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Halloween – The Perfect Night for Some Creepy Entertainment

Halloween – The Perfect Night for Some Creepy Entertainment

In the occult, the day of Halloween is believed to be the day when the barrier between the real world and the “ghost” world is at its frailest. Which is why we humans have taken the moment as the perfect opportunity to creep out others; and those who don’t find this enjoyable are usually the ones being spooked out. On the whole, the customs that have developed regarding Halloween are somewhat very gratifying though it may seem like some people are worshiping Satan himself in at some occasions during Halloween — it is utterly not like it seems it is, maybe. Moving on to the amusements that are abundant in the customs of Halloween. Dressing up as creepy characters from the movies although now it has become common to dress up as characters that aren’t even remotely connected to the word “creepy”.

Trick-or-treating is a custom common in children. Some celebrations are done privately with friends and family, like summoning demons and devouring human souls. Just kidding. Families usually make Halloween themed cakes and decorate their homes with uncanny lights and lamps as well as paintings and décor which makes the house look like a setup for a vintage horror film.The perfect way to make the night entertaining as well as creepy is an art people have been learning throughout the years. Dressing up in unique and eerie clothes which leave a little chill in the eyes of the beholder, perfect creepy cakes, and pastries which makes the house look like a set up for a vintage horror film.

Creepy Entertainment

The perfect way to make the night entertaining as well as creepy is an art people have been learning throughout the years. Dressing up in unique and eerie clothes which leave a little chill in the eyes of the beholder, perfect creepy cakes and pastries which make a person flinch a little before taking a bite and the most important are the treats for the children to give a creepy dint among kids of the whole neighborhood. Here are some ideas:

Halloween Treats

Treats leave quite an impression in children, as the favorite thing amongst children are treats. Lots of lots of treats! And you can only make Halloween special for them by making special Halloween treats for kids who speak out the three magical words on your door step. That will be the key to becoming the most favorite yet creepiest family in the neighborhood among the kids. Given below are some ideas of Halloween themed treats that are very popular. This doesn’t mean that you don’t use your eerie imaginations to create the perfect little creepies.

Witch’s Hat

These chocolaty scrumptious hats are the perfect little delights for the children to eat all night after they have done trick-or-treatin’. They are simple to make, you just need some chocolate and biscuits. You may add something as you please to give it a more vivid touch of Halloween. You will not regret making the children’s teeth decay.

Halloween Creepy Entertainment
Source: allrecipes

Halloween Ghosties

The little nasty ghosties will surely become a very creepy thing for the children before they decide to finally eat it. And they do not taste like they look, they’re delicious to the taste! The white chocolate layered around biscuits makes them the sweetest and crunchiest ghosts ever. Do tell the kids to eat the ghosties before they ironically eat them!

Halloween Nights
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Spooky Witches’ Fingers

Spookiest treats can be offered! And delicious as much as they are disturbing. Have them ready in your oven just like cookies on Halloween. Next time some kids roar “Trick or treat!” you can just open the door and say “Oops I dropped my fingers in your bag but don’t worry, they are yummy!” Just kidding, don’t do that. They do seem very realistic and could be a potential part of your spooky witch costume.

Halloween nights for creepy entertainment
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Chocolate Mice

These cute little things have been found to be very appealing to kids. They are perfect dummies to spook out little girls when they search their treats at home. And perfect for those naughty little boys to tease their sisters and mums until they finally eat them and make it more horrible for the girls. Only the ones eating them know how flavorsome the chocolaty mice are.

creepy halloween nights
Source: allrecipes

Bat Bites

Some cunning mom who had a good imagination invented these amusing yet simple treats made from just chocolate and Oreos as main ingredients. You will find them very effective in bringing smiles on the faces of kids who come trick-or-treatin’.

creepy entertainment for halloween nights
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These are just some of the creative ideas that got pretty famous. Use your own creativity too in the meantime and your creepy treats might become famous and make you a fortune. Like chocolate spiders, Pentagon painted biscuits, devil-faced cookies or pitchforks made of dark black chocolate. The secret is just to use the dark side of your mind and mix it with your baking skills, the possibilities are endless! The right amount of uncanny creativity and baking skills when pooled together will make masterpieces of Halloween treats.

Halloween Cakes

Just because treats are not enough for a family/friends party the idea of Halloween cakes, pastries, and other baked stuff came forth. Especially Halloween cakes are favorite among the public just because they are so satisfying, both to the eyes and to the stomach. Compared to treats, much more Halloween stuff can put in a cake and make a better, bigger impression of Halloween. How good a cake looks in the context of Halloween is all a matter of your resourcefulness. One can always look on the internet for ingenious ideas before trying their own. Have a look!

Ghost Cakes

If you decide to have a ghost-themed party on Halloween, this is the best cake to be seen in the dining hall/room. Bake some of these and your visitors will be dying to taste the ghosts, to find out how lip-smacking ghosts are like we are to them. Not only this, but they also look very terrific yet terrifying and blend in the creepy environment.

Halloween nights
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Bone Palace Cake

Once your guests find such a cake lying on the table, we will not resist trying to taste the yummy white bones. It does look difficult to make, which it is, but a good chef will not have any trouble getting the bones right. You could also add some strawberry syrup as the topping, serving as “blood”. Let them taste the bloody bones!

creepy halloween nights
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Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

Who doesn’t love chocolate? And who doesn’t love a chocolate cake with chocolate bats flying upon it? Yes, that’s right. This cake is the prettiest yet creepiest thing you can put in the corner of your dining room with dimly lit lamps. Your friends will be surprised with your baking as well as decorating abilities. The children will fight for the slice with a “bat on it”.

