10 Murderers Haunted By Their Victim’s Ghosts

In ideal scenarios, murderers stalk and haunt their victims until their unfortunate event of death. However, in an odd twist of fate, some murderers had a taste of their own medicine. Haunted by their victims, these murderers never found peace. Even after death, these victims were determined to make sure their tormentors went through hell.

Ah Fong


Source: The North East Today

In 1999 in Hong Kong, Fan Man-yee was captured by a secret triad gang. The gang raised claims that the girl was indebted to them with HK$20,000. The secret gang of men tortured and abused Man-yee for a whole month until she succumbed to her injuries and died. They then proceeded to saw her up and boil her body parts before disposing of them.

One of the gang member’s had a 13-year-old girlfriend at that time who had a hand in the torture. Known as “Ah Fong,” the girl suffered from terrifying nightmares of Fan’s spirit. She could not take it anymore and eventually called the police and reported the crime. At first, her story was not discarded for hallucinations but when an investigation ensued, Fan’s body parts were discovered.

This led to the arrest and sentencing of the gang members. In exchange for immunity, Ah Fong testified. The three men were sentenced to life in prison on charges of manslaughter.

Jose E. Ferreira Jr.

Murderers Haunted

Source: AP

At the age of 17, Jose Ferreira met 13-year old Carrie Ann Jopek in 1982 at a party. After sharing a joint with her, she asked him to join her in the basement. While on their way down the steps, Jopek changed her mind and turned to Ferreira saying, “I don’t know if this is a good idea.” Ferreira would not have that and replied, “You are going downstairs,” before pushing her down the stairs.

Upon seeing her limp body, Ferreira took the opportunity and “had his way with her.” It wasn’t until he was done that he discovered her neck was broken. He snuck her body out of the house and buries her in the neighbor’s porch. Seventeen months later the body was found but all investigations were a dead end. It remained an open case until 30 years later when Ferreira finally confessed to murdering Jopek. He stated that ever since her death, her spirit continued to haunt him relentlessly.

Mark Bridger

Mark Bridger

Source: PA

A drinker and enjoyer or child porn, Mark Bridger took to the streets one day in 2012 in search of a young girl. Sure enough he found April Jones, a five-year old, whom he took to his car and she was never seen or heard of again. He confessed to have killed her by “accidentally” hitting her with his car. His memory, blurred with alcohol intake, did not help him out much. He only remembers putting her in his car before calling for help.

However, after evidence of blood and bone matching Jones’ DNA found in Bridger’s house, his confession was rejected. It is believed that the child was sexually assaulted prior to being killed and cut up. Found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, Bridger frequently reported having haunting visions of Jones. He said she showed up in his cell at night.

Al Capone

Al Capone

Source: FBI

In 1929, on Feb. 14, James Clark and seven other associates of the North Side Gang rounded up at a garage. Four other men approached them, two of whom were dressed as police officers. The gang members were lined up the police officers against a wall and shot point blank. All seven men died.

The massacre was never solved but it was believed that the leader of the rival South Side Gang, Al Capone was behind it. Several months after the murder, Capone was arrested. Prison guards reported that Capone would let out bloodcurdling screams, shouting to be left alone by Jimmy.

Even after he left prison, the ghost followed him. Capone tried hiring a medium to get rid of the spirit but to no avail. Capone’s bodyguards would later report that he could be heard begging to be left alone. Upon entering in the room, he was found alone. Capone told the guards that the ghost of James Clark haunted him.

Victor Amewugah

Victor Amewugah

Source: Ghana News Agency

In 2013, Victor Amewugah embarked on a long journey for which he hired a taxi driver. Midway through the ride, Amewugah took out a gun and killed the driver. He then drove off in the very same taxi. The crime was repeated and he was suspected of being involved. This led him to go on the run. Not long after, he was joined by his second victim’s ghost. He was attacked and haunted by the victim’s ghost which would appear in his dreams and even slap him in his sleep. The torment grew to an unbearable degree and he lost sleep.

