10 Facts About Edgar Allan Poe That No One Knows

Edgar Allan Poe was a well known American writer who wrote a series a poems and short stories that focused mainly on mystery and the macabre. Some poems that helped him grow to fame and popularity were The Raven, Annabel Lee, The Bells, and Lenore. One of his most famous short stories that people know is The Tell-Tale Heart. Listed below are some facts that people may not know about Edgar Allan Poe and the life he lived outside of writing poetry and stories.

Edgar Allan Poe

What Edgar Allan Poe looks like.

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Fact 1:

When Edgar Allan Poe was only 18 years old in the year 1827, he enlisted into the United States army by using a fake name and age. The fake name that he used was “Edgar A. Perry” and he told the army that he was 22 years old so he can be enlisted without any problems.

Fact 2:

Poe had a strong love and obsession with cryptography. Because of his love for it, he tried to incorporate it into his literature so the field could become more popular and people would take a stronger interest into it. “The Gold Bug” depicts just how much Poe loved cryptography and how he tried his best to shed some light onto the subject. In this story, he incorporated ciphers as a key and essential part of the story.

Fact 3:

As he was growing up, Poe had a foster father he never got along with. The name “Allan” came from this foster father and because there was such hatred towards him from Poe, he would very rarely sign anything “Edgar Allan Poe”. Instead, he would sign documents with the names “Edgar A. Poe” or “E. A. Poe”. 

Edgar Allan Poe

One of the most famous quotes from Poe.

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Fact 4:

“The Murders in Rue Morgue” quickly rose to fame for Poe and became a popular story that was loved by everyone. Because of its detail throughout the whole story and the captivating plot, this particular short story by Poe has been deemed as the first modern detective story. The main fictional character Mr. Dupin has become a model for other detective fictional characters, such as Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot.

Fact 5:

When Poe was 26 years old in the year 1835, he ended up marrying his 13 year old cousin Virginia Clemm. About 12 years later, she unfortunately past away because of tuberculosis. “Annabel Lee”, “The Raven”, and “Ligeia” became works of art that exemplified the struggles Virginia went through during the illness as well as her death and featured a strong motif where the young female role would die.


What is wife looked like.

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His wife’s grave.

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Fact 6:

Featured in “The Bells”, Poe created the word “tintinnabulation”. This word was created and invented to describe the sounds made by ringing bells.

Fact 7:

Poe was an absolute cat lover throughout his entire life. He would have his cat sit with him while he was writing and even let the cat sit on his shoulder. Cats were often times a strong feature in his short stories. “The Black Cat” is one of the most famous stories he has written that portrayed his strong love for cats.

Fact 8:

Even though Poe loved to write and produce literature, he also had a strong love for space and cosmology, making it one of his favorite hobbies throughout his life. His essay “Eureka: A Prose Poem” was written in 1848 and contained a theory that he created that presaged The Big Bang Theory by a whopping 80 years. Poe labeled this work his career masterpiece.

Fact 9:

Even though Poe was well known for his short stories and his poems, he also wrote a plethora of humor tales, hoaxes, and satires.

Edgar Allan

A beautiful portrait of Poe combined with his famous poem, The Raven.

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Fact 10:

His death is still one of the greatest mysteries of all time and has been labeled as mysterious as him. He was found on the streets of Baltimore on October 3, 1849 and the conditions were so extreme that he died four days later in the hospital. Throughout the years, his medical records and his death certificate have gone missing, raising some sort of suspicion as to what really happened the day that he was found. People have speculated that he either died from heart disease, epilepsy, cholera, suicide, or murder.

What do you think happened to Edgar Allan Poe? Was he killed and his killer was trying to keep it secret? Or did he just die from natural causes?

Edgar Allan Poe

The grave of Edgar Allan Poe.

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10+ Haunted/Abandoned Theme Parks Around the World

Either year round or only during the summer days, theme parks are visited by thousands of people each and every day they are open. The rides, music, games, and food attract people from around the world to visit these parks and to make each person feel like a kid again. However, there are some that have been dormant and abandoned for years that no one dares to go to because of the haunted, dark history that lurks within the left over parts of rides that have just been left there and are now consumed by nature. There are also parks that are still open to the public that people continuously go to and have no knowledge of just haunted the park they are at really is.

Can Theme Parks be Actually Haunted?

As a matter of fact, yes. Any theme park can become an abandoned theme park in just a few days. It might seem crazy to sound, but any place can indeed get haunted if enough wickedness gets kicking in the atmosphere. Around the globe, theme parks have been active spots for serial killers to pitilessly rape as well as slaughter women and children. But over the course of time, every theme park reveals what is has been sowed into its soil and thenceforth, the park ceases to serve its true purpose of serenity. It becomes an abandoned theme park.


A picture of a gate that’s part of The Land of Oz.

Source: Daily News

Location: Beech Mountain, North Carolina, USA

Opened: 1970 (opens every year for two days in October)

Category: Abandoned

The Wizard of Oz was a movie that had everyone skipping down the aisles of the movie theater or in their homes singing, “Follow the yellow brick road!” This classic movie was such a hit that a theme park emerged in 1970 to make the public fall even more in love with the Wizard of Oz and to make them really skip down the yellow brick road. This 16-acre theme park captivated people from around the world and had their very own lion, scarecrow, and tin man. The ski-resort inside the theme park was going to be open year round and was allowing the visitors to experience him or herself as the role of Dorothy. Visitors of the park got to start at Dorothy’s house in Kansas and then adventured throughout the most famous scenes of the movie and ended at Emerald City to, of course, meet the great wizard.

The opening of this park experienced over 20,000 visitors on their first day and Grover Robbins, the mastermind behind this park, wanted the park to be based more on the book rather than the movie; but, after his death a couple of months after the opening of this park, sales decreased. The sales started to decrease because of real-estate prices and the lack of driving force. Unfortunately, in 1975, a fire happened in the Emerald City and destroyed many of the artifacts at the park that were actually used within the actual Wizard of Oz. With the park being mainly intact and has only a few missing things, it is opened every year for two days in October for “The Autumn of Oz”.Although it is still technically opened and people visit it, there is still a weird, odd feeling visitors feel when they step foot on the grounds.


An eerie picture of the abandoned theme park.

Source: Tofugu

Location: Hobara, Japan

Opened: 1973

Closed (officially): 1999

Category: Abandoned

Deep in the wilderness of Japan lies an amusement park named Takakanonuma Greenland Park. This park was built in 1973 and was only opened for two years due to bad ticket sales and repairs that were constantly going on at the park. Although some people believed that these were the real reasons as to why this park closed, many others believed it was because of all the deaths that occurred on the rides in this park. After lying dormant for 10 years, the park reopened in 1986, making visitors to believe that the real reason the park laid silent for ten years was to make people hopefully forget the numerous amounts of tragedies that occurred in the park when it first opened.

When the park officially closed and became abandoned in 1999 because of the other competition surrounding it, the park slowly began to decay and become one with the nature surrounding it. The mountainous terrain it sits on has reclaimed the land and has grown around the rides and roller coasters that were originally built for this theme park and often times hide within the deep, thick fog that lies within the mountains. According to some rumors, the park was supposedly demolished in 2006, but Bill Edwards came across an abandoned theme park that was hidden deep in the fog one day. He took numerous amounts of pictures of the park; however, only one photo showed up on his computer: at the entrance, a young girl, maybe the age of 6, was staring at the camera in a simple white dress with a haunting, serious, indifferent face.


Coney Island full of people and excitement.

Source: Lunapark

Location: Brooklyn, New York City

Opened: 1876; officially in 1961

Category: Haunted

We all have heard of the amazing Coney Island that sits on the southern peninsula in Brooklyn. This theme park is thriving on the thrill and is still going strong today with private beaches, a boardwalk filled with shopping places, games, arcades, and numerous rides. It is seen from the water and from Brooklyn as a place of enjoyment, joy, and happiness as people spend their afternoons soaking up the sun and spending money on various foods and rides. In 1881, steamboats started taking people to this peninsula and this is where the beginnings of the amusement park started where the first carousel was built in 1876. In 1961, Coney Island was in full swing and their very first annual hotdog-eating contest was held.

