“My Friend Dahmer”: Watch The Eerie New Trailer For Most Chilling Serial Killer Movie

In Ohio, a movie documenting the life of the infamous serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, is in the works. The film connects the dots in relation to the events occurring prior to the notorious deaths that marked the beginnings of the making of a murderer. The trailer for the movie was debuted on 22nd July on Saturday at Comic Con as reported by WJW.

My Friend Dahmer Movie Making Horror Side:

“Take A Deep Breath”

Take A Deep Breath
Source: YouTube

The film is based on a graphic novel written in 2012 by the title of “My Friend Dahmer”. It also possesses the same title. Written by the serial killer’s high school friend John “Derf” Backderf, the book explores an aspect of Dahmer that no one was privy to before.

“You Need To Be More Normal”

You Need To Be More Normal
Source: YouTube

In his early life, Dahmer lived with his parents in Bath Township and attended Revere High School in Richfield, Ohio. Shot around Northeast Ohio, the movie even features Dahmer’s real childhood home.

“I Now Present To You Jeffrey Dahmer”

I Now Present To You Jeffrey Dahmer
Source: YouTube

The cast for the film includes Ross Lynch of Disney who plays the main character of the angsty teenager. Dallas Roberts and Anne Heche play the role of his parents. Marc Meyers officially wrote and directed “My Friend Dahmer”. Scheduled for complete release in Fall 2017, the movie was screened in New York at the Tribeca Film Festival in April.

Watch the Teaser for My Friend Dahmer below:

As a serial killer, Dahmer was responsible for the death of 17 people. These killings took place between 1978 and 1991. He was sentenced to multiple lie sentences and was locked up at the Columbia Correctional Institution. He met his demise when a fellow inmate beat him to death.

Till Death Do Us Part: This Couple Has A Killer Wedding Photo Shoot

Vanessa (Van) Lawson and Josh Morden are about to take the plunge and join each other’s company for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately for them, that won’t be too far down the road as the couple had a very famous camping enthusiast crash their wedding photos. The zombie killer of Camp Crystal Lake couldn’t even wait for the crazy kids to get down the aisle before showering them with affection…and blood.

Van and Josh share a love of horror movies that may be the bond that keeps them alive during this horrific shoot. Many couples have started incorporating themes to their wedding photos to spruce up what some may consider a tired tradition. What God has brought together, let no machete tear apart.

Josh and Vanessa, sitting in a tree

Josh and Vanessa began dating in high school and through college which would put them at the right age demographic for Jason’s blood lust.

Josh and Vanessa
Source: http://bmgray.com

Prenuptial agreement

Jason only kills teenagers with loose morals. I wonder what made these two love birds catch his rotting puss-filled eyes.

Prenuptial agr
Source: http://bmgray.com

Ignorance is bliss

Obviously, they are so smitten with one another, they are unfamiliar with the story of the camp counselors who weren’t paying attention and let an innocent boy drown many years ago. or perhaps they are thrillseekers looking to participate in Jason Vorhees’ annual murder jamboree.

Ignorance is bliss
Source: http://bmgray.com

Stretching is best before extensive cardio

Nothing like a run for your life in the woods to proclaim your love for your spouse to be.

Stretching is best before extensive cardio
Source: http://bmgray.com

I object!

Jason certainly is fickle. he hates preteen sex but is now going after two people who are trying to do the right thing.

I object
Source: http://bmgray.com

Jason’s a good helper

Jason overheard Vanessa saying that she wanted to lose a few pounds for the ceremony.

Source: http://bmgray.com

Til death do us part

Josh hopes that Vanessa will have the strength to move on.

Til death do us part
Source: http://bmgray.com

A killer game of hide and seek

Jason hopes that the bride and groom like his wedding gift. it cost an arm and a leg!

A killer game of hide and seek
Source: http://bmgray.com

Raising a toast

“To the bride and groom on the happiest day of their lives!”

Josh and Vanessa
Source: http://bmgray.com

What a rock!

Vanessa was proud to show off the band connecting her and Joshua forever.

What a rock
Source: http://bmgray.com

“We knew exactly how we wanted to die. We definitely wanted the shot of the killer standing in the woods staring at us as we held hands.” Van told Yahoo Shine. The Canadian couple is going to be joined together for all eternity provided they didn’t undergo some traumatic experience that caused them to leave this mortal coil unnaturally. Given the nature of their relationship, I’m sure they will suit Vanessa and Josh just fine. We’re not sure when Josh and Van will actually tie the knot but our bets are on October 31st or Friday the 13th.

8 Killer Novels Written By Killers – Great Killer Authors

Once upon a time baseball was America’s favorite past time. Somewhere along the lines, We became enthralled with the serial killer. American Crime Story and How to make a murderer are two on the most popular television shows, the former nominated for and won a bunch of Emmys. Before that, it was fictional serial killer, Dexter Morgan. Although to be fair, he only killed bad guys but that’s hardly the point.

People are genuinely intrigued with the sociopathic nature. The BBC airs a version of Sherlock Holmes who is a private detected and self-proclaimed “fully functioning sociopath. And where is the best place to find out how a serial killer ticks? You get inside their brain, of course! Here is a list of eight serial killers who not only confessed to their crimes, they went into explicit detail on how they did it publicly.

A Question of Doubt
Source: Youtube

A Question of Doubt

John Wayne Gacy was a notorious serial killer who took the lives of 33 people between the ages if 9-22. Culling a few from his inner circle, Gacy, also known as the Killer Clown, roamed the streets in search of drifters and runaways in order to perform his ghastly acts. He lured them in with the promise of performing magic, locked them in handcuffs, and proceeded to rape and torture them before he killed them and stuffed them in his crawlspace.