Halloween night entertainment
Source: goodhousekeeping

Caramel Apple Cake

This cake is the ultimate item to make your witch-themed house flawless. If you have a good budget, bake a few of these and decorate them in your house. The sweet slimy caramel will be on everyone’s fingers in a few moments. But it’s the inside that matters, full of chocolaty flavored delights that will enchant your friends in its spell.

Halloween creepy entertainment
Source: halfbakedharvest

Grave Intentions

The perfect cake which, by all means, has GRAVE chocolaty intentions. Baking it will require patience and technique but this is the masterpiece if you get it just right. This cake will do just right in a zombie-themed Halloween party. Read the recipe here.

Grave Intentions
Source: countryliving

Bugging Out

Do you love bugs? Aren’t they the prettiest little things one could decorate their house with, especially when it is Halloween? They certainly are and you will see how the bugs on your cake spooks people out before they find out how delicious they are. And the cake itself is second to none. Watch how your friends and family enjoy the bittersweet topping on the white chocolate. This cake is the perfect thing to have in a creepy Halloween party.

Bugging Out
Source: brit

Halloween Costumes

What is Halloween without seemly creepy costumes for Halloween? People have somewhat lost the sense of horror in their minds and their costumes have become far less creepy. What you need on the upcoming Halloween are some astute ideas for creepy Halloween costumes that will blow your friends’ minds away. Just remember to keep that peculiarity in your thinking. Following up are some ideas that you might use to make costumes or make your thinking more creative.

The Scooby Doo Themed Costumes

If you have a family of five or your bestie squad, you can most definitely dress up as the Scooby gang and amuse the neighborhood with the ingenious theme of vintage cartoons who used to solve horror mysteries in their mystery machine. These were quite famous in their time but the new generation does not know how much they fascinated the kids back in the days. This theme will most definitely make people very nostalgic and besides that, you can always do some “mystery solving” and paint your van like the mystery machine to make it more worthwhile!

The Scooby Doo Themed Costumes
Source: today

Silence of the Lambs

Although it does sound pretty unnerving, you can actually make silence of the lambs themed masks with some makeup and voila! The perfect occasion to go on a rampage of devouring — not actually devouring — every people in the neighborhood. Grab some vintage clothes and buy a mask like in the actual movie. It will scare the hell out of young teenagers and kids. Definitely worth it! Might as well dress your little kid in a lamb like this family did!

Silence of the Lambs
Source: today

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

This costume is best for teenage girls who have both bad and beauty in themselves. The perfectly made costume will attract people and you will be all over Instagram overnight as the Tomb Raider. Pretty badass and it’s not even much of a difficult one. Just a shorts and a tank top with other little accessories and you will look just like Angelina back in her tomb raiding days! Have a look at this girl dressed up as Lara Croft. Pretty badass.

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider
Source: pinterest

The Fortune Teller

Have a look at this woman who, most remarkably, used her makeup and dress-up skills to become a real-life, creepy fortune teller.
This could be your Halloween costume, triumphing over all the others with the wise third eye on your forehead. Roam in the streets telling people about their fortunes and having their minds perplexed about whether you’re a real one or just a dressed up girl. Be sure to wear antique jewelry, dark shades of makeup, contact lenses and most importantly your hair; make your hair as creepy as possible.

The Fortune Teller
Source: pinterest

The Undead Witch

If your makeup skills are professional, you can take it to the next level by becoming an Undead Witch with cracks on your face and a painted skeleton on your chest and neck. Make it as realistic as conceivable because you don’t want it looking fake. Take this as a helping example.

creepy entertainment halloween nights
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Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re running out of your own ideas, just remember how many horror/mystery movies are out there in the archives. There are lots of ways using which you can make Halloween costumes look really cool and attractive as well as creepy. We have collected some ideas from famous horror movies and how you could use them as ideas.

Valak, The Demon Nun

Known as the best horror movie, the Conjuring 2 uses its iconic villain as a Demon Nun who seems to be very powerful and malicious. People have reported seeing her in dreams as well in the dark at night just because their brains were influenced by the horrible looks of Valak. This can be your chance to make people scream when you creep on them in the dark.

creepy halloween nights
Source: mymoneydesign

Castiel, The Fallen Angel

From the famous horror series Supernatural, comes the character of the Castiel with his gorgeous looks and an attire that resembles that of John Constantine. This idea is perfect if you’re a male and want an angelic costume. It could even become an evil one if you do a little dark makeup on your face to resemble Castiel when he went god mode.

Halloween nights
Source: collegefashion

The Babadook

If you remember watching the babadook, you know how creepy it is. The evil character is just the right amount of horrible and dark with a pale white face. Even its picture could be enough to give chills down the spine if seen in the dark at night. The costume would require some fitting to do and the makeup to make you look pale and white. But when done rightly, it will undoubtedly make the perfect Halloween costume.

creepy entertainment for Halloween
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Everyone knows Samara, the innocent Samara that hops right out your TV and devours your soul just because you watched a video. What could be better than to dress up in a full body make up and a tainted white gown as well as a detailed face makeup? Make sure to do the hair dead Samara!

creepy entertainment
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The Bye-Bye Man

Recently, the movie Bye Bye Man was released. Even the adults got chills as the bye bye man abducts the victims. How creepy would it be if a bye bye man was spotted in an abandoned house on Halloween?

Halloween nights 2017
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What makes Halloween perfect is the amount of creativity people use in making costumes, decorating their homes, making treats and bakes and creepy activities that are usually done by teenagers. If everyone is willing to play their role just for one night, it can be the creepiest Halloween night ever. Just remember, there’s a dark side in everyone’s mind!