Thousands of people visit this park every day despite the controversy that circulates it. People have doubted the development of this park, but the owners have kept it thriving and have made it a place of entertainment for all the members of the family. A L.A. Thompson haunts a particular rollercoaster, though, and was known to build a multitude of roller coasters. No one knows why he haunts this particular roller coaster, though, but it is a roller coaster that has a tower with it if you are ever curious to try to see the infamous L.A. Thompson!


The famous clown ride at Pripyat Amusement Park.

Source: Download Wallpaper

Location: Pripyat, Ukraine

Opened: 1986

Closed: 1986

Category: Abandoned

The city of Pripyat is located in North of Kiev and was abandoned right after the Chernobyl disaster. This city was mainly created for the workmen of Chernobyl and the amusement was built in downtown Pripyat with a Ferris wheel and bumper cars. Sadly, this amusement park was closed the same day it was open, which was April 27, 1986, because of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl that occurred the day before.

Over the 28 years that this amusement park has lied dormant, nothing has changed except how the nature surrounding it has captivated the land that it sat on. With the nature overgrowing the Ferris wheel and bumper cars, the amusement park started to hold this eerie, post-apocalyptic look. If you didn’t know, this particular amusement park has been featured in a numerous amount of games and movies, including Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Chernobyl Dairies.


An eerie picture of the abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans.

Source: Huffington Post

Location: New Orleans, USA

Opened: 2000

Closed: 2005

Category: Abandoned/Haunted

Six Flags Amusement Park in New Orleans was known as Jazzland from 2000-2002 and was heavily loved by every single individual that visited this park. With famous rides Mega Zeph, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Ride, and Goliath (formerly known as Batman: The Ride), this park was thriving from all of the visitors it had to visit these rides as well as a few others. Unfortunately, though, in 2005, Six Flags received the warning to evacuate the property  because of Hurricane Katrina and to essentially close the park.

After Hurricane Katrin a hit, Six Flags was submerged from seawater as well as rainwater and remained submerged under 4-7ft corrosive brackish floodwater for over a month. Due to the prolonged submerge, decapitated clown heads, rusty rides, and a salt line that is finally fading away, the park are left with a creepy and eerie feeling. People that have visited this abandoned park have experienced the broken part say they have heard faint laughter and joyful screams in the distance. This eerie abandoned park has made an appearance in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters as well as a few other zombie movies.


One of the abandoned rides at the park.

Source: Urbexbakancslista

Location: Dunaúajváros, Hungary

Opened: 1952

Closed: 1993

Category: Abandoned

This park was opened for one reason and one reason only: for people to have fun. This park had an increase in visitors after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, making this park a major part of the peoples’ lives. Its peak time of thrill was during the 60’s and 70’s with people visiting from all over to get their thrill in and to have fun with their girlfriends, boyfriends, or simply with their family.

The visitor population started to decrease, though, after the 70’s because people started to run out of money and people rapidly started to become incapable of affording to go to this park. It didn’t help the people who were struggling to go here that the park was starting to raise the prices of tickets because of the maintenance repair costs. The park finally closed in 1993 and left off an eerie feeling to those who crossed paths with it before it was finally torn down 20 years later. The only things that remain at this amusement park are the concrete foundations and skeletons.


People full of excitement at Dorney.

Source: Here For The Beer

Location: South Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania

Opened (officially): 1884

Category: Haunted

In 1860, Solomon Dorney purchased a piece of land that he built a trout hatchery and a summer resort on it. Ten years later, he decided that it should be open to the public and decided to add some attractions for the public to see and eventually there was a petting zoo as well as a few rides for them to ride. Throughout the years, various owners have kept this park alive and well, attracting thousands of visitors each day that it is open.

Along with it being filled with fun, it is filled with one ghost that haunts one part of the park. Near the Dominator is an old building that has shops and eateries as well as an arcade. Connecting two eateries, though, is a corridor that leads to an old mine shaft where there are reports of a man being seen by the door. This man is reportedly seen to appear and disappear as quickly as he comes. Along with the reports of this man there has been reports of strange noises and occurrences that are heard throughout the entirety of this building.


An overlook of Kings Island.

Source: Wthr

 Location: Mason, Ohio

Opened: 1972

Category: Haunted

Kings Island is a 364-acre amusement park that is the partner to Cedar Point. It broke ground in 1970 and finally opened in 1972 with the intentions of being the replacement park for Ohio’s version of Brooklyn’s Coney Island. After being sold to countless owners throughout the years, its current owners from 2006now have Kings Island sitting on 775-acres of land with its own mall. In this park, unlike the previous mentioned parks, there are five different ghosts that haunt Kings Island. One ghost in particular is called “Tommy Tower”- Tommy was at a graduation party and became intoxicated. While being intoxicated, Tommy climbed the tower in this park and ultimately fell to his death.

little boy and girl will walk along the Racer behind all of the games and there is a fountain where dozens of people have reported seeing a glowing set of eyes. Figures have been reported to be seen walking around the InternationalRestaurant, located above the entrance, a park security guard that passed away also haunts this park as well as a park attendee who was intoxicated and fell to her death on the Flight CommanderRide. She fought the ride operators and undid her restraints, stood up on the ride, wave to her friends, and then fell off of the ride.


One of the water rides at Cedar Point.

Source: Cedar Point

Location: Sandusky, Ohio

Opened: 1870

Category: Haunted

Cedar Point holds the world record for having the most roller coasters in a theme park. Sitting on 364-acres, Cedar Point started off with a beer garden and a fairy ride (for only 25 cents!) in the 1870’s, making it expand and grow with each new owner it had. Cedar Point is one of the amusement parks where people go expecting to have a great time and they leave there with their expectations filled and then some. Although this park is filled with adventure, roller coasters, and pure enjoyment, there is some haunted history that hides within the rides. A carousel that was built by William H.

Dentzal was originally going to be built for his unborn daughter with his request of having a white horse in the front of the other horses. Upon the death of his daughter and wife, the horse was then turned to a black horse to represent a military horse. According to some reports, when the park is closed down at night, the carousel will turn itself on and people can see either the wife or daughter riding the black military horse around and around and around.


An eerie photo of Holy Land in the winter time.

Source: NBC Connecticut

 Location: Waterbury, Connecticut, USA

Opened: 1958

Closed: 1986

Category: Abandoned/Haunted

If you live in Connecticut or have ever visited a relative or friend up near Waterbury or past the town, then you have seen the large cross sitting upon a hill along side Route 8 or I-84. This particular cross is an icon in Waterbury because it marks where 40,000 people were attracted to this park in the 60’s and 70’s. John Greco was a man who received a message from his God to single-handedly build this park that was a paid tribute to the Holy Land that sits in Israel, making Holy Land in Connecticut for the religiously faithful. John created smaller-than-life versions of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and other biblical locales and figures- replicating about 200 unique sculptors- out of chicken wire, plywood, fiberglass, and some plaster.

The park officially closed in 1986 due to the death of John Greco, leaving the park to a group of nuns that continued to hold the land from the park. This slightly uplifting tale turned dark, though, when a teenager was murdered near the site in 2010, making the area have a haunting ghost story to go along with its abandonment. It has recently been bought from the nuns and is up for discussion of having some revival to it; but there have been no further motions to recreate Holy Land and to make the renovations that John Greco desperately wanted to add to the park.


One of the famous pictures of the dinosaur and Ferris wheel at SpreePark.

Source: Abandoned Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany

Opened: 1969

Closed: 2002

Category: Abandoned

This abandoned park was originally called Kulturpark Plänterwald and sat on the former East Berlin side. Its named changed in 1989 because of the fall of the Berlin Wall and sat near the Spree river- hence its new name. This particular park was the only entertainment and park of its type in either East or West Berlin, attracting dozens of thousands of visitors during the days it was opened. People went to this park for the pure entertainment and fun it provided for the public, but it is now known as the park that has the dinosaurs lying on the ground, the Ferris wheel rusted to the core, the swan boats being completely vandalized, and a plethora of other incidents that took the beauty away from this park.

