50+ Creative Halloween Costumes For Couples That You Can Try

Halloween is right round the corner and costumes are being bought left and right already. If you have a significant other in your life and you want to dress up this year, these sweet couple costumes are for you.

We took some time to perfectly curate a list of couples costume ideas that you can wear this year on Halloween. It may not be your priority to have a matching outfit, but it is always a plus point. This holiday is famous for creativity and out of the box traditions. Our list includes multiple costumes for both of you. You can even gift him or her this dazzling costume to get rolling the craze!

Lots of people spend hours in deciding their Halloween costumes, outfits, accessories and it is the most exciting thing. However, it comes with a big trouble when you get late to grab your perfect costume or something that is good for both. You can browse our collection of different outfits and attires for couples to make your decision and get them before anyone else can!

Halloween Costumes Ideas For Couples

You can start this holiday season by designing your own DIY Halloween Costume and Outfit. And there is nothing wrong in it. It let you showcase your inner creative artist, and enjoy the event at the same time. We are big fans of DIY projects, and therefore we have some easy to create ideas.

Getting a costume for yourself might be an easy task, but it is not when you want the similar one for your other half. There is when the real struggle starts, and you end up wasting money on something that you don’t like. We are here to help you this year with our creative directors spending hours in curating easy to make adult costumes .

They’re fun, creative, and people will adore them. You and your significant other will be in sync this year and everyone will admire your creativity!

Cat and Mouse

Let’s start off with one of the most basic looks anyone can pull off. Even though it’s common, it’ll be cute to see you and your significant other dressed as a cat and a mouse chasing one another.

Halloween Costumes Ideas For Couples


Daenerys and Jon – Game Of Thrones 

Make sure everyone knows winter is coming this year while rocking the Jon and Daenerys look. Achieving this look is simple and will be the most talked about costume pair for the whole year. It’s the perfect couples costume idea that everyone will love.

Halloween Costumes Ideas For Couples 2017


Austin Powers – Hunt Dr. Evil Together 

Yeah, baby! Remain sexy this year by becoming Austin Powers and any of his love interests to show that you are ready to take down Dr. Evil with Austin. It’s an instant hit and you’ll be in the spotlight all night.

Halloween Costumes for couples

Barbie and Ken

Add your own twist to this classic look and because the center of attention this year. This Halloween couple costume is perfect for any couple because everyone has a Barbie or Ken as their significant other!

Halloween costumes for couples 2017



If you’re looking for a plain couples costume with a pinch of humor, then painting yourself blue is the way to go. You’ll be the cutest couple of the night and it’s a quick last minute costume if you need one!

couples costumes for halloween


Red Riding Hood

Become the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood this year with a simple set of costumes and some makeup. You better make sure granny is hidden-the big bad wolf is coming to the party!

best halloween costumes for couples

Grey’s Anatomy 

The hit television show has made everyone want to become doctors and nurses over the past few years. It has won the hearts of millions of people, so why not steal the hearts of your party guests by becoming a doctor and a nurse from Grey’s Anatomy? Just make sure you have your hospital passes ready to get through the door!

homemade costumes for couples


This simple couples costume is creative and simple- a costume you can put together just in case a last minute party comes up. Everyone will love this look- it’s easy, comfortable, and totally adorable!

halloween costumes ideas

The Flinstones 

Wilma and Fred are back this year- and you can rock their look! It’s a simple costume to complete and even though it’s a typical Halloween couples costume idea, adding your own twist can make you stand out from the rest.

couples costumes ideas for halloween


 Aladin and Jasmine 

Show your significant other the world on your flying carpet this year and sweep everyone off of their feet. This is one of Disney’s perfect couples and is a look that is easy to create.

Halloween Costumes for couples

Blue’s Clues

Do you see a clue? Where? Become one of the best children’s shows to exist with a simple green striped shirt and a blue polka dot dress. It’s a unique couples costume and perfect for any ’90’s kids!

couples costumes 2017


Cute Couples Halloween Costumes

You can easily transform your holiday season into an adorable one. By selecting cute couples Halloween costumes, you and your partner can stun the crowd with major PDA. In the following selection of endearing choices for costumes, you will definitely find a choice that will fit you. After all, what is a holiday without your significant other by your side?