Gacy, with the help of Shane Bugby, wrote a tell-all book claiming innocence of all his dastardly crimes. In the preface, Gacy is quoted as saying:

This is not an autobiography covering my entire life, but a detailed account of the nightmare I lived from December 11, 1978, until March 13, 1980. This is the history of the concoction of lies and calculated deceit created by the police and the news media

Today, the book is out of print but on occasion those really hardcore to find it may search eBay. This too, however, is extremely rare.

The Final Truth
Source: Youtube

The Final Truth

Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins killed 13 people in South Carolina where he buried the bodies in the woods. Standing at 5’4″, he claims to have killed as many as 110 people but was only convicted of eight of the murders. His close friends and family members described him as a hard-working, helpful man. Perhaps it was the fact that he drove a hearse that made them just a bit uncomfortable. Initially sentenced to life in prison, he was upgraded to the death penalty after killing one of his fellow prisoners.

Before Gaskins was electrocuted in 1991, he conducted interviews with Wilton Earle who then published Gaskin’s autobiography. Gaskins told Wilkins that he was cursed with a “bothersomeness” that could only be dealt with through violence. The Final Truth is currently out of print but hardcore fans of the genre can purchase the autobiography from third party sellers starting at $145.

Source: Youtube

Killer Fiction

While Gerard John Schaefer claimed to have killed upwards of 80 women, he was only convicted of two murders. His actual kill count may never be known. In 1973, Schaefer was convicted of killing two teenagers, Susan Place and Georgia Jessup. After police searched his house, various items were found that were connected to many missing women. Schaefer was contacted by an old girlfriend, Sondra London from high school, who wanted to publish his story. Schaefer instead sent her a collection of his fictional work. After the book was released in 1990, police got hold of a copy and started to read between the lines. revisions of the book even contain letters that Schaefer wrote as part of his confessions.

What crimes am I supposed to confess? Farmer? Briscolina? What do you think [Murder Demons] is? You want confessions but dont recognize them when I anoint you with them and weve just gotten started.

Source: goodreads

The Making of a Serial Killer: The Real Story of the Gainesville Murders in the Killers Own Words

The Gainesville Ripper, AKA Danny Rolling went on a two-day killing spree in which four women were raped and murdered as well as one man. Following in Ted Bundy’s footsteps, Rolling would mutilate the corpses and position them in disturbing ways like placing one of their heads on a shelf so that it could look at its own body.

When he wrote The Making of a serial killer, he went into graphic details of the five college students he had murdered. He also detailed his difficult childhood for his actions. he had help in writing it in the form of his then current fiancée, Sondra London (remember her? She was G.J. Schaefer’s ex-high school sweetheart. Beginning to see a trend?). Rolling was put to death via lethal injection in 2006.

The Gates of Janus
Source: google

The Gates of Janus: Serial Killing and Its Analysis

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were the famous “Moor Murderers” in the 1960s. The killed three children in England and buried them in the Moors. After being convicted they confessed to two more murders. Brady wrote The Gates of Janus in an effort to explore the mind of the modern serial killer. Using Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy, he theorized about the birth of the modern-day serial killer. Although Brady doesn’t use his own crimes as examples, reading The Gates of Janus gives one a sense that he can relate to the serial killer mentality.

Source: amazon

The Strange Case of Dr. H.H. Holmes

Herman Webster Mudgett, more famously known as H.H. Holmes, is considered to be one of America’s first serial killers. in 1890, he was suspected of killing up to 200, although there is no conclusive proof. Despite many mysterious disappearings, Holmes only admitted to killing 27 people.

Several tabloids of the era tried to pay him for his confessions, however, all he gave up was wild stories about his childhood that didn’t check out and claiming to be possessed by Satan himself. The book begins with his autobiography written in 1895 and his confessions a year later.

Son of Hope
Source: thesonofhope

Son of Hope

David Berkowitz, AKA the .44 caliber killer, shot and maimed 13 people between 1976 and 1977. more famously known as Son of Sam, targeted women with long dark hair. The infamous killer had New York City so afraid, that women were would cut their hair and dye it in order to stay safe. This book does not detail any of Berkowitz’s killings but instead offers his road to salvation as he became a born-again Christian.

The book does, however, talk about how Berkowitz empathizes with his parents on raising a troubled youth. Berkowitz legitimately believed that he was possessed by Satan and that he would never be forgiven for his sins. Berkowitz is unable to make any profit off of the sales of his book, however, profits are donated to his victims. Son of Hope is available on Amazon from third party sellers for around $60.

Pickton: In His Own Words
Source: torontosun

Pickton: In His Own Words

Robert Pickton is serving a life sentence for murdering six women in 2007. He was a millionaire pig farmer. Those that testified at his trial claimed that he bragged about killing many more women and afterward feeding them to his pigs by mixing their remains in their feed. He described himself as a “bad dude” and would be convicted for all 48 women he had slaughtered. Originally published under the pen name of Michael Childress, the truth eventually surfaced that he wrote the book, himself. The book has become somewhat of a collector’s item after a 50,000 signature petition had the book removed from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Unlike the Son of Sam Law in the U.S., Canadian law does not prevent criminals from profiting off of their crime so if you can find the book, you will be rewarding a murderer.

Final Thoughts

In the information age, reading has become a lost art, especially anything not presented on a screen. The books presented here are the works of the insane criminals that took the lives of innocent people. Certainly, they may be famous and will definitely offer a point of view that is more accurate than any speculation on the subject. But these people committed heinous acts that do not deserve any kind of reward, be that monetary or attention.