The eerie, haunting, cold feeling this park now gives off makes people that visit there chill to their bones because of how dark and decrypted it now looks. Norbert Witte is the reason the park closed their doors because he became bankrupt and fled to Lima, Peru to try to recreate his dream of an amusement park there. His dream failed once again, though, and he was sentenced to seven year in jail because he was caught trying to smuggle 400 pounds of cocaine back to Germany and hiding it in one of the attractions that he stole. Spreepark was also featured in the movie Hana.


An overview shot of this abandoned theme park.

Source: Michael John Grist

Location: Japan

Opened: 1997

Closed: 2001

Category: Abandoned

Judging by the picture, you’d think that Gulliver’s Kingdom in Japan was a place of pure fun and entertainment, especially that big, friendly giant of a man statue lying on his side on the bank of the river. Gulliver’s Kingdom was based on the Jonathon Swift novel and was built to be a fun place for people to flock to, alas it struggled to make ends meet all the way to its closed doors in 2001. With very little to no rides in this theme park, except for a luge and a bobsled track, the sales of this park declined rapidly, leaving the visitors of this park with very little satisfaction with their experience there.

To add to the pure non-enjoyment of this park, visitors were skeptical and scared to go there for a number of reasons, including the fact that the park was built alongside Japan’s infamous Suicide Forest, where people would go to commit suicide and for anyone who just roamed into the forest would often time never come back. Another reason was that the park was near the same village where the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult lived, creating an uneasy feeling for the visitors of this park. It was finally demolished in 2007, leaving nothing behind except its concrete foundations and the chunk of insulation that became stuck on a few boards.


One of the rides that has been abandoned for years.

Source: Tommy and James

Location: Wichita, Kansas, USA

Opened: 1949

Closed: 2006

Category: Abandoned

Privately owned and run by the Ottaway family, this amusement park was filled with nothing but joy and happiness. It was mainly founded by the father of the Ottaway family for a permanent place for his 12-inch gauge steam locomotive, but after his death in the 1950’s, his three sons continued to keep the park alive and well and even added a few more attractions to it. These attractions were a rollercoaster named Nightmare and a water ride called The Log Jam.

After the family was doing somewhat well with this park, it fell victim to vandalism and pranks created by the youth. It closed for the first time in 2004 because of some safety and financial concerns, and permanently closed in 2006 due to the same type of financial concerns a Seattle-based company was experiencing while trying to reopen the park. This park is left to be consumed by more vandalism and Mother Nature as she continues to grow throughout this park and captivate all the remains of it.


The infamous duck ride a truck this theme park.

Source: World Abandoned

Location: Okpo City, Geoje Island, South Korea

Opened: Unknown

Closed: 1999

Category: Haunted/Abandoned

If the creepy duck photo above isn’t already haunting your nightmares, than the tales of this park certainly will. It adopted the nickname The Amusement Park of Death after the many deaths that occurred during thparks open days. With only a dozen attractions, it was highly profitable since it was the only park in the area and visitors were looking for fun and pure entertainment.

The deaths of the park started in the 1990’s when a young girl was killed by the duck theme ride and the parents received nothing but the smug fact that the park remained open and visitors continued to go there. Another girl was thrown from the same exact ride after it derailed in 1999 and that incident made the park close the very next day.The owner fled and was nowhere to be seen or heard from again and everything remained intact, including the derailed duck that killed a young girl. In 2011, the park became leveled and is now occupied by hotels.


The iconic castle that marks Walt Disney World.

Source: Orlando

Location: Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Opened: 1971

Category: Haunted

Disney. What comes to mind? Is it the most magical and happiest place in the world? Does it attract millions of people from around the world? How about the Magic Kingdom is haunted? That’s right. Many people know that the Magic Kingdom is haunted, but others do not know the full tale of how haunted this place really is. The haunted ride that people talk about the most is the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Workers report that when they come into work in the morning, they have to say good morning to the ghost or the ride does not cooperate with them throughout the day. If they do not acknowledge the ghost that haunts this ride and attempts to run it, the ride will ultimately breakdown. There are other rumors of other parts of the Magic Kingdom being haunted, so be sure to keep your eyes wide open next time you visit this place to see if you can see figures roaming around the rides- and make sure you say hello to the ghost on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride so the ride doesn’t break down on you!

You might have discerned if you read the full list of abandoned theme parks that sometimes, a theme park just has a misfortune to become a haunted/abandoned theme park because the many lives are lost especially in roller coaster rides or any other kind of thrilling ride. There is always a definite probability for things to go sideways and when things do go off the beam, innocent lives are lost that haunt the place for a perpetuity. Mostly, there are spirits that reside here; there is no demonic presence. These spirits possess certain rides where they lost their lives and they seem to guard it.

But there are many other possibilities as to why such a jubilant place would become so despondent. Adding to the reasons why abandoned theme parks exist, many murder victims have been buried in theme parks by serial killers since this is the last such place anyone could ever think of; full of calm and joyous feelings with families enjoying with cute little kids. May you ever get the chance of visiting a haunted and abandoned theme park from one of these, do leave your panic behind or get ready to be haunted by the resentful spirits!

10+ Creepy Coincidences Throughout History You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

All throughout history, there have been strange occurrences that have happened between people or events. People today are still searching to find some type of explanation as to why these occurrences have happened. Some of these will send chills down your spine and make you rethink if you have had any weird or creepy occurrences yourself throughout your life time. Maybe you have and you just don’t know it yet.

What Are Creepy Coincidences?

Creepy coincidences are events that happen either at the exact same time but in different areas, one person that has the same exact name and lifestyle of another person, or a plethora of other things. Some coincidences are so terrifyingly creepy that people to this day refuse to believe that they actually happened. These coincidences have been documented from hundreds of years ago, maybe even thousands of years ago, and have been talked about throughout the remainder of time. People today are still trying to figure out how these particular coincidences have happened by creating conspiracy theories to maybe help explain them. Nonetheless, some of these coincidences will make you question reality and have you believing that they truly did not actually happen. But, the truth is- they did.

1. Hugh Williams

Hugh Williams

An eerie photo of a shipwrecked boat sitting upon a shore. 

Source: History.CO.UK

This name is one of the most infamous names throughout history- and shipwrecks. The triggering event of the creation of this creepy occurrence circulating this name was in 1660 when there was an awful shipwreck in the Dover Straits. When rescuers came to the scene, the only man that survived this tragedy was Hugh Williams. The next event happened in 1767 where there was another tragic shipwreck that happened to be in the same area as the one in 1660. It was revealed that the only survivor was a man named Hugh Williams. The creepy coincidence of these two survivors having the same name doesn’t stop there. In 1820, a ship capsized on the Thames, leaving there to be only one survivor by the name of Hugh Williams. The ending of this creepy coincidence was in 1940 where a ship was destroyed by a German mine. Again, as rescuers came to the scene, there were surprisingly only two survivors from this tragic event. The two survivors happened to be uncle and nephew, and oddly enough, both of their names were Hugh Williams.

2. Babies Falling From The Sky

Babies Falling From The Sky

This was considered a safe way for babies to play outside when families didn’t have access to green areas for them to play in. 

Source: Godownsize

You read that correct. In 1937, a young mother is deemed as irresponsible as her baby fell from a fourth-story building window. Luckily, a person by the name of Joseph Figlock was walking under the window while sweeping where the baby had fallen at the same time and was struck by the infant on his head and shoulders. Despite these two people sustaining minor injuries, both Joseph and the baby survived. What a relief, right? Unfortunately, a year later, the same incident occurred. Another mother was not watching her child, two-year-old David Thomas, fell out of a high story building window. Joseph Figlock was sweeping an alley way and was again struck by a falling infant, and again, both Joseph and David survived and had minor injuries.

3. The Infamous Miss Unsinkable

The Infamous Miss Unsinkable

The infamous Miss Unsinkable in her uniform. 

