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Are you looking for tales that will make your skin crawl? Then you, my demented traveller have come to the right place. In here, we will marvel you with tales of the twisted, sinister sort that cannot be found just anywhere, my friend. We shall spin you tales that inspire blood-curdling screams! This section will feature tales of serial killers of all types. Whether they be men, women, or even children.

You will never know what is creeping behind any corner of the site. Your mind will wonder as it reaches new levels of depravity. This world is filled with stories of sinister minded individuals who have committed the ultimate crimes for reasons as little as ‘the fun of it’. Some tales involve miscreants who took lives simply to get a sexual charge from seeing someone pass from this life into the next. You may take comfort in the fact that some of these deviants have left this mortal coil. However, some of them are still here with us…