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10+ Famous Unsolved Missing Person Cases

10+ Famous Unsolved Missing Person Cases

Since the beginning of Man-kind, there have been cases where people go missing. Some of these cases end in happy victories where loved ones are reunited with their families and they go on to tell their heartbreaking story of how they were kidnapped and managed to escape. Others, though, do not have the chance to tell their tales and spread awareness to people. To this day, there are still missing people that disappeared without a trace. No one knows where they are, who took them, or worse, if they’re dead or alive.


These Unsolved Missing Person Cases Are There To Always Haunt You

1. Aubrey Sacco

Aubrey Sacco
An image of Aubrey posing with a dog in India. 

Source: Backpacker


Aubrey Sacco was your average hiker girl when she disappeared one day without a trace. A reddit user with the username BiscuitsUndGravy, claims that she disappeared on a mountain trail in Nepal and that after Aubrey disappeared, people started to talk about the pattern of disappearances that have been occurring in the area. People exclaimed that the Nepalese government was trying to keep quiet about these disappearances, but after Aubrey went missing, people started to question them and demanded answers as to where their beloved ones were. In the case of Aubrey, though, she was never found and any lead the cops may have had were just dead ends.

2. The Missing Boy of Somosierra 

The Missing Boy of Somosierra
What this crash looked like. 

Source: Reddit


A reddit user with the username bitsnstardust tells this bizarre tale. They recall that one morning in June, 1986, emergency services were responding to an accident that happened on a highway in Spain. A truck that was driving erratically had collided with another vehicle, but what made the crash more severe was that the truck was carrying over 20,000 liters of sulfuric acid for commercial use. Upon the collision with the other car, some liters of this acid leaked out of the truck and caused slight damage to the cabin and surrounding areas; and, unfortunately, the two people inside the truck were killed on impact and were identified by authorities as a married couple. Their names were Andres and Carmen Gomez and were the only fatalities at the scene. What turned this horrific event bizarre, though, was when a loved one was informed of the deaths and she started to question the authorities if the boy was okay.

The father, whom was a truck driver, promised 10-year-old Juan Pedro Martinez they would go on a trip together as soon as the father completed his delivery for the day. The mother joined on this adventure to watch over the boy and as authorities continued to search the scene, they came across little boys clothes and concluded that the little boy was in fact traveling with them. The rescue crew continued to sweep the area for the boy because they assumed that as the truck rolled over Juan may have been ejected out or was stuck under the toppled over truck. Unfortunately, though, after searching hours for Juan, it appeared he had vanished.

3. The Sodder Family Children

The Sodder Family Children
The haunting wanted poster for the missing children. 


Source: Smithsonian Mag

A reddit user by the username Poobyrd tells the tale of the Sodder Family Children and their strange case. One day, the house these children were living in mysteriously caught fire. On the night of Christmas Eve, the mother of these children received an odd call from someone she did not know and while she was talking with this stranger, it seemed as if this person was checking to see if people were home. After the call, the mother ignored it and headed to bed, but before she fell into a deep sleep, she started to hear strange noises coming from the roof. Then, a fire started somewhere in the house and the family was frantic trying to get everyone to safety. Sadly, they could not get some of the younger kids out of the house in time. After the fire was tamed and authorities and firefighters started to investigate the house for the missing children, they discovered that the phone line had been cut and the bodies of the supposed dead children were not found. Further investigation of the house found that there were, however, a few animal carcasses on the ground, hidden in the rubble. A police man that was given the case soon confessed that he had planted the carcasses there so he can provide some type of comfort for the family.

To make this case even stranger, there were rumors that the father had gotten into some pretty heated arguments with the mafia and the parents believed their children were alive. The mother had received a strange letter and call from people who claimed that they were her kids years after the mysterious fire. Click here to listen to a podcast that goes into greater detail about the Sodder Family Children.


4. Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer
A still photo of Brian (on the left). 

