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3 Of The Creepiest Things That Your Zodiac Sign Says About You

3 Of The Creepiest Things That Your Zodiac Sign Says About You

Nobody is perfect.

Whether you believe in Zodiac signs or not, this might still creep you out. Because often than not, our Zodiac signs do tell us weirdly accurate things about us. Humans are weird beings, or more accurately our mind is a weird organ which sometimes comes us up with weird and creepy thoughts.


For example, One might think for a moment as to what would happen if you pushed that guy in front of the train? What would it feel like? Well, don’t worry, it is a normal thing and mostly everyone thinks about such things but that doesn’t mean everyone acts on these feelings.

Today however we will explore the creepiest things about you according to your Zodiac sign that is.


#1 Aquarius.

Via Shawn Coss

1. You have a tendency to read horror fictions right before you go to sleep even though they just make you stay awake at night.

2. It is a possibility that you have already written obituaries of your loved ones even if they are alive.

3. Your notebook is filled with your disturbing inner thoughts and works of art that might get you in trouble if anyone else saw them.


#2 Aries.

Via Shawn Coss

1. You are thrill seeker and like to put yourself in dangerous situations like sky diving.

2. You keep picking your scab until you bleed and don’t even notice it most of the time.

3. You have had many dreams about your own death.


#3 Cancer.

Via Shawn Coss

1. Someone has died right in front you and you keep replaying that moment in your mind.

2. Sometimes anger gets the best of you and you have previously burned photographs, letters or clothes because of this.

3. You have also eaten some of your flaked skin off your lips.


#4 Capricorn.

Via Shawn Coss

1. You tend to laugh when someones falls down or hurts themselves rather than helping them.

2. You have also told pretty big lies previously to get out of something you didn’t want to do.

3. Numb is the only feeling you feel when someone tells you a devastating story.


#5 Gemini.

Via Shawn Coss

1. Your jokes about death and morbid things tend to make others feel uncomfortable.

2. You like to have some kind of weapon with you when you leave the house.

3. You know how to lock pick and get out of zip ties by watching numerous youtube videos in an instance that you’re kidnapped.


#6 Leo.

Via Shawn Coss

1. You fear that you might be partly psychic and your dreams usually come true.

2. You have eaten insects before in your life like a spider or a moth.

3. Deceased loved ones sometimes appear in your dreams.


#7 Libra.

Via Shawn Coss

1. You are not disgusted by the taste of your blood and usually like it.

2. You fear that someone will see your disturbing browser history and that will possibly get you in trouble with the government.

3. You currently own or did own ‘The truth is out there’ poster.


#8 Pisces.

Via Shawn Coss

1. You are obsessed with serial killers and crime shows and think that you can easily get away with murder.

2. You have several ‘haunted’ objects in your house and like to collect them. You have even tried to summon Bloody Mary for fun.

3. You are a huge fan of conspiracy theories on Youtube.


#9 Sagittarius.

Via Shawn Coss

1. You have threatened someone before with your weapon of choice.

2. You have stepped onto the middle of the road several times before looking to see if cars were coming because you didn’t care about what happened to you.

3. You are an avid believer of aliens and swear that you have seen a UFO before in your life.


#10 Scorpio.

Via Shawn Coss

1. You are obsessed with anything paranormal.

2. Your favorite color is black and you tend to wear it more than any color.

3. You never get scared during jump scares in video games or movies.


#11 Taurus.

Via Shawn Coss

1. You like to look through house windows to see what people are doing.

2. You have taken secret pictures of people without telling them.

3. You like to research people right after you meet them.


#12 Virgo.

Via Shawn Coss

1. You always slow down your car if you see a car crash so you can see the damage and the bloodshed.

2. You are quite sure that you have seen or heard a ghost before.

3. You would love to visit a creepy location like Salem over your summer vacation.


Did any of these points hit close to your heart? Are these things that you secretly do but would never admit? Or is there more stuff about your zodiac sign that we missed? It could be that we missed the mark totally and didn’t get anything right so comment on below and let us know what you though about this list and if any of this is true about you.