Transform yourself into the house from Up as well as the little boy and win the hearts of everyone. It’s simple to do and is great for anyone who loves Disney movies.

halloween costumes for couples 2017


Monster’s Inc

Kitty! Boo! Disney did a fantastic job of creating this movie and you can do a fantastic job recreating the top scarer and the sweetest little girl ever. It’s simple, creative and fun!

creative halloween costumes for couples


Lilo and Stitch 

Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. This infamous quote was in Lilo and Stitch and was said by Stitch, the crazy alien everyone loved- especially Lilo. Show the bond you and your significant other have by recreating this iconic duo.

creative couples costumes for halloween


America’s favorite cookie has been turned into a sweet couples outfit idea. Turn yourself into the classic Oreo cookie this year- it’s super simple for any last minute planning!



 Sharkboy And Lavagirl

Sharkboy and Lavagirl became childhood superheroes when the movie first premiered and made everyone want to go to Planet Drool. Make everyone relive their childhood dream by becoming Sharkboy and Lavagirl this year with this ultimate couples costume idea.

creative costumes for halloween


Scooby Doo and Shaggy 

This dynamic duo is one of television’s most beloved pair of friends ever. Recreate this simple look this year and have everyone wondering where the rest of the gang is.

halloween costumes ideas

Vincent van Gogh 

Become one of arts notorious artists and his infamous Starry Night painting. Fans of his work will love the dedication you have for the arts and will admire this simple and easy look.

costumes for couples


King and Queen of Hearts

Display your royalty to one another by becoming the King and Queen of Hearts. It’s a simplistic couple costume that is fun and is fit for only a king and a queen.

couples costumes


Sheldon and Amy

Sheldon and Amy from The Big Bang Theory are actual couple goals AF. Everyone will love your outfits and will be asking you science questions all night- so be ready!

halloween costumes ideas 2017 for couples



Get your singing voices ready and become Sandy and Danny from Grease this year. You’ll be the hit of the party and maybe you’ll drive away in a flying car at the end of the night.

easy halloween costumes for couples

JFK and Jackie

One of the most beloved couples in history are easy to replicate and will be one of the best outfits at the party. It’s one of the best costumes anyone could ever do, honestly.

best couples costumes for halloween


Peter Pan and Wendy

Make everyone believe you just came in from Neverland with this costume idea. It’s simple, classic, and easy to do. It’s a timeless costume that everyone will love!

couples costumes 2017

Sweet Halloween Costume Ideas For Him/Her

Given how there are plenty of costumes that are gender neutral and can work with your best pal, too, it is time we give the stage to the lovey-dovey couples, him and her. The following collection of sweet Halloween costume ideas for him/her will allow you to steal the spotlight. Find your partner and get them to run off into the dark night this holiday season with matching costumes.

Beauty and the Beast

Belle fell in love with the beast and it was one of the best romance stories in Disney’s history. Recreate this look and retell this tale that is as old as time.

couples halloween costumes

Mickey and Minnie

These mice have been dominating relationship goals ever since they were created. Show your love for one another and bring this Disney couple to the party. Everyone will love it!

couples halloween costumes 2017


Napoleon and Tina

Vote for Pedro! Napoleon and Tina were an odd couple but a couple that we loved and cherished. Become this perfectly odd couple and perfect their looks.

costumes ideas for couples



A classic movie deserves to have a classic costume made after it. Turn yourself into Juno and recreate this iconic movie. It’s a must wear couple costumes!

costume ideas for halloween


If you’re looking to scare your friends out, transform into Dexter and one of his victims. Television’s most loved fictional serial killer will dominate the party and even though it’s a cute idea, it’ll kind of scare your friends a little bit.

creepy couples costumes for halloween



Turn your significant other into stone by becoming Medusa and looking at them. It’s easy to recreate and everyone will LOVE this creative costume idea. Make sure you wear sunglasses, though, so no one else gets turned to stone.

halloween costumes

Magic Gone Wrong 

Fall victims to a magic trick gone wrong. It’s somewhat funny, somewhat gory, and very creative. You’ll steal any spotlight there is and everyone will think you really did have a bad accident doing a card trick.

