10 Terrifying Most Haunted Places in Ireland to Visit

One of the most haunted place in all of Europe, Ireland is notorious for its horrifying creepy tales. The rich history of the place is riddled with numerous ghost stories, folklore and ancient mythology. Its long and brutal history spans centuries, shedding light on unbelievable horror.

Some of the most haunted places in Ireland absolutely need a visit in real life. Supposing you are not afforded that luxury (or simply are terrified) then join us. Open to all visitors, some of these locations are too unreal to believe. If you are lucky enough, you might just seek to dwell into the abyss and check for yourself.

Terrifying Haunted Places in Ireland To Remember

St. Michan’s Church

St. Michan’s Chur
Source: The Occult Museum

Built in 1095 in Dublin, the St. Michan’s Church is a historic building that has literally stood the test of time. It is well known for being one of the most haunted place sin Ireland. Below the church, the catacombs store mummified remains of the former congregation. Preserved down below are church leaders, nuns and political figures. Creepily enough they can also be viewed by public visitors. The place is pretty warm but stories of a cold hand snaking its way down visitors’ necks have been reported. Others state that they heard whispers and felt a presence. These tales have left many wondering whether there is far more than just mummified remains in those catacombs.

Charleville Castle

Charleville Castle
Source: Haunted Earth`s Ghost World

One of the more haunted places in Ireland, Charleville Castle has been visited multiple times by investigators of the paranormal and television shows. It was built by the first Earl of Charleville William Bury, in 1798. Until the 1960’s the castle remained in the family’s ownership. It was then purchased by Bridget Vance. The neglected property saw renovations but then the workers reported haunting stories. Claims arose that the renovations in the castle had awoken the spirits.

Out of the many spirits dwelling in Charleville, that of a child named Harriet is the most active. She passed away on the main stairwell. Reports have it that her ghost is regularly seen ascending and descending the stairs. Further experiences include people hearing sounds of her laughter when no is around and other experience a brush of cold air as they use the stairwell.

Seafield House

Seafield House
Source: Wreck of the Week

William Phibbs built the Seafield House in 1798. The family were everything you could want from prosperous to wealthy and considered the cream of society. However, this reputation only lasted until the eminent archaeologist Owen Phibbs brought home an Egyptian mummy. Residents and servants alike witnessed things move without a touch. A dark ominous figure relentlessly tormented them. At one point the whole house began shake violently. By this point, every dweller in the house fled, terrified, and no one returned. Eventually, the house’s possession was turned over to Jesuit priests in the early 1900s. They performed daily mass in order to exorcise the poltergeist. All attempts failed and the house was sold off once more in 1940. It was not long after that the house was dismantled and left as a roofless ruin.

Duckett’s Grove

Duckett’s Grove
Source: Pinterest

A ruin as well as a national landmark, Duckett’s Grove also houses loud supernatural creatures. Visitors of the place report sounds of harmonious singing and organ music. The noises emanate at night from the grounds. On occasion hunting horns can be heard, too. Although most of the property was destroyed in a blaze, paranormal investigators still find their way to the spot. Everyone who visited has left with evidence proving that Duckett’s Grove is one of the many most haunted places in Ireland.

Leamaneh Castle

Leamaneh Castle
Source: WondersList

The past of Leamaneh Castle is just about as haunted as its current day remains. Máire ní Mahon or Red Mary gained fame in the 17th Century, for her flaming red hair and the murder of her third husband. One of the most infamous women to be part of Irish folklore she pushed her husband from a third-storey window. Tales of her speak that she wedded 25 men in total. Funnily enough, most of them died early on in similar fashions. Townsfolk eventually executed her by sealing her alive in a hollow tree trunk. She starved to death there. However, this is not the end of this chilling story. It is fabled that Red Mary’s vengeful spirit still roams her former home. Screams and taunting cackles are heard on occasion, echoing off of the castle’s walls. ­

Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol
Source: RTE

The Kilmainham Gaol easily secures a spot on any list of most haunted places in Ireland. Once one of the largest prisons in Ireland, it was decommissioned in 1924. Since then it was reopened as a museum to the public as a museum. Visitors who venture into Kilmainham Gaol are bound to come across more than a tour guide. When the building was undergoing restoration, tradesmen told stories of hearing footsteps on a regular basis, unaccounted for. These mysterious tales contribute to the legend of Kilmainham Gaol being one of the most haunted places in Ireland. Children have been known to halt at the threshold, refusing to go onto the ground almost as if they can sense the spirits.

Belvelly Castle

Belvelly Castle
Source: Irish Mirror

Situated in County Cork, Belvelly Castle is fabled to be haunted by Lady Margaret Hodnett. Lady Hodnett was wealthy, charming and beautiful. In the 17th century, she was popular for her love for extensive mirrors. One of her suitors, Clon de Courcy, grew tired of waiting to wed her and so decided to seize the lands around the castle. The siege continued for a full year and she finally relented. However, by then much of her beauty had wilted away due to starving. Her suitor abandoned her. She was so grief stricken that she smashed all of the mirrors in the castle. To this day, her ghost haunts the castle’s walls making it one of the most haunted places in Ireland.

Ross Castle

Ross Castle
Source: WondersList

Built in 1533 by the Lord of Devon Richard Nugent (otherwise known as The Black Baron), Ross Castle has a love story entwined in its history. The Black Baron’s daughter, Sabina, met with an English gentleman and fell in love. The couple were deemed an unsuitable match and they were told to stay apart. However, they hatched a plan and decided to elope. Tragedy was soon to strike and the boat they were escaping in capsized. Sabina’s beloved passed away. Upon waking up she discovered the horror and fell into grief.

A few days later she was so overcome with distress that she passed away too. Legend has it that her spirit still dwells within the walls of Ross Castle in search of her deceased love. In the dead of night, her piercing screams can be heard sometimes jerking people awake. On occasion, The Black Baron himself has been sighted, roaming the grounds of the property, mourning his daughter’s death.

Captain Boyd’s Grave, St Patrick’s Cathedral

Captain Boyd’s Grave
Source: The Irish Sun

Captain Boyd became a national hero in 1861 after his gallant attempt at rescuing the drowning crews of over hundred shipwrecked ships. The endeavor at Dublin Bay was ultimately doomed. He lost his life but praise was voiced for courage. His funeral cortege was the greatest ever witnessed in Dublin. Among the throng of mourners was his dog. It is said that he faithfully followed Captain Boyd everywhere. According to legend, the Newfoundland stayed by his master’s grave till it starved to death. Visitors to the grave have witnessed a large black dog parading around the grave over the years. Sitting and even sleeping on top of it, the dog still patiently awaits its master’s return.

Leap Castle

Leap Castle
Source: The Gothic Imagination

The long and bloody history of Leap Castle marks it as one of the most haunted places in Ireland. Built in 1532, it does not come as a surprise to hear of its haunted tales. From the many spirits who dwell in the castle, a creature who goes by the name of Elemental is the most popular. The evil and dark creature has a human face and is the size of a sheep. Black gaping holes take place of its eyes and it smells of rancid flesh. An oubliette was discovered around that time in the castle dungeon. Used to execute prisoners, the victims were thrown in a pit. They fell eight feet onto spikes mounted onto the floor. Alone and in agony, they were left to die there. The uncovered showed more than 150 bodies. Was Elemental called to the castle by the disturbed remains?

Ireland may be a gorgeous country but that does not mean it is safe from the horrors of the world. The next time you plan a trip to Europe, make sure to pass by the gorgeous country. The majority of the most haunted places in Ireland are castles and we all know everyone loves a decent castle. Plus, this is great ammo for your next campfire.

10 Most Haunted Places in Scotland Worth Visiting

Since ages, Scotland has a standing for the uncanny. Steeped in centuries of the disturbed undead, this country’s violent history speaks volumes of what dwells in it. Remote castle, spooky forests and sprawling houses, the most haunted places in Scotland show that the spirit world does not dwell far away from us. Even the nation’s most iconic landmarks share grisly and horrifying tales of the creepy.

There are plenty of tour industries that guide visitors to these most haunted places in Scotland. However, before you hire such a guide or follow them, beware for at time the spirit hunters become the haunted.

Most Haunted Houses / Mansions / Places from Scotland:

Boleskine House

Boleskine House Haunted Places
Source: The Occult Museum

The infamous “wickedest man in the world” Aleister Crowley rendered Boleskine House notorious after he moved in it in 1899. However, even prior to Crowley’s arrival the hunting lodge had formerly earned a sinister reputation. Built in the 18th century, it was situated on top of a 10th-century Scottish church that was burned to ground. The fire killed the entire congregation. The building also nestles a graveyard beneath it which connects through a series of underground tunnels. Rumors then emerged of Crowley’s multiple demon summoning practices that left behind portals allowing the entry of hellish creatures into the world. Afterwards it fell into the possession of Jimmy Page and functioned as a hotel. In 2015, it was burned down almost completely.

Mary King’s Close

Mary King’s Close Haunted Places
Source: Tourist Destinations

Easily one of Europe’s most haunted cities, the capital of Edinburgh and Mary King’s Close are some of the most haunted placed in Scotland. One of several lanes that lead from The Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, this is a spooky one. Once the plague took over the citizens, Mary King’s Close was bricked up. However, to date you can still roam the haunted place and even step into Greyfriars Cemetery. The ghosts of Covenanters will be happy to greet you.  Among the spirits is the famous Death Coach which is drawn by a headless, flaming steed and no driver. Tales revolve about that it was the vehicle of choice for Major Thomas Weird (late). He confessed to witchcraft and bestiality prior to his execution.

Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle Haunted Places
Source: Haunted Rooms

Since being built in the 14th century, this Glamis castle has earned the title for being one of the most haunted places in Scotland. It was built by the Bowes-Lyons family. In the earlier days, the Ogilvy Clan took refuge in it from incoming enemies: the Lindsays. Fate took a turn and the Ogilvies were walled up to starve to death. Their spirits are fabled to dwell in the unknown Haunted Chamber. However, the Lady Jane Douglas often times emerges as an ill-fated omen, after she was burnt as a witch. The Earl Beardie can also be heard by visitors as he plays an eternal card game with the Devil. Most famously though is the tale passed down by the Bowes-Lyons of the Glamis Monster. This deformed child or disfigured prisoner was stowed away in the castle – only to grow into an aged giant who haunted the family.

Cawdor Castle

Cawdor Castle Haunted Places
Source: Nessie Land

Dating back to 1454, the Cawdor Castle was built around a holly tree and a gold-laden donkey. It was a symbol of the residents’ prosperity. The original tree can still be viewed despite the fact that it died in 1372. Likely to have been the daughter of an early Earl of Cawdor, a spectral lass with no hands is the castle’s main ghost. As the legend goes, her father grew angry over her friendliness with rival chieftain’s son. In his rage, he chopped her hands off. She perished and then soon began haunting the castle grounds.

Culloden Moor

Culloden Moor Haunted Places
Source: Wise Property Care

The site of the last battle fought on British soil, near Inverness these windswept grounds were also the spot for the final hurrah for the Jacobites. The rebelling army led by Bonnie Prince Charlie was ended by government troops in 1746. Around 2,000 members of the Macdonald, Stuart and Fraser clans were murdered and wounded. The landscape is marked by Cairns dots indicated where the souls perished. The ghostly armies that appear on occasion perform the same duty. On this spot securing the title of one of the most haunted places in Scotland, reports of spirits marching through yards have surfaced. Tourists even run into spectral soldiers regularly.

Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle Haunted Places
Source: Ghosts and Ghouls

Seeing how the castle once used to be home to Kings and Queens of Scotland, the specter that haunts the halls is a noblewoman. Titled the Pink Lady, she leaves behind a scent of roses wherever she passes through. The rumors surrounding her death are those of a noblewoman who died from a broken heart. Other horrors include the spirit of Mary Witherspoon, whose body was removed by grave robbers and later sold for dissection. Additionally, there is a Highlander who roams the grounds in traditional costume. Often times on this site of most haunted places in Scotland, the specters are mistaken by tour guides for hapless visitors.

