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Newlyweds Terrorise Guests With Insane Severed Head Wedding Cake

Newlyweds Terrorise Guests With Insane Severed Head Wedding Cake

Wedding days are usually meant to be a romantic time for two people who love each other surrounded by friends and family who are in awe of the event and want nothing but happiness for the couple, but in 2013, Dave and Natalie changed the game when they showcased their eerie wedding cake which shows their severed heads alongside those traditional wedding vows, ‘Till Death do Us Part’.


The pair got married just days before Halloween and decided to get themselves into the holiday spirit with this creepy but extremely captivating wedding cake.


The cake no doubt terrified the family members and friends in attendance, I’m pretty sure the severed head cake didn’t go down too well with grandma, shame on you Dave and Natalie.


What’s more impressive? The cake was actually made by the couple who actually own their very own business, and specialize in outstanding designs for their desserts.

Severed heads and blood are not the only decorations the two are skilled in making, but they’re the ones we’re going to show you, of course.


Aside from their gory concoctions, the married couple are big fans of creating iconic television and movie-figures, with Rick and Morty, Wolverine, and Naruto being just some pieces of their outstanding work.


Dave and Natalie Sideserf are a Texas-based couple and the brains behind Sideserf Cake Studio, the location where these uniquely-styled cakes are designed.

Natalie went viral six years ago for her life-like cake sculpture of the country music legend, Willie Nelson, and has since risen to fame after having their realistic creations appear on American Idol, as well as their own Food Network TV show, Texas Cake House.

Whatever your taste, you cannot argue at the exceptional quality the duo put into their cakes, and if you are interested in seeing more and supporting the pair, go over to their Instagram page HERE and discover some of the most imaginative and creative cake designs you’ll ever see!