Source: Express.CO.UK

Violet Jessup was a well known name throughout history as the person who refused to sink. The start of her creepy coincidence sequence started when she was a stewardess and nurse on the HMS Olympic. During her time on the ship, it had crashed into the HMS Hawke. Later on in her life, she was also on the HMHS Britannic where this ship unfortunately sank after it had struck a sea mine. To conclude her odd coincidences, she was also on board of the famous Titanic the night it had struck the iceberg and sank to the bottom of the ocean. From these occurrences, she gained the popular name of Miss Unsinkable since she survived all of these mishaps.

4. Ferrari Company Founder or Football Player?

Ferrari Company Founder or Football Player

Side by side images of Enzo and Mesut. Can these really be the same people?

Source: DailyStar.CO.UK

Over the past few years, the Internet has been bombarding its users with images of celebrities that look somewhat identical to a person from the past. These matches have been spot on to the point of where people are questioning time travel. In this creepy coincidence, not only does this person look like the founder of Ferrari, but he is somehow associated with the founders death. Enzo Ferrari was the founder of Ferrari and sadly died on August 14, 1988. A month later, however, a baby was born by the name of Mesut Özil was born on October 15, 1988 and rose to be a football player. Looking at the side-by-side pictures, people have speculated that this is proof of reincarnation. What do you think?

5. West Side Baptist Church

West Side Baptist Church

The aftermath of the destructive fire of the church. 

Source: Mysteries Over Martinis

In Beatrice, Nebraska, the West Side Baptist Church held choir practice every Wednesday at 7:20pm. People were expected to be there on time and not a minute later because this church was known to start their choir practices precisely at 7:20pm and not a minute later. Ironically, though, on Wednesday, March 1st, 1950, the church underwent a tragic demise at it exploded. The cause of this explosion was because of a gas leak somewhere within the church. The creepy coincidence in this story is that all 15 members of the choir, as well as the choir director, were unharmed because for different reasons, they were all running late that evening. The church exploded at 7:27pm.

6. Social Security Fraud

Social Security Fraud

An image of a blank social security guard. 

Source: Pinterest

It’s scary when your identity gets stolen and a person has every single ounce of your personal information. This includes your bank information, your credit/debit card(s) information, your birthday and name, and your social security number. Two women believed that they were given the same social security number because of a computer error and went into an office to register a complaint about this mishap. Upon their complaint, chills went down their spine as they discovered a few things: they both had the same name, Patricia Ann Campbell; they were both oddly enough born on the same day, March 13, 1941; both of these women’s fathers were known as the same name, Robert Campbell; both of these women married in 1959 to men who were in the military; and lastly, they both had children who were the same age, 21 and 19.

7. The Omen Wasn’t Just A Scary Movie

The Omen Wasn't Just A Scary Movie

A still photo of Damian from The Omen. 

Source: Den of Geek

The Omen has been deemed one of the most haunting movies of horror movie history because of its creepy demeanor and the haunting and creepy story it told. People working on the set claimed there were some creepy coincidences and occurrences that had happened during filming this movie, but deemed this coincidence being the creepiest of them all. The crew of this movie once hired a private jet but it cancelled the last minute. After cancelling, the private jet soon tragically crashed onto a road it was near. This made an additional to cars crash. The pilot of this private jet had unfortunately crashed into the car that held both his wife and children. Sadly, no one survived this tragic line of events.

8. The Story of King Umberto

The Story of King Umberto

An image of King Umberto I. 

Source: Britannica

This creepy coincidence has a bone chilling storyline. On July 28th, 1900, King Umberto I of Italy decided to go out to dinner that night and went to a small restaurant in Monza. During his time here, the owner took the King’s order and was ironically called Umberto as well. As the order was being taken, the King and the owner slowly realized that the two of them were apparent virtual doubles. As the night went on, both men sat down with one another and soon discovered that they had more similarities than differences. For starters, both of these men were married on the same day, which was March 14th, 1844 and happened to have their weddings in the same town named Turin. This tale of a creepy coincidence runs deeper as they discovered that they both married a women named Margherita and that the restaurant had opened the same day Umberto became King. After a self discovering night for the two Umberto’s the King sadly discovered that the restaurant owner had tragically died in what some called a mysterious shooting. The King then expressed his regret to a crowd, and this is where an anarchist in the group rose from the crowd and assassinated the King.

9. Karma Finds Its Way

Karma Finds Its Way

What the tree may have looked like after Henry blew it up before the bullet became dislodged. 

Source: Filter Copy

In 1883, Henry Ziegland broke off his relationship with his girlfriend at the time. Due to the distress and heartbreak she was undergoing, she unfortunately committed suicide. The girl had a brother who was enraged by what had happened between Ziegland and his sister, leading him to blame Ziegland for the death of his sister. The brother then set off on a mission to hunt down Ziegland and when he found him, shot him. By the way the brother shot him, he believed that he had killed Ziegland, leading him to kill himself. However, the brother unfortunately did not live to see that Ziegland had actually lived. The bullet had only grazed his face and became lodged in a near-by tree. From this day, Ziegland claimed that he was one of the luckiest men to be alive. Years later, Ziegland returned to the same spot where he was shot at and wanted to cut down a large tree. Since he was having a difficult time cutting this tree down, he decided to blow the tree up. Ziegland, however, did not realize the tree he was blowing up had the bullet that was shot at him in it and when the wood from the tree exploded, the bullet had become dislodged from the tree and ultimately killed Ziegland.

10. A Bone Chilling Picture

What this creepy image looks like. 

Source: Mind Cafe

In the year 1914, a German mother wanted to purchase an individual photogenic plate for a picture of her infant son. After getting the picture, she took the plate to a local shop in Strasbourg to have the photo fully developed. Due to war breaking out near the mother, she unfortunately was never able to pick up the picture of her baby son. Two years later, she moved to Frankfurt and wanted to purchase another photogenic plate so she had a picture of her new born child. Happily, she was able to pick up this photo and when she did she noticed something off about the picture of her daughter. Behind her daughter was a faint picture of her son from when she purchased a photogenic plate for his picture two years prior. It was well known throughout this time that photogenic plates were reused time and time again, however, this photogenic plate was not cleared properly and was sold to the same woman 100 miles away, creating an ominous, disturbing, ghostly photo of her two children together.

11. Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Mark Twain’s quote about Halley’s Comet and how he wants to leave Earth with it. 

Source: Pinterest

Mark Twain was one of the most iconic persons throughout history and has been quoted as one of the most intelligent men of all time. This creepy coincidence, though, revolves around the start of his life and the end of his life. Twain was born on the day Halley’s Comet showed itself to Earth in 1835. Ironically, Twain passed away Halley’s Comet returned to Earth in 1910. This creepy coincidence gets creepier. Mark Twain had actually predicted when he would die. In 1909, he had stated that he arrived on this Earth in 1835 when Halley’s Comet had arrived. He then said that it was coming next year, and he expects to go out with it.

12. The Taxi Driver

The Taxi Driver

What one of the taxi’s looks like in Bermuda.

Source: The Onion Patch

During the year 1975, a tragic event had happened when a moped driver in Bermuda was sadly killed by a taxi driver. The creepy coincidence in this tragic story happens a year later where the previous moped driver’s brother was killed while he was riding the same exact moped his brother was on the same exact street. It was soon discovered that the same exact taxi driver had killed the two brothers and was also carrying the same exact passenger.

13. JFK and Lincoln Have More In Common Than We Thought

JFK and Lincoln

JFK on the right and Abraham Lincoln on the left. 

Source: Cat Dumb

These two beloved Presidents will make you love them more when you realize how much they actually had in common. For starters, Lincoln had been elected into Congress during the year 1846, won his election in 1860, and his inauguration was held in 1861. A century later, JFK was elected into Congress in 1946, won his election in 1960, and had his inauguration in 1961. Secondly, they both had Vice Presidents that shared the last name of Johnson. Lastly, both of these Presidents were tragically shot in the back of the head and were sadly assassinated in front of their wives. This gets creepier when you realize that Lincoln was shot in Ford’s Theater and JFK was shot in a Lincoln, which was ironically made by Ford. Both of these Presidents were killed on a Friday.

14. A Tale of Twins

A Tale of Twins

What Helsinki actually looks like.

