Coffin Floats Are Real And You Can Bury Yourself In One This Summer

Coffin Floats
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It seems depression is beginning to haunt us all, and while life may get tough at times, we hope and pray that you all stay safe and find something you truly want in life, like these Coffin Floats.

Summer is one of the best times of the year, and whether you enjoy it to its full extent and find yourself splashing family members with water, or you’re one of the people to avoid social gatherings and sit at your window for the occasional blast of fresh air and sun rays, it’s hard to deny the fun surrounding this particular time of year.

Now, these floating coffins have changed the game for everybody. Want to go out and enjoy time in the pool with friends? Take your death floaty with you. Want to be alone but dislike the joys summer has to offer? Bring your floating casket and glide around the water, still boxed away from the outside world.

The incredibly spacious Coffin Floats come in a range of colors, so you can bring your girly girl side out and order a baby pink version of the floaty, or stick to your goth roots and get it in black, like everything else you own.

Whether you’re looking to play a prank on somebody you know, or just want to be dead to the world while also enjoying summer, these Coffin Floats exactly what you need.

You can purchase one of these pool floaties in either pink or black for just $75, HERE!

You’re also able to join almost 5,000 people in following Pom Pom Floats on their official Instagram page, HERE!

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Are you going to get yourself a Coffin Float in preparation for summer when lockdown eventually ends? Let us know in the comments.

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