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There are things that go bump in the night. Certain things in this life defy human logic. Some of those things can be considered quirky, amazing and whimsical. You will not find those things here, fellow traveller of the macabre. Ax murderers, fantastic creatures, spirits who have not yet passed on to the next plane due to some unfinished business are the types of tales you will find in this section. Abandoned churches all over the world or beautiful mansions lost to time, some of which have been perfectly preserved to an eerie level will be found here.

This section will be the cornerstone of all things demonic and evil. The clowns presented in this section will not be the ones hired at children’s parties, at least not ones that end happily. Stephen King got his inspiration from somewhere and we are here to explore the deepest regions of fear. Throw out your nail clippers because if you stick around this section long enough, you’ll have bitten them all down to nubs anyway.