Fyvie Castle

Fyvie Castle Haunted Places
Source: Haunted Rooms

Since its construction in 1211, the Fyvie Castle in Aberdeenshire passed through multiple owners until the National Trust took it into custody. Some of the inhabitants include meddlesome spirits and the ominous phantom trumpeter who would steal and move objects around. Shortly after the locked, secret tomb of Lady Meldrum was exhumed in the 1920s during renovation, the Grey Lady, a relatively young ghost started appearing. Following his death by starvation in 1601, Dame Lillias Drummond has haunted the castle for ages. Her mischief began when she merged to disrupt her husbands’ wedding night with new brides. She still lingers about as the Grey Lady, making appearances when the castle’s owners are in peril.

Greyfriar’s Kirkyard

Greyfriar’s Kirkyard Haunted Places
Source: WOW247

Built in the late 16thcentury near the southern edge of Old Town Edinburgh, this graveyard sits around Greyfriars Kirk. Although residents include multiple popular names, the most infamous is easily the MacKenzie Poltergeist. Dwelling in the Black Mausoleum section of Covenanter’s Prison, the irksome spirit seeks refuge in the walls. The area comprises of enclosed vaults used to imprison around 400 prisoners from the Covenanting Wars. The conditions for the prisoners were ensured to be horrifying by none other than Lord Advocate George Mackenzie, also known as “Bluidy Mackenzie”. When he passed away he was buried close by. The ghost is considered far too dangerous to allow the area to be open to the public. He has succeeded in earning this place a spot among the most haunted places in Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle Haunted Places
Source: ThoughtCo

Surrounded by steep cliffs and spooky stories is the city’s 2,000-year-old castle. Upon discovery of the nearby tunnels to Royal Mile, a bagpipe player was sent forth to venture whilst playing his pipes. However, he disappeared halfway through and only returned as a spirit from the underworld. Former prisoners also haunt the dungeons. Moreover, a headless drummer boy can be seen at times of danger to warn the battlements. Visitors will even be shoved down battlements in an attempt to kill them by one prisoner who was tossed to his death. He is notorious for his stink ad he died after hiding in a dung barrow.

Overtoun Bridge

Overtoun Bridge Haunted Places
Source: Tech Times

Built in 1895m the Overtoun Bridge is on the approach to the house that shares a similar name, West of Dumbartonshire. Every year, at least one dog jumps to its death, 50 feet below, on the waterfalls. Each year it is from the same side and in perfectly clear weather. Tales about dogs being spooked by the presence of spirits circulate around the place. Other people believe in the Celtic ideas that bridges are walls between realms. At one point, the phenomenon was investigated by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and they found that a distinctively smelly mink was luring the dogs to their deaths. However, nothing can explain the reason behind why Kevin Moy threw his son from the same bridge on the same side in 1994. He later attempted suicide and was firmly under the belief that his son was the devil incarnate.

With such a horrifying history, these are some of the most haunted places in Scotland. With far more to offer the visitors in real life, these spots are better off reading about than venturing into. Everything from phantom pipers to haunting Highlanders, Grey Ladies and spooky suicides, there is far more in Scotland than any ghost hunter would dream of. While you traverse the lands of the dead, be sure to pay homage to the spirits. Who knows, you might anger them and soon end up amongst them.

10 Disturbingly Eerie Crypts/Catacombs Around The World

When a person hears the words “crypt” or “catacomb,” they automatically think “creepy”, “eerie”, “disturbing”, etc. With these places being the final resting grounds for hundreds or thousands of people, there are always eerie feelings that lurk amongst the walls and floors of these resting grounds. Some are designed so creepily that just looking at the pictures will send shivers down your spine and keep you up at night wondering why someone would create such an eerie place. Nonetheless, these catacombs and crypts hold a lot of history and persons within their walls, floors, and tombs that contribute to the creepy feeling others have felt while being there.

Catacombs — Home to the Dead

Even the dead need a place to inhabit. And they don’t deserve graves, they deserve to be aesthetically yet eerily presented to the world in the form of eerie crypts so that their presence can still be felt by the world. Some people preserve lots of remains of the dead just to honor them, some do it because their malevolently tainted mind tells them to. And some eerie crypts and catacombs just come into existence in their own mysterious ways.



An eerie photo of the catacombs of Paris.

Source: ancient-origins

These catacombs are one of the most well-known catacombs around the world. Starting in 1786, the cemeteries in Paris started to become overfilled with caskets and the government saw an opportunity in front of them. These catacombs then became the final resting place to over 6 million people and have become famous over time. For starters, bodies from the riots in The Place de Grève, the Hôtel de Brienne, and Rue Meslée were placed in the catacombs in 1788, Parisian members of the French Resistance used the tunnel system during World War II, the Nazis created an underground bunker at a high school where the catacombs lie under, and in 2004, the police found a fully equipped movie theater within one of the caverns. In this movie theater set up, it had a giant cinema screen, seats for the audience members, projection equipment, film reels of classic movies and more recent films, a fully stocked bar, and a complete restaurant that had tables and chairs. To this day, no one knows who was in charge of this movie theater as well as how they received any type of power source. The catacombs have been reopened to the public after a vandalism in 2009, making them a hotspot of tourist attraction. 


BRNO OSSAURY Eerie Catacombs

A staircase looking stack of skulls from the deceased.

Source: wikipedia

This catacomb lies in the Czech Republic and is the second largest catacomb within Europe. It holds the remains of over 50,000 people and was established in the 17th century with some of it being under the St. James church. It was forgotten about for a long while until it was re-discovered in 2001 and then became open to the public in 2012. People believe that the bones within this catacomb were dug up and moved so there could be more space for more burials. These bones show people that the ones who have lost their lives in these catacombs died because of various diseases and were thrown down there. For example, even though these bones are yellow because they haven’t seen sunlight in ages, the more yellow bones can be classified as being part of a person who has died from cholera, while the red-tinted bones belonged to a person that was killed because of the plague. 



A pile of remains from hundreds of people.

Source: flickr

The grounds of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna, opened themselves up in 1147 A.D., after its consecration, to become cemeteries as a result of the high honor that people placed near the church. Today, the catacombs hold over 11,000 remains after interments began in 1735 and continued until 1783. There are two underground systems, actually, that are labeled as the newer system and the older system. The older crypt parts of these catacombs, the ones directly under the Cathedral, have been refurbished over time and have a less dark, eerie vibe to them than the newer part of the catacombs. In the newer part, which is under the square patch next to the church, are left in rawness and darkness. Only a handful of lights have been installed, so the dark and eerie feeling lurks within the tunnel system of these catacombs and sends shivers down a person’s spine. History also shows that when the caverns became too full of bodies, prison guards had to go down into the catacombs and remove the bones from the bodies of the dead to create more room for more bodies to be stored down there.


CATACOMBS Eerie Crypts

A beautiful picture of what the catacombs look like.

Source: arounddeglobe

Also known as “Mound of Shards”, these catacombs are a series of tombs in Alexandria, Egypt that reach a depth of about 100 feet. They were originally built for a wealthy family in the second century, A.D., but were unfortunately forgotten about until 1900. The rediscovery of these catacombs happened because a donkey accidentally fell into the access shaft for the catacombs. Upon further investigation, human and animal bones were discovered, including 3 sarcophagi. The catacombs received their name after people brought food while visiting the tombs in terra cotta jars to eat while visiting the dead. When they finished eating, they did not want to bring their jars back home, especially after visiting tombs of the dead, so they would throw their jars against the walls and grounds, shattering them all over the place. This would leave shards on the ground, making people rename it as the Mound of Shards. 


A creepy photo of what the walls and ceiling look like.

Source: smithsonianmag

Located in Czerma, Poland, this catacomb is exactly as what the name says it is. This particular catacomb was built in 1776 by a local priest and serves as a mass grave for nearly 25,000 people. The majority of people that were lied to rest in this catacomb were from the Thirty Years War, 3 Silesian War, the Cholera outbreaks, and from people who died from hunger. The priest who had built this catacomb system took the liberty to collect the remains from those who passed away and bring them to their final resting ground. This catacomb chapel gained its infamous name because the walls and the basement are full of skulls and bones from those who had passed away. As a nice tribute to those who had built this chapel, their remains are located in the center of the church where the altar is, nodding off to the fact that they are the center of attention because of their hard work and dedication that was put into building this eerie catacomb. With the skull and bones put into the basement and the walls, an eerie, disturbing feeling overcomes anyone who looks at it and for anyone that goes there, this eerie, disturbing feeling washes over them.



A beautiful sight of St. Catherine’s.

Source: news.artnet

This chapel is also known as The Monastery of the Transfiguration and is a place that holds major religious and historical significance. Beneath this beautiful monastery, though, there is a dark and eerie charnel house that represents the harsh and cruel environment that surrounds this house. The Byzantine Emperor Justinian decreed that there were to be a monastery built near the Chapel of the Burning Bush in the 6 century A.D.  Furthermore, the monks of St. Catherine were sent to Sinai because they were proved to be difficult or appeared to be a disgrace to the rest of the monks; but, along their travel in the hot desert of Egypt, they found that the ground was too hard to break to bury the dead. “House of Skulls” later became one of the most popular tourist attractions that people flocked to visit when they went to Egypt. This name developed because the remains that are lying inside this chapel are the remains of the monks and are arranged out of necessity instead of decoration. It has been labeled as a gruesome and morbid monument of these monks that fell victim to the hardships provided by Mount Sinai.



A haunting picture of remains from this Austria crypt.

Source: atlasobscura

Lying beneath the somber and pious majesty of St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a dark, decrepit, haunting secret that tourists flock to every year. Over 11,000 skeletal remains lie in this crypt and were used as a final resting place for the Archbishop of Vienna Franz Cardinal KËTING as recently as 2004. In the main part of this crypt, the bodies that lie within there are largely there because of the relocation of burial survives to the pit below the church that was caused by the bubonic plague that struck Europe in 1735. However, in another section of this eerie, dark crypt is a section that was created specifically for the royalty. Instead of being in tombs or having the remains spread around the crypt, there are jars that are preserving the innards of the royalty. For example, the Hapsburg royalty’s hearts, intestines, and even the stomach of Queen Maria Teresa can be located in this location. 



Top photo: The Catacombs of St. Paul.
Bottom photo: Part of the Catacombs of St. Agatha.
Source: wikipedia

Being some of the eeriest and disturbing crypts throughout the entire world, St. Agatha is the final resting place of over 500 people in Roman times. This final resting place includes a multitude of children as well. St. Agatha’s tombs were created for two people, regardless of their religion, were laid in these tombs and buried within the walls of this crypt. St. Paul’s Parish is said to be that the saint himself stayed here during his time in Malta in 60 A.D. As explorers traveled through these catacombs, they discovered that there were different tombs for different types of classes that were offered to people during the 2nd and 3rd century A.D.


CAPUCHIN CRYPT Eerie Catacombs

An eerie and haunting photo of how the bodies of the deceased are set up.

Source: atlasobscura

This crypt is possibly one of the creepiest and eeriest crypts that cease to exist within the world today. It started to become popular when the Capuchin Monastery ran out of room within their church burial grounds. Within this crypt, over 8,000 remains of Capuchin parishioners lie. However, the remains of these parishioners can also be found standing in five adjoining chambers throughout the cold, dark, decrepit basement of the Monastery. Since 1599, friars, children, and local dignitaries have been buried within this crypt and their skeleton remains have been mummified or left as they are for anyone and everyone to see when they enter this crypt. An eerie feeling comes into play because of how these remains are arranged within this strange resting place, making people believe that these skeletons have been put on display rather than laid to rest. Some skeletons still have some of their clothes intact, making people shiver with chills as they stare at the soulless remains. 


LAEKEN Eerie Crypts

A creepy photo of what this crypt looks like.

