daughter in a car accident only for the little girl to possess a doll that her father created. The film will spin off another popular character from the franchise with the nun from Conjuring 2. A film featuring that character is scheduled for a July 13, 2018, release.

The Conjuring series has been quite popular among horror fans and is set to spin off another character from the first film in The Crooked man. Producer Peter Safran told the Hollywood Reporter:

“I think there’s something fascinating in the Crooked Man. Maybe tonally he’s not as grounded as The Conjuring itself is, and maybe that’s why some people felt it wasn’t what they were looking for in The Conjuring, but I suspect a movie with him would be really, really cool.

“I just love what that character can be. We have some interesting ideas for him.”

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Here’s the trailer for Annabelle: Creation!

(Featured Image credit: Annabelle: Creation Warner Bros.)

10+ Grippingly Haunting Tales Of Terrifying Archangels

Recognized since Biblical times, Archangels are known throughout history for being more than just the Messengers of the Lord.  They also serve as warriors or weapons both in Heaven and on Earth. Depending on the scripture and faith the main Archangels vary but the seven known ones that agreed upon in just about every faith are: Azrael, Raguel, Raphael, Uriel, Remiel, Gabriel and Michael. Quite opposite to the childish pure representation portrayed in Renaissance art, Archangels are a vision to behold. From terrifying tales of Archangels torturing humans to battling over their souls, here is a list of 12 stories of archangels to chill your very bones.

The Reason Why  Tales Of Terrifying Archangels are True

The article you are about to go through is based on legends not believed in most parts of the word. But that does not mean the legends are untrue; legends only come into existence because of an occurrence so inexplicable that the human senses would naturally deny a tale about such an incident. If the manuscript of the legends is old enough and untampered, you might as well believe in it.

Raphael’s Demon Burial

Raphael's Demon Burial - Haunting Tales
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The tale of Raphael and the demon Azazel is one that is mentioned the Book of Enoch. But if you think Azazel was just killed at the Archangel’s hands, you are mistaken. Bound by his hands and feet, Azazel was thrown into a pit of rocks and buried alive in the heart of a desert. As if that were not enough, following God’s orders Raphael’s punishment continues with Azazel awaiting being burnt alive on the Day of Judgement.

Lucifer’s Fall From Grace

Lucifer's Fall From Grace - Haunting Tales
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Lucifer is renowned for his staggering pride and ego that got the best of him when he rebelled against God. The real story is that it wasn’t him alone. Lucifer recruited about a third of the angels and together launched the attack on the throne. However, Archangel Michael did not take any of that and despite going way back with Lucifer, he rose in defense of God and obliterated the rebellion. It ended with Michael casting Lucifer and the rest of the rebels out of heaven down to Earth. This was when Lucifer earned the names Devil and Satan which mean “accuser of the brethren ” and “adversary” simultaneously.

Uriel and Moses’ Foreskin

Uriel and Moses' Foreskin - Haunting Tales
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In a terrifying tale that many find rather disturbing and horrifying, Archangel Uriel was believed to be involved in an incident involving Moses’ foreskin.  This peculiar tale speaks of Uriel being sent down to torment Moses to rid him off of his foreskin. Moses’ son was yet uncircumcised and that was a great deal offensive to God as dictated in the Book of Genesis. Uriel was on the verge of slaughtering Moses had his wife, Zipporah, not circumcised their son swiftly with a sharp rock.

Gabriel’s Uncanny Way To Deliver The Word Of God

Gabriel's Uncanny Way To Deliver The Word Of God - Haunting Tales
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Many religious texts emphasize on the theme of Archangels being terrifying in their own right. This holds especially true for Gabriel. When given the task to announce to Zechariah the birth of baptist John, he grew angry at Zechariah’s protest. Gabriel is believed to have said “I am Gabriel. I stand in the presence of God, and I have been sent to speak to you and to bring you this good news. But now, because you did not believe my words… you will become mute, unable to speak, until the day these things occur.”


