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10+ Photos That Will Literally Freak You Out

Posted on: 30 Jun 2017

It is said that pictures are worth a thousand words, but these pictures will leave you speechless. Here are 20 pictures that give a glimpse into humanities darkest moments. 1. The Jonestown Massacre The Jonestown Massacre was an event where a religious American cult committed mass suicide. All except two of the 909 individuals died …

8 Creepy Surface Websites That Aren’t For The Faint Of Heart

Posted on: 30 Jun 2017

The Internet isn’t just for social media and cat videos anymore. Here are eight websites you can go to right now that will make it harder for you to sleep at night. Here are Most Creepy Websites of The Internet:  1. Take This Lollipop http://www.takethislollipop.com/ This is more of an experience more than anything but …

8 Abandoned Places That Words Can’t Describe

Posted on: 30 Jun 2017

What will stay standing will happen to our legacy when we are gone? Only time will tell. Here are eight abandoned places around the world where time is already winning the battle. Why are Abandoned Places Indescribable? Abandoned places possess such preternatural appearance that your brain always gets hushed when they see such a place. …

9 Premonitions That Really Make You Wonder

Posted on: 30 Jun 2017

Call it luck or some higher power, this sort of intuition cannot be denied. Here are nine examples of premonition that are sure to make your skin crawl. 1. Coal Spill It’s one thing to predict your own death, it’s another thing to predict it down to your cause of death and where you will …

10+ Most Horrifying Events/Character’s Created By Stephen King

Posted on: 30 Jun 2017

(Stephen King spoilers to follow, they are worth it but you have been warned) Stephen King is undeniably the King (get it?) of modern day literature horror. He has no problem setting the scene for a likable character only to kill him off soon after.  He also likes to display the worst of what humanity …

10+ Weird Animals That Will Creep And Freak You Out

Posted on: 09 Jun 2017

These aren’t the usual made up creatures from your childhood imagination. Here are 20 creepy animals that will make you want to stay inside from now on. 1. Lobster Moth Caterpillar This Caterpillar can be found in the southern UK. They eat different kinds of leaves that are indigenous to the area. They continue to …