Source: lovethesepics

This crypt has been labeled as a beautiful sight that people have to witness for themselves- but also extremely eerie and creepy. The use of this crypt has been dated back to 1870’s and shockingly enough, there are no blood, gore, or skeletons lying against or within the walls. This vault is rumored to be well organized and boasts hundreds of hermetically sealed niches that also have beautiful stone work incorporated within them. Restoration of this beautiful place is in the set for the hidden gem within Brussels since this crypt grew with the community but fell into a despair in the 1990’s because of a series of annexes and extensions. 

What is shown in this article about these ten disturbingly eerie crypts is not what is all to them. There are numerous photos as well as documentaries on the web which tell us more about these grotesque and eerie catacombs decorated with the remains of the dead. Sure is a sight to see for those who seek pleasure in eerie sights and places. If you are up for an adventure, these eerie crypts and catacombs ought to be on top of your list.

What’s more to these eerie crypts is that they are home to thousands of ghostly entities who haunt every speck of the air that environs the eerie crypts. These places are, by all means, the best in you want to feel the cold air of the undead on your skin. Not to worry though, most of these departed souls are at peace. But if you’re really feeling lucky, you might even encounter a bitter one!

10+ Haunted/Abandoned Theme Parks Around the World

Either year round or only during the summer days, theme parks are visited by thousands of people each and every day they are open. The rides, music, games, and food attract people from around the world to visit these parks and to make each person feel like a kid again. However, there are some that have been dormant and abandoned for years that no one dares to go to because of the haunted, dark history that lurks within the left over parts of rides that have just been left there and are now consumed by nature. There are also parks that are still open to the public that people continuously go to and have no knowledge of just haunted the park they are at really is.

Can Theme Parks be Actually Haunted?

As a matter of fact, yes. Any theme park can become an abandoned theme park in just a few days. It might seem crazy to sound, but any place can indeed get haunted if enough wickedness gets kicking in the atmosphere. Around the globe, theme parks have been active spots for serial killers to pitilessly rape as well as slaughter women and children. But over the course of time, every theme park reveals what is has been sowed into its soil and thenceforth, the park ceases to serve its true purpose of serenity. It becomes an abandoned theme park.


A picture of a gate that’s part of The Land of Oz.

Source: Daily News

Location: Beech Mountain, North Carolina, USA

Opened: 1970 (opens every year for two days in October)

Category: Abandoned

The Wizard of Oz was a movie that had everyone skipping down the aisles of the movie theater or in their homes singing, “Follow the yellow brick road!” This classic movie was such a hit that a theme park emerged in 1970 to make the public fall even more in love with the Wizard of Oz and to make them really skip down the yellow brick road. This 16-acre theme park captivated people from around the world and had their very own lion, scarecrow, and tin man. The ski-resort inside the theme park was going to be open year round and was allowing the visitors to experience him or herself as the role of Dorothy. Visitors of the park got to start at Dorothy’s house in Kansas and then adventured throughout the most famous scenes of the movie and ended at Emerald City to, of course, meet the great wizard.

The opening of this park experienced over 20,000 visitors on their first day and Grover Robbins, the mastermind behind this park, wanted the park to be based more on the book rather than the movie; but, after his death a couple of months after the opening of this park, sales decreased. The sales started to decrease because of real-estate prices and the lack of driving force. Unfortunately, in 1975, a fire happened in the Emerald City and destroyed many of the artifacts at the park that were actually used within the actual Wizard of Oz. With the park being mainly intact and has only a few missing things, it is opened every year for two days in October for “The Autumn of Oz”.Although it is still technically opened and people visit it, there is still a weird, odd feeling visitors feel when they step foot on the grounds.


An eerie picture of the abandoned theme park.

Source: Tofugu

Location: Hobara, Japan

Opened: 1973

Closed (officially): 1999

Category: Abandoned

Deep in the wilderness of Japan lies an amusement park named Takakanonuma Greenland Park. This park was built in 1973 and was only opened for two years due to bad ticket sales and repairs that were constantly going on at the park. Although some people believed that these were the real reasons as to why this park closed, many others believed it was because of all the deaths that occurred on the rides in this park. After lying dormant for 10 years, the park reopened in 1986, making visitors to believe that the real reason the park laid silent for ten years was to make people hopefully forget the numerous amounts of tragedies that occurred in the park when it first opened.

When the park officially closed and became abandoned in 1999 because of the other competition surrounding it, the park slowly began to decay and become one with the nature surrounding it. The mountainous terrain it sits on has reclaimed the land and has grown around the rides and roller coasters that were originally built for this theme park and often times hide within the deep, thick fog that lies within the mountains. According to some rumors, the park was supposedly demolished in 2006, but Bill Edwards came across an abandoned theme park that was hidden deep in the fog one day. He took numerous amounts of pictures of the park; however, only one photo showed up on his computer: at the entrance, a young girl, maybe the age of 6, was staring at the camera in a simple white dress with a haunting, serious, indifferent face.


Coney Island full of people and excitement.

Source: Lunapark

Location: Brooklyn, New York City

Opened: 1876; officially in 1961

Category: Haunted

We all have heard of the amazing Coney Island that sits on the southern peninsula in Brooklyn. This theme park is thriving on the thrill and is still going strong today with private beaches, a boardwalk filled with shopping places, games, arcades, and numerous rides. It is seen from the water and from Brooklyn as a place of enjoyment, joy, and happiness as people spend their afternoons soaking up the sun and spending money on various foods and rides. In 1881, steamboats started taking people to this peninsula and this is where the beginnings of the amusement park started where the first carousel was built in 1876. In 1961, Coney Island was in full swing and their very first annual hotdog-eating contest was held.

Thousands of people visit this park every day despite the controversy that circulates it. People have doubted the development of this park, but the owners have kept it thriving and have made it a place of entertainment for all the members of the family. A L.A. Thompson haunts a particular rollercoaster, though, and was known to build a multitude of roller coasters. No one knows why he haunts this particular roller coaster, though, but it is a roller coaster that has a tower with it if you are ever curious to try to see the infamous L.A. Thompson!


The famous clown ride at Pripyat Amusement Park.

Source: Download Wallpaper

Location: Pripyat, Ukraine

Opened: 1986

Closed: 1986

Category: Abandoned

The city of Pripyat is located in North of Kiev and was abandoned right after the Chernobyl disaster. This city was mainly created for the workmen of Chernobyl and the amusement was built in downtown Pripyat with a Ferris wheel and bumper cars. Sadly, this amusement park was closed the same day it was open, which was April 27, 1986, because of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl that occurred the day before.

Over the 28 years that this amusement park has lied dormant, nothing has changed except how the nature surrounding it has captivated the land that it sat on. With the nature overgrowing the Ferris wheel and bumper cars, the amusement park started to hold this eerie, post-apocalyptic look. If you didn’t know, this particular amusement park has been featured in a numerous amount of games and movies, including Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Chernobyl Dairies.


An eerie picture of the abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans.

Source: Huffington Post

Location: New Orleans, USA

Opened: 2000

Closed: 2005

Category: Abandoned/Haunted

Six Flags Amusement Park in New Orleans was known as Jazzland from 2000-2002 and was heavily loved by every single individual that visited this park. With famous rides Mega Zeph, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Ride, and Goliath (formerly known as Batman: The Ride), this park was thriving from all of the visitors it had to visit these rides as well as a few others. Unfortunately, though, in 2005, Six Flags received the warning to evacuate the property  because of Hurricane Katrina and to essentially close the park.

After Hurricane Katrin a hit, Six Flags was submerged from seawater as well as rainwater and remained submerged under 4-7ft corrosive brackish floodwater for over a month. Due to the prolonged submerge, decapitated clown heads, rusty rides, and a salt line that is finally fading away, the park are left with a creepy and eerie feeling. People that have visited this abandoned park have experienced the broken part say they have heard faint laughter and joyful screams in the distance. This eerie abandoned park has made an appearance in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters as well as a few other zombie movies.


One of the abandoned rides at the park.

Source: Urbexbakancslista

Location: Dunaúajváros, Hungary

Opened: 1952

Closed: 1993

Category: Abandoned

This park was opened for one reason and one reason only: for people to have fun. This park had an increase in visitors after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, making this park a major part of the peoples’ lives. Its peak time of thrill was during the 60’s and 70’s with people visiting from all over to get their thrill in and to have fun with their girlfriends, boyfriends, or simply with their family.

The visitor population started to decrease, though, after the 70’s because people started to run out of money and people rapidly started to become incapable of affording to go to this park. It didn’t help the people who were struggling to go here that the park was starting to raise the prices of tickets because of the maintenance repair costs. The park finally closed in 1993 and left off an eerie feeling to those who crossed paths with it before it was finally torn down 20 years later. The only things that remain at this amusement park are the concrete foundations and skeletons.


People full of excitement at Dorney.

Source: Here For The Beer

Location: South Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania

Opened (officially): 1884

Category: Haunted

In 1860, Solomon Dorney purchased a piece of land that he built a trout hatchery and a summer resort on it. Ten years later, he decided that it should be open to the public and decided to add some attractions for the public to see and eventually there was a petting zoo as well as a few rides for them to ride. Throughout the years, various owners have kept this park alive and well, attracting thousands of visitors each day that it is open.

Along with it being filled with fun, it is filled with one ghost that haunts one part of the park. Near the Dominator is an old building that has shops and eateries as well as an arcade. Connecting two eateries, though, is a corridor that leads to an old mine shaft where there are reports of a man being seen by the door. This man is reportedly seen to appear and disappear as quickly as he comes. Along with the reports of this man there has been reports of strange noises and occurrences that are heard throughout the entirety of this building.


An overlook of Kings Island.

Source: Wthr

 Location: Mason, Ohio

Opened: 1972

Category: Haunted

Kings Island is a 364-acre amusement park that is the partner to Cedar Point. It broke ground in 1970 and finally opened in 1972 with the intentions of being the replacement park for Ohio’s version of Brooklyn’s Coney Island. After being sold to countless owners throughout the years, its current owners from 2006now have Kings Island sitting on 775-acres of land with its own mall. In this park, unlike the previous mentioned parks, there are five different ghosts that haunt Kings Island. One ghost in particular is called “Tommy Tower”- Tommy was at a graduation party and became intoxicated. While being intoxicated, Tommy climbed the tower in this park and ultimately fell to his death.

little boy and girl will walk along the Racer behind all of the games and there is a fountain where dozens of people have reported seeing a glowing set of eyes. Figures have been reported to be seen walking around the InternationalRestaurant, located above the entrance, a park security guard that passed away also haunts this park as well as a park attendee who was intoxicated and fell to her death on the Flight CommanderRide. She fought the ride operators and undid her restraints, stood up on the ride, wave to her friends, and then fell off of the ride.


One of the water rides at Cedar Point.

Source: Cedar Point

Location: Sandusky, Ohio

Opened: 1870

Category: Haunted

Cedar Point holds the world record for having the most roller coasters in a theme park. Sitting on 364-acres, Cedar Point started off with a beer garden and a fairy ride (for only 25 cents!) in the 1870’s, making it expand and grow with each new owner it had. Cedar Point is one of the amusement parks where people go expecting to have a great time and they leave there with their expectations filled and then some. Although this park is filled with adventure, roller coasters, and pure enjoyment, there is some haunted history that hides within the rides. A carousel that was built by William H.

Dentzal was originally going to be built for his unborn daughter with his request of having a white horse in the front of the other horses. Upon the death of his daughter and wife, the horse was then turned to a black horse to represent a military horse. According to some reports, when the park is closed down at night, the carousel will turn itself on and people can see either the wife or daughter riding the black military horse around and around and around.


An eerie photo of Holy Land in the winter time.