True some of the killers are dead, either due to the time of their killing or put to death for the very crimes they committed. For those that are interested in this type of “entertainment”, perhaps you should look into your heart and ask yourself, just why you like reading this type of material.

5 Terrifying Serial Killers Who Happened to Be Animals

Man may be the most dangerous animal on earth but some instances put that up for questioning. Although there are plenty of serial killer who existed throughout history, there are some that will stun you. These serial killers who happened to be animals are astounding. Given the fair share of deaths that these animals are responsible for, one would not think that they were not humans.

It appears as if these animals had a hunger for killing humans without cause or purpose. Whether this stemmed from earlier psychological incidents that involved torture at the hands of humans or not is still vague. There is simply no quenching the thirst that these serial killers who happened to be animals have for the taste of human blood.

The Ted Bundy Killer Whale, Tilikum

Killer Whale
Source: WFTV Orlando

Date: 1991 to today

Location: Canada to Orlando, Florida

Death: Passed away on Jan. 6, 2017

Tilikum in Chinook means friend. However, the deadly serial killer whale is anything but that. At the age of 11, Tilikum weighed a healthy 12,000 pounds. He performed tricks and was considered incredibly friendly. All his attendants loved and adored his charm. However, things took a grisly turn when Tilikum dragged a female visitor underwater after she accidentally fell into his tank.

The killer whale cleverly blocked her exit and tossed her around with hi other whale tank mates. As this was the first incident of the sort, it was written off as an accident and no one was held accountable. A while later the whale was transferred to SeaWorld in Orlando when his previous theme park Sealand closed down.

All was good until 1999, when another opportunity presented itself in the form of a 27-year-old homeless man. He sneaked into the theme park during afterhours in order to visit the whale. What happened next looked like a scene from the movies. The following morning, the homeless man was discovered dead, lying naked atop the whales back.

Still, nothing was confirmed and no one was suspected, not even the killer whale. 11 years later he drowned his trainer by snatching her off of dry ground. This was around when people started making a pattern out of his actions. However, no action was taken against the whale. He passed away naturally in 2017 on Jan. 6. You can say that he lives up to his name of killer whale.

Mysore’s Face-Eating Sloth Bear

Face-Eating Sloth Bear
Source: Planet Deadly

Date: 1957

Location: Mysore, Near Bangalore

Death: Shot in the chest by Kenneth Jackson, a professional monster hunter, after three failed attempts

The infamous sloth bear of India is a small animal that is easy to tame. It majorly feeds on insects that it picks out of crevices in trees by means of massive sickle shaped claws. Guess what else are such claws great for? Ripping the face of a human clean off.

The citizens of Nagvara Hills woke up one day to find a sloth bear amongst them who was hell bent on slaughtering them. Just about everyone attacked was found dead. Those who managed to flee were found with their faces mauled and battered. Within a number of days, about 36 people in the area were attacked.

Nothing stopped the sloth bear from its killing spree. Surprisingly enough, the motive behind the deaths was believed to be nothing more than just the desire to kill. It is fabled that the grizzly killing spree was fueled by the sloths quest for avenging her murdered cubs. Others presume that a hurtful injury led the animal to turn mad.

Nigeria’s Killer Snake

Nigeria’s Killer Snake
Source: How Nigeria

Date: 1999

Location: Birnin Kudu, Nigeria

Death: Rumored to still be alive and killing

Alike most of the human serial killers, this killer snake proved that you need no motive to strike out and kill people. As a general rule, snakes only attack if threatened. But, this cobra needed no incentive to go on a killing rampage and earn a formidable title on the list of serial killers who happened to be animals.

For 10 days the cobra lashed out and killed everyone who crossed its path. The poison darts shooting out of its fangs killed even strong grown men. It was incredibly fast on its feet (do snakes even have feet?) that before its victim would realize that is was bitten, the snake would have already attacked another.

Birnin Kudu as a place had an overgrown weeds problem which allowed the snake more attack ground. The government looked into abolishing the weeds and this led to the snake relinquishing its attacks. It simply disappeared and never came back. In other words, the mass murderer cobra is still at large.

The Elephant, Osama bin Laden

The Elephant, Osama bin Laden
Source: Crime Viral

Date: 2006

Location: Assam, India

Death: Rumored to have been shot by a licensed hunter

Elephants are gigantic majestic creatures who possess the ability and power to kill whenever they want. However, when was the last time you heard of an elephant named Osama Bin Laden appearing on a list of serial killers who happened to be animals? It is unclear as to how the elephant earned that title.

For two whole years, the village of Sonitpur was terrorized by an Asian male elephant who killed a minimum of 27 locals. He chose to trample and gore people to death. Almost 14 people were killed in under 6 months. Homes and businesses were not spared from his terrifying form either. Yet, when search parties came looking for him, they never seemed to find him. He fitted seamlessly into the wilderness. What was worse is the fact that he had no fear of firearms.

The government soon issued an order allowing for the killing of Osama. It is believed that he was caught and shot outside of a tea estate. However, there are doubts about him never being shot at all and the wrong elephant being killed instead.

Killer Cat Gang of India

Killer Cat Gang of India
Source: BBC

Date: 1907 to 1938

Location: The Indian subcontinent

Death: Shot by Col. Jim Corbett of the British Indian Army

A series of cat predators suddenly went at large in the Indian subcontinent around 1907 to 1938. From leopards to tigers, the magnificent creatures decided to go berserk all at once. The killings marked by this cat gang were in 3 figure digits. The reason behind their sudden desire for human flesh is unknown to this day.