Uriel’s Tale Of Infant Drowning

Uriel's Tale Of Infant Drowning - Haunting Tales
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The Great Flood that wiped out humanity was believed to be Uriel’s idea to begin with. Disgusted by the mingling of humans and the outcast rebels, the Archangel sought to remove the abominations that arose from such unions. The eradication of the giant babies born from the relations between humans and angels living on Earth was unacceptable. In an attempt to cleanse the world, the Great Flood was initiated.

Samael’s Attempt At Fetal Murder

Samael's Attempt At Fetal Murder - Haunting Tales
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Often referred to as the Angel of Death, Samael decided to intervene in an unfortunate situation. Twin brothers Jacob and Esau were an ever conflicted pair with their disagreements stemming from the womb. Inheriting the earth and being born first was their major concern. At this point Samael made up his mind to kill baby Jacob in the womb and end it all. Had it not been for Michael stepping in, Samael would have succeeded. Michael retaliated to the act by meaning to burn Samael but that was when God intervened and saved him.

Archangels Love Mass Destruction

Archangels Love Mass Destruction - Haunting Tales
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It appears like Archangels have a taste for death and destruction. During David’s reign one of God’s angels decided to wipe out Jerusalem. Having prepared an army fit for fighting Armageddon, the Archangel sought permission from God. Seeing how angels cannot act out of their own free will, God ordered them to call off the war.

“And when the angel stretched out his hand toward Jerusalem to destroy it, the LORD relented from the calamity…”

Angel of Death Wipes Out Egypt

Angel of Death Wipes Out Egypt - Haunting Tales
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Several occasions which involve God sending the Angel of Death to abolish the Israelites’ enemies are mentioned in the Hebrew bible. A famous such incident is the Passover where all of Egypt’s firstborns were killed. An even larger bloodbath was the Archangel’s intervention to save Jerusalem from Sennacherib invaders. In a single night, 185,000 men were murdered.

Belial’s Love For Angel Carnage

Belial's Love For Angel Carnage - Haunting Tales
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A demon no less than Lucifer himself, Belial is known as the embodiment of wickedness. Created after Lucifer, he was amongst the first to join the rebellion against God. When Michael rose to defend God, Belial was on the front lines of the rebels. He won three battles within which horrific carnage took place as did Michael. In the 7th battle, God intervened taking Michael’s side. Soon after Belial was abolished.

Jophiel’s Infamous Eviction Of Adam & Eve

Jophiel's Infamous Eviction Of Adam & Eve - Haunting Tales
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The Biblical story of the eviction of Adam and Eve from Heaven is well known. However, it does not highlight the Archangel responsible for the act. Jophiel is known as the Archangel wielding the flaming sword who protected the Tree of Knowledge in the garden of Eden. After breaking God’s rule, Adam and Ever were the firs to face his wrath and supernatural power.

Azrael’s Morbid Death Journal

Azrael's Morbid Death Journal - Haunting Tales
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In Islam, Azrael is the Archangel of Death akin to the Grim Reaper of Judeo-Christian traditions. Many places describe him as four faced so as to watch over all four corners of the Earth. Eyes and tongues equivalent to the number of humans on Earth cover his whole body. In addition to that, he also has 4,000 wings. To top off the creepiness of it all, he is known to keep a journal filing in all the deaths and births of mankind.

Michael’s Battle Over Souls

Michael's Battle Over Souls - Haunting Tales
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In Jude, Archangel Michael is said to have fought with the Devil over Moses’ soul. The battle ensued after the Devil chose to end Moses for killing an Egyptian. But due to the fact that Moses was a Messenger of the Lord, Michael was sent down to halt the Devil. Michael then saved Moses from the grasp of the Devil.


The righteousness of archangels sometimes seems so exasperating because they have been granted a grand set of powers that give them the ability to enforce whatever they will upon the realm of existence. But it is not so, their judgment is controlled by someone more supreme that they are, which we all believe to as God. After all, they slew the evilest of the Devils for the humans to live in peace. If you do not believe these grippingly haunting tales of terrifying archangels even after reading this article then you must read the history of archangels and the reason of their existence – reading the legends from different cultures might get you the grip.