One of Amewugah’s friend reported to the police that Amewugah happened to be driving around in one of the victim’s taxis. He was found and arrested. He confessed and even expressed remorse for his actions.

John Nkuna

John Nkuna

Source: Deviant Art

In 2002 in South Africa, Bob Ruel Baloyi was kidnapped by John Nkuna and his two friends. He was tied up and beaten. Afterwards his body was doused in gasoline and set afire. A cattle herder later found the charred remains of Baloyi who then informed the police.

Nkuna fled the city in an attempt to escape charges. However, it was not long before Baloyi’s ghost started haunting him. He could head Baloyi’s voice at night saying, “Just tell my family that you are the one who murdered me and you’ll start sleeping in peace, or you’ll follow me.” Terrified, Nkuna confessed to Baloyi’s family. He and his friends were arrested, but his friends’ charges were withdrawn. Nkuna received a sentence of 15 years in prison despite pleading not guilty.

Bhim Shankar Giri

Bhim Shankar Giri

Source: mid-day

Bhim Shankar Giri’s wife was continually harassed by Bhim’s brother Jeetendra Anantlal Giri. Several times Bhim asked Jeetendra to leave his wife alone but to no avail. Finally, Bhim could not take it anymore and decided to kill his brother. He lured him away at the excuse of a party and ot him drunk. Then he slit his throat.

Bhim went into hiding after disposing of the body. The family was soon to notice that Jeetendra was missing and eventually involved the police. Bhim on the other hand spent a week continually hearing Jeetendra’s voice, even in his dreams. He had nightmares of choking him and threatening to haunt him for the rest of his life.

Bhim confessed to the family of what he had done. He was taken to the police station where he was arrested for murder.

Terry Childs

Terry Childs

Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel

A 17-year-old girl, Lois Sigala, was stabbed to death in 1987 by Terry Childs. Childs was convicted of murder and received a 41-year sentence in prison. While in prison, he confessed to more murders. Linda Ann Jozovich was one of his victims. He kidnapped her in 1979, from a parking lot and then hit, strangled as well as stabbed her multiple times. Childs then hid her body in the Santa Cruz Mountains. More than ten years passed before the remains were found.

Childs claimed that he had to “free himself from his demons” and so confessed. He stated that his victims’ ghosts hainted him. He would see them staring at him in his cell “eating up his brain.” He claimed that Jozovich stopped haunting him after he confessed to her murder. His confessions led to an increased prison sentence to what is now life without parole.

Daniel French

Daniel French

Source: WLWT

In search of easy money, Daniel French robbed a house in a retirement community in 2012. Posing as a maintenance worker, French entered 87-year-old Barbara Howe’s home. Using a stun gun, he shocked her in the neck but she did not succumb. French then grabbed her by the neck and began choking her. The old lady did not lose consciousness so he kept at it until she died.

After hiding her body, he went through her home, only to find $18 in cash and a diamond ring. French later threw the ring out of his car’s window. The murder was unsolved for two years till the police connected the dots and eventually got to French. Upon questioning, he confessed to the crime saying he was remorseful. He also said that “I seen Ms. Howe’s ghost, and I apologized.”

Adrian Daou

Adrian Daou

Source: Ottawa Citizen

In 2010, Jennifer Stewart was murdered by axing in a parking lot. For three years her murder was unsolved. Up until Adrian Daou confessed, there were no leads. Although police did not completely buy his guilt, he knew more things about the crime than any average individual would. He was given a cardboard cutout to reenact the scene and he did.

Daou said that he committed the murder in order to launch a music career. He said he would “be a really good rapper” is he killed someone because “people talk about that killer stuff.” After the murder, Daou said that he went for a smoke. While there all by himself, Stewart’s ghost flew behind him haunting him. Daou said that he witnesses her ghost multiple times a day.

One would think that killing someone is the end of it all. It is not. These 10 criminals are a vivid example of what happens when murder takes place. Whether hallucinations or actual ghost appearances, a life is not meant to be taken at will.

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