436 documented deaths are under the belt of the Champawat Tiger alone. These killings took place in Himalayan India and Nepal. This is by far a greater headcount than any human serial killer in the history of serial killers.

Champawat attacked during the day and its counterpart, the Leopard of Rudraprayag, chooses the night to commit the murders. At times Rudraprayag pounced in on its victims through the roof, pulling them away into the dark night. A close estimate of the head count is 1,200 inclusive of children, women and men. The gang of cats consisted of 33 big cats. They were at large over the course of 30 years. The legacy of terror they left behind is yet to be paralleled (not that it ever should be).

Col. Jim Corbett of the British Indian Army was able to bag every single one of the 33 cats over the duration of 3 decades.

The tales of these serial killers who happened to be animals are downright chilling to say the least. In a world where men fear one another, animals have proven that man is a weakling. The lack of intelligence and conscience in animals may have been the number one cause behind the relentless killings. Despite that, these animals are rarely spoken of or regarded with the terrifying respect they earned. Maybe the enemy is not the neighbor down the road after all or maybe its the elephant at the local circus.

10 Famous Serial Killers Chilling Last Words

The mysterious nature of serial killers has gripped the general public for as long as they’ve been around. Most people fail to understand the logic behind killing people which makes the action all the more interesting to study. There is a certain appeal to seeing a notorious being like that fall down. This is precisely why the final words of serial killers prior to execution hold an unnerving appeal.

Regardless of whether you seek insight into their messed up lives or simply wish to feed a sadistic side to yourself, this list will satiate both desires. From apologies to resentment, these rantings of dying souls will chill you to the bones. Some of the most heinous criminals of history make an appearance on this list.

The Twisted Minds of Serial Killers

The article below contains 10 famous last words of serial killers and, by all means, they will chill you to the bone. It is perplexing how such a notoriously bent soul can reveal its true emotions when their end is near; or maybe that, too, is some mind game they want you to get baffled in. Have a look!

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy - Serial Killers
Source: wikipedia

Theodore (Ted) Robert Bundy was incredibly charismatic and he was well aware of it. He used his charms to lure women. A distinct method he used was feigning injury or assuming the role of a dominant figure when approaching women in public places. Following his stunts, he would take the women to secluded locations where he would misuse them. On several occasions he even revisited his old crime scenes and performed sexual acts on the decomposing corpses.

Name: Theodore Robert Bundy

Crime: Murdered and raped 100s of women in the 1970s

Punishment: Executed on Jan. 4, 1989 by the electric chair

Last Words: “I’d like you to give my love to my family and friends.”

Killer Clown

Killer Clown - Killers
Source: alchetron

John Wayne Gacy earned the title of the “Killer Clown” because of his charitable contributions in fundraisers where he dressed up as a clown. He termed his own character “Pogo the Clown”. All of his victims were lured to his house where they were sexually abused, stabbed, strangled or asphyxiated. Every one of his victims was buried on his property except for 4 whose bodies were disposed of in the Des Plaines River.

Name: John Wayne Gacy

Crime: Raping and killing at least 33 boys while dressed up as a clown

Punishment: Executed on May 10, 1994, by lethal injection

Last Words: “Kiss my ass!”

The Vampire of Dusseldorf

The Vampire of Dusseldorf - Serial Killers
Source: pinterest

“The Vampire of Dusseldorf” was not the only nickname given to German serial killer, Peter Kurten. He also went by “Dusseldorf Monster”. Doctor Karl Berg described him as the “king of sexual perverts”. Arson and attempted murder make up some of the many criminal offenses he was accused of. He was known for habitually attempting to drink the blood of his victims.

Name: Peter Kürten

Crime: Raped, killed and drank the blood (at least once) of almost 60 people

Punishment: Executed on July 2nd, 1931 by guillotine

Last Words: “Tell me. After my head has been chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from the stump of my neck? That would be a pleasure to end all pleasures.”

Milwaukee Cannibal

Milwaukee Cannibal - Serial Killers
Source: dailym

We all must be familiar with Jeffrey Dahmer from the popular in Katy Perry’s Dark Horse song. He earned the nick of “Milwaukee Cannibal” due to his tendency to dismember and devour his victims.  Even the song reference talks about “eating your heart” in relation to his cannibalistic ways. Although diagnosed with multiple psychological disorders, Jeffrey was ruled legally sane at his trial. A fellow inmate in the Columbia Correctional Institute beat him to death after Jeffrey repeatedly crossed lines. Other prisoners and prison guards did not escape his gruesome techniques of terrorizing them.

Name: Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer

Crime: Raped and killed 17 boys and men in the 1980s

Punishment: Beaten to death on Nov. 28, 1994, by a fellow inmate

Last Words: “I don’t care if I live or die. Go ahead and kill me.”

Aileen Wuornos

Aileen Wuornos - Serial Killers
Source: cavecomedyradio

Aileen Wuornos was working as a prostitute and all 7 of her victims were shot point blank. Each time she used the excuse that her victims tried raping or sexually assaulting her. She was convicted of six out of the seven homicides she committed. Her father was a schizophrenic who was earlier convicted of sex crimes with children. Guess, we can tell where her troubles stemmed from!

Name: Aileen Carol Wuornos Pralle

Crime: Murdered 7 men

Punishment: Executed on Oct. 9, 2002, by lethal injection

Last Words: “I’ll be back.”

Gary Gilmore

Gary Gilmore - Serial Killers
Source: gtty

One would never think that serial killers would inspire anyone, right? Wrong. Gary Gilmore’s last words were what inspired the world famous brand, Nike’s, slogan “Just Do It”. Gary was the first execution to take place in over 10 years in the United States. He gained notoriety among for demanding implementation for his the murders he committed.