Source: The Line Up

Reddit user intimateformality recalls that Brian Shaffer was an Ohio State Medical Student and was caught on camera one night walking into a bar. Throughout the night, though, the camera never recorded Brian leaving the bar and that made authorities scratch their heads. Why, you may ask? There was only one exit to the bar, and that was where Brian entered. No one knows where he is or what happened to him.


5. Roanoke Colony

Roanoke Colony
The set up of this lost colony. 

Source: History Things

If you’re a fan of American Horror Story, then you know that their past season was about the Roanoke Colony. Black-Stork exclaims that the Roanoke Colony was not just one or two people that went missing one day from their town. Instead, 116 people just vanished without a trace and there has been no evidence to explain why these people just vanished. It is still a great mystery to this day about what ever happened to this small colony of people.


6. Kenny Veach

Kenny Veach
Kenny Veach on one of his hikes. 

Source: Boredom Therapy

Stormdude127 recalls that Kenny was a hiker who frequently hiked his way through the Nevada desert. On one of his hikes, he had discovered a cave that had an “M” shape opening. Upon his discovery of this unique cave, he claims that this specific cave made him feel extremely strange, almost like his entire body would vibrate. For a reference point, this was near Sheep Mountains, which are located north of Las Vegas. After the discovery of this cave, Kenny went on to make a YouTube video about the “M Cave” that he found and in the video he told his viewers that he was going to return to this cave to hopefully discover more of it and to record what he had found. Unfortunately, though, after he set out on his exciting adventure to find this cave, he never returned from it. His body has never been recovered, making people theorize that he fell into an abandoned mine shaft or that he was trapped some place with no way out, which ultimately led to his death.


7. William Tyrell

William Tyrell
William playing in his spider-man outfit. 

Source: ABC Net

Alexbayside exclaims that this is one of the most fascinating cases they have ever read about that involved a missing person. They recall that his disappearance was strange and that there were a multitude of twists and turns and that his abduction was hard to comprehend. At the end of a quiet dead end street, no one knew that William was there with his family at his grandmother’s house. Him and his little sister started to play hide and seek with one another, and when it came time for her to seek him out, she could not find him anywhere, making the family begin to worry about where he was.


A year after this odd disappearance of William, a man’s house was searched and during this search, he had the sewer system drained for some business reason. DHS was unaware of what was already happening at his house, but on the same day his grandkids were taken away from him. After the investigations, he was charged with two cases of r*** from over 30 years ago when he had raped two young girls. It was soon discovered that there was a pedophile ring operating under the disguise of a support group for grandparents who are raising their grandkids. Instead of talking about the struggles of raising the grandkids, they would talk about sexually assaulting children. Bill Spedding was the man who was convicted of the two r*** charges and was part of this sick group of people, and, upon further research, another member of the group by the name of Tony was out of jail at the time of William’s disappearance.

Further investigations found that the grandmother of William called a handyman to fix her washing machine a few days before William and his family arrived and the handyman said he would be there Friday to fix the problem. As the story continues to unfold, the grandmother told the handyman it needed to be fixed asap because her family and grandkids were coming to visit and it needed to be operational for them. When William and his family arrived, the handyman called the grandmother and informed her that he would not be able to come fix her washing machine because something had come up. It was discovered that the supposed handyman was Bill Spedding and was working with Tony, who was on bail for previous child s** offenses.

As the story continued to develop, Tony’s car matched the description of the car that was seen across the street of William’s grandmother’s house the night he went missing. William was only three when he disappeared and people to this day have no knowledge as to what had happened to him, but speculate that Bill and Tony had abducted him from playing an innocent game with his sister.


8. Megumi Yokota 

Megumi Yokota
What the missing 13-year-old looks like. 