Source: NBC Connecticut

 Location: Waterbury, Connecticut, USA

Opened: 1958

Closed: 1986

Category: Abandoned/Haunted

If you live in Connecticut or have ever visited a relative or friend up near Waterbury or past the town, then you have seen the large cross sitting upon a hill along side Route 8 or I-84. This particular cross is an icon in Waterbury because it marks where 40,000 people were attracted to this park in the 60’s and 70’s. John Greco was a man who received a message from his God to single-handedly build this park that was a paid tribute to the Holy Land that sits in Israel, making Holy Land in Connecticut for the religiously faithful. John created smaller-than-life versions of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and other biblical locales and figures- replicating about 200 unique sculptors- out of chicken wire, plywood, fiberglass, and some plaster.

The park officially closed in 1986 due to the death of John Greco, leaving the park to a group of nuns that continued to hold the land from the park. This slightly uplifting tale turned dark, though, when a teenager was murdered near the site in 2010, making the area have a haunting ghost story to go along with its abandonment. It has recently been bought from the nuns and is up for discussion of having some revival to it; but there have been no further motions to recreate Holy Land and to make the renovations that John Greco desperately wanted to add to the park.


One of the famous pictures of the dinosaur and Ferris wheel at SpreePark.

Source: Abandoned Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany

Opened: 1969

Closed: 2002

Category: Abandoned

This abandoned park was originally called Kulturpark Plänterwald and sat on the former East Berlin side. Its named changed in 1989 because of the fall of the Berlin Wall and sat near the Spree river- hence its new name. This particular park was the only entertainment and park of its type in either East or West Berlin, attracting dozens of thousands of visitors during the days it was opened. People went to this park for the pure entertainment and fun it provided for the public, but it is now known as the park that has the dinosaurs lying on the ground, the Ferris wheel rusted to the core, the swan boats being completely vandalized, and a plethora of other incidents that took the beauty away from this park.

The eerie, haunting, cold feeling this park now gives off makes people that visit there chill to their bones because of how dark and decrypted it now looks. Norbert Witte is the reason the park closed their doors because he became bankrupt and fled to Lima, Peru to try to recreate his dream of an amusement park there. His dream failed once again, though, and he was sentenced to seven year in jail because he was caught trying to smuggle 400 pounds of cocaine back to Germany and hiding it in one of the attractions that he stole. Spreepark was also featured in the movie Hana.


An overview shot of this abandoned theme park.

Source: Michael John Grist

Location: Japan

Opened: 1997

Closed: 2001

Category: Abandoned

Judging by the picture, you’d think that Gulliver’s Kingdom in Japan was a place of pure fun and entertainment, especially that big, friendly giant of a man statue lying on his side on the bank of the river. Gulliver’s Kingdom was based on the Jonathon Swift novel and was built to be a fun place for people to flock to, alas it struggled to make ends meet all the way to its closed doors in 2001. With very little to no rides in this theme park, except for a luge and a bobsled track, the sales of this park declined rapidly, leaving the visitors of this park with very little satisfaction with their experience there.

To add to the pure non-enjoyment of this park, visitors were skeptical and scared to go there for a number of reasons, including the fact that the park was built alongside Japan’s infamous Suicide Forest, where people would go to commit suicide and for anyone who just roamed into the forest would often time never come back. Another reason was that the park was near the same village where the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult lived, creating an uneasy feeling for the visitors of this park. It was finally demolished in 2007, leaving nothing behind except its concrete foundations and the chunk of insulation that became stuck on a few boards.


One of the rides that has been abandoned for years.

Source: Tommy and James

Location: Wichita, Kansas, USA

Opened: 1949

Closed: 2006

Category: Abandoned

Privately owned and run by the Ottaway family, this amusement park was filled with nothing but joy and happiness. It was mainly founded by the father of the Ottaway family for a permanent place for his 12-inch gauge steam locomotive, but after his death in the 1950’s, his three sons continued to keep the park alive and well and even added a few more attractions to it. These attractions were a rollercoaster named Nightmare and a water ride called The Log Jam.

After the family was doing somewhat well with this park, it fell victim to vandalism and pranks created by the youth. It closed for the first time in 2004 because of some safety and financial concerns, and permanently closed in 2006 due to the same type of financial concerns a Seattle-based company was experiencing while trying to reopen the park. This park is left to be consumed by more vandalism and Mother Nature as she continues to grow throughout this park and captivate all the remains of it.


The infamous duck ride a truck this theme park.

Source: World Abandoned

Location: Okpo City, Geoje Island, South Korea

Opened: Unknown

Closed: 1999

Category: Haunted/Abandoned

If the creepy duck photo above isn’t already haunting your nightmares, than the tales of this park certainly will. It adopted the nickname The Amusement Park of Death after the many deaths that occurred during thparks open days. With only a dozen attractions, it was highly profitable since it was the only park in the area and visitors were looking for fun and pure entertainment.

The deaths of the park started in the 1990’s when a young girl was killed by the duck theme ride and the parents received nothing but the smug fact that the park remained open and visitors continued to go there. Another girl was thrown from the same exact ride after it derailed in 1999 and that incident made the park close the very next day.The owner fled and was nowhere to be seen or heard from again and everything remained intact, including the derailed duck that killed a young girl. In 2011, the park became leveled and is now occupied by hotels.


The iconic castle that marks Walt Disney World.

Source: Orlando

Location: Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Opened: 1971

Category: Haunted

Disney. What comes to mind? Is it the most magical and happiest place in the world? Does it attract millions of people from around the world? How about the Magic Kingdom is haunted? That’s right. Many people know that the Magic Kingdom is haunted, but others do not know the full tale of how haunted this place really is. The haunted ride that people talk about the most is the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Workers report that when they come into work in the morning, they have to say good morning to the ghost or the ride does not cooperate with them throughout the day. If they do not acknowledge the ghost that haunts this ride and attempts to run it, the ride will ultimately breakdown. There are other rumors of other parts of the Magic Kingdom being haunted, so be sure to keep your eyes wide open next time you visit this place to see if you can see figures roaming around the rides- and make sure you say hello to the ghost on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride so the ride doesn’t break down on you!

You might have discerned if you read the full list of abandoned theme parks that sometimes, a theme park just has a misfortune to become a haunted/abandoned theme park because the many lives are lost especially in roller coaster rides or any other kind of thrilling ride. There is always a definite probability for things to go sideways and when things do go off the beam, innocent lives are lost that haunt the place for a perpetuity. Mostly, there are spirits that reside here; there is no demonic presence. These spirits possess certain rides where they lost their lives and they seem to guard it.

But there are many other possibilities as to why such a jubilant place would become so despondent. Adding to the reasons why abandoned theme parks exist, many murder victims have been buried in theme parks by serial killers since this is the last such place anyone could ever think of; full of calm and joyous feelings with families enjoying with cute little kids. May you ever get the chance of visiting a haunted and abandoned theme park from one of these, do leave your panic behind or get ready to be haunted by the resentful spirits!

10 Most Haunted Places in Texas You Must Visit

When it comes to creepy, Texas will check all the boxes on the checklist. Known for its terrifying and haunted spots, there are countless locations that emit the strangest of chilling vibes. Some of the most haunted places in Texas have made appearances on this list for their gruesome history. The tales that surround these places will chill you to the bones.

Whether you are looking for a good scare or wish to set out to find ghosts, the next time you visit Texas make sure to drop by these strange and paranormal places. If you are lucky, you will stumble across the spots with guided tours. If you are not, then you will find yourself all by yourself in the most haunted places in Texas. Are you ready for a ride?

Haunted Texas: Most Haunted Places In Texas

Texas Death Fields – Texas City

Texas Death Field
Source: dailymail

This desolate rural 50-acre patch of land lies between Houston and Galveston. Since the 1970s, around 30 people have been murdered or simply gone missing in those specific field. The definition of modern day creepy, horrifyingly enough this area is known for being the perfect spot to commit murder. The worst part is that you will be able to get away with it, just like that. The eerie air on this expanse grants it entry onto the list of most haunted places in Texas.

El Paso High School – El Paso

El Paso High School
Source: elpasotimes

Opened up in 1916, the El Paso high school is a stunning building that goes by the name “Lady On The Hill”. A reputed institute, the countless accolades that deck the halls did not stop the spirits from settling in. The school has witnessed strange sightings throughout its history. The basement houses two classrooms that were sealed off in eminent haste that personal belongings were never removed. As far as this tale is concerned, no one really knows what caused the panic and fleeing.

USS Lexington – Corpus Christi

USS Lexington
Source: Pinterest

The military history connected to the USS Lexington can be experienced in person at Corpus Christi. If that name isn’t terrifying enough then the Blue Ghost (as it was named back in the day) certainly will. What serves as a museum these days fell into ruins after a Japanese aircraft crashed into it. Most of the causalities that took place were the men in the engine room. If you delve deep inside the ship, you will hear the horrifying screams of the dying souls. Apparitions are not an uncommon phenomenon either.

Gas Station – Highway 304

Gas Station
Source: Odd Things I’ve Seen

Otherwise known as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station, fans of the horror film would be delighted to hear that it is now open for staying the night. The property has been renovated by a businessman. Promising a “fun and interactive” experience, the place offers live music, too. Will humans also be on that list?

Victoria’s Black Swan Inn – San Antonio

Source: Really Late Reviews

Whoever thought it was a great idea to build an inn on the hallowed grounds of a battle? The Victoria’s Black Swan inn was built upon the grounds where the Battle of Salado Creek took place. It is fabled that the dead warriors can be heard screaming into the night. If you think this alone renders the inn as one of the most haunted places in Texas, think again. Prior to the battle, these very grounds were an ancient Indian burial site.

Woman Hollering Creek – Guadalupe Co.

Source: YouTube

This creek is known for being one of the most haunted places in Texas and the most famous creek altogether. It earned its title after the incident of a woman who drowned her newborn infant in the creek. The reason behind this act is unknown. It is believed that her husband may have cheated on her or perhaps he never really wanted a child. While crossing past, you can hear the wailing of a child and a mother by the lonesome banks.

Yorktown Memorial Hospital – Yorktown

Yorktown Memorial Hospital
Source: Moose Photography

The Yorktown Memorial Hospital was shut down in 1988. It was in service for 40 years during which more than 2000 deaths took place within its walls. Prior to shutting down it was transformed into a rehabilitation center for drug addicts. The center remained open until the corpse of a man, who overdosed on heroin, was dumped on the doorstep. After that, the place was closed down and many people sight spirits patrolling the place.

The White Sanitarium – Wichita Falls

The White Sanitarium
Source: YouTube

Once an asylum for the old and the insane, it fell out of order in the 1950s, almost 25 years after its construction. Needless to say, its inhabitants were washed out of existence. The place lay abandoned for over half a century before a hardy gentleman purchased the property. It was then transformed into a residential unit. Ghosts and spirits are creepy enough but how is it like when they are insane, too? How much guts would it take to reside in what is easily one of the most haunted places in Texas?

Presidio La Bahia – Goliad

Presidio La Bahia
Source: Wikipedia

The Presidio La Bahia garrison is the ground upon which the Goliad massacre took place in 1836. That day witnessed the death and killing or 342 men. Today, the garrison has been turned into a tourist attraction spot for the brave of heart. Guests who have visited reported hearing sounds of bells and cannons going off into the old chapel. Those are always accompanied by agonizing screams of the dead spirits

White Rock Lake – Dallas

White Rock Lake
Source: TripAdvisor

A tale that has floated around for close to a decade now is that of the Ghost of White Rock Lake. Along the highway that passes by the lake, a woman hitchhiker is often spotted. She wears a dress that is outdated and she asks for a ride with passersby. She always requests to be dropped at one of two places: a cemetery or the home of a couple whose daughter passed away years ago. Creeped out yet?

If you ever intend to visit, it is important to pay homage to some of the most haunted places in Texas. Nothing can keep you up at night like the Ghost of White Rock Lake or the chilling screams ringing in the White Sanitarium’s halls. Just about every city has a tale of its own to tell. Make sure you listen closely for you might just miss the spooky whispers that drift past.

10+ Unexpectedly Creepy Tourist Attractions Just For You!