Name: Gary Mark Gilmore

Crime: Murdering 2 people in Utah and demanding implementation for the act

Punishment: Executed on Jan. 17, 1977 by a firing squad

Last Words: “Let’s do it!”

The Hitchhikers’ Killer

The Hitchhikers' Killer - Serial Killers
Source: alchetron

Amongst all serial killers, Donald Gaskins had a taste for hitchhikers. He termed his victims as “coastal kills”. His killing spree lasted from 1953 to 1982. Donald wrote down an autobiography titled Final Truth where he admits to killing a hitchhiker at least once every six weeks. As if that were not eerie enough he mentions the specific date by which the urges for killing grew: 10th of every month.

Name: Donald Henry Gaskins, Jr.

Crime: Killing and torturing almost 100 victims

Punishment: Executed on Sept. 6, 1991, by the electric chair

Last Words: “I’m ready to go.”

French Fries

French Fries - Serial Killers
Source: bit.ly

The last of serial killers to be executed by the electric chair, James French was also the only execution to take place in the United States in 1966. James was already serving in prison for murder and wanted to end his life. Too afraid to carry out the act himself, he instead resorted to killing his cellmate in an attempt to force the hand of the state to execute him. One could say he was dying to make that pun!

Name: James D. French

Crime: Murder

Punishment: Executed on Aug. 10, 1966, by the electric chair

Last Words: “How’s this for your headline? ‘French Fries'”

Butcher Of Hanover

Butcher Of Hanover - Serial Killers
Source: wikipedia

The other pseudonym dedicated to this particular serial killer is “Vampire of Hanover”. Coined after his desire to rip our his victims’ throats with his teeth, the term is largely used when referring to Fritz. His victims were brutally mutilated , dismembered, sexually assaulted and murdered. Young boys and men were his desired victims and he was convicted of 24 our of the 27 murders he committed.

Name: Friedrich Heinrich Karl “Fritz” Haarmann

Crime: Murdered 27 young men

Punishment: Executed on April 15, 1925, by beheading

Last Words: “I repent but I do not fear death.”

The Red Ripper

The Red Ripper - Serial Killers
Source: serialkillersfascinateme

Perhaps one of the most depraved of serial killers, Andrei was a Russian pedophile and cannibal who committed over 50 murders within a span of 12 years. He used a knife sparingly on his victims and is quoted to have said: “When I used my knife, it brought psychological relief.” When on trial, the defense pleaded insanity but it was overruled as the physicians present disagreed. He suffered from severe self-loathing and termed himself a “mistake of nature”.

Name: Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo

Crime: Murdered and butchered 53 women and children

Punishment: Executed on Feb. 14, 1994, by the firing squad

Last Words: “Don’t blow my brains out!”

It is indeed a perplexing though; how someone so malevolent can even mutter such words even in their time of dying. When all hope is lost, a person would naturally beg for mercy. But these famous serial killers still managed to play the evil part by putting some mind-boggling words in the ears of their executioners and had them by the horns. “I’ll be back” seems to be a normal thing one would say a goodbye, but what irrational person would say this during their execution? It’s true that serial killers are more fiends in their minds than their actions can articulate.

This article most probably got you into bizarre thoughts as well. If not, then you must have a hint of evil in your mind as well! Because the only minds that can understand such appalling words are the ones with a little monster possessing them. Food for thought!

10 Victims Who Escaped Notorious Serial Killers

Serial killers are some of the most dangerous individuals on the planet. It takes a bit of crazy just to make them tick. Ever since Jack the Ripper brought the term into the lexicon, there have been many who have aspired to be just like him.

But what about those that escaped these notorious murderers. Here are ten examples of victims who lived to breathe another day. Some of them even contributed to the capture of the most dangerous serial killers on earth.

Robert Black - Notorious Serial Killers
Source: dailymail

Victims Who Escaped Notorious Serial Killers Wrath

Listed below are only a few of the lucky ones who got to have another chance and this only happens once in a blue moon. Notorious Serial killers are not to be taken flippantly. The ratio of people who escaped from serial killers to the people who gruesomely became victims is quite higher than one might fancy. The victims listed below have been in shock for a while and had their lives affected because of what they experienced. It is strongly advised not to take chances against serial killers.

Theresa Thornhill escaped Robert Black

Robert Black was a pedophile and notorious serial killer in the late 70s and early 80s in Scotland. Known for killing four small girls ranging from five to eleven, Black seemingly met his match when he attempted to kidnap Theresa Thornhill.

Black attempted to force the 15-year old into his van but she would have none of that. She flailed about, fought back, trying such tactics as biting and even grabbing Black’s groin. Black, thinking she was too much trouble presumably, let her go. Thornhill got the last laugh, however, because her testimony led to two of the notorious serial killer’s convictions.

Name: Robert Black

Victim Count: 4+

Dean Carter - Serial Killers
Source: huffingtonpost

Rose Steward escaped Dean Carter

Rose Steward was living in Ventura, California when she got an unexpected visitor in the middle of the night. The notorious Dean Carter stood above Steward, then 22, with a knife and proceeded to physically and sexually abuse her for the next 5 hours. Later she described what she thought was her impending death, but she got the idea to outsmart her attacker.

She began to show some attraction to this dangerous serial killer, which seemingly worked. she even had the strength of mind to kiss him in the morning when he left and told him to call her. This tactic was more than Carter’s other victims had the fortitude to muster as Carter later attacked five women over the next 18 days, killing them and leaving them in their closets. He is currently on death row.

