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10+ Haunted Mansions in The United States

Have you ever questioned a noise you heard in your house? Perhaps a door creakily opens or the sound of children laughing, or worse screaming, in the middle of the night. That’s what happened to the owners of these haunted mansions all over the United States. So if you’re ever on a tour of the country, you can add a bit of excitement by adding these terror-filled sites on your itinerary.

20 Most Haunted Mansions You Don’t Know About In USA

We have a long list of haunted areas from all over the world, but these 20 mansions are from US which caught our attention. These haunted mansions have their name written in dark history

Washington Ann Starrett Mansion - Haunted Mansions

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Ann Starrett Mansion

George Starrett, a contractor, built a Queen Anne style home for his wife, coincidentally named Anne, in 1889. Consisting of eight-bedrooms and 8-baths, the haunted mansion became a B&B and boutique hotel with its original Victorian themed design. Initially put on the market in 2011, the asking price was lowered in an effort to move the 8,000-square-foot property. Some believe that a “spirited” silhouette of a red haired woman and a man is the original inhabitants and a key reason in no sale of the lot.

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Location: Port Townsend, Washington

Illinois Scutt Mansion - Haunted Mansions

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Hiram B. Scutt Mansion

In 1889, James Weese built this Victorian-style haunted mansion. The Hiram B. Scutt Mansion has been the reason cited for the peculiar deaths of its owners. One college student was shot and killed while attending a party and a historical buff died from unknown causes while inside the mansion. Many experts, including the real estate agents, claim to feel otherworldly energies while on the property.

Location: Joliet, Illinois

Georgia Hampton Lillibridge House - Haunted Mansions

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Hampton Lillibridge House

With a reputation of being “the most haunted home in Savannah” It’s not a surprise that the Hampton Lillibridge house makes this list. Moved from its original location, the 4,606 -square-foot home reported sightings of a tall man dressed in black staring out the window as well as strange noises by it workers. Jim Williams, the house owner, initially put the house up for sale in 2008 and has continually taken it off and relisted it ever since. Only lowering the price by $500,000 from its $2.9 million, most believe the house fails to sell due to the aforementioned poltergeists.

Location: Savannah, Georgia

Mississippi McRaven Tour Home - Haunted Mansions

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McRaven Tour Home

Another house claiming to be the “most haunted” in an area (This time Mississippi) is the McRaven House. Using a patchwork style, the house was built in 1797, 1836, and 1849 respectively. Duped by National Geographic to be the “Time capsule of the South”, the tour of the house is a reflection of architecture and design of the era. The house is said to be haunted by its last builder, John H. Bobb in one tale and a woman who died in childbirth in another.

Location: Vicksburg, Mississippi

West Virginia The Perkins House - Haunted Mansions

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The Perkins House

At 7,037 sq.ft., the Perkins House is estimated to be worth over $1.6 million. The haunted property consists of 6-bedrooms, 6-baths, and a chilling history. The beautiful Victorian-style home is built on the site of abolitionist John Brown’s execution. Apparently, he put up quite the fight in life and death as he is rumored to still inhabit the grounds to this day.

Location: Charlestown, West Virginia

Pennsylvania Historic Victorian - Haunted Mansions

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Historic Victorian

Built in 1870, this Victorian-style (Seemingly a running theme on this list) is said to be haunted. Real estate agents offer that it is simply the house settling from its long history but they do invite people to see if they are, in fact, the sounds of lingering ghosts.

Location: Puttstown, Pennsylvania

Wisconsin The Allyn Mansion - Haunted Mansions

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The Allyn Mansion

The Allyn Family, a wealthy farming brood, built this haunted mansion in 1885. The patriarch of the Allyn Family died in the parlor of the 9,500-square-foot mansion which has since become a nursing home, furniture store and most recently, an award-winning bed and breakfast. Initially listed in 2008, the owners eventually removed it due to no interest, even with repeated lowerings. It is currently on the market for $1.2 million but went on hiatus due to the spirit of Mr. Allyn still living there.

Location: Delavan, Wisconsin


Louisiana LaLaurie Mansion - Haunted Mansions

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LaLaurie Mansion – The Haunted Mansion

This six-bedroom six-bath Garden District haunted mansion was once owned by Nicholas Cage. Reportedly the “most haunted house in New Orleans”, this house has a rich southern history. Many say that the chains of previous slaves rattle around in the basement while other slaves roam the halls, forever bonded under the horrific rule of the mistress of the house. Despite its gruesome tales, the haunted mansion sold for $2.1 million in 2010.

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

New York The Chelsea Hotel - Haunted Mansions

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The Chelsea Hotel

Ever since this haunted hotel was built in 1884, it has been known as one of the most haunting spots in the city that never sleeps. Many popular musicians, writers, and artists frequented the infamous location. In fact, patrons of the hotel have reported seeing the spirits of Dylan Thomas, Eugene O’Neill and Thomas Wolfe roaming the halls.