Imagine going on a nice family vacation. You have excitement in your eyes and butterflies in your stomach because you’re so excited. You didn’t sleep last night because your mind was engulfed with the thoughts of what you’re going to see during this vacation. When you get to your destination, it is everything you have dreamed of, except one thing- that one extremely creepy tourist attraction that is staring at you. Multiple places around the world are full of beauty and wonder but deep within its beauty there may be a hidden tourist attraction that people flock to in order to bask in its creepiness.

Creepy Tourist Attractions To Creep You Around World

1. The Big Giving, London

The Big Giving, London Creepy Tourist Attractions

 Tourist Attractions

An image of these statues spewing water out of various parts of the molds. (top)

A closer look to see what these statues actually look like up close and personal. 

Images via: Fountain ExplorerFlavor Wire

These giant rock-looking creations in London have left people turning their heads and questioning why someone would put them there. These sculptors have human faces sticking out of them with hands or arms at various parts of the statues, making it seem like they are doing some awkward pose for the people of London. They can be seen with water coming out of their mouths and other various parts of their structures. It was created by Klaus Weber and is placed on the Southbank where people claim it is a fun installation. It refers to the Native North American “Potlach” ceremony of competitive giving. There is also an indication that the more the man gives, the bigger the statue will grow.

2. Mano Del Desierto, Atacama Desert, Chile

Mano Del Desierto Tourist Attractions

This tall hand sitting high in the sand with some graffiti on it. 

Image via: Trip Advisor

This creepy hand sits in the Chilean Atacama Desert, standing 36 feet into the air. Mario Irarrazabal had an image to create this sculptor and has left people wondering why he would build such a thing in the desert. It is located near the legendary Pan-American Highway and some say it has an extremely haunting meaning to it. Rumors are that this particular statue is supposed to make people feel loneliness, torture, and helplessness.

3. Children Are the Victims of Adult Vices, Moscow

Children Are the Victims of Adult Vices Creepy Tourist Attractions

Children Are the Victims of Adult Vices

The two children innocently playing while the adult vices are surrounding them. You can see how eerie the adult vices are.

Images via: Rusmania, Atlas Obscura 

These interesting set of statues that people flock to were designed by a Russian artist by the name of Mihail Chemiakin. They are bronze statues and consist of 13 individual statues that are depicting “adult vices”. This means alcoholism, drug addiction, and prostitution; and, these statues are there to represent how these types of vices affect the children. The strangely articulated statues are closing in on a boy and girl with the main center piece representing “Indifference”. Many people in this town were in fear that this set of statues would scare the children away, but the Mayor persisted on leaving it as a message to everyone. Even though these statues are somewhat creepy, they depict a deeper message for everyone to obtain.

4. Capela dos Ossos, Évora, Portugal

Capela dos Ossos Tourist Attractions

An image of some of the skeletons on the walls, including the hanging man and young child skeleton. 

Image via: Wikipedia

Also called The Chapel of Bones, this eerie chapel has people doing a double take the moment they step inside of it. This eerie chapel is actually  inside The Royal Church of St. Frances and to the average person just walking past it, it looks absolutely beautiful and a nice shrine for the piety. The Chapel of bones received its name because in the 16th century, there was a short of space on burying people, making monks move over 5,000 corpses to a chapel and decorate their space with these boney remains. The one particular part about this tourist attraction, though, is that two rotted corpses that represent an unnamed man and young child dangle from the ceiling with a noose around their necks.

5. Torture Museum, Amsterdam

Torture Museum Tourist Attractions

One of the devices that is featured in the Torture Museum. 

Image via: Gothic

No, you read that correctly. There is an actual museum in Amsterdam called the Torture Museum. This unique museum displays torture devices throughout history and has been deemed as a museum that is not for the squeamish. Some of their most infamous devices within this museum are pieces from the Middle Ages, including: the skull cracker, the limb-dislocating rack, and the guillotine. Some people report that this museum is so hauntingly disturbing and that fans of this type of torture enjoy themselves at this museum. One of the most haunting things included in this museum, though, is an image of a nude man hanging by his ankles and being sawed in half lengthwise.

6. The Museum of Death, Hollywood

The Museum of Death Creepy Tourist Attractions

One of the rooms inside of the Museum of Death. 

Image via: Atlas Obscura

If you thought that the Torture Museum in Amsterdam was bad and bone chilling, then why not check out The Museum of Death in Hollywood? This museum is an ode to the murder, dismemberment, and other various acts of killing all throughout history. It holds inside of its walls serial killer artwork as well as photos of horrible, tragic accidents and actual crime scenes that have happened, and one of the most prized pieces within this museum is the severed head from the guillotine of the Bluebeard of Paris. Not only do the haunting images of serial killers and their artwork or the dismemberment of people hide within this museum, but there are even creepier things amongst this place. The tour lasts about an hour or so, but people can still hang around and gush over videos of autopsies and actual death footage of real life deaths.

7. Museo de las Momias, Mexico

Museo de las Momias Tourist Attractions

One of the hallways in this eerie mummy museum. 

Image via: Momias de Guana Juato

This museum is a particular kind of creepy. No, it doesn’t have photos of people being dismembered or has torture devices on display for people to see. Instead, there are 111 remarkably preserved mummies sitting perfectly on display for people to look at. They were brought to this museum from the Santa Paula Pantheon between 1865 and 1989. What sends chills down people’s spines is the fact that some of these mummies appear to be screaming, almost like they are saying “no” to whomever is doing this to them and some have very tight clenched fists. What saddens the people, though, is that there are in fact some babies that have been mummified and well preserved.

8. Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California

Winchester Mystery House Tourist Attractions

This image contains a staircase that leads to nowhere (left), part of the house itself (middle), and what a window looks like (right). What this house actually looks like (bottom). 

Images via: RecollectionsTwitter

This infamous house has been on paranormal investigating shows, investigated by many paranormal groups, and still leaves people wondering why this house was built the way it was. Sarah Winchester took 32 years to build this 160 room Victorian style mansion. She did séances within her home and wanted to talk to the people who were killed by one of the Winchester bullets. In this house, it contains: over 2,000 doors, 10,000 windows, 47 fireplaces, and 47 staircases. There have been paranormal reports that at least three ghosts roam around this home throughout the day and night. It is rumored that the confusing hallways that are extremely twisted and the dead-end staircases that lead to nowhere were put there by Sarah to ward off any negative and unwanted spirits and to sort of confuse them in a way. People who have stayed over night at this house have heard organ music play, have seen moving lights as well as turning doorknobs, and some have even been lucky enough to see some ghostly figures roaming around the hallways.

9. Actun Tunichill Muknal Cave, Belize

Actun Tunichill Muknal Cave Tourist Attractions

The remains of the Crystal Maiden. 

Image via: Wikipedia

With this tourist attraction, people are warned that if they do not feel brave enough that they should in fact stay back at the hotel. The brave souls that do want to explore this cave start their exploration by diving into ice cold, pitch black water and traveling through this water to reach a disturbing sight. One of the most iconic figures that are seen in this cave is the remains of a teenage girl from when Mayans used to practice human sacrifices within this cave. This skeleton of the teenage girl is nicknamed The Crystal Maiden because people claim that her bones seem to sparkle when light touches them. Ancient ceramic bowls can also be found in this cave and have “kill holes” in them. This means that these specific types of bowls are were used during bloodletting rituals.

10. Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic

Sedlec Ossuary Creepy Tourist Attractions

The chandelier of this bone filled chapel. 

Image via: Atlas Obscura

Located in Kutna Hora, this 15th century gothic church contains a haunting inside. 19th century woodcarver Frantisek Rint created this glorious chapel into something that is imprinted in its tourists minds forever. This basement-level chapels contains over 40,000 skeletons that are displayed in a beautiful way. Tourists can see these skeletons portrayed in skull candelabras, a towering coat of arms, and a chandelier. Tourists can really see how 40,000 skeletons are used to create this eerie display by looking at the gap-eyed skeletons that hang silently from the ceiling as well as looking at the bone pyramids that are spread around this chapel.

11. Manchac Swamp, Louisiana

Manchac Swamp Tourist Attractions

An eerie image of a tree-line in this haunting and creepy Louisiana swamp. 

Image via: Louisiana Swamp

Featured in the hit HBO show True Blood, this eerie swamp holds more than alligators within its territory. People who have visited this swamp have claimed that there are all sorts of mishaps that happen in the swamp that leave some people with straight shivers down their spines. Here in this swamp, though, is the ghost of the voodoo princess Julie White as well as the Rougarou werewolf of Cajun mythology. There are also eerie and creepy landmarks that people point out are key areas that tourists must see while they are in this swamp. These landmarks include The Hanging Tree and the Frenier Cemetery.

12. Isla de las Muñecas, Mexico

Isla de las Muñecas Tourist Attractions

Some of the dolls that are on the Island of the Dolls, hanging silently in the trees and on wires. 

Image via: Daily Mail

Some people have a strong fear of spiders, others have a strong fear of snakes, while others have a strong fear of clowns. But, there is another fear that most people have, and that is dolls. This island in Mexico is a persons worse nightmare if they have a deep, strong fear of dolls because a farmer created this island of dolls because he was haunted by his memories of a little girl’s body being washed up on the shore of his island. This island is located on Lake Xochimilco, which is near Mexico City. To please this little girls spirit and to represent the spirit of her and the other dead children that there may be, this farmer set out and collected over 100 dolls. Some of these dolls, though, had either missing eyes, limbs, or heads. This farmer then hung these dolls from trees and wires all over the island, making it one of the most ominous and eerie looking islands ever in this world.

13. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Aokigahara Forest Tourist Attractions

These are remains that were found in the forest. 

Image via: Atlas Obscura

This forest is the most famous forest in Japan and perhaps the whole world. It is also nicknamed “suicide forest” because each year, people go into this forest and sadly end their lives. Over the past 50 years, this forest, sitting at the bottom of Mt. Fuji, has witness over 1,000 suicides. This forest contains such thick and dense trees that people have claimed that it is easy to get extremely lost within this forest and that the silence it contains is eerie and haunting. It was also a famous place of ubasute, which means that this was a Japanese custom for leaving elderly people in the wilderness to die. This forest has been deemed one of the most haunted forests in this world by the anger spirits were either abandoned in this thick forest or of those who had taken their lives within these trees.

As you can see, some of these places are true masterpieces that have been put together by some creative artists throughout the years. Every year, tourists visit these locations to either experience what others have or to witness the glory of these haunting places. Whether the people who created some of these places intended them to be such high, popular tourist attractions or not, these places are some of the most populated areas to go whenever someone goes on vacation. Would you dare to go to any of these locations? Remember these places the next time your family plans to go on vacation and maybe even look up to see if there are any creepy tourist attractions where you are going. You never know if you’ll be able to experience the feelings others had when they stepped foot inside of these hauntingly eerie and creepy places.

10+ Explicitly Creepy Abandoned Cities Around The World

There are far more abandoned places in the world than your darkest nightmares can muster. Stark reminders of what once was, they leave behind haunting tales of spirits, curses, and ruin. Ranging from eerie to majestic to downright terrifying, these 15 creepy abandoned cities around the world will chill you to the bones.

Why are Whole Cities Abandoned?

When it comes to abandoned buildings, it is plausible because every building could become dysfunctional at one point. But when whole cities become abandoned and left for dead, it startles one’s mind. It must be quite a ghastly incident that led to a whole city being abandoned. And the callous past that haunts it makes it a creepy abandoned city.

Wonderland Amusement Park — Beijing, China

beijing wonderland amusement park - abandoned cities
Source: quora

Who would’ve thought an amusement could ever be abandoned? What once was fabled to become Beijing’s Disneyland soon fell into ruins. Disputes over land prices brought construction to a halt. The lonely space houses half built amusement rides and castles set for decay. Local farmers have even ceased part of the land for illegal farming.

