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10+ People Share Their Creepiest Stories About The Graveyard Shift

Posted on: 15 Sep 2017

Most horror movies, especially ones from the 80s, begin with a single character working, you guessed it, the graveyard shift. There was even a Stephen King film called Graveyard Shift. There were always some strange occurrences that they felt they had to explore which would usually end up in their untimely death. Bonus for the …

10+ Reasons That AHS: Cults Is The Scariest Show On Earth

Posted on: 13 Sep 2017

Trypophobia is the fear of small patterns of holes. In recent years the internet has embraced this phobia in internet memes designed to get cheap shock value in an attempt to go viral. One television show has decided to take it to the next level. Clowns are scary enough what with individuals like The Joker …

10 Victims Who Weren’t Done With Their Serial Killers

Posted on: 11 Sep 2017

Most serial killers are remorseless about their senseless acts. To even think about a killer caring about his or her actions would humanize them and ultimately make them even more terrifying. But what most sane individuals hardly ever think about, after the loss of life, is that what happens after someone experiences a violent death …

10+ True Stories of Haunted Houses

Posted on: 16 Aug 2017

Haunted houses are a dime a dozen. Most spawn from urban legends or some old folklore that every town has a variation of telling. Most roll their eyes when they are told about some of the tales of suspense and horror but what if the stories were true? Presented below are 15 stories of things …

10 Haunted House Movies That Will Spook Your Foundation

Posted on: 15 Aug 2017

The cinematic horror genre has a variety of categories that can please just about anyone’s taste for the macabre. Body horror, slashers, thrillers, and ghost stories have all been explored in search of the adrenaline rush brought about by fear. But there is one trope that audiences can’t seem to get enough of and that …

10+ Photos Of Death Row Inmates Last Meals

Posted on: 12 Aug 2017

What would you eat if you knew you were about to eat your last meal?That is the question asked to some individuals before paying their ultimate debt to society. Do you go all out in a blaze of glory? Or do you keep it simple before venturing off into the great beyond? Some of the most …

10+ Haunting Tales Around Massachusetts You May Not Know

Posted on: 08 Aug 2017

Massachusetts is home to many a ghost story and urban legend. For starters, the Salem Witch trials happened there in which many men, women, and children lost their lives due to the superstitions of the scared and ill-informed. So it comes as no surprise to find that Massachusetts has become one of the prime destinations …

10+ Comics That Bring Your Fear To Life

Posted on: 02 Aug 2017

Sometimes our worst fears can all be chalked up to our imagination getting the better of us. Whether they are spawned from past experiences, our subconscious, or something adults used to tell us about certain aspects of the world, our fears can at times cripple us. That’s where illustrator Fran Krause has stepped up his …

5 Reasons ‘Final Destination 5’ Is Your Last Stop In Terror

Posted on: 01 Aug 2017

The Final Destination series of films came out at a time when originality had seemingly found its own death. The teen slasher had seen a resurgence from Wes Craven with Scream and every film that followed was essentially a remake of that staple of horror. That is until 2000 when Final Destination was released. Taking …

10 Stories About Ouija Boards That Will Spell F-E-A-R

Posted on: 29 Jul 2017

Depending on your belief in the afterlife or the paranormal in general, the Ouija board has had a reputation for contributing to scary stories since its first widespread appearance in 1890. Also known as a spirit board or talking board, the Ouija board is used to contact another realm or dimension, possibly to speak to the …