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Location: New York City, New York


California Winchester Mystery House - Haunted Mansions

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Winchester Mystery House

Sarah Winchester was a true pioneer woman. She built the Winchester home and continued to add on to the property as it needed it. What began as a two story farm house grew into a 160 room mansion to house the souls of the lives taken by her husband’s firearms company. The haunted mansion features hidden passageways, Labyrinthian hallways, and a seance room. Tours are currently available for this structure of the damned.

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Location: San Jose, California


New York The Amityville House - Haunted Mansions

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The Amityville House

Six members of the DeFeo family were found, shot to death, in their homes. The eldest son, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. was conficted of the crime. His lawyers could not successfully argue that he heard voices from inside the house that told him to do it. A year later, The Lutz family bought the home but soon left it due to some strange paranormal activity such as odd odors, unexplained cold drafts, and most likely the ultimate culprit, a spirit that took the form of a Pig-like beast. A popular book and movie about the latter family was released in 1977 and 1979 respectively.

Location: Long Island, New York

Florida The Cassadaga Hotel - Haunted Mansions

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The Cassadaga Hotel

Cassadaga is a small town in Florida most noted for its psychic community. Surrounding the hotel are small cottages where all of the local mediums swell. The hotel itself is said to be home to many spirits as well as a vortex that even the staunchest of skeptics have admitted to sensing a presence.

Location: Cassadaga, Florida

Washington The White House - Haunted Mansions

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The White House

Who would have thought that the most famous address in the world would be haunted? over the years, many reports have said that the ghosts of Abraham Lincoln, Abigail Adams, and Andrew Jackson could be seen floating through the halls. FDR, Eisenhower, and even Winston Churchill claimed to have seen Lincoln. More recently, the Obamas have said that they heard strange noises and felt something gnawing at their feet during the night.

Location: Washington, DC


Louisianna Myrtles Plantation - Haunted Mansions

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Myrtles Plantation

Built in 1797, this haunted mansion is touted as “One of the most haunted placed in America.” Since it’s erection, multiple deaths have been caused by illness, murder, and poisonings. Former residents and visitors have claimed to experience many uncommon occurances such as furniture that moves on its own, disappearing jewelry, and people and objects randomly appearing and disappearing in photographs.

Location: St. Francesville, Louisianna

Massechusetts The Joshua Ward House - Haunted Mansions

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The Joshua Ward House

Owned by George Corwin, the High Sherriff of the Salem witch trials, was once the property of wealthy sea captain, Joshua Ward. Built in 1784, Corwin’s remains were in the basement of the house until they were moved to a proper cemetery. His spirit is still believed to be in the house, haunting whomever comes into contact with the house.

Location: Salem, Massechusetts

Ohio Franklin Castle - Haunted Mansions

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Franklin Castle

The Tiedemann family had this haunted castle built in 1865. The exterior provides plenty of gothic atmosphere with its sandstone exterior, round tower and gargoyle ornamentation. Visitors of the “most haunted house in Ohio” have claimed to witness a woman in black staring out the tower window, screaming children and doors flying off the hinges. What is the source of this haunting? Four of the Tiedemann children died in the home and the owner, Hannes, killed his mistress in the tower and his 13 year-old niece in one of the hidden corridors.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

California The Whaley House - Haunted Mansions

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The Whaley House

Currently run by the Save Our Heritage organization, the Whaley House was dubbed a haunted house officially by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce in the 60s. This was due to the sound of “Yankee Jim Robinson’s heavy footsteps being heard regularly. In 1852, He was hung on the property before the haunted mansion was built. Other supernatural occurances of note are original owners Thomas and Anna Whaley.

Location: San Diego, California

Missouri The Lemp Mansion - Haunted Mansions

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The Lemp Mansion

Built in the 1860s, the haunted Lemp mansion was owned by the Lemp family who had a penchant for suicide. Over the generations, four of its members took their own lives, three of which in the house itself. The house currently operates as a restaurant and inn that offers tours of the house. Live magazine called it one of the most haunted houses in America in 1980.

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Iowa Villisca Ax Murder House - Haunted Mansions

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Villisca Ax Murder House

The Moore family, along with two small houseguests, were found bludgeoned by an axe on June 12, 1912. The murderer was never apprehended but the house still features wandering spirits, children’s voices, and a door that mysteriously opens and shuts on its own. For the brave, the house offers daytime tours and overnight sleepovers.

Location: Villisca, Iowa

Alabama Sturdivant Hall - Haunted Mansions

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Sturdivant Hall

This beautiful antebellum haunted mansion was built in 1856 and bought by John Mcgee Parkman in 1864. After the Civil War, Parkman was arrested and while in prison, attempted to escape, but was shot and killed. A few years after this, his wife was forced to sell the property but Parkman’s spirit remained on the grounds. visitors have reported doors slamming and locking by themselves and windows being open and shut. There are also reports of two little girls’ spirits being seen but their identities remain a mystery.

Location: , Selma, Alabama

Haunted houses are nothing new to the seekers of the paranormal the world over. there have been television shows documenting their phenomona all over the world. As it happens, there are quite a few in America. The land of the free may only apply to the living as some spirits here may be trapped forever.