Hashima Island — Nagasaki, Japan

nagasaki hashima island - abandoned cities
Source: quora

The ghost island marks a high spot on lists for creepy abandoned cities around the world. Hishama Island (also sometimes called Battleship Island) was home to a coal mining facility back in the late 19th century till the mid 20th century. However, its glory days were soon over and now it is home to schools, restaurants, homes and hospitals in ruin. Many James Bond fans would recognize it as the lair of Skyfall’s villain.

Domes — Casa Grande, Arizona

arizona domes - abandoned cities
Source: listverse.wpengine.netdna-cdn.

The Casa Grande ruins survive in battered shape on the outskirts of the desert town. Dwellings of Anasazis, these peculiarly shaped dome-like monuments date back centuries. Many have likened their appearance to UFOs. A place with no real past and no determined future, it reeks of despair and gloom. Feel free to add it to your bucketlist of creepy abandoned cities around the world to visit before you die.

Holy Land USA — Waterbury, Connecticut

connecticut holy land usa - abandoned cities
Source: listverse.wpengine.netdna-cdn

Yet another abandoned theme park, this 18 acre park was once a hub for visitors and children. In the 70’s around 40,000 people came each year. When shut down for renovation in 1984, the owner mysteriously died. The incident left everyone unsure of what to do with the place. Rapidly falling to ruin, multiple freak accidents emerged soon after. On those very grounds a murder also took place.

Oradour-sur-Glane — Haute-Vienne, France

haute vienne oradour sur glane - abandoned cities
Source: historydivision

The infamous and gruesome Oradour-sur-Glane massacre gave rise to this haunted city. The Nazi Waffen SS company wiped out the village, women and children included in 1944. Never rebuilt, the old city was left in ruins. French President Charles DeGaulle made sure the decaying city stayed as a reminder of the gruesome past. In recent years a plague set through the town leaving it more morbid than ever.

Historical Ruins — Bhangarh, India

bhangarh historical ruins - abandoned cities
Source: listverse.wpengine.netdna-cdn

The historical city of Bhangarh is legitimately one of the most creepy abandoned cities around the world. Although transformed into a tourist attraction, there is an interesting fact about the place. No pictured at night exist of the place. At night, paranormal activity reigns in the old city. Legend has it that a heartbroken magician cursed the city after the princess rejected him.  Doomed to death are those who set foot in the city. Rebirth? That is forbidden upon them too.

Suburbs — Lehigh Acres, Florida

florida suburbs - abandoned cities
Source: landcentury

The suburbs of Lehigh Acres hold a story that dates back decades. Once a populated town, the real estate inflation that followed the 90’s rapidly threw it into decline. From the many blocks in the town, barely any are inhabited. The remaining abandoned plots soon became haunted. Wayward spirits and ghosts sought refuge in them hence labeling the place a ghost town. What would cause you to set foot in there?

Veterinary Complex — Anderlecht, Brussels

anderlecht veterinary complex - abandoned cities
Source: listverse.wpengine.netdna-cdn

The deserted and crumbling walls are the least terrifying in this complex. Deserted since the 90’s, fear of what dwelt within resulted in it never being rebuilt. Assorted animal parts still remain stored in jars and vials inside. Appropriately titled, “Horror Labs” what ensued in the complex remains a mystery. From sewn body parts to animal skulls, the place will leave you sick and rather horrified.

Underwater City — Shi Cheng, China

shi cheng underwater city - abandoned cities
Source: dailymail

While most of the creepy abandoned cities around the world lie on the surface of the Earth, this horrifying one lies underwater. China’s Atlantis, the city is preserved underneath the Qiandao Lake. Although it once resided on ground level, the need for a hydroelectric plant caused the flood which submerged it. Now lying perfectly preserved underwater, it has become a creepy destination for daring divers.

Island Of The Dead Dolls — Mexico City, Mexico

mexico island of the dead dolls - abandoned cities
Source: reydocbici

The fable that surrounds this creepy island started with a man named Don Julian Santana Barrera. On one creepy instance, the body of a young girl washed ashore the island. The next day a doll washed ashore. Soon after, a doll drifted past every day. The dead girls spirit was believed to dwell within the dolls. Barrera stayed and collected the hundreds of dolls that kept washing ashore. Now the island is a barren wasteland of rotting dolls. If you are wondering what happened to Barrera, he was found dead in the very same waters. A chilling tale, it leaves many rather disconcerted.

The Village — Kolkmanscop, Namibia

kolkmanscop the village - abandoned cities
Source: dailymail

When the diamond hunters of Germany rampaged this village, they settled soon after. However, when the diamond rush ended the Europeans left. As a result, the town was left derelict and abandoned. The desert then took to making the town its own. Sand filled the abandoned homes consequently burying the city. What lives on in the empty homes now is a mystery.

Sanzhi District — New Taipei, Taiwan

new taipei sanzhi district - abandoned cities
Source: photorator

The 1970s saw the creation of pod houses in this district. The dream was to create a futuristic town. Eco conscious and forward thinking was the vision for this town. However, the financing company soon ran out of budget. As a result, the district was abandoned. Rumor has it that the city was built on a graveyard and hence was eternally cursed. Multiple accidents emerged resulting in workers’ gruesome deaths. Despite being razed to the ground in 2010, the horrifying history of the place lingers on.

Ground Zero — Pripyat, Ukraine

pripyat ground zero - abandoned cities
Source: mnn

Located in the Chernobyl zone, Pripyat was privy to the worst nuclear disaster in history. In 1986, a freak accident destroyed a nuclear reactor. Within 36 hours, 49,000 residents evacuated. The high radiation in the region makes it inhabitable. Even today, no one dares set foot there. Nature has reclaimed the town for itself making it a notable spot among creepy abandoned cities around the world.

Old West Ghost Town  Garnet, Montana

garnet old west ghost town - abandoned cities
Source: garnetghosttown

Distant, abandoned and haunted, the Garnet Ghost town is famous for its creepy stories. Around 1000 people dwelt there at its peak during the gold rush times. When the gold rush finished, everyone left. Consequently the place fell into ruins. Shortly after, a huge fire almost destroyed the whole town. It is one of the most visited creepy abandoned cities around the world.

Mining Town – Centralia, Pennsylvania

centralia mining town - abandoned cities
Source: huffingtonpost

What used to be a mining town was soon reduced to ash and dust. After a fire broke out in 1962, the residents evacuated. Rumor has it that it shall continue burning for 250 more years. As a result, the town’s zip code was revoked. Reduced to a blip on the map, its atmosphere parallels Saturn in toxicity. This is a world where no human can dwell. Only the supernatural!


It is indeed shocking to realize that humans fail to maintain the composure of the earth after using it so discourteously. Humans are, undoubtedly, the most ungrateful of the creations. These cities/part of the cities were left abandoned in the ugliest of shapes and nature transformed them into more creepy places so they become too frail and vile to be inhabited by any living thing. Hence were declared as explicitly creepy abandoned cities.

They only purpose such cities serve are research for scientists. For ghost hunters and paranormal investigators, these places are perfect as they are home to thousands of spirits and evil entities. Such places are, in fact, gateways to demonic entities since they carry so much negative energy within them. Plan a visit to one of these places and spend a few nights. It’s hopeful that you will interact and become a nice company to the undead. What’s the worst that could happen, right?

10+ Beautiful Abandoned Places Around World To Creep You

The world is filled with many beautiful sights. Some are natural to the environment that they reside in. Others are man-made testaments to beauty and skill.

Unfortunately, for some of these structures, mankind left them in pursuit of bigger and better prospects. Sometimes through death, safety, and even urban legends are to blame for their abandonment.  Here are twenty of the most beautiful mansions in the world, lost to time.

Texas Baker Hotel - Abandoned Places
Source: binomial/flickr

The Abandoned is Seldom The Beautiful

Before you begin, note that most of the abandoned places are left at the mercy of nature and some emerge as a beautiful abode if they have it in their fate. It is not crucial for every abandoned place to come out as a lovely one. The places listed below are only one of the few places that transformed into something attractive after being abandoned. Rest remain in the ashes, or were rebuilt and became functional.

Baker Hotel

The Baker Hotel, located in Mineral Wells, Texas, was so called due to the rejuvenating mineral waters located in town. Opened in 1929, the Hotel thrived until 1967 when it’s founder, Theodore Baker died in the suite that bared his name. The hotel closed for good within five years.

Location: Miner Wells, Texas

Methodist Church - Abandoned Places
Source: Slworking2/flickr

Sanctuary. Abandoned City Methodist Church

Founded in 1925, The City Methodist Church at the cost of a million dollars, almost have of which was donated by U.S. Steel. The building was so huge, the congregation consisted of nearly 3,000 people. It featured a basketball gymnasium and had storefronts built in to take away a bit of the sting of the cost to build.

The abandoned building also went up against racism in the form of the Ku Klux Klan when Pastor William Seaman welcomed African American Parishioners at a time when segregation was popular. The Church fell to the Great Gary Arson of 1997. It is now owned by the city with no plans to rebuild at this time.

Location: Gary, Indiana.

Chateau Miranda - Abandoned Places
Source: Photo by Benjamin Wiessner

Chateau Miranda

In 1866, Edward Milner was commissioned by the Liedekerke-Beaufort family to build the castle. It has since become to be called the Chateau de Noisy (The Noisy Castle. Milner came out of the Victorian garden movement and became the principle of London’s Crystal Palace School for Gardening. The kitchen was once used to serve feasts to guests but is now riddled with decay.

See more pictures here

Location: Belgium

Belgium Kasteel van Mesen - Abandoned Places
Source: Niek Beck/flickr

Kasteel van Mesen

Built in 1625, this abandoned building has served as a gin distillery, castle, tobacco factory and after WWI, it became a boarding school for girls. After education was banned in Flemish areas, the site was abandoned in 1971. The once mighty behemoth saw its last days when it was torn down in 2010

Location: Lede, Belgium

Chateau de la Foret - Abandoned Places
Source: Photo by Maikal Goossens

Chateau de la Foret

Originally built in 1502, much of that building was replaced by the new owners in 1860. Abandoned since the 1990’s, the mansion has been preserved by time ever since. no work has been done sine the owner passed away and the current owners are unsure of who will eventually live in the Neo-Tudor style house.

The mansion is filled with secret rooms, chandeliers, and moth eaten tapestries. Given the length of time that has passed since it’s last occupant, the mansion remains in fairly pristine condition.

Location: Moulbaix, Hainaut, western Belgium

New York Halcyon Hall - Abandoned Places
Source: Joseph A/flickr

Halcyon Hall, Bennett College, Millbrook, New York

Halcyon Hall enjoyed a posh status as a luxury hotel in the 1890’s. Unfortunately not for very long as it closed its doors in 1901. It did, however, enjoy a second chance as a posh boarding school for girls up until 1978. The now abandoned school’s upper-class families could not compete with the coeducational system.

Location: Millbrook, New York

New York Room Mansion - Abandoned Places
Source: Bryan Sansivero/flickr

57-Room Mansion

Built in the late 1930’s, this 57-room mansion was abandoned by a landlord who supposedly bought lavish mansions with the sole purpose of watching them rot. Freaky paraphernalia inhabits the now decrepit old house such as a vast shoe collection, eerie dolls, and a child’s stroller. The building rests on 6 acres of land and contains a bowling alley, library, a tennis court (pictured) and two bars.

See more pictures here

Location: New York

Wales The Baron Hill Mansion - Abandoned Places
Source: Kris Williams/flickr

The Baron Hill Mansion

The Bulkeley family had a terraced garden attached to their mansion, which remained untouched until they had an architect by the name of Samuel Wyatt remodel in 1776. The now abandoned mansion stayed relatively unchanged for two centuries when the family left it and turned it into a glorified storage shed in the 1920s. A fire destroyed a fair portion of the interior causing this mansion to become abandoned.

Location: Beaumaris, Wales.

Germany 18th-century Mansion - Abandoned Places
Source: Jan bommes/flickr

An 18th-century Mansion

During the 1700s, the owner of this currently abandoned mansion constructed an ode to Dutch Baroque castles. A fire destroyed nearly the entire structure, however, the family had it rebuilt and it was used as an architectural school. The current owner has bricked up many of the windows and it remains empty.