Source: Visit Helsinki

In the year 2002, a seventy-year-old man was enjoying a bike ride and was attempting to cross a highway where he was tragically killed by a lorry 600 kilometers north of Helsinki. Two hours earlier, however, and about 1.5 kilometers away, another seventy-year-old man was tragically killed on his bike by a lorry while he was trying to cross a highway on his bike and was 600 kilometers north of Helsinki. These two seventy-year-old men were brothers, actually, were identical twin brothers.

15. Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

The cover of this famous predictable book. 

Source: Genius

As soon as this story came to light, many people started to claim that Edgar Allan Poe had a time machine and traveled to the future and wrote a book about what had happen, or, that he just simply predicted the future. In the 19th century, Poe wrote a book called “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym”. This particular story was about four survivors of a shipwreck that were left on an boat for days and days until they finally decided to kill the cabin boy and eat him. The cabin boy was named Richard Parker. In 1884, the Mignonette, had crashed and there were only four remaining survivors that were left on an open boat for days and days. Eventually, the three senior members on the open boat decided to kill the cabin boy and eat him. Ironically, the cabin boys name was Richard Parker.

16. Practice What You Preach

Practice What You Preach

What led to Danie’s death was this type of peppermint. 

Source: Pinterest

At the age of 49, a South African astronomer named Danie du Toit was giving a lecture about death. During this lecture, he told his audience members that death is unpredictable and it could come at any time, at any moment, at any day of the week. After giving this excellent speech, he put a peppermint into his mouth and sat down. As he was sitting down, he started to choke, which eventually lead to his immediate death.

17. Twins Share Everything

The flag of Great Britain, where this story takes place. 

Source: Wikipedia

In Great Britain, there were twin brothers by the names of Arthur and John Mowforth. These twins lived 80 miles apart from each other and on the same night, May 22, 1975, they both fell extremely ill with severe chest pains. During this time, each family of the other brother had no knowledge that the other was sick, making this creepy coincidence even creepier. At around the same time, the two twin brothers were rushed to completely separate hospitals and unfortunately, both died from heart-attacks a short while after they arrived.

18. The Simpsons Predict The Future

The Simpsons Predict The Future

Just a few of the screenshots that people believe prove that the Simpson’s did in fact predict the presidency of Donald Trump. 

Source: Snopes

When President Trump was elected as President, conspiracy theorists lit up the Internet with this insane theory that the Simpson’s had actually predicted President Trump’s winning back in the year 2000. In fact, people started looking at the episode in which President Trump had won and were starting to sync up a few of President Trump’s appearances in 2016/2017. People have pointed out things that during the episode of the Simpsons, you can see President Trump waving to people while he is going down an escalator and in the background there is a person that drops the poster they were holding. Then, people played a clip during the year 2016/2017 where President Trump is riding down an escalator waving to people and in the background, a person drops their sign the same way they did in the episode. The Simpsons have been known to predict things in their shows, but this one sent chills down everyones spines.

These creepy coincidences are just a few among the actual coincidences that have happened throughout history. They are often at times shocking and extremely creepy while others make you really sit down and think extra hard about how these things strangely occurred at the same time. What do you think of these coincidences? Have you heard of any? Be aware, too, because you never know when a creepy coincidence might just happen with you.

10+ Unexpectedly Creepy Tourist Attractions Just For You!

Imagine going on a nice family vacation. You have excitement in your eyes and butterflies in your stomach because you’re so excited. You didn’t sleep last night because your mind was engulfed with the thoughts of what you’re going to see during this vacation. When you get to your destination, it is everything you have dreamed of, except one thing- that one extremely creepy tourist attraction that is staring at you. Multiple places around the world are full of beauty and wonder but deep within its beauty there may be a hidden tourist attraction that people flock to in order to bask in its creepiness.

Creepy Tourist Attractions To Creep You Around World

1. The Big Giving, London

The Big Giving, London Creepy Tourist Attractions

 Tourist Attractions

An image of these statues spewing water out of various parts of the molds. (top)

A closer look to see what these statues actually look like up close and personal. 

Images via: Fountain ExplorerFlavor Wire

These giant rock-looking creations in London have left people turning their heads and questioning why someone would put them there. These sculptors have human faces sticking out of them with hands or arms at various parts of the statues, making it seem like they are doing some awkward pose for the people of London. They can be seen with water coming out of their mouths and other various parts of their structures. It was created by Klaus Weber and is placed on the Southbank where people claim it is a fun installation. It refers to the Native North American “Potlach” ceremony of competitive giving. There is also an indication that the more the man gives, the bigger the statue will grow.

2. Mano Del Desierto, Atacama Desert, Chile

Mano Del Desierto Tourist Attractions

This tall hand sitting high in the sand with some graffiti on it. 

Image via: Trip Advisor

This creepy hand sits in the Chilean Atacama Desert, standing 36 feet into the air. Mario Irarrazabal had an image to create this sculptor and has left people wondering why he would build such a thing in the desert. It is located near the legendary Pan-American Highway and some say it has an extremely haunting meaning to it. Rumors are that this particular statue is supposed to make people feel loneliness, torture, and helplessness.

3. Children Are the Victims of Adult Vices, Moscow

Children Are the Victims of Adult Vices Creepy Tourist Attractions

Children Are the Victims of Adult Vices

The two children innocently playing while the adult vices are surrounding them. You can see how eerie the adult vices are.

Images via: Rusmania, Atlas Obscura 

These interesting set of statues that people flock to were designed by a Russian artist by the name of Mihail Chemiakin. They are bronze statues and consist of 13 individual statues that are depicting “adult vices”. This means alcoholism, drug addiction, and prostitution; and, these statues are there to represent how these types of vices affect the children. The strangely articulated statues are closing in on a boy and girl with the main center piece representing “Indifference”. Many people in this town were in fear that this set of statues would scare the children away, but the Mayor persisted on leaving it as a message to everyone. Even though these statues are somewhat creepy, they depict a deeper message for everyone to obtain.

4. Capela dos Ossos, Évora, Portugal

Capela dos Ossos Tourist Attractions

An image of some of the skeletons on the walls, including the hanging man and young child skeleton. 

Image via: Wikipedia

Also called The Chapel of Bones, this eerie chapel has people doing a double take the moment they step inside of it. This eerie chapel is actually  inside The Royal Church of St. Frances and to the average person just walking past it, it looks absolutely beautiful and a nice shrine for the piety. The Chapel of bones received its name because in the 16th century, there was a short of space on burying people, making monks move over 5,000 corpses to a chapel and decorate their space with these boney remains. The one particular part about this tourist attraction, though, is that two rotted corpses that represent an unnamed man and young child dangle from the ceiling with a noose around their necks.

5. Torture Museum, Amsterdam

Torture Museum Tourist Attractions

One of the devices that is featured in the Torture Museum. 

Image via: Gothic

No, you read that correctly. There is an actual museum in Amsterdam called the Torture Museum. This unique museum displays torture devices throughout history and has been deemed as a museum that is not for the squeamish. Some of their most infamous devices within this museum are pieces from the Middle Ages, including: the skull cracker, the limb-dislocating rack, and the guillotine. Some people report that this museum is so hauntingly disturbing and that fans of this type of torture enjoy themselves at this museum. One of the most haunting things included in this museum, though, is an image of a nude man hanging by his ankles and being sawed in half lengthwise.

6. The Museum of Death, Hollywood

The Museum of Death Creepy Tourist Attractions

One of the rooms inside of the Museum of Death. 

Image via: Atlas Obscura

If you thought that the Torture Museum in Amsterdam was bad and bone chilling, then why not check out The Museum of Death in Hollywood? This museum is an ode to the murder, dismemberment, and other various acts of killing all throughout history. It holds inside of its walls serial killer artwork as well as photos of horrible, tragic accidents and actual crime scenes that have happened, and one of the most prized pieces within this museum is the severed head from the guillotine of the Bluebeard of Paris. Not only do the haunting images of serial killers and their artwork or the dismemberment of people hide within this museum, but there are even creepier things amongst this place. The tour lasts about an hour or so, but people can still hang around and gush over videos of autopsies and actual death footage of real life deaths.