Name: Dean Carter

Victim Count: 5

Rodney Alcala - Notorious Killers
Source: crimelibrary

Tali Shapiro escaped The Dating Game Killer aka Rodney Alcala

Rodney Alcala was a contestant on the famous Dating Game. Fortunately for his date, she opted out because she considered Alcala “too creepy”. Unfortunately for Tali Shapiro and quite a few other females as well as some teenage boys, Alcala was one of the most dangerous serial killers in the world. Alcala picked up Shapiro when she was just 8 years old. Fortunately, a passerby saw the act and followed them.

When the police arrived, Shapiro had already been strangled, sexually assaulted, and left for dead. She miraculously survived but Alcala escaped and remained free for eleven more years. When arrested, police found thousands of pictures of potential victims in sexual poses. With seven convictions, he is speculated to have between 50 and 130 kills. He is currently 70 and on death row.

Name: Rodney Alcala

Victim Count: 50-130

Zodiac Killer - Notorious Serial Killers
Source: criminalminds

Brian Hartnell escaped the Zodiac Killer

The notorious Zodiac Killer was one of the most dangerous serial killers in the world. His spree lasted from December of 1968 until October of 1969, leaving at least 7 people dead. He is known only as the Zodiac Killer as that is what he referred to himself as in a series of taunts to the press. He also sent 4 cryptograms, only one of which is considered completely solved. To date, no one has been charged with the crimes of the Zodiac Killer and the Dept. of Justice have kept his file open.

One victim, however, escaped being a statistic. Brian Hartnell was having a picnic with one Zodiac’s female victims. The killer approached the two, tied them up and stabbed them both multiple times. thinking them both dead, Zodiac walked off. Hartnell survived and became not only a lawyer but also a prosecutor.

Name: Zodiac Killer

Victim Count: 7+

Joseph Paul Franklin - Notorious Serial Killers
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Larry Flynt escaped Joseph Paul Franklin

Back in 1978, Famous Hustler publisher Larry Flynt was standing outside of a courthouse with his lawyer. A gunshot hit Flynt from seemingly nowhere which caused significant damage to his spinal chord. Years later, White Supremacists and most dangerous serial killers on the planet, Joseph Paul Franklin confessed to the crime. Surprisingly, no official charges were made on the attempt on Flynt’s life, however, he was charged with the murders of 8 unrelated people.

Franklin was sentenced to death but ironically, Flynt himself lobbied to have that punishment lifted. Being a staunch disbeliever in the law, Flynt wanted to see the man suffer for his crimes. Flynt lost however and Franklin was put to death on November 20, 2013.

Name: Joseph Paul Franklin

Victim Count: 8+

Richard Speck - Serial Killers
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Corazon Amurao escaped Richard Speck

in 1966, Richard Speck broke into a townhouse where 9 nurses resided. After killing eight of them through stabbing or strangulation. He had held the young ladies against their will before killing them, however, Corazon Amurao hid under one of the beds while Speck was busy with one of the other ladies.

Thinking he had taken care of them all, Speck fled the scene and was not apprehended until a year later in 1967. Sentenced to two consecutive life sentences, Speck died in 1991 from a heart attack. Amurao escaped one of the most dangerous serial killers in the world by hiding under her bed.

Name: Richard Speck

Victim Count: 8+

Andrew Urdiales - Serial Killers
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Jennifer Asbenson escaped Andrew Urdiales

Way back in 1992, Jennifer Asbenson ran out of luck when the final bus of the evening had pulled away. But salvation seemingly arrived in the form of the notorious Andrew Urdiales when he pulled up next to her. He proceeded to take her to work and was even nice enough to hang around when she got off to offer her another ride.

As nothing happened the first go around, Jennifer accepted and the two drove off. However, this time, Urdiales, who had ten victims under his belt, showed his true colors. He pulled a knife on Asbenson and held it to her throat. He then tied her up and drove the two into the desert, cut her clothes off with the knife, stuffed her underwear in her mouth to keep her quiet, sexually assaulted her and strangled her until blacked out. When she woke up, Urdiales forced her into the trunk of his car and drove off. During the drive, Asbenson found the trunk latch, hit it, and jumped to freedom. Urdiales was free until 1997 and convicted in 2002 when he was sentenced to life in prison.

Name: Andrew Urdiales

Victim Count: 10

Railway Killer - Notorious Serial Killers
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Holly Dunn escape Angel Resendiz AKA the Railway Killer

In 1997, Holly Dunn was relaxing by the railroad tracks after a party. She and her boyfriend Chris Maier were calmly looking at the stars when they were approached by a maniac wielding an ice pick. Angel Resendiz was the notorious Railway Killer because he used the trains to travel between cities and victims. He demanded money of the couple but before they could respond, he had placed the ice pick against Maier’s neck. After tying the couple up and tossing them into a ditch by the tracks, Resendiz lifted and dropped a large rock onto Maier’s head, killing him.

He then proceeded to sexually assault Dunn and then repeatedly hit her on the head with a blunt instrument until she lost consciousness. When she came to, Resendiz was gone. Dunn never knew the reasons for her assault or the death of her Maier as Resendiz was put to death via lethal injection in 2006, responsible for the deaths of over 30 people.

Name: Angel Resendiz aka the Railway Killer

Victim Count: 30+

Gary Ridgway - Serial Killers
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Rebecca Garde escapes Gary Ridgway AKA Green River Killer

Gary Ridgway focused on prostitutes and drug abusers. He has pled guilty to strangling 48 women and has confessed to an additional 20 more over a 20-year career. One night, Ridgway came upon Rebecca Garde on her way home from work. she was hitchhiking to avoid the cold Seattle rain when Ridgway pulled over. Little did Garde know that Ridgway was one of the most dangerous serial killers in the world, the Green River Killer.