scary halloween costumes for couples


Nightmare On Elm Street

Recreate one of the most terrifying movie ever created by becoming Freddy Krueger. Your significant other will be an innocent victim “sleeping” while you wait to jump into their dreams and scare them with this pair of spooky costumes!

halloween costumes ideas

Jack and Jill

This old nursery rhyme has turned into a sweet couple costume. Put your own unique twist on this costume and make it one of a kind! Just make sure you don’t hit your head on the bucket!

ideas for halloween costumes

Easy Couples Halloween Costumes

These couple costumes are for the people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. It will take you no time to wear these awesome outfits. Most of the things that go into creating these outfits can probably be found in your wardrobe. Everyone will envy what you will wear and many will even ask you to design the next year’s costume for them.

A Fisherman and His Mermaid 

Set sail this holiday season and hook yourself a mermaid! This adult costumes idea is simple to pull off and not only funny, but is creative and unique! Plus, isn’t it a fisherman’s dream to see and catch a mermaid?

best couples costumes

Pigs In A Blanket 

No, not the delicious food that is served at every holiday party. Become actual pigs in a blanket with a pig nose and a big pink blanket wrapped around you and your significant other. This way, if it’s cold out, you’ll be completely warm.

sweet costumes for couples


Deer In The Headlights 

Have you ever looked at someone and said they have a deer in the headlight’s look? Well, recreating this look will make everyone laugh and you’ll dominate the costume party you’re attending. It’s simple, funny, and a cute couples costume!

sweet couples costumes for halloween


Waffle and Syrup 

Nothing is better than a good waffle in the morning that has syrup drizzled over it. This duo is always together, just like you and your significant other! It’s a great idea and everyone will be craving waffles from the moment you walk into the door.

sweet costumes for couples


Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy 

Spongebob Sqaurepants introduced us to his beloved underwater heroes in Bikini Bottom and helped us fall in love with them, too. Recreate the two greatest heroes ever- their look is simple and fun!

easy couples halloween costumes

Rock Climber

Okay, so one of you is a rock climber and the other is the wall. That’s pretty creative! It’s a funny and unique costume, and it’s simple to recreate. Everyone will love this look and will be sporting it next year!

easy couples halloween costumes 2017


Taco Bell

Show your love for this fast food restaurant by having one person be Belle from Beauty and the Beast and the other being a taco. It’s a simple and unique look.

easy couples costumes for halloween 2017



Transform into a puppet this year and walk around with your puppet master following you. It’s a somewhat spooky costume but it is a funny outfit that you can easily achieve.

easy halloween costumes for couples


Peanut Butter and Jelly

Ever heard of the saying “you’re the peanut butter to my jelly”? Bring this saying to life and become the best sandwich to exist. It’s crazy easy and simple to recreate and it’s an instant classic.

easy costumes


Roller Coaster 

Get your thrill on and turn into a roller coaster ride. It’s one of those outfits that you don’t normally see, so it’ll make everyone fall in love with it. Make sure you throw your hands in the air with excitement- and to show you’re having a great time!

easy couples costumes 2017


Lobster and Chef

Show your cooking ability off by boiling your loved one in a pot of water. Not really, it’s just an outfit! It’s funny and creative and will make everyone crave some lobster!

easy couples costumes

Jack and Coke

Everyone loves to sit back and relax every now and then with a nice drink in their hands. Some people love Jack on the rocks while other’s enjoy it with coke. This drink combination is as simple as it gets!

couples halloween costumes


Show up to the party and scare away all of the ghosts with this iconic outfit. Who you going to call? You, of course. It’s a simple attire that’ll dominate all.


Halloween Costumes of 2017 For Adults

Set aside all the cutesy ideas that will make everyone aw and giggle as they watch you strut past. This holiday season step up the game with some real adult costumes to help you stun the crown instead. Whether raunchy or not, this selection is definitely going to make you the center of attention. Each and every one of these outfits is one that will make you stand out.