Keep in mind, angels just serve as onlookers and monitors of heaven, hell, and earth. It is the archangels who are the intermediaries and truly, the ammunition of God. The remains of weapons they used to finish or incarcerate into the pits of Hell the devils that once perilously reigned the earth are scattered throughout the lands and oceans; and they serve proof that these haunting tales of terrifying archangels were, in fact, true celestial battles.

10 Famous Serial Killers Chilling Last Words

The mysterious nature of serial killers has gripped the general public for as long as they’ve been around. Most people fail to understand the logic behind killing people which makes the action all the more interesting to study. There is a certain appeal to seeing a notorious being like that fall down. This is precisely why the final words of serial killers prior to execution hold an unnerving appeal.

Regardless of whether you seek insight into their messed up lives or simply wish to feed a sadistic side to yourself, this list will satiate both desires. From apologies to resentment, these rantings of dying souls will chill you to the bones. Some of the most heinous criminals of history make an appearance on this list.

The Twisted Minds of Serial Killers

The article below contains 10 famous last words of serial killers and, by all means, they will chill you to the bone. It is perplexing how such a notoriously bent soul can reveal its true emotions when their end is near; or maybe that, too, is some mind game they want you to get baffled in. Have a look!

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy - Serial Killers
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Theodore (Ted) Robert Bundy was incredibly charismatic and he was well aware of it. He used his charms to lure women. A distinct method he used was feigning injury or assuming the role of a dominant figure when approaching women in public places. Following his stunts, he would take the women to secluded locations where he would misuse them. On several occasions he even revisited his old crime scenes and performed sexual acts on the decomposing corpses.

Name: Theodore Robert Bundy

Crime: Murdered and raped 100s of women in the 1970s

Punishment: Executed on Jan. 4, 1989 by the electric chair

Last Words: “I’d like you to give my love to my family and friends.”

Killer Clown

Killer Clown - Killers
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John Wayne Gacy earned the title of the “Killer Clown” because of his charitable contributions in fundraisers where he dressed up as a clown. He termed his own character “Pogo the Clown”. All of his victims were lured to his house where they were sexually abused, stabbed, strangled or asphyxiated. Every one of his victims was buried on his property except for 4 whose bodies were disposed of in the Des Plaines River.

Name: John Wayne Gacy

Crime: Raping and killing at least 33 boys while dressed up as a clown

Punishment: Executed on May 10, 1994, by lethal injection

Last Words: “Kiss my ass!”

The Vampire of Dusseldorf

The Vampire of Dusseldorf - Serial Killers
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“The Vampire of Dusseldorf” was not the only nickname given to German serial killer, Peter Kurten. He also went by “Dusseldorf Monster”. Doctor Karl Berg described him as the “king of sexual perverts”. Arson and attempted murder make up some of the many criminal offenses he was accused of. He was known for habitually attempting to drink the blood of his victims.

Name: Peter Kürten

Crime: Raped, killed and drank the blood (at least once) of almost 60 people

Punishment: Executed on July 2nd, 1931 by guillotine

Last Words: “Tell me. After my head has been chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from the stump of my neck? That would be a pleasure to end all pleasures.”

Milwaukee Cannibal

Milwaukee Cannibal - Serial Killers
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We all must be familiar with Jeffrey Dahmer from the popular in Katy Perry’s Dark Horse song. He earned the nick of “Milwaukee Cannibal” due to his tendency to dismember and devour his victims.  Even the song reference talks about “eating your heart” in relation to his cannibalistic ways. Although diagnosed with multiple psychological disorders, Jeffrey was ruled legally sane at his trial. A fellow inmate in the Columbia Correctional Institute beat him to death after Jeffrey repeatedly crossed lines. Other prisoners and prison guards did not escape his gruesome techniques of terrorizing them.

Name: Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer

Crime: Raped and killed 17 boys and men in the 1980s

Punishment: Beaten to death on Nov. 28, 1994, by a fellow inmate

Last Words: “I don’t care if I live or die. Go ahead and kill me.”

Aileen Wuornos

Aileen Wuornos - Serial Killers
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Aileen Wuornos was working as a prostitute and all 7 of her victims were shot point blank. Each time she used the excuse that her victims tried raping or sexually assaulting her. She was convicted of six out of the seven homicides she committed. Her father was a schizophrenic who was earlier convicted of sex crimes with children. Guess, we can tell where her troubles stemmed from!