In exchange for some Marijuana, Garde propositioned Ridgeway for sex. Checking off two boxes on the serial killer’s list, Ridgway pulled over into the woods. After providing Garde with the proper identification, Ridgway attacked her. Garde managed to push Ridgway into a tree and managed to flee to a nearby mobile home. After being arrested, DNA evidence linked him to at least 4 murders. Ridgway is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Name: Gary Ridgway aka the Green River Killer

Victim Count: 48+

Alexander Pichushkin - Notorious Serial Killers
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Maria Viricheva escapes Alexander Pichushkin AKA the Chessboard Killer 

Chess is a game of strategy with 64 squares lined on an 8 X 8 board. Alexander Pichushkin, better known as the notorious Chessboard killer, lured Maria Viricheva into a park with the promise of making some side cash by selling contraband cameras in 2002.

Pichushkin took the name the Chessboard killer as he sought to have 64 victims to his resume, just like an actual chessboard. With an estimated kill count of almost 60, he came really close to achieving that goal.

After getting Viricheva in place, he pushed her down a concrete well, where she hit her head on the hard walls. She fell 8 meters down into a sewage pipe, which carried her down to an iron ladder inside another well. Viricheva climbed up the ladder and screamed until someone got her out safely. Chess is a game of strategy but it was pure luck that saved Maria Viricheva

Name: Alexander Pichushkin aka The Chessboard Killer

Victim Count: 49+

These are the 10 of the stories of victims who escaped a malevolent ending. As mentioned before, very fortunate ones get to have this chance to be brave and escape. Most of them get locked in a room, tied up in ropes or handcuffs. Cases have been seen where the victim’s limbs were cut off just so they could not escape. And not to mention, there are much more callous trained killers out there who will make sure the victim doesn’t slip from their hands. Hence, one must not push their luck with serial killers and keep themselves and their family secure by all means.

Sometimes serial killers can be very methodical such as in the Larry Flynt case, who openly admitted that an interracial photo shoot drove him to take his drastic actions. Other times it can be seemingly random such as the Zodiac or Railway killers. The purpose of this article is to show that not everyone who is taken victim will most certainly die. Sometimes blind luck is on the victim’s side. Other times it’s because the victim used their wits. In any case, whether one feels luck by their side or not, never give in or panic in such a situation.

10+ of the Most Notorious Female Serial Killers

Today, we live in a very male dominated society. Certainly, females have come a long way over the centuries but there may be one area that ladies have proven to be just as skilled and proficient as the men.

Notorious Female Serial Killers: The Crazier, The Better

We all know that a woman’s mind is always crazier than a man’s mind in all matters, whether it is studies, games, shopping, love or hate. Usually, women have been the hunted instead of being the hunters when it comes to the domain of serial killers, it just so because of an enhanced sense of emotions in them. But when woman overcomes her emotions and goes far enough in losing her mind, a devil is born inside of her mind. She becomes a true, manic killing machine and one would not find it pleasurable to be in the way of a notorious female serial killer. Here is a list of 15 of the most dastardly dames in the history of the world.

Charlene Gallego

charlene gallego - serial killers
Source: via daily news

Part of a matched set with her husband, Gerald, Charlene kept sex slaves The two would torture and then shoot their victims with a preference to point blank execution style. Upon apprehension, Charlene testified against her husband in the state of California so she was not charged. She was however found guilty in Nevada.

Served: 16 years 8 Months

Currently: Free

Maria Swanenburg

maria swanenburg - killers
Source: via Daily News

Swanenburg lived from 1839 to 1915, caring for children and the sick in her neighborhood of Leiden. This notorious female serial killer was linked to dozens of murders, even members of her own family. In the 1880s, she was connected to an arsenic poisoning. There were 102 people affected by the chemical with 27 actual deaths, including Swanenburg’s mother. Those that survived endured serious health issues. Her motive was to collect her victim’s inheritance.

Served: Life in Prison

Currently: Deceased

Waneta Hoyt

waneta - serial killers
Source: by MICHAEL OKONIEWSKI in NyDailyNews

This notorious mother lived in New York from 1946-1998, was charged with killing five of her children between 1965 and 1971. Due to the young ages of the children, Doctors ruled that they had died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (Sids). A District Attorney launched an investigation, which led Hoyt to confess to the crimes. She later recanted, stating that she was coerced. She died in prison, which under New York law exonerated her of her crimes.

Sentenced: 75 Years to life

Currently: Deceased

Helene Jegado

helene jegado - serial killers
Source: NyDailyNews

Helene Jegado was a domestic servant and notorious female serial killer. She lived from 1803 to 1852 and in that time killed as many as 36 people with arsenic over an 18-year period. The bulk of her killing spree took place from 1833 to 1841, but she took it up again in 1551. Pleading ignorance to the effects of arsenic was known as the “Pious Prisoner”.

Sentenced: Death by Guillotine

Currently: Deceased

Gesche Gottfried

gesche gottfried - killers
Source: NyDailyNews

Dubbed the Angel of Breman due to her method of caring for her victims after poisoning them with arsenic, this notorious female serial killer’s spree ranged from 1813 to 1827. Gottfried liked to keep it in the family as she killed her children, parents, two husbands and a fiancée before she was caught. She would mix arsenic into her victim’s food.