Butterfly and A Hunter

Transform into a beautiful butterfly this year and wow all of your friends- but be careful! There’s a hunter close behind you that has a net and is ready to catch you!

couples halloween costumes 2017


Jurassic Park

Hold on to your butts. Become a dinosaur this year and chase after everyone in your path! It’s a cute idea but always make sure you’re one step ahead of the dinosaur!

easy costumes ideas


People who are a fan of Corona knows that it tastes best with lime. It’s a duo that is easy to replicate and people will be a fan of your choice in adult costumes this year!
easy halloween costumes


Have one person become the piñata and the other person hold the stick, and then you’re an instant hit at the party. It puts people in the party mood!

easy couples costumes ideas

Cookie Monster

Everyone loves cookies, especially the cookie monster. Turning yourself into the cookie monster and having your significant other dressed as a cookie will be the cutest look ever!

costumes for halloween



Let your inner nerd show by wearing this costume- and show your love for this candy! It’ll bring you closer than ever to your significant other and you’ll never leave their side this holiday!

Halloween Costumes for Couples


These adult, easy and cute costumes for couples are fun, creepy, and easy to make for this upcoming spooky holiday. Have everyone fall in love with you and your significant by sporting one of these costumes. It’ll be a classic look at the party and everyone will be jealous of how cute you two look! It’s the year for the best ideas , so make sure you get creative!
Today, Halloween costume ideas have blossomed into some of the scariest, creative outfits that seize to exist. There are Halloween costumes for women, kids, couples, and pets. They have blown people away over the years and they have made a huge impact on the holiday.

Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

These Halloween costumes for kids will have you falling head over heels for them. These are some of the best Halloween outfits ever and your kids will love them to death. They’re easy to recreate, making it a simpler task for you this Halloween. People will be going crazy over these costumes and will want their kids to look like yours!


Turn your child into a beautiful mermaid and let them rule the sea! This look will steal the hearts of others and it’s one of the perfect wears for this upcoming Halloween. It’s an eye catcher and heart stopper for sure!

Halloween Costume Ideas


Are you a fan of movie night? Well, if you are, then you know there is an essential to make the perfect movie night- popcorn! Transform your baby into popcorn this Halloween and make them look like the cutest cup of popcorn ever!

Halloween Costume Ideas 2017


Ahhh, a shark! But wait, there’s nothing scary about this shark! This adorable costume will win the hearts of others as they try to be as intimidating as a regular shark! This is by far one of the best Halloween costumes for kids ever!

Costume Ideas For Halloween


Oh no! Watch out for this lobster! Make sure you don’t boil your little one with this cute outfit. It’s a simple outfit that is perfect for your child and will have everyone cooing over them. It’s a fan favorite for sure and any age can wear it!

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids


Yoda you must ask! If you need advice, turn to your child this Halloween whenever you need it! They will be the cutest looking Yoda ever and will steal the hearts of Star Wars fans.

Halloween Costumes for kids


Okay, so if you want your baby looking devilishly cute, then make them look like the Joker this year! This look is incredibly easy to do and your child will love being the Joker of the family. Who wouldn’t let this Joker have a sack full of candy?

Halloween Costumes for kids 2017

Silence of the Lambs 

If you’re looking for a scary Halloween costume for your child, then this is the one for you. This movie was one of the best horror movies ever, so make sure your child pays the perfect ode to it. Everyone will love your adaptation of this horror movie!

Kids Costumes for Halloween

Halloween Costumes For Families 

When you have little children, Halloween is the time to bring the family together and make the ultimate Halloween cosplay ever. These are some of the best Halloween costume ideas for families out there and will wow all of your guests at your party or everyone in the neighborhood. Some of these Halloween outfits are almost too good to not recreate, so make sure you get yours today!

The Incredibles 

These Halloween outfits are incredible. Transform your family into the best cartoon superheroes to exist and become the hit of the party- and neighborhood. Your family will sure be incredible and everyone will think so, too!

Halloween Costumes For Families 

Despicable Me

This is the perfect Halloween costume idea for you and your family if you love the minions and fluffy unicorns. Bring all of the characters of Despicable Me to life and make everyone jealous of your little minions!

Halloween Costumes For Families 2017

A League of Their Own

There’s no crying on Halloween! Make your family look like one of the most iconic baseball teams in cinematic history! It’ll be a home run at the next Halloween party you attend! These outfits will be some of the best Halloween costumes of 2017!