Source: Japan Times

Kurimyyama talks about the 13-year-old who was abducted off of the streets by North Korean agents. As years went by, her family frantically searched for the missing 13-year-old but nothing ever came of it. Until, the agents who had kidnapped this individual informed the family that the abducted girl passed away in her 50’s in Pyongyang, but when they sent her bones back to the family to prove she had passed away, it was revealed that the bones did not belong to her. Rumor has it this woman is still in Pyongyang being held captive with kids and grandkids living there with her.


9. The Lonergans

The Lonergans
What the Lonergans look like. 

Source: YouTube

Aperture81 recalls the Lonergans were a couple from the United States that went missing after they started a dive expedition near the barrier reef in Cairns. It was reported that their expedition boat had left them while they were exploring the reef and the couple was reported missing two days after the boat left. A crewman on board of the boat found their bags, but not them, and started to raise alarm about not knowing where this couple was. Unfortunately, their bodies were never found and people do not know what happened to them to this day.


10. Dennis Martin

Dennis Martin
What Dennis looked like and what he could potentially look like. 

Source: Scoopnest

Theseleadsalts tells the tale of Dennis Martin, who disappeared on June 14th, 1969 while he was playing hide and seek with some other children. His father was watching everyone play, ensuring that they would not get hurt or anything, and when the other children who were playing came out from hiding, the father noticed that Dennis never did. When he went over to find his son, he discovered that Dennis was completely missing.


After telling people Dennis went missing, his family and 1,500 other people started to frantically search for the missing boy. As the case unfolded, it turned out that a family by the name of Key put in a testimony about seeing Dennis, but it was somehow completely thrown out. The FBI started to withhold information about the unfolding of Dennis’ case and people by the name of Green Beret’s came to the search party, but everyone was suspicious of who they were. No one had called them and they were no where in the reports.

Things took a turn when an FBI working on the case, as well as others like Dennis’, sadly committed suicide while working on it. People finally dug up the testimony from the Key family and were stunned by what it was. They claim that they heard a blood curdling scream coming from somewhere and they thought they saw a bear on the ridge across from them but as they continued to watch the supposed bear, the father exclaimed that it appeared to be a man and he was clearly trying to hide from them. They continue their testimony that this large man was hairy, had something slung over his shoulder, and proceeded to walk away from the Key family. After the family heard that Dennis was missing, they went over to tell what they saw and surprisingly, the FBI agent did not want to see the area they were talking about. The FBI agent continued to throw away the information the Key family had provided him and told them that it was absolutely impossible for Dennis to have gotten that far all on his own. People who heard this claim exclaimed that the distance to where the Key family was describing to the agent WAS a distance that a boy like Dennis could travel all on his own.

11. Natalee Holloway

Natalee Holloway
Have you seen her?


ImaCrime Feed

This is a well-known case, according to reddit user spykerspyder, because of all the media attention it gained. People believe that Natalee Holloway was sold into slavery and that the state she lived in was known for human trafficking, unfortunately. In a specific region, though, there is a hotbed for human trafficking, making people believe more that Natalee disappearing was because she became a slave to this awful thing. No one has seen or heard from her, leaving her whereabouts unknown.

12. Kimberly Ann Langwell 


Kimberly Ann Langwell
Kimberly Langwell

Source: Beaumont Enterprise

Crackedpaint tells this story of Kimberly because she was their great aunt. Kimberly went missing one day in July, 1999 in Beaumont, Texas. One night, she went to Eckerd’s to sit back and relax and during the night, she mysteriously disappeared. Her car and belongings were left at the scene, however, her keys and her purse were missing. People have not seen her since that night. Her family is still searching for her and believe that she has been killed. They have asked people to Google her and if they have seen her to please contact their local police station.

13. The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders
The young girls of this heartbreaking unsolved murder. 


Source: Aymag

This story is extremely sad and disturbing because this involves three young girls, between the ages of 8 and 10, who were raped and murdered at Camp Scott on June 13, 1977. Their bodies were left on the trail heading towards the showers and were 150 yards away from their tent. Gene Leroy Hart became the prime suspect of this murder mystery because he was a jail escapee and had a long history of violence. Unfortunately, he was acquitted when he stood trial for the sad deaths of the girl scouts, making the killer to remain unknown and potentially still out there.

14. Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
What do you think happened to this Malaysian Airline Flight?


Source: ABC News

This recent disappearing plane mystery is still talked about to this day because it is so recent and bizarre. The plane mysteriously vanished one day while flying, leaving no traces of evidence as to where it could be. People have searched the ocean and have had no luck in finding debris from the plane nor have the found any survivors. No one knows where the plane is or where the passengers are, making this one of the most bizarre cases of missing people. People speculate that it crashed on an unmarked island just miles away from its course, but people who have searched the ocean claim that there is no definite islands that were near the course of this plane.

15. Jodi Huisentruit

Jodi Huisentruit


A close up of what Jodi looks like. 

Source: Find Jodi

Jodi was a television news anchor for KIMT in Mason City, Iowa. On June 27th, 1995 she was declared missing in the morning after she reportedly told a a co-worker that she was on her way to work. People speculate that Jodi had been abducted because there were signs outside of her department that showed there was an intense struggle between two people. As investigators continued to work the case and figure out what happened to Jodi, there has been no clues or evidence pointing to where she is or who abducted her. She was declared dead in May 2001, making her case still unsolved.


16. The Missing Germans in Death Valley 

The Missing Germans in Death Valley
The found van of these missing tourists. 

Source: Other Hand

Gnork explains that a few German tourists decided to go on an adventure through Death Valley. They rented out an old minivan and were on there way. On the morning of October 21, 1996, a Death Valley park ranger was doing his daily check throughout the valley when he noticed there was something stuck in the wash of Anvil Canyon. The ranger found this odd because there was no real or legal road to get there, and, the object he spotted appeared to be a passenger van and because of the terrain of the valley, there was no logical way that the van could have gotten that far. The investigation proceeded only to find that there was no one found at the van and no one knows what happened to these tourists. To read more about the investigation, since there is a lot of components to it and there is extensive detail as to what has been found and what people did to try to find these tourists, click here.


17. Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon

Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon
One of the creepy pictures found on their phones. 

Source: Reddit

Onetruename tells the story of two dutch girls who went missing because they got lost in the jungle in Panama. One day, the decided to go for a hike through the jungle and went too deep, which evidentially got them lost during the rainy season there. As people searched for the missing girls, they found their backpacks down river that had their phones in them. The phones were in tact and had photos on them that showed normal, happy photos of the girls that were taken an hour before they started to frantically call the police. After looking more at the photos, people discovered that there were about 90 other photos taken between the hours of 1 and 4 a.m., just a week after they disappeared. These photos consisted of a cliff being shown with some bushes on it and some impromptu trail marks made out of little things they had brought with them.


As people proceeded to search for these missing hikers, some of their bones and a boot with a foot still in it were found a couple of months later. No one knows how these girls died, and they started to create theories that they either had an accident on the trail and died from lack of food and medical assistance, they fell into the rapids and drowned, or people started to believe that they were murdered and someone started to play with their camera on their phones.

18. Henry McCabe

Henry McCabe
The flyer put out for Henry. 

Source: Mape


Reddit user SheepFloof recalls the story of Henry McCabe and how bizarre it was. When Henry disappeared, there was an eerie and creepy voicemail that was left behind that made people speculate that the noises that could be heard on the voicemail were either waterboarding or someone getting tased. As the investigation continued for Henry, it was discovered that his family had mislead the police a few times and the friends that were last seen with him made a few decisions that lead up to his disappearance. People found it even more odd that the FBI got involved with Henry’s case. No one knows what happened to Henry and they are left with nothing but the bone chilling voicemail that someone had left. People have tried to put together as to what the sounds may be, but no one could figure it out.

19. The Schulze Family

The Schulze Family
What Miriam and Sylvia look like. 