Sentenced: Death by beheading

Currently: Deceased

Amelia Dyer

amelia dyer - serial killers
Source: via Daily News

Amelia Dyer was born in England and convicted of killing one infant. Hardly a reason to list her among the notorious female serial killers, however, her name was attached to much more. She worked at a “Baby Farm” in the 1800s and over a twenty-year span killed over 400 babies. If this statistic is accurate that would rank her with the highest profile serial killers of all time, male or female.

Sentenced: Hanging

Currently: Deceased

Darya Saltykova

darya saltykova - serial killers
Source: via Daily News

Darya Saltykova was a Russian noblewoman and notorious female serial killer. Focusing mainly on female serfs, Saltykova was tried publicly at the behest of family members of her victims in 1762. Investigators found as many as 138 suspicious deaths linked to Saltykova. She was found guilty of torturing 38 female serfs and put on display wearing a sign that stated her crimes. She died in prison in 1801.

Sentenced: Life in Prison.

Currently: deceased.

Elizabeth Bathory

elizabeth bathory - serial killers
Source: Public Domain

Drawing comparisons to Vlad the Impaler, Elizabeth Bathory was not only a notorious female serial killer but one that spawned a legend. Descended from noble blood, Bathory and four accomplices were accused of torturing and killing up to 650 victims, a Guinness World Record. Her family was the upper crust protected her from these accusations however she was thrown into solitary confinement until her death 5 years later.

Sentence: Life in Prison

Currently: Deceased

Dagmar Overbye

dagmar overbye - killers
Source: Public Domain

This notorious female serial killer targeted children born out of wedlock. From 1913 to 1920, Overbye strangled, drowned or burned up to 25 children. She would then cremate, bury, or hide the bodies. Her actions led to changed legislation in Denmark. She was sentenced to death in 1921. the Sentence was later commuted.

Sentenced: Life in Prison

Currently: Deceased

Leonarda Cianciulli

leonarda cianciulli - serial killers
Source: public domain

Leonarda Gianciulli was a notorious female serial killer who seemingly had good intentions. All of her kills were meant as a sacrifice to ensure that her son would be safe in WWII. Lasting from 1939-1940, she killed her middle-aged female neighbors

and turned the first two into tea cakes which she served to guests and the final victim into soap which earned her the nickname the “Soap-Maker of Correggio”. She was convicted of murder in 1946.

Sentenced: Life in Prison

Currently: Deceased

Juana Barraza

juana barraza - serial killers
Source: AFP:Getty Images

Juana Barraza was a Mexican professional wrestler and one of the most notorious female serial killers in the world. Born in 1957, she came to be known as the ‘Old Lady Killer” as she killed between 42 and 48 women. Beginning in 1990, Barraza would beat and rob her victims. in 2006, she was convicted of 16 counts of murder and aggravated burglary.

Sentenced: 765 years

Currently: Serving

Aileen Wuornos

aileen wuornos - serial killers
Source: AP

Aileen Wuornos was a prostitute in Florida and notorious female serial killer. From 1989-1990, she shot 7 men in the head at point-blank range. Claiming self-defense, she stated that each of the men had raped her while she was working the streets. This defense did not work and she was sentenced to death via lethal injection.

Sentenced: Death

Currently: Deceased

Miyuki Ishikawa

miyuki ishikawa - killers
Source: Public Domain

Miyuki Ishikawa was a midwife responsible for anywhere between 85 and 169 victims all of which were, abandoned babies. She and her husband, Takeshi eventually sought payment from the abandoned children, reasoning that the payment they asked for would be cheaper than raising a child. Since Ishikawa didn’t actually harm the children, no murder charges were filed. She was only charged with the crime of omission.

Sentence: 4 years

Currently: Deceased

Belle Gunness

belle gunness - serial killers
Source: via en.wikipedia.org

Belle Gunness was one of the most notorious female serial killers in the world. She had racked up over 40 bodies near the beginning of the 20th Century. The first two were her husbands and the rest are believed to e suitors she obtained through a personal ad. When suspicions arose, she committed arson to her large farmhouse and used one of the corpses, dressed as herself to fake her death. She was reportedly seen around the United States for decades but her ultimate fate is unknown.

Sentence: Unknown

Currently: Deceased

Jane Toppan

jane toppan - serial killers
Source: via en.wikipedia.org

Jane Toppan was a nurse in the early 20th century when she confessed 31 of her patients. She was using them as experiments with morphine and atropine. She made up most of the patient’s conditions herself, even going so far as to forge fake progress charts. She was caught and fired which sent her on a killing spree. She poisoned her landlord, foster sister and the went after her foster sister’s husband. After finally being caught she admitted to getting sexually aroused by being with her victims as they died and won a plea of insanity.

Sentence: Mental hospital until her death.

Currently: Deceased.

Whether it be self-protection, revenge, profit, or presumed mercy killing, these ladies excelled taking human life. The fact that these women even existed is enough to keep good people awake at night. Just remember, the stories you hear around the campfire about serial killers running rampant may not always include male killers.

Mostly, the methodology of murder and homicide espoused by a notorious female serial killer has always proven to be far more horrid than those of a male. The power of a woman’s madness in unfathomable; even the evilest ones would beg for mercy when victimized by a female serial killer – well, they would if they even get the chance! You must have read how female serial killer like Gesche Gottfried and Helene Jegado used arsenic to murder their victims and pretended to be oblivious to the effects of arsenic.

It is indeed the instinct of the devil, to do the dirtiest of the work but in a way that cannot prove if it actually was the work of the devil. A woman has that capacity of deception in her; to play the victim after making people their casualty. And they do it quite perfectly. If you such a notorious female killer crosses your path, you better make a run for it because once she plays her mind games on you, you’ll be ultimately misled into a brutal demise.