7. Museo de las Momias, Mexico

Museo de las Momias Tourist Attractions

One of the hallways in this eerie mummy museum. 

Image via: Momias de Guana Juato

This museum is a particular kind of creepy. No, it doesn’t have photos of people being dismembered or has torture devices on display for people to see. Instead, there are 111 remarkably preserved mummies sitting perfectly on display for people to look at. They were brought to this museum from the Santa Paula Pantheon between 1865 and 1989. What sends chills down people’s spines is the fact that some of these mummies appear to be screaming, almost like they are saying “no” to whomever is doing this to them and some have very tight clenched fists. What saddens the people, though, is that there are in fact some babies that have been mummified and well preserved.

8. Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California

Winchester Mystery House Tourist Attractions

This image contains a staircase that leads to nowhere (left), part of the house itself (middle), and what a window looks like (right). What this house actually looks like (bottom). 

Images via: RecollectionsTwitter

This infamous house has been on paranormal investigating shows, investigated by many paranormal groups, and still leaves people wondering why this house was built the way it was. Sarah Winchester took 32 years to build this 160 room Victorian style mansion. She did séances within her home and wanted to talk to the people who were killed by one of the Winchester bullets. In this house, it contains: over 2,000 doors, 10,000 windows, 47 fireplaces, and 47 staircases. There have been paranormal reports that at least three ghosts roam around this home throughout the day and night. It is rumored that the confusing hallways that are extremely twisted and the dead-end staircases that lead to nowhere were put there by Sarah to ward off any negative and unwanted spirits and to sort of confuse them in a way. People who have stayed over night at this house have heard organ music play, have seen moving lights as well as turning doorknobs, and some have even been lucky enough to see some ghostly figures roaming around the hallways.

9. Actun Tunichill Muknal Cave, Belize

Actun Tunichill Muknal Cave Tourist Attractions

The remains of the Crystal Maiden. 

Image via: Wikipedia

With this tourist attraction, people are warned that if they do not feel brave enough that they should in fact stay back at the hotel. The brave souls that do want to explore this cave start their exploration by diving into ice cold, pitch black water and traveling through this water to reach a disturbing sight. One of the most iconic figures that are seen in this cave is the remains of a teenage girl from when Mayans used to practice human sacrifices within this cave. This skeleton of the teenage girl is nicknamed The Crystal Maiden because people claim that her bones seem to sparkle when light touches them. Ancient ceramic bowls can also be found in this cave and have “kill holes” in them. This means that these specific types of bowls are were used during bloodletting rituals.

10. Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic

Sedlec Ossuary Creepy Tourist Attractions

The chandelier of this bone filled chapel. 

Image via: Atlas Obscura

Located in Kutna Hora, this 15th century gothic church contains a haunting inside. 19th century woodcarver Frantisek Rint created this glorious chapel into something that is imprinted in its tourists minds forever. This basement-level chapels contains over 40,000 skeletons that are displayed in a beautiful way. Tourists can see these skeletons portrayed in skull candelabras, a towering coat of arms, and a chandelier. Tourists can really see how 40,000 skeletons are used to create this eerie display by looking at the gap-eyed skeletons that hang silently from the ceiling as well as looking at the bone pyramids that are spread around this chapel.

11. Manchac Swamp, Louisiana

Manchac Swamp Tourist Attractions

An eerie image of a tree-line in this haunting and creepy Louisiana swamp. 

Image via: Louisiana Swamp

Featured in the hit HBO show True Blood, this eerie swamp holds more than alligators within its territory. People who have visited this swamp have claimed that there are all sorts of mishaps that happen in the swamp that leave some people with straight shivers down their spines. Here in this swamp, though, is the ghost of the voodoo princess Julie White as well as the Rougarou werewolf of Cajun mythology. There are also eerie and creepy landmarks that people point out are key areas that tourists must see while they are in this swamp. These landmarks include The Hanging Tree and the Frenier Cemetery.

12. Isla de las Muñecas, Mexico

Isla de las Muñecas Tourist Attractions

Some of the dolls that are on the Island of the Dolls, hanging silently in the trees and on wires. 

Image via: Daily Mail

Some people have a strong fear of spiders, others have a strong fear of snakes, while others have a strong fear of clowns. But, there is another fear that most people have, and that is dolls. This island in Mexico is a persons worse nightmare if they have a deep, strong fear of dolls because a farmer created this island of dolls because he was haunted by his memories of a little girl’s body being washed up on the shore of his island. This island is located on Lake Xochimilco, which is near Mexico City. To please this little girls spirit and to represent the spirit of her and the other dead children that there may be, this farmer set out and collected over 100 dolls. Some of these dolls, though, had either missing eyes, limbs, or heads. This farmer then hung these dolls from trees and wires all over the island, making it one of the most ominous and eerie looking islands ever in this world.

13. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Aokigahara Forest Tourist Attractions

These are remains that were found in the forest. 

Image via: Atlas Obscura

This forest is the most famous forest in Japan and perhaps the whole world. It is also nicknamed “suicide forest” because each year, people go into this forest and sadly end their lives. Over the past 50 years, this forest, sitting at the bottom of Mt. Fuji, has witness over 1,000 suicides. This forest contains such thick and dense trees that people have claimed that it is easy to get extremely lost within this forest and that the silence it contains is eerie and haunting. It was also a famous place of ubasute, which means that this was a Japanese custom for leaving elderly people in the wilderness to die. This forest has been deemed one of the most haunted forests in this world by the anger spirits were either abandoned in this thick forest or of those who had taken their lives within these trees.

As you can see, some of these places are true masterpieces that have been put together by some creative artists throughout the years. Every year, tourists visit these locations to either experience what others have or to witness the glory of these haunting places. Whether the people who created some of these places intended them to be such high, popular tourist attractions or not, these places are some of the most populated areas to go whenever someone goes on vacation. Would you dare to go to any of these locations? Remember these places the next time your family plans to go on vacation and maybe even look up to see if there are any creepy tourist attractions where you are going. You never know if you’ll be able to experience the feelings others had when they stepped foot inside of these hauntingly eerie and creepy places.

10+ Most Gruesome Torture Methods Used in Ancient Times

Torture has existed for the most part of history. However, one of the most disturbing facts is a number of creative people have injected in torture. From perverse to downright sadistic techniques to maim and punish, some of the most gruesome torture methods in history still linger about. This list will help broaden your horizons

Torture has existed for the most part of history. However, one of the most disturbing facts is a number of creative people have injected in torture. From perverse to downright sadistic techniques to maim and punish, some of the most gruesome torture methods in history still linger about. This list will help broaden your horizons in the aspect.

Torturing Art of the Devil

Used mostly widely in prisons, torture is the main reason why prisons become mad by all means. And when they finally die, their tortured spirits never rest, always waiting to become the torturer. Hence, it is true that devils like the people who torture create more devils. Torturing is, in fact, considered an art and the one who can have the truth spilled out from any criminal by torturing is renowned for his/her skills; no matter how notoriously evil the torturing skills might be. Each one competes to invent a new set of most gruesome torture methods.

The Brazen Bull

The Brazen Bull Torture Methods
Source: gazetabt

Designed and invented by the ancient Greek, the Brazen Bull is often called the Sicilian Bull too. This solid brass bull was designed a with a door to the side. The ill-fated victim would be inserted within, through the door, and a fire would be lit underneath. The metal burned yellow, roasting the victim to death. The screams of agonizing pain emerging would be designed to sound like the amplified bellowing of a bull.


Impalement Gruesome Torture Methods
Source: Fine Art America

Vlad the Impaler was renowned for his most gruesome torture methods that involved impalement. In Romania in the 15th century, this practice was widely popular. The victim would be seated upon a sharp and thick pole. Soon after, the pole would be raised allowing the victim to slide down propelled by their own weight. At one point, Vlad carried the act out on 20,000 people in one go while he ate his dinner. It took up to 3 days for the victim to die.

Heretics Fork

Heretics Fork Gruesome Torture Methods
Source: paseandohistoria

A metal bi-pronged fork strapped to a belt, the Heretics Fork is easily one of the most gruesome torture methods of ancient times. One end of the fork was placed on the sternum while the other propped the victim’s chin up. Next, the belt was strapped to the victim’s neck and they were hung from the ceiling. Suspended, the slightest relaxation or head drop would allow the prongs to pierce their chest and throat.