Halloween Costumes for Family

Scooby Doo

Solve mysteries with the gang this Halloween- with the gang being your family! Expose who the real monsters are and become some of the best crime solvers of all time! Get your costumes today before Halloween costume stores run out!

Halloween Costumes Ideas For Families


Become the best superheroes this Halloween and form an alliance with your family! Dominate the rest of the attire with the most notorious superheroes ever to exist. This year has been the year of superheroes, so make sure you become part of the best superhero year ever!

Families Costumes For Halloween

The Simpsons 

Where’s the donuts?! Have yourself a laugh and become one of the most beloved cartoon families this year! Everyone will love this costume idea and will make sure there are plenty of donuts for Homer!

Families Costumes For Halloween 2017

Secret Service

Uh oh, do you know someone who needs protecting this year? Have no fear! Your family is on the case. This is by far some of the best Halloween wardrobe of the year!

Halloween Families Costumes

Duck Dynasty 

Duck Dynasty swept the nation and made everyone fall in love with these long beard fellows. Become part of the sensation and join the family this Halloween- but make sure you have your duck calls ready!

Costumes For Halloween

Spooky and Scary Halloween Party Costumes

Scary Halloween party costumes are an absolute must when this spooky holiday comes around. Fans of horror and slasher films bring their creativity to light and make some of the best Halloween costumes ever. They will make your skin crawl or make you run for your life because they’re so realistic. They’re the best of the best and EVERYONE will want in on them. 2017 has produced some intense scary movies that have shocked fans, so it’s only appropriate to continue scaring people this Halloween. You can find more creepy and horrifying cosplays here.


Become one of the most horrifying icons of scary movie history this year. Leatherface has been one of the people that have dominated horror movies and has turned them into true slasher films, making him the best person to cosplay ever. This is one of the best Halloween costume ideas ever for 2017 and people will be excited to see the return of Leatherface.

Scary Halloween Costume Ideas

The Headless Body 

Oh man, you all drove me crazy so I lost my head! Freak your friends out this year with this headless person costume. It’s gory, funny, and makes you fall into the spirit of Halloween. It’s one of the perfect Halloween costumes for kids people will ever see.

Scary Halloween Costume Ideas 2017

Regan From The Exorcist 

The Exorcist is without a doubt one of the most terrifying movies in history. It showed us what a real exorcism looks like and what happens during a demonic possession. Become one of the most famous people of movie history this Halloween and scare all of your friends.

Halloween Scary Costumes

Halloween Outfits For Pets

Believe it or not, there are Halloween outfits out there for pets. For those who love to dress their animals up, these Halloween costumes are perfect for you and your furry pet. People will love how they look and they’ll fit in perfectly for Halloween.

The Wizard of Oz

This is one of the most famous costumes everyone wears on Halloween, so why not let your pets experience the love of this movie? You will follow the yellow brick road this year in order to find your pets dressed in the cutest of ways!

Scary Costumes For Halloween


Not only is this a great costume for your pet, but it also says we need to save the bees! Allow your pet to buzz around the house with this cute costume and buzz their way into your heart even more than they are now.

Halloween Scary Costumes


We all see our animals as angels from the sky, right? Well, make sure you let EVERYONE know they ARE angels from the sky with this costume- no matter how big or small they are!

Halloween Scary Costumes Ideas


Mooooove over cows, this year is for the pets! You will forget that you actually have a pet cat or dog and you will fall in love with your pet cow this year! Seriously, it’s the outfit you NEED to have for your pets.

Scary Costumes For Halloween 2017

Darth Vader

Use the force this year and join the dark side by turning your pet into Darth Vader. The dark side never looked so good and never looked so cute.

Halloween Costumes


Caterpillar’s are cute, but they’ll be even cuter on your pets. Let them inch your way through your Halloween party and steal the hearts of all your guests. It’s an outfit that’ll melt your heart.

Halloween Costumes For Halloween Parties

Cute Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Get ready for some of the best couples costumes of the year! The clothings listed below are easy to recreate and will have party guests admiring you all night. Add your own personal twist to the wardrobe and you’ll be an instant hit. There are more Halloween costumes for couples out there, so be sure to check them out here.

