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10+ Horror Photos By Photographer Dad Featuring Own Daughters


Being a parent may be a great joy but some parents do not believe in the average monotony of raising kids the normal way. One dad takes parenting to a whole new level by involving his daughters in his work – horror photos, Recreating bloodcurdling surreal scenarios, his photographic series titled “After Dark My Sweet” is made from nightmares.

Joshua Hoffine is based in Kansas City, Missouri. Over the past decade he spent time bringing nightmares to life with his creative horror photos.  His twisted imagination, props and a camera are all he needs besides his young daugthers for models. The complete collection of menacing and macabre masterpieces, “After Dark My Sweet”can be purchased as well. If you have a knack for the grisly, you can find his book on Kickstarter.

Monsters Under The Bed

Monsters Under The Bed
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“Daddy, what is for dinner?”

Daddy, what is for dinner
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Gas Them All Out

Gas Them All Out
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“Mommy, wake up!”

Mommy, wake up
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Candy Shop

Candy Shop
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Upstairs To Bed

Upstairs To Bed
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The Mummy Grave

The Mummy Grave
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Descent To Hell

Descent To Hell
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Satanic Dreams

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You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone
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Come Out And Play

Come Out And Play
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Monsters In The Closet

Monsters In The Closet
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One would instantly take this as an instance of child abuse but you will be surprised to hear that the children enjoyed every bit of it. Despite looking terrified out of their wits, the young girls were actually having a great time. They were delighted to be featured in their dad’s gruesome and terrifying photography. The interesting results yielded appraisal from the daughters first who stated that “they loved it”. In fact, they considered the whole thing to be a giant dress up game.

We all know that playing with the devil eventually tempts the devil to come out of hiding. Let us just hope that  these nightmares do not manifest themselves unto the little girls’ real lives eventually.

5 Terrifying Serial Killers Who Happened to Be Animals

Man may be the most dangerous animal on earth but some instances put that up for questioning. Although there are plenty of serial killer who existed throughout history, there are some that will stun you. These serial killers who happened to be animals are astounding. Given the fair share of deaths that these animals are responsible for, one would not think that they were not humans.

It appears as if these animals had a hunger for killing humans without cause or purpose. Whether this stemmed from earlier psychological incidents that involved torture at the hands of humans or not is still vague. There is simply no quenching the thirst that these serial killers who happened to be animals have for the taste of human blood.

The Ted Bundy Killer Whale, Tilikum

Killer Whale
Source: WFTV Orlando

Date: 1991 to today

Location: Canada to Orlando, Florida

Death: Passed away on Jan. 6, 2017

Tilikum in Chinook means friend. However, the deadly serial killer whale is anything but that. At the age of 11, Tilikum weighed a healthy 12,000 pounds. He performed tricks and was considered incredibly friendly. All his attendants loved and adored his charm. However, things took a grisly turn when Tilikum dragged a female visitor underwater after she accidentally fell into his tank.

The killer whale cleverly blocked her exit and tossed her around with hi other whale tank mates. As this was the first incident of the sort, it was written off as an accident and no one was held accountable. A while later the whale was transferred to SeaWorld in Orlando when his previous theme park Sealand closed down.

All was good until 1999, when another opportunity presented itself in the form of a 27-year-old homeless man. He sneaked into the theme park during afterhours in order to visit the whale. What happened next looked like a scene from the movies. The following morning, the homeless man was discovered dead, lying naked atop the whales back.

Still, nothing was confirmed and no one was suspected, not even the killer whale. 11 years later he drowned his trainer by snatching her off of dry ground. This was around when people started making a pattern out of his actions. However, no action was taken against the whale. He passed away naturally in 2017 on Jan. 6. You can say that he lives up to his name of killer whale.

Mysore’s Face-Eating Sloth Bear

Face-Eating Sloth Bear
Source: Planet Deadly

Date: 1957

Location: Mysore, Near Bangalore

Death: Shot in the chest by Kenneth Jackson, a professional monster hunter, after three failed attempts

The infamous sloth bear of India is a small animal that is easy to tame. It majorly feeds on insects that it picks out of crevices in trees by means of massive sickle shaped claws. Guess what else are such claws great for? Ripping the face of a human clean off.

The citizens of Nagvara Hills woke up one day to find a sloth bear amongst them who was hell bent on slaughtering them. Just about everyone attacked was found dead. Those who managed to flee were found with their faces mauled and battered. Within a number of days, about 36 people in the area were attacked.

Nothing stopped the sloth bear from its killing spree. Surprisingly enough, the motive behind the deaths was believed to be nothing more than just the desire to kill. It is fabled that the grizzly killing spree was fueled by the sloths quest for avenging her murdered cubs. Others presume that a hurtful injury led the animal to turn mad.

Nigeria’s Killer Snake

Nigeria’s Killer Snake
Source: How Nigeria

Date: 1999

Location: Birnin Kudu, Nigeria

Death: Rumored to still be alive and killing

Alike most of the human serial killers, this killer snake proved that you need no motive to strike out and kill people. As a general rule, snakes only attack if threatened. But, this cobra needed no incentive to go on a killing rampage and earn a formidable title on the list of serial killers who happened to be animals.

For 10 days the cobra lashed out and killed everyone who crossed its path. The poison darts shooting out of its fangs killed even strong grown men. It was incredibly fast on its feet (do snakes even have feet?) that before its victim would realize that is was bitten, the snake would have already attacked another.

Birnin Kudu as a place had an overgrown weeds problem which allowed the snake more attack ground. The government looked into abolishing the weeds and this led to the snake relinquishing its attacks. It simply disappeared and never came back. In other words, the mass murderer cobra is still at large.