Neck Torture

Neck Torture Torture Methods
Source: google

More humiliating than the rest, neck torture involved a reverse spike collar that was placed around the victim’s neck. It was made of either wood or metal. Placed in this uncomfortable position, there was no chance of relaxing or lying down. Devoid of sleep, food or even movement, the victim was left in this state for days at a stretch.

The Judas Cradle

The Judas Cradle Torture Methods
Source: Planet Deadly

As if impalement was not enough, someone decided playing a sadistic twist to it would be fun. The Judas Cradle involves a pyramid shaped cradle upon which the victim was placed, tied up. Over time, the victim would be forced down on the large cradle with the help of ropes. Stretching the victim’s orifice was the goal, ending in their eventual impalement. Moreover, the victim was always stripped naked as a form of humiliation. Added to that, the cradle was never washed. Eventual infections coupled with the impalement ended the victim’s life.

Lead Sprinkler

Lead Sprinkler Torture Methods
Source: Can You Actually

Imagine a massive salt shaker but filled with boiling oil, water, tar or molten lead. The lead sprinkler was used lavishly to drop the contents onto the naked bodies of the victims specifically on the stomach and in the eyes. Molten silver was also used to pour into the eyes. This resulted in eventual death and excruciating pain.

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden Torture Methods
Source: 1stDibs

A large iron cabinet made up the tools used for one of the most gruesome torture methods in history: the Iron Maiden. A small door at the front allowed entry and the interior was decked in spikes. The space within was enough to sufficiently enclose a human body. One within the conical cabinet, the victim was rendered motionless due to the impaling spikes all around. Following the imprisonment, an interrogator would hurl questions at the victim while poking and jabbing at them.


Gruesome Thumbscrew Methods
Source: Wikipedia

Found in multiple variations, the thumbscrew involves a large screw used to crush bones. From fingers and toes to elbows and knees, there is also a large thumbscrew used to crush victim’s heads. Used in medieval times, the device was used to extract admissions from victims. The excruciating pain and fear involvedmakes it easily one of the most gruesome torture methods of olden times.

The Rack

The Rack Torture Methods
Source: google

Dislocating every single joint in your body, the Rack was believed to be top on the list of most gruesome torture methods in medieval ages. It implemented a wooden frame with a set of ropes tied to the top on a handle and at the bottom. After securely tying the victim in place, the handle was turned. The victim was stretched out until their limbs were dislocated. This was not where the torturer stopped. The handle continued turning until the limbs came completely off.

Tongue Tearer

Tongue Tearer Torture Methods
Source: google

The name of the device is enough to render horrifying images to the imagination. An over sized pair of scissors, the victim’s tongue was forcefully gripped in its pincers. After a firm hold was maintained, the tongue was slowly but surely ripped out.

Rat Torture

Rat Torture Torture Methods
Source: Discover Information

Making use of rodents for torture instead of experiments for a change, this ancient method of torture is quite unconventional. A single open sided cage would be strapped to the naked victim’s body and filled with large rodents. Next, a heating element would be brought close to the other end of the cage. In an attempt to flee the burning heat, the rodents would attempt to escape by burrowing through the body. The results were fatal.

Cement Shoes

Cement Shoes Torture Methods
Source: TV Tropes

Introduced by the American Mafia, this depraved torture technique would involve execution by drowning. The victim would be made to place their feet in a cinder block. Wet cement would then be poured inside. After the cement dried up, the victim would be hurled in a large body of water and left stranded for good.

Breast Ripper

Breast Ripper Torture Methods
Source: opinionanonima2

Who said women were not subject to some of the most gruesome torture methods throughout history? Specifically designed to rip out women’s breasts, the torture technique resulted in major blood loss. The claws were heated red hot and placed onto the exposed breasts. With the spikes penetrating the skin, the device would be pulled out leading to large chunks of flesh to tear off.

Saw Torture

Saw Gruesome Torture Methods
Source: All That Is Interesting

Hanging the victim upside down was the first step in this barbaric torture technique. The blood rush to the brain kept them alive for the duration of the torture. While hanging, the prosecutor would proceed to saw the victim in half. In most cases, the victim’s body was only sawed through to the stomach to prolong the torture.

All of these most gruesome torture methods are meant to have your heart stuck in your throats while you relish the fine excruciating detail of each torture method you read. It is, without a doubt, the wickedest thing a human can do while being in consciousness and being aware of the pain the receiving soul is emoting. Imagine the feeling when you can feel a fork sliding slowing into your chest as your jaws fight not to drop. Imagine, you are getting impaled and you feel the pole slowly piercing inside you until it emerges from your own mouth.

Real virtuosi though, who can even think of such ingenious ideas and implement them on criminals so that the rest be afraid to commit any crime. It takes an artistic mind even to develop such torture methods, especially like the rat torture. When it comes to the most gruesome torture methods, all matters is which seat you are sitting on. Would you be the Impaler while you relish a cup of tea? Or would you screech for your life as you sit on the Judas Cradle?

10+ Historical Medical Methods That Are Painful Enough To Send Chills Down Your Spine

Modern medicine has given us some truly wondrous achievements. Anesthesia, the artificial heart, and even things as simple as aspirin have improved our day to day lives. But how did we get to the land of milk and honey?

It was a bumpy road for sufferers of these common ailments. Some of these “treatments” could double as torture tactics. There is a reason “getting medieval” is a term which explains punishment.

History of Medical Methods

Ever since man started trying to comprehend the biological nature of the human body, he has been trying literally the whole enchilada to cure diseases. Many among the humans have been subject to testing of some medical method so as to find out how to cure a certain disease. Many ingenious methods were discovered but at the same time, very painful. Historical medical methods were not as advanced as they are today, but they did serve the purpose in the past quite well. They have been found to so painful that the person who was having the treatment would have wished to live without a treatment and die rather than get treated.

Boar Bile Enemas Historical Medical Methods
Source: allday.com

Boar Bile Enemas

Enemas in Medieval times were performed using long metal tubes with a cup on the ends called Clysters. The tube was inserted into the anus and “fluid” was then poured into a cup and pumped into the colon. Today, soapy water is the common method in enemas but back then it was boar’s bile, hence the name.

Trepanning Medical Methods
Source: Wikipedia Commons


Preceding lobotomies, trepanning was a painful historical medical method in which a hole was bored into the patients Dura Mater. Used as a remedy for seizures, fractured skulls, and mental illness, trepanning had an unusually high survival rate with very little cases of infection.

Hot Iron for Hemorrhoids Historical Methods
Source: franciscojaviertostado

Hot Iron for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a painful ailment that troubles us today. Fortunately, a hot bath in most cases will take care of them but historical sufferers weren’t so lucky. This past medical method involved inserting a red, hot iron directly up the anus. The less painful (and probably less effective) method had the patient sit on St. Fiacre’s Rock who was originally cured of his hemorrhoids using the former method.

Needle Eye Surgery Historical Medical Methods
Source: Wikipedia

Needle Eye Surgery

Before the invention of fancy laser eye surgery, cataracts were dealt with by this painful historical medical method. A huge needle was used to push the cornea to the back of the eye before Middle-Eastern medicine showed Europeans the light.

Metal Catheters Medical Methods
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Metal Catheters

Due to various STD’s and no form of antibiotics to speak of, blocked bladders were handled with this painful medical method. A small metal tube was inserted into the urethra, which would eventually unblock the bladder. The pain was described as excruciated and was sometimes fatal.

Bloodletting Historical Medical
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This painful historical medical method of the past not only caused the patient unnecessary pain but also didn’t make much sense. Based on the logic of the female menstrual cycle, a doctor or a barber (you read that right) would make small incisions on the patient’s body according to their age, health, current location and the weather.