Location: East Germany

Maryland stuccoed brick mansion - Abandoned Places
Source: jack Says Relax:flickr

Selma, a stuccoed brick mansion

Elijah Brokenborough White built this two and a half story house in 1902. He bred horses there and then eventually willed it to his daughter. The abandoned house has changed hands many times over the years with no one actually living in it. The house has fallen into disrepair but a petition to list it as a historical building is currently making the rounds.

Location: Maryland.

13th-century Locket Castle - Abandoned Places
Source: Jim Linwood/flickr

13th-century Locket Castle

Charles the IV often stayed at this abandoned castle. His son had it rebuilt but the castle has switched owners over the years. It had fallen to neglect until it was turned into a jailhouse. it was closed but now publicly welcomes visitors.

Location: Czech Republic

Britain Harewood Castle - Abandoned Places
Source: Tom Blackwell/flickr

Harewood Castle

Sir William De Aldeburgh founded this castle in 1366. “This photograph was taken through a broken section of a wall adjoining one of the stairways,” wrote Tom Blackwell, the photographer, on Flickr. “It depicts the castle’s former centerpiece, a great hall where many feasts and gatherings would have taken place. Today it lies in brooding silence…”

Location: Great Britain

Belgium Round Mansion - Abandoned Places
Source: Andre Govia:hotspot media

Round Mansion

Despite not being inhabited for years, this abandoned mansion’s rooms are all neat and tidy as if they had never been left alone.

See more pictures here

Location: West Belgium

Smith Mansion - Abandoned Places
Source: via Huffington Post

Smith Mansion

To drive by the Smith Mansion is to look at possibly the work of a raving lunatic. The structure itself looks like someone nailed a bunch of 2X4’s together with no plan whatsoever. Built by Lee Smith, the structure stands 75 feet tall and has no running water and a bit of electricity. Unfortunately, a windy day cause Lee to take a 12 foot drop to his death and the project has been abandoned ever since.

See more pictures here

Location: Yellowstone National Park.

Italy Castello di Sammezzano - Abandoned Places
Source: Martino Zegwaard/flickr

Castello di Sammezzano

This abandoned castle was built in 1605 in Tuscany but for the last 20 years, it has been left dormant. unprotected from vandals and the elements, the Castello di Sammezzano was built with 365 rooms, one for every day of the year. Built by Ximenes of Aragon over 400 years ago, it wasn’t until the 19th century that it would take on its Arabian, dreamlike signature look. After the Germans looted the castle during WWII, it became a hotel until 1990.

See more pictures here

Location: Northern Italy

Georgia Briarcliff Mansion - Abandoned Places
Source: Photo by Jeff Hagerman

Briarcliff Mansion

In 1922, this abandoned mansion was constructed for the son of the founder of Coca-Cola, Asa Griggs Candler, Jr. In the 1950s it was also used as an alcoholic treatment center. There are currently plans to turn the abandoned mansion into a 54 room boutique hotel.

See more pictures here

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Scotland Cambusnethan House - Abandoned Places
Source: Paradasos/flickr

The Cambusnethan House

Built in 1820 to the Lockhart family of Castlehill, this abandoned mansion heavily featured the family crest all over the house. The crest reportedly tells the story of the Lockhart ancestors who brought back the heart of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots back from the Holy Land. Many of this mansion’s style of houses were demolished in the 1950s and this one’s usage stopped in the 1980s due to safety concerns because of its age.

Location: North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Taiwan The Jukuiju - Abandoned Places
Source: Alexander Synaptic/flickr

The Jukuiju

This abandoned mansion was built in 1920, however its owners are the subject of debate. Some say that it was a famous poet, Chen Ruoshi while others argue that it was a wealthy businessman, Chen Shaozong. A man named Liu bought the mansion after Shaozong’s death. It is believed to be owned by Liu’s heirs. Regardless of ownership, the mansion possesses a beautiful Taiwanese/Japanese architectural hybrid.

Location: Taiwan

Italy Villa de Vecchi - Abandoned Places
Source: jjkdc/flickr

Villa de Vecchi

There is a sad tale that goes along with this abandoned mansion from the 1800s. Felix de Vecchi returned to Italy after traveling the world and serving as a soldier. He commissioned architect, Alessandro Sidoli to design the perfect home. A year before completion, Sidoli passed away, unable to see his grand work. A year later, de Vecchi came home to find his wife slain and daughter kidnapped. After a valiant search, de Vecchi committed suicide, unable to deal with his great loss.

Location: Italy

Taiwan Liu Family Mansion - Abandoned Places

The Liu Family Mansion 

This abandoned mansion was built in 1929 to a businessman and his family. Commonly referred to as the Minxiong Ghost House, there are varying stories as to how it got its nickname. One involves the story of a maid who fell in love with the businessman and committed suicide due to her grief. Another simply says that it is haunted by members of the Imperial Army who were killed on the property. The family abandoned the mansion in the 40s.

Location: Taiwan

Notice how the reason behind the beauty of these abandoned places is usually nature or some aesthetically minded architect who couldn’t think of his design to ever collapse. This is a very rare phenomenon and does not happen without an exceptionally enduring design of the place. These places serve as a major spot for tourists to venture and retain a wonderful aesthetic atmosphere. Some of such places might seem to be creepy like the Castello di Sammezzano in Tuscany. But, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; people who have the passion just love creepy places and can really perceive the beauty of a broken and eerie habitat.

The photographs given for each place just give a glimpse of what that place might guise as. Look up for more pictures to have a good idea of the beauty of each place, they all have wonders inside them that will make you inquisitive about the extraordinary aura and will lure you into the desire to experience the place in real life. Some of these places are picture-perfect for adventure lovers such as The Jukuiju, Taiwan which gives off a strong natural essence with all the forestry and the contiguous mountains.

10+ Of The Creepiest Abandoned Prisons In World

Crime has become an increasingly common activity these days with people whipping out guns and police officers shooting young men in broad daylight. Although none of these said individuals are facing any time in jail thanks to a fair share of privileges, that wasn’t how things were done in the old days. Prison time was hard and it was real. No longer as popular as they once were, there are numerous prisons around the world that are no longer being used. How far can you go down this blood-curdling list of the creepiest abandoned prisons in the world?

The Horrir Aura of Abandoned Prisons

This list of the creepiest abandoned prisons contains real life haunted places which are likely to drive you insane if visited. In some of these places, the sensation of something evil watching over your head is so powerful it totally overwhelms you. You’re bound to feel chills after reading this!

Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary - Abandoned Prisons
Source: Pinterest

Founded in 1829, violence and torture was a frequently practiced act. Claiming to “improve” the behavior of inmates, many grizzly acts were performed.  The staff celebrated the arrival of winter by steeping the prisoners in cold water and leaving them to “dry” in the freezing winter air. Closed in 1971, for a couple of decades, the prison was home to countless inmates who suffered at the hands of the staff.

Today it is a museum and a haunted house. Every Halloween, visitors flock to visit to hear the ghostly shrieks bouncing off the crumbling walls.

Alcatraz Federal Prison

Alcatraz Federal Prison - Abandoned Prisons
Source: dailymail

Located on San Francisco Bay, water surrounds the area with sunset views to die for (pun intended). Some of the most notorious American convicts like Machine Gun Kelly (George Barnes) did time in there. Many others faced their ultimate death before the establishment closed in 1963. Perhaps one of the creepiest abandoned prisons in the world, memories of the deceased still haunt the place. Blaring music, shrill screams, and endless weeping can often be heard from the walls. Join the party, boys!

Bodmin Jail

Bodmin Jail - Abandoned Prisons
Source: Pinterest

King George III thought it fitting to hold more than 150 criminals between the walls of Bodmin Jail in 1779. With the First World War in motion, death was easier to come by than rain in England.  In the 100+ years between 1785 and 1909, 55 executions took place in Bodmin. Not particularly merciful, the most famous execution was of Selina Wadge. She was hung for murdering her smallest boy and her soul still thirsts for more. Extreme and frequent supernatural activity can be heard from the confined walls of the prison. Screams, banging on the walls are regularly heard and reported to the police.

Atlanta Prison Farm

Atlanta Prison Farm - Abandoned Prisons
Source: onlyinyourstate

Located in Georgia, the prison was burnt to a crisp in October, 2009. If that isn’t depressing, firefighters did not even attempt to extinguish the wild flames. That day marked the end of the prison farm and the start of one of the many abandoned prisons in world. The place soon became haunted and ghost hunters frequent the place in search of troubled spirits.

Pottawatomie County Jail

Pottawatomie County Jail - Abandoned Prisons
Source: Pinterest

The Iowa prison started in 1885 is a true work of art. The fantastic design earned the prison the title of Squirrel Cage Jail. The prison’s cells kept changing places with the mechanism of a water wheel. The wheel frequently malfunctioned and the gears jammed. Often times it got stuck resulting in body parts of the inmates to be crushed and turned to jelly. Lost cells soon became a thing too and on occasion a prisoner found himself trapped. Unable to be retrieved, the corpse rotted away in the same cell. Broken beyond repair and in shambles, this abandoned prison in world it still hosts trapped souls. Some people are never meant to breakout!

Old Salem Jail

Old Salem Jail - Abandoned Prisons
truru  Source: dgrin

The stories and horrors which surfaced from this Massachusetts prison are too gory to be true. Brad Upton, a corrections officer, states “I refrain from retelling any stories, because no one believes them”. He also said “you were either there, or you weren’t”. You can tell by how he constructed these words that the details were too messed up for any of the staff (the ones living) to ever retell them. The institute closed in 1991 and for more than 2 decades haunted tales swam about. Later the place was demolished and transformed into luxury apartment flats. One of the few abandoned prisons in world to be refurbished, the new luxurious place still rings with ghostly cries.

Ararat County Gaol: J Ward

Ararat County Gaol: J Ward - Abandoned Prisons
Source: cbidgie.deviantart

In 1861, Ararat County Gaol began imprisoning culprits during the Victoria gold rush. Although the gold rush spell was over in 1887, the prison was not shut down. It was reformed into a psychiatric ward. No one is really sure whether the moans, shrieking cries, and rapid footsteps are those of the psychopaths or the criminals. When heard, it’s hard to tell the difference as it is.

Vilvoorde Prison

Vilvoorde Prison - Abandoned Prisons
Source: scribol

Not much is revealed about this multiuse prison that opened in 1779. The building was created fairly simply. The silhouette was big and rectangular and divided equally into 4 different sections. 12,000 homeless sex workers, drunkards, and tramps were packed in the establishment with minimal comfortable. Forcefully employed to produce artisanal items from cotton, wool, and hemp the individuals soon found that they will never leave.

In the 1900s medical military assistance was required. The building’s inhabitants proved of much use. Shortly afterwards the Germans took over and once more began the unjust worker trade. 2006 was the year when the establishment was finally deemed as a historical monument. Visitors and tourists get to witness the cruel history the building is soaked in from the carvings, drawings and eerie hallways.

Sinop Fortress Prison

Sinop Fortress Prison - Abandoned Prisons
Source: sinopale

A state prison that was built in 1887, it is said to be the oldest prisons in Turkey. Built on the northwestern section of Cape Sinop, it is one of the many haunted abandoned prisons in the world. It lasted a whole decade before it was shut down in 1997. The inmates who survived the deathly halls were moved to a new prison. However, those who lost their souls within have never really left. Although open to the public, many fear to step inside.

Goli Otok Prison

Goli Otok Prison - Abandoned Prisons
Source: blocal-travel

Goli Otok in Italian means a barren island which happened to be one in Croatia. Once lush with greenery and a home for grazing cattle, the land was soon to be barren and flooded with labor camps and prisons. It was a top secret propaganda and was known to only a few. 16,000 political prisoners found themselves trapped within the boundaries of the island and around 600 of them died in the same spot. Islands may be great for tourists but not one that takes a spot in abandoned prisons in world. The horrors of the place are endless.

