The great American horror author H. P. Lovecraft has a massive following of avid horror fans from all over the world. Although his books serve as wonderful reminders to his genius imagination and the cosmic entities he created, there are other ways to commemorate his artistic creativity now. A series of intricate sculptures have surfaced on the web which showcase some of Lovecraft’s eldritch entities. From “Dagon” who appeared in a short story by the author under the same name to the cosmic octopus-headed creature “Cthulhu”, the variety is stunning.

‘Barnabas Marsh’ Bust By Marc Opdycke From The 1931 Novel, ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’

The Shadow Over Innsmouth
Source: DeviantArt

‘Lovecraft Tormented’ Wall Sculpture

Wall Sculpture
Source: Cthulhu Shop

A Closer Look At The ‘Dagon’ Sculpture By Sota Toys

Source: MonstersInMotion

‘Cthulhu’ Resin Bust By Dominic Qwek

Source: GeccoDirect

‘Dagon’ Sculpture

Source: Big Bad Toy Store

‘Pickman’s Model’

Pickman’s Model
Source: Dangerous Minds

‘Cthulhu’ Sculpture By Lee Joyner

Sculpture By Lee Joyner
Source: JoynerStudio

‘Nyarlathotep’ Sculpture By Sota Toys

Source: MonstersInMotion

If you are an avid collector of sculptures and wish to add to your menagerie of mayhem these sculptures are the ideal pick for you. Granted they are not exactly cheap, but you should have already seen that coming. Most often times large toy stores display Lovecraft’s nightmarish sculptures. However, every time that they do, these sculptures get sold out very fast. So if you fancy anything Lovecraft make sure to snatch it before it’s all gone or placed on auction.