Childbirth Historical Medical Methods
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Childbirth in medieval times was so painful. Mothers were told to prepare their soul in case of death due to this historical medical method. In the case of breech births, Midwives would attempt to move the child in Utero (a common practice today) or they would shake the bed in an effort to move the child externally. In the unfortunate case of a dead baby, the remains were cut up with a sharp instrument while the child was still inside the womb and removed with a “squeezer” while the placenta was removed with a counterweight.

Battlefield Surgery Historical Medical Methods
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Battlefield Surgery

During a battle, surgeons would often have to employ this painful historical medical method. When a soldier was shot with an arrow, one couldn’t simply pull the arrow out as the tip would get stuck and cause more damage. Upon the invention of the “arrow spoon”, the surgeon could extract the arrow without further damage. They would then cauterize the would with a hot iron to prevent infection.

Hemiglossectomy Medical Methods
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This painful historical medical method was the bane of stutterers. Half of the sufferer’s tongue was removed in an effort to treat the ailment. The procedure is still used today for oral cancer with the benefit of anesthesia, a luxury stutterers didn’t have.

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The Tooth Man

Children may love the Tooth Fairy, however, the Tooth Man is quite a different story. they were historical dentists who traveled with the circus, wearing a pointy hat and a necklace of his “trophies”. Patients in need of an extraction would have to wait for the circus to come to town before they could find any relief. It is unknown why these tooth men would travel with the circus, however, the sound of the musicians would cover the sound of the screams emanating from the victims…er…patients.

Erectile Dysfunction Historical Methods
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Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra was nowhere near being invented when this painful historical medical method was being employed. In an effort to restore “men’s power”, electroshock therapy was employed as a cure. Electrified beds or even belts were used to get a man’s little soldier to stand at attention.

Lobotomies Historical Medical Methods
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In the first half of the 20th century, a lobotomy was considered the bee’s knees. This painful historical medical method was performed for cases as serious as schizophrenia and as little as depression. The process involved driving a spike into the patient’s brain via the eye socket.

Lack of Anesthesia Historical Medical Methods
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Lack of Anesthesia

The lack of anesthesia has been largely a myth over the centuries. Despite what films will tell you, anesthetics were around back then, however, patients often died due to lack of antibiotics. Some doctors would purposefully not use them as to not hear a patient scream was to imply that the doctor was weak.

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Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. This could not be a more true or painful lesson. Man’s naivete or perhaps his sadistic nature is presented in this list. So remember the next time you’re in your local pharmacy, thank you the deity of choice that they don’t carry rod irons.

Sometimes the same historical medical methods are applied today but they are less painful versions of what they once were; like Hemiglossectomy and Childbirth. You ought to be thankful to science that you won’t need a Needle Eye Surgery or to have your tooth removed without getting an anesthetic first. Even the thought of it would give you goosebumps! You’d rather live a miserable life than have such a painful method used on you.

Such historical medical methods are somewhat used for torturing purposes now a days, like tooth removal, hot iron and various other forms of medical methods. Pretty creative though, these medical methods. The inventors were indeed had a brilliant mind and a taint of madness in their head because these methods were so brutal. You might have to experience such a painful medical method, don’t feel too propitious!

9 Premonitions That Really Make You Wonder

Call it luck or some higher power, this sort of intuition cannot be denied. Here are nine examples of premonition that are sure to make your skin crawl.

1. Coal Spill

It’s one thing to predict your own death, it’s another thing to predict it down to your cause of death and where you will die. However, that’s exactly what Eryl Mai Jones did. A few days prior to the incident she had a nightmare that her school was destroyed by something large and black. This, just like most other things on this list was a disturbing omen for what was to follow. Reports go that a few days after this nightmare a coal pile from a nearby faculty spilled down the hill gathering massive amounts of debris and speed along the way. At the bottom of the hill was Eryl’s school and you can guess what happened next. The school, Eryl, and 143 of her classmates were wiped out that day yielding no survivors.

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2. Friendly Fire

War can be stressful, stressful to the point of not knowing what you or the people around you are capable of. In 2012, a Marine stationed in Garmsir was training Afghan soldiers as a part of NATO withdrawal program. Months prior to this withdrawal program a Marine named Greg Buckley Jr. had a bad feeling about the future. He told his father that if he wasn’t home before November he would be dead. A few weeks into the training of other the foreign soldiers, this very bad feeling became a reality. During the training, a specific trainee developed a problem with Buckley and a few other Marines. Days after this problem, the trainee shot and killed Buckley and his men while in the guard post.

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3. DC-10 Crash

It seems like every couple years a story comes up about a plane disappearing or crashing and it becomes a tragedy. However back in 1970, David Booth had the same nightmare of a plane careening off a runway bursting into flames. This nightmare went on for tens days straight. Feeling compelled, he decided to inform the FAA of this. The agents listened and resolved that this was probably a DC-10. On the last day of the nightmare, a DC-10 plane crashed just after takeoff because of engine failure. The crash had no survivors.

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4. World Warfare

In 1914, studies into the psyche began to take its first step and Carl Jung is no outlier. He was a doctor that studied psychoanalysis and became quite good at it. However, he began to have strange dreams with increasing frequency. He saw seas of blood, bodies drowning in yellow waves and an entire country freezing over. As time went on, these Nightmares got more vivid and frequent. To his relief, the dreams stopped in June of 1914 and a little over a month later World War 1 began. This was the worst war for its time causing the death of 16 million people worldwide. Ironically, Carl Jung specifically interpreted other people’s dreams as a part of his day to day job, too bad he could see what he see his dreams meant.

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5. Broadway Dreams

When it comes to becoming a star, some people will do just about anything. However, if someone tells you that they have a bad feeling about something, nine times out of ten they are probably right. In the later parts of her life, Rose Gilbert was going to pursue her dream of becoming an actress on Broadway. Her vocal coach had an overwhelming feeling of dread when it came to this and tried to convince Rose otherwise. Rose chalked this up to be jealousy and ignored her, she should have just listened. In June of 2005, Rose was found beaten and stabbed to death in her New York apartment along with her roommate.

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6. Hurricane Foretold

In an omitted section of The Monk’s Alphabet describes the visions of a monk named Jeremy Driscoll. He describes his vision as seeing the state of Louisiana for a northern direction. He could tell that state was unprepared for any sort of disaster. The vision supposedly continued to show a hurricane destroying an empty state. When upon seeing this vision Father Driscoll was left confused on whether to reflect on the past destruction or warn of the impending disaster. He soon got his answer when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005. The reason why this was omitted from the book was it was said by the editor that this story would be too hard to believe.

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7. The Death of Sharon Tate

Celebrities seem to be a constant source of rumor and questioning. So when one thinks that they saw the ghost of the house’s former owner, you take it with a grain of salt. Sharon Tate, an actress of the late 1960’s was overwhelmed with a feeling of dread all day and then, tried to sleep it off. This is when she woke up to see the previous owner of the house in ghost form with its neck cut open. She was convinced that she was gonna be like the previous house owner. Three years later and weeks before she was to give birth, she was the victim of Charles Manson and especially his cult. She has stabbed to the death in her the living room and the twist is that she was murdered a mile from the house where she saw the haunting ghostly presence.

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8. One Year to Late

If you are unaware of Joe Meek, he was a music producer from the 1950’s. While this did make him famous for his producing, it is was also on good accounts that he was very much involved in the occult. He was known for his weird warnings, one of which sort of came true. While talking to Buddy Holly, Joe Meek warned him that he would die on February 3rd, 1958. When the 4th of February, 1958 came, Buddy told him that he was still kicking. I would say, don’t speak so soon. 364 days later, on February 3rd of 1959, Buddy Holly died in a plane crash. The day is now known as ‘The Day Music Died’.

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9. Two for Luck

Sometimes having one life-saving premonition isn’t enough, sometimes you need two to really help convince you. Barrett Naylor was a wall street executive during this time of his first premonition was in 1993. While on the subway to the World Trade Center he had a bad feeling about the day so he turned around and went home. He later received a call asking if he was in the trade center because it had been bombed. If that wasn’t enough though, 8 years later he had a similar feeling and decided to listen to it again. This was the right idea because upon his arrival back home he turned on the TV to witness the collapse of the twin towers. Now this is a good example of when you get those gut instincts, you stop and listen to them.

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