Name: Aileen Carol Wuornos Pralle

Crime: Murdered 7 men

Punishment: Executed on Oct. 9, 2002, by lethal injection

Last Words: “I’ll be back.”

Gary Gilmore

Gary Gilmore - Serial Killers
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One would never think that serial killers would inspire anyone, right? Wrong. Gary Gilmore’s last words were what inspired the world famous brand, Nike’s, slogan “Just Do It”. Gary was the first execution to take place in over 10 years in the United States. He gained notoriety among for demanding implementation for his the murders he committed.

Name: Gary Mark Gilmore

Crime: Murdering 2 people in Utah and demanding implementation for the act

Punishment: Executed on Jan. 17, 1977 by a firing squad

Last Words: “Let’s do it!”

The Hitchhikers’ Killer

The Hitchhikers' Killer - Serial Killers
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Amongst all serial killers, Donald Gaskins had a taste for hitchhikers. He termed his victims as “coastal kills”. His killing spree lasted from 1953 to 1982. Donald wrote down an autobiography titled Final Truth where he admits to killing a hitchhiker at least once every six weeks. As if that were not eerie enough he mentions the specific date by which the urges for killing grew: 10th of every month.

Name: Donald Henry Gaskins, Jr.

Crime: Killing and torturing almost 100 victims

Punishment: Executed on Sept. 6, 1991, by the electric chair

Last Words: “I’m ready to go.”

French Fries

French Fries - Serial Killers
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The last of serial killers to be executed by the electric chair, James French was also the only execution to take place in the United States in 1966. James was already serving in prison for murder and wanted to end his life. Too afraid to carry out the act himself, he instead resorted to killing his cellmate in an attempt to force the hand of the state to execute him. One could say he was dying to make that pun!

Name: James D. French

Crime: Murder

Punishment: Executed on Aug. 10, 1966, by the electric chair

Last Words: “How’s this for your headline? ‘French Fries'”

Butcher Of Hanover

Butcher Of Hanover - Serial Killers
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The other pseudonym dedicated to this particular serial killer is “Vampire of Hanover”. Coined after his desire to rip our his victims’ throats with his teeth, the term is largely used when referring to Fritz. His victims were brutally mutilated , dismembered, sexually assaulted and murdered. Young boys and men were his desired victims and he was convicted of 24 our of the 27 murders he committed.

Name: Friedrich Heinrich Karl “Fritz” Haarmann

Crime: Murdered 27 young men

Punishment: Executed on April 15, 1925, by beheading

Last Words: “I repent but I do not fear death.”

The Red Ripper

The Red Ripper - Serial Killers
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Perhaps one of the most depraved of serial killers, Andrei was a Russian pedophile and cannibal who committed over 50 murders within a span of 12 years. He used a knife sparingly on his victims and is quoted to have said: “When I used my knife, it brought psychological relief.” When on trial, the defense pleaded insanity but it was overruled as the physicians present disagreed. He suffered from severe self-loathing and termed himself a “mistake of nature”.

Name: Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo

Crime: Murdered and butchered 53 women and children

Punishment: Executed on Feb. 14, 1994, by the firing squad

Last Words: “Don’t blow my brains out!”

It is indeed a perplexing though; how someone so malevolent can even mutter such words even in their time of dying. When all hope is lost, a person would naturally beg for mercy. But these famous serial killers still managed to play the evil part by putting some mind-boggling words in the ears of their executioners and had them by the horns. “I’ll be back” seems to be a normal thing one would say a goodbye, but what irrational person would say this during their execution? It’s true that serial killers are more fiends in their minds than their actions can articulate.

This article most probably got you into bizarre thoughts as well. If not, then you must have a hint of evil in your mind as well! Because the only minds that can understand such appalling words are the ones with a little monster possessing them. Food for thought!

10+ Photos That Will Literally Freak You Out

It is said that pictures are worth a thousand words, but these pictures will leave you speechless. Here are 20 pictures that give a glimpse into humanities darkest moments.