Wayne and Garth From “Wayne’s World”

This is such a unique costume, EVERYONE will be in love with you. It’s something people really don’t see, so let your creativity flow with this one and party on, dudes!

Halloween Costumes For Couples

Shrek and Fiona

Become everyone’s favorite couple this year. Shrek and Fiona dominated couple goals and Shrek himself has become an Internet sensation. Join in on the fun and guard your swamp this Halloween!

Halloween Costumes For Couples 2017

Forrest Gump and Lieut. Dan

“Happy New Years, Lieut. Dan!” Turn yourself into some one of the most iconic duos this Halloween and show everyone your love for Forrest Gump. It’ll be one of the best costumes you ever do!

Couples Costumes For Halloween

Harry and Marv From “Home Alone” 

Happy Halloween, ya filthy animals! You and your significant other can become some of the most famous thieves this Halloween and try to steal the hearts of others.

Couples Costumes For Halloween 2017

French KISS

Okay, so you love the French and you love the band KISS. So what do you and your significant other do? Become French KISS this year by showing your homage to the French and to KISS. It will make you an instant classic.

Couples Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Halloween Outfit Ideas for You

Sometimes Halloween doesn’t need to be so creepy. Every once in a while you need a little humor in your life, so these Halloween costumes will make your day. They’re easy and if you’re going to a costume party, you will for sure win the contest!

Claw Machine

Have your children become part of the stuffed animals in the claw machine. It’s cute, funny, and will make everyone want to spend 25 cents on trying to win them.

Halloween Wardrobe Selection

Old Woman

Transform your sweet little baby to a sweet little old woman this year. It’ll be so cute and funny, everyone will love it! It’ll be too cute to resist when they come around for candy.

Halloween Wardrobe

Halloween Outfits For Parties

Celebrities are some of the costumes that everyone does. But, what about the popular television icons you see all the time? Create a Halloween costume showing homage to some of the most famous icons on television today.

Guy Fieri 

Food Network’s most famous man has been turned into one of the greatest Halloween cosplays ever! Rock this look this year and become everyone’s favorite person!

Halloween Wardrobe 2017

Flo From Progressive 

We all love Flo and her clever commercials that try to sell us insurance. She has become an Internet sensation, so why not make everyone love you this year like they love her?

Halloween Wardrobe Selection 2017

Howie Mandel

So, let’s make a deal? Turn into the best Halloween costume ever this year and become a little monster like Howie did! It’ll be the hit of the party and EVERYONE will fall head over heels for it. It’s truly a work of art!

Wardrobe Selection For Halloween

Turn this Halloween into one that you will remember forever with these costumes. Your family, friends, and neighbors will love your creativity and your costumes will be a hit at any function you go to. These are perfect Halloween costumes for parties, making EVERYONE admire your outfits from the moment you walk in the door. Halloween is a time to dress up and be something different, so why not wear a fun and easy-to-make costume? 

Creepy Halloween Costumes for Couples 

American Gothic

American Gothic

Source: Senior Planet

An outfit befitting for the strong-armed and scowly.

The Maitlands

The Maitlands

Source: Work For Idle Hands

By the looks of it, if you look into a mirror you will scare your ownself.

The Grady Twins

The Grady Twins

Source: Pinterest

These creepy couple Halloween costumes are too real to ignore.

Jack and Sally

Jack and Sally

Source: Pinterest

A sight to behold, these costumes are grim and spooky.

Monsters Under the Bed

Monsters Under the Bed

Source: Pinterest

Nothing quite gives a good fright like a monster under your bed.

Witch Doctor And Voodoo Doll

Witch Doctor And Voodoo Doll

Source: Pinterest

Given the right effects, this can either turn incredibly sexy or beyond horrifying.

Most people view Halloween as a time of fun and loving. However, if you are an adult, you would know that it is a horrifying time of the year. Why not contribute to the horror yourself? Honestly, is there even any “fun” without a taste of horror?

If you have ideas of your own that can send the local neighborhood shaking beneath the covers, let us know in the comments below.

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