Carabanchel Prison

Carabanchel Prison - Abandoned Prisons
Source: Flickr

The Spanish Civil War that lasted 4 long years forced the Spanish government to build the largest prison in Europe. Political prisoners were detained in there alongside the practice of slave labor. In 1998 the establishment was closed and in 2008 there was a political discussion over what to do with the useless haunted building. It was soon decided that it should be destroyed for no one could tread on those grounds. Although hospitals and apartments deck the area now, you can never tell if spirits are watching you.

HM Pentridge Prison

HM Pentridge Prison - Abandoned Prisons
Source: all-that-is-interesting

The HM Pentridge Prison was Her Majesty’s prison and it was a pretty big one. It was meant to hold 650 prisoners and a hundred guards. But things got grisly and soon the number of prisoners reached a thousand. After countless scandals and riots the prison was shut down. A large fraction of the prisoners died within its confines. The prison ground was then razzed to make space for the graves of the deceased. Talk about abandoned prisons in world turned into haunting graveyards. This stuff comes straight out of a nightmare.

Isle of Procida Jail

Isle of Procida Jail - Abandoned Prisons
Source: Pinterest

Once a castle, the Isle of Procida rapidly fell into decline. Built in 1563, it was not until 1815 when King Ferdinand II widened its horizons that it became a prison. Quite a rotten prison, this one was. Quite literally. The Procida prison in Italy was ridden with decay and rot. The inmates lived in gruesome circumstances and left to rot. In 1988, the jail was officially closed but the remnants of its inhabitants still live on.

William Porter Reformatory

William Porter Reformatory - Abandoned Prisons
Source: environmentalgraffiti

Located in Tokai, South Africa the prison was not exactly for adults. The eldest individuals detained in this underage jail were not more than 16 years. Some children were held captive in isolation cells. The prison was said to be “playing a role in the social engineering of the black and white working class community”. The gruesome child abuse does not end here. Whoever had the misfortune of stepping into the abandoned prison can’t help but feel the loneliness and misery of the dead souls of children.

Wyoming Territorial Prison

Wyoming Territorial Prison - Abandoned Prisons
Source: Pinterest

Built in 1872, the territorial prison was meant to confine the ever-growing number of criminals in the area. But instead, the staff were faced with numerous prison escapees, too many inmates and ghost fires erupting. A failed attempt at a prison did not seem to shoo away the infamous Julius Greenwald who was sentenced for murdering his wife. He had an expert hand when it came to rolling cigars and he made a habit out of smoking a great deal of them. Passing away in 1901 from a heart failure, Julius still lingers about in the place he died. The faint cigar smoke smell that wafts in the corridors echoing with emptiness will lead you to him.

Old Charleston Jail

Old Charleston Jail - Abandoned Prisons
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Feeling adventurous? Well, here is your next visiting spot! The Old Charleston jail is said to be ringing with old souls and the famous convict, Lavinia Fisher. Built in 1802, the fortress-like prison was up and running till 1939. But the hustle and bustle never died out and you can still hear the commotion of the undead through the walls.

Essex County Jail

Essex County Jail - Abandoned Prisons
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Rendered out of order in 1970 when a newer version of it was built, the Essex County prison still lives on. Fire damage and endless decay have done the building more harm than good. Drug addicts and the homeless call the abandoned spot home. But any sane person can distinctly make out the shadowy faces that linger in windows and halls.

Moundsville West Virginia Penitentiary

Moundsville West Virginia Penitentiary - Abandoned Prisons
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One of the most notorious abandoned prisons in the world, the staff at this penitentiary were exceptional.  Started in 1876, the prison was around for more than a hundred years before being abandoned. During the 100+ years that it existed, it earned a famous nametag amongst other jails. It was easily the best when it came to beating inmates to death, electrocuting them and hanging them. The prisoners still hang around in search of much-deserved vengeance.

Holmesburg Prison

Holmesburg Prison - Abandoned Prisons
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Built purely out of stone, the Holmesburg jail was never meant to be escaped from. The guards made the jail even worse by punishing the inmates with heat. A small building with huge steam radiators was created to ‘steam them out’. Prisoners perished as temperature reached 200 degrees inside the small building at times. Later in the 1960s, the inmates had a new job to fulfill. Biochemical, pharmaceutical and dermatological weapons were experimented and researched with the results being tested out on the prisoners. In 1973, the warden and the deputy warden were murdered in cold blood. As a final point, in 1995 the jail was shut down. In one of the most terrifying abandoned prisons in world, the restless souls never really found peace

New Mexico State Penitentiary

New Mexico State Penitentiary - Abandoned Prisons
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The prison was a fairly normal one but not so much on February 2nd and 3rd, 1980. The two days marked the most brutal and violent prison riots in the American correctional system’s history. In those 2 days 200 inmates were sent for medical care while 33 others needed graves. A few weeks after the riot, the prison shut down and since has been titled the Most Haunted Spot in New Mexico. The dead returned to their former home and terrified the former employees with disembodied voices and sudden apparitions.

If you went through the entire list with flinching or feeling one in your spine, you really have some mettle! Most of the places, especially the Eastern State Penitentiary, has been mentioned in several places as the creepiest abandoned prison and it is locally famous for dreadful haunting incidents. Another such place is the Alcatraz Federal Prison; whoever wants to visits this prison has already lost their mind or will lose it when they actually visit the prison. It takes some fearless ones to even pass by these places after sundown.

Abandoned prisons (including asylums) are, in fact, the most haunted places than can be found on earth. Hospitals and the rest come after. It is so because all the prisoners die with such ire, ferocity and hatred in their mind that their spirits get corrupted by the evil intentions. And when they finally pass away, their restless spirits become vengeful ones. People have been warned not to visit such a place. Even if they really have to, they must not stay overnight; because nights are when they spirits gets furious.

10+ Abandoned Churches From Around The World

Religion has always been a driving force around the world. Millions have gathered to honor those that they worship in a time-honored tradition. Tradition, unfortunately, doesn’t always stand the test of time as we will examine in this article. Here are 15 abandoned churches from around the world.

Significance of Abandoned Churches

All of the churches below have historical prominence and are known famously among the people in their respective areas. These places might make a decent tourism spot but some have also taken interest in them as a haunted place; since they had been abandoned and no one has been residing in these churches. Nonetheless, these churches are of archaeological interest as well since their remains tell so many tales about the past.



Where once stood a proud monument to faith, now sits an abandoned church, devoid of inspiration. This Cistercian monastery, located in Notre Dame, was burned down during the French Revolution in 1793 for its hospitality toward the Austrian troops.

Belgium - Abandoned Churches
15 Abandoned Churches From Around The World Source: Belgium / Dennis Jarvis, Flickr

Lisbon, Portugal

Such beautiful arches designed to bring glory to God sit unattended. Ruins of The Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel(Igreja do Carmo) was destroyed in the great Lisbon earthquake of 1755.

Lisbon, Portugal - Abandoned Churches
15 Abandoned Churches From Around The World Source: Lisbon, Portugal / Bert Kaufmann, Flickr

Chicago, IL

The Windy City perhaps took away the parishioners of this abandoned church. St Laurence Church and school was closed down by the Archdiocese in 2002 for dwindling membership.

Chicago, IL - Abandoned Churches
15 Abandoned Churches From Around The World Source: Chicago, IL / Ashley Diener, Flickr


A missing bell indicates that there are no more joyful noises being uttered in this the abandoned church. The Church of Monserrate is located near Quibaxe Ngonguembo.

Angola - Abandoned Churches
15 Abandoned Churches From Around The World Source: Angola / jbdodane, Flickr

Edinburgh, Scotland

A few patrons come to see the residuals of this abandoned church. Holyrood Abbey has been abandoned since the 18th century but is currently protected as a monument.

Edinburgh, Scotland - Abandoned Churches
15 Abandoned Churches From Around The World Source: Edinburgh, Scotland / smilla4, Flickr

Tsqaltubo, Georgia

Not the one in the United States, this a now abandoned church only nurtures moss, not souls. The Ruins of King’s palace in Georgia, Geguti were a product of the Georgian-Turkic wars.

Tsqaltubo, Georgia - Abandoned Churches
15 Abandoned Churches From Around The World Source: Tsqaltubo, Georgia / Berdo Maghularia, Flickr

County Meath, Ireland

This abandoned church was the victim of St. Patricks infamous fire in 433 A.D. It was then a 16th Century monastery on the Hill of Slane.

County Meath, Ireland - Abandoned Churches
15 Abandoned Churches From Around The World Source: County Meath, Ireland / Holly Hayes, Flickr


This abandoned church could double as a set from the Lord of the Rings, specifically the Mines of Moria where many Dwarves had perished in battle. Not a scene to inspire the celebration of life. Haghphat Monastery has suffered a bevy of attacks and earthquakes, one as recently as 1988.

Armenia - Abandoned Churches
15 Abandoned Churches From Around The World Source: Haghpat, Armenia / Lorenzoclick, Flickr

Quecholac, Mexico

This abandoned church was a former convent.

Quecholac, Mexico - Abandoned Churches
15 Abandoned Churches From Around The World. Source: Quecholac, Mexico / rageforst æsthir, Flickr

Hampshire, England

The sun is constantly hidden as well as followers of this abandoned church. Once known as Netley Abbey, Sir William Paulet inherited it from William VIII and turned it into a mansion.

Hampshire, England - Abandoned Churches
15 Abandoned Churches From Around The World Source: Hampshire, England / JackPeasePhotography, Flickr


There are much more dark days in store for this abandoned church which resides in a small town called, Lippstadt.

Germany - Abandoned Churches
15 Abandoned Churches From Around The World Source: Lippstadt, Germany / Thomas Mues, Flickr


The sun set on the last days of this abandoned church a long time ago. The remains are known as Jesus Christ of Jerusalem / Ruins of Temple Dilos Apollo.

Greece - Abandoned Churches
15 Abandoned Churches From Around The World Source: Khorion, Greece / Vicky Tsavdaridou, Flickr


The luck of the Irish wasn’t enough to save this abandoned church from o.bscurity. Corcomroe Abbey began to fall to ruin due to the monks being unable to caretake the grounds on account of the political climate.

Ireland - Abandoned Churches
15 Abandoned Churches From Around The World Source: Ireland / Walt Hubis, Flickr


Unkempt pillars were not enough to support the followers of this abandoned church, located in Rathcormac. The birds seemed to have found a home, however.

Abandoned Churches
15 Abandoned Churches From Around The World Source: Rathcormac, Cork, Ireland / Alison Killilea, Flickr

Suffolk, England

The graveyard in the foreground tells the story of the worshippers of this abandoned church. St. Andrews of Covehithe found itself in troubling times whe it parishioners were no longer able to keep up the maintenance in 1672.

England Suffolk - Abandoned Churches
15 Abandoned Churches From Around The World Source: Suffolk, England / David Merrett, Flickr

Most of the churches were destroyed or damaged by humans such as the church in Belgium, which was burnt down during the French Revolution. Or the one in Tsqaltubo which became a victim of war and now tells tales about its unpleasant past. Some of the churches became quarry to both man and nature, as the Haghphat Monastery in Armenia. And a few were only spoiled due to lack of care or natural causes, just like the church in Rathcormac, Ireland. Its pillar became too feeble to hold its own weight and ultimately became a part of the natural habitat. Whether it be through financial instability, political discourse, or a simple loss of faith, these churches have seen better days. These are a symbol that at one point, the people of their indigenous area at one point thought of something higher than themselves.

The churches and monasteries might seem very unpleasant but factually speaking, most of them are worthy of a visit. They possess astounding beauty for photography and for tourism purposes. In such abandoned places, nature always seems to take over the remains and convert the obnoxious acts of humans into a work of art of Mother Nature. A few of such churches have unstable structure and is it deemed dangerous to go inside them. And about those churches who were burned down or destroyed, causing innocent lives to end, have a ghostly smudge in their atmosphere.