Source: News Sky


Reddit user dipdippity told the haunting tale of this family who went missing on July 22nd, 2015. Marco, Sylvia, and Miriam disappeared that day without a trace. A week later, though, Marco’s body was found in the river and upon discovery, people saw that there was a concrete rock tied to his legs. Unfortunately, Sylvia and Miriam remain unfound to this day, making people believe that Marco killed Sylvia and Miriam and then killed himself after his crimes. No one has any leads about Sylvia and Miriam, though, making people believe that they were unfortunately murdered.

20. Susan Powell

Susan Powell
Susan with her husband and kids. 

Source: Inside Edition


Reddit user Craisin_Cravin tells the heart wrenching story of Susan Powell, where one day Susan went missing and her husband exclaimed that he took the kids late night camping. He said that he left midday with their kids and returned the next day to find Susan missing. What was strange about this, though, was that he claims that he took the kids camping, but it was in the middle of winter. People started to point to him being Susan’s murderer because her phone and belongings were still at home, she told people very clearly that if something were to happen to her that her husband were to be held responsible for it, and her family members did not hear from her like they normally do. People report that Susan’s husband had been very possessive and abusive towards her over the years, making it more likely that he did in fact kill her. As the police arrived at their house, they noticed that there was a large, wet spot in the middle of the floor where a fan was blowing on it. As they questioned the children, they claimed that they knew they would never see their mother again because she wasn’t around when they were awoken in the middle of the night to go camping with their dad. The ending of this story about Susan is heartbreaking because as the case started to become more intense, it came out that the husband’s father was never charged for child pornography. The husband proceeded to move the kids out of state and shockingly exploded the house they were living in with all three of them inside. No one knows what truly happened to Susan or why the husband blew the house up, but people still believe that he was the killer.

21. Brandon Lawson 

Brandon Lawson
The flyer put out for Brandon. 

Source: Missing Brandon Lawson


Arturo_lemus recalls the story of Brandon Lawson, where he called 911 around 2 a.m. when he was standing in a field in Texas. As he proceeded to talk to dispatch, they reported that they were unsure of what he was saying but he sounded extremely distressed and he was in a severe panic. The phone cut him off then, making it the last time someone had heard from him. His brother claims that Brandon called him after he contacted the police, but Brandon was never found after those frantic phone calls. The police say that during Brandon’s call, they comprehended that he was being chased into the woods and that when a further edit of the audio was released, people could hear gunshots in the background. As the audio continues, multiple people claim they can hear a faint “help me” at about one minute into the call.

22. Johnny Gosch

Johnny Gosch
Some of the photos the mother received of Johnny. 

Source: True Crime Diva


Johnny Gosch was a normal kid that one day got kidnapped. He was doing his normal paperboy route where someone abducted him, leaving people to speculate that he was sold into s** slavery. After Johnny had vanished, an envelope appeared at Johnny’s mothers doorstep and inside of it there were pictures of Johnny being bound and gagged. No one knows what really happened with Johnny or who was sending these things to his mother, but the photos she received haunted her for the rest of her life.

23. Sarah and Jacob Hoggle

Sarah and Jacob Hoggle
The flyer sent out for Sarah and Jacob.

Source: Patch


This case is odd and sad because Sarah and Jacob were supposedly brought somewhere safe by their mother, who was a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, and was left with someone they did not know. Their mother refuses to give up their location and the identity of the person watching over them, and unfortunately, the authorities believe that the children are now dead. The father of the children speculate that his wife had let his children be murdered, but he still has hope that they are alive somewhere out there. She has been deemed unfit again to stand trial of her missing children. To read that article and to learn more about the case, click here.

Each year, people go missing without a trace and are often found. However, there are a series of cases that are still left unsolved, making people wonder where these missing victims are or who their actual killer is. It’s sad to see so many cases left unsolved, but it’s more heartbreaking to hear the stories of the victims.