1. The Jonestown Massacre

The Jonestown Massacre was an event where a religious American cult committed mass suicide. All except two of the 909 individuals died that day as seen in the picture above.

Source: nydailynews

2. New York Post Subway

This picture was taken moments before this man was killed, he was reportedly pushed on and is considered the most controversial picture of today. It remains the perfect example of product over people.

Source: forbes

3. Baby Cage

In the 1930’s it was believed that babies in the city weren’t getting enough sunlight so babies cages became all the rage. Thus creating an oddly precarious situation for the infants. At least the babies got more time in the smog for urban air.

Source: treehugger

4. Vapor People

Soon after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, those closer to the blast didn’t suffer burns but rather were vaporized alive leaving these darkened shadows behind in their memory.

Source: quoracdn

5. Elephant’s Foot

The Elephant’s foot is considered the most radioactive place in the world. This photo was taken of the reflection of a mobile robot from 30 feet away. The robot never made it back. This remains the only photo of the elephant’s foot to this day.

Source: nautil

6. Diving Death

While Gabe Watson was acquitted of his accused crimes. This picture captures the body of Tina Watson sinking to the ocean floor. As you can see in the background the body sinking and resting on the ocean floor.

Source: abcnews

7. Nuclear Baby Carriage

When the nuclear threat of world war two was too much to handle, what do you do when you need to take you baby for a walk? You put them in a nuclear proof baby carriage and you get going. When you look at it, it looks more like a steam engine than a baby carriage.

Source: worthytales

8. Bison Skull

If you are desperate for fertilizer and had nothing but Bison to fix the problem, you follow these men’s idea. You ground up Bison Skull and make sure your crops are good to go. Reportedly, this was common practice in the late 19th century.

Source: anokaramsey

9. Pogo the Clown

Pogo the Clown (Aka John Wayne Gacy) confessed to murdering and sexually assaulting 25-30 boys. He hid their bodies in the crawl space of his house. If people say they aren’t scared of clowns, then show them this.

Source: nocookie

10. First Bulletproof Vest

The testing of the first bulletproof vest in progress. Either you have to be completely confident with the product or you are wishing for death, regardless the guts this took are too much to handle.

Source: blogspot

11. The Hindenburg

The Hindenburg was supposed to be the future of the travel, but due to a malfunction in its maiden voyage, an explosion took place resulting in disaster. The picture does not do this disaster justice in its size.

Source: marymount

12. Fire Sacrifice

During a fire rescue in 1975, a godmother and her godchild jumped out of a window. The godchild survived only by landing on her godmother’s body.

Source: ebaumsworld

13. The Last Guillotine

The last public execution to take place, however, what makes it unique is that it was done with a guillotine. People at this event were unaware that they were witnessing history.

Source: blogspot

14. Mickey Gas Mask

More often than not, there is a lot of creepiness that is found in nuclear war and nuclear planning. So born was the Mickey Gas Mask and the nightmare fuel that come with it.

Source: lateet

15. Falling Ceiling Body

You may have seen this picture circulation around and no one really knows what to think. If it is fake then woo! Another Hoax. If it’s real than the timing and the fear of the situation is insurmountable.

Source: shortoncontent

16. Gas Chamber Scratching

This photo was taken from the inside of one of the gas chambers of the Holocaust. From here you can clearly see the scratch mark of people trying to claw their way out for life.

Source: furtherglory

17. The Final Embrace

In the last minutes of their life, two engineers atop of a burning wind turbine embraced each other one last time before falling to their death.

Source: imgur

18. Keith Sapsford

After wanting to travel more, Keith Sapsford went hid in the wheel well of a plane bound for Tokyo. However, when the wheel well open in arrival, he fell 150 feet to his death.

Source: emadion

19. Mt. Saint Helens

The eruption of mount saint Helens resulted in a few deaths, however, the ash that covered the sky was the enough for anyone to think the world was ending.

Source: theatlantic

20. Beautiful Suicide

This is a 23-year-old woman that jumped off the empire state building and landed on the limousine of the United Nations. This has been coined, ‘The Most Beautiful Suicide’.

Source: blogspot