The Elephant, Osama bin Laden

The Elephant, Osama bin Laden
Source: Crime Viral

Date: 2006

Location: Assam, India

Death: Rumored to have been shot by a licensed hunter

Elephants are gigantic majestic creatures who possess the ability and power to kill whenever they want. However, when was the last time you heard of an elephant named Osama Bin Laden appearing on a list of serial killers who happened to be animals? It is unclear as to how the elephant earned that title.

For two whole years, the village of Sonitpur was terrorized by an Asian male elephant who killed a minimum of 27 locals. He chose to trample and gore people to death. Almost 14 people were killed in under 6 months. Homes and businesses were not spared from his terrifying form either. Yet, when search parties came looking for him, they never seemed to find him. He fitted seamlessly into the wilderness. What was worse is the fact that he had no fear of firearms.

The government soon issued an order allowing for the killing of Osama. It is believed that he was caught and shot outside of a tea estate. However, there are doubts about him never being shot at all and the wrong elephant being killed instead.

Killer Cat Gang of India

Killer Cat Gang of India
Source: BBC

Date: 1907 to 1938

Location: The Indian subcontinent

Death: Shot by Col. Jim Corbett of the British Indian Army

A series of cat predators suddenly went at large in the Indian subcontinent around 1907 to 1938. From leopards to tigers, the magnificent creatures decided to go berserk all at once. The killings marked by this cat gang were in 3 figure digits. The reason behind their sudden desire for human flesh is unknown to this day.

436 documented deaths are under the belt of the Champawat Tiger alone. These killings took place in Himalayan India and Nepal. This is by far a greater headcount than any human serial killer in the history of serial killers.

Champawat attacked during the day and its counterpart, the Leopard of Rudraprayag, chooses the night to commit the murders. At times Rudraprayag pounced in on its victims through the roof, pulling them away into the dark night. A close estimate of the head count is 1,200 inclusive of children, women and men. The gang of cats consisted of 33 big cats. They were at large over the course of 30 years. The legacy of terror they left behind is yet to be paralleled (not that it ever should be).

Col. Jim Corbett of the British Indian Army was able to bag every single one of the 33 cats over the duration of 3 decades.

The tales of these serial killers who happened to be animals are downright chilling to say the least. In a world where men fear one another, animals have proven that man is a weakling. The lack of intelligence and conscience in animals may have been the number one cause behind the relentless killings. Despite that, these animals are rarely spoken of or regarded with the terrifying respect they earned. Maybe the enemy is not the neighbor down the road after all or maybe its the elephant at the local circus.

9 Adorable Deadly Animals Too Cute To Turn Away From


How many times have you come across an animal and were overwhelmed with love and adoration for the cute fuzzy thing? Not so fast, cowboy, a lot of these ultra-adorable animals are deadly predators. Part of their appeal is the fact that you cannot peel your eyes away from them. On this list of adorable deadly animals, you will find yourself star struck and unable to run away. Whether it is out of fear or adoration, you are soon to find out.

It is advised to steer clear of these adorable deadly animals for they can turn from cute to dangerous, in a fraction of a second. Once you read through this list you will be able to steer clear of these animals or you could choose to pet one of them. The choice is entirely yours.

Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphins
Source: Google

Dolphins are safe to be around, right? Wrong. Agile, elegant and intelligent, these majestic creatures have their fair share of horror. They are known to kill other animals for the fun of it. Aside from reports arising of these adorable deadly animals harassing swimmers and visitors, they are also known to kill sharks. A blow to the stomach or gills of a shark by one of these animals is enough to end their life.


Source: Google

Dogs are fluffy creatures that easily make up mans best friend. Dingoes resemble dogs but are far more vicious and deadly. There has been an occasion where a dingo stole a baby. In the wild, these creatures are known to bite and attack humans. Frisky yet adorably deadly, it is best to steer clear of dingoes at all times.


Source: Google

Not that most people regard mice as cute, but instance of people taking them in as pets are not uncommon. Mice tend to be carriers of the hantavirus. This particular form of virus is deadly to human beings and it causes the Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Want to find out how to contract this horrifying disease? Mice droppings. The virus is passed out in the mice stool and you can easily fall privy to the disease.


Source: The Spruce

I always knew all forms of cats were evil. These gods of the internet are the oddest form of adorable deadly animals. They carry the Toxoplasmosis infection which can be passed out in their stool and transmitted to humans. The infection is lethal for humans and even causes problems for pregnant women. In some cases, women experience miscarriages because of it. Time to rid the world of cats.

Puffer Fish

Puffer Fish
Source: Google

Mostly likened to an old grandma, this kindly looking fish is nothing but completely lethal. The derpy face is accompanied by a body covered in spikes, loaded with tetrodotoxin. Its goofy visage can easily fool humans into thinking that it is completely harmless. The puffer fish injects its toxins into the bodies of whomever comes close to it. And it is enough to kill.

Poison Dart Frog

Poison Dart Frog
Source: Google

This gorgeously colored frog is a bright gold yellow in color. If you werent too careful you could mistake them for chunks of gold. These adorable deadly animals are covered in poison, enough to kill not one but 10 grown men. Still think they are cute?

Duck Billed Platypus

Duck Billed Platypus An elevated view of a platypus (Ornithorhyncus anatinus) featuring its bill.[/caption]
Source: Google

A duck billed platypus is not the most popular of animals when it comes to appearances. However, it is still regarded as one of the many adorable deadly animals to dwell on this earth. Male platypuses have ankle spurs which secrete venom. It is potent enough to kill small animals. In the case of humans, the poison is painful to a degree that you would wish you were dead.

Slow Loris

Slow Loris
Source: National Geographic

Ever suffered an anaphylactic shock? You better hope you do not. The slow loris is fabled to secrete a venom from its glands that can throw you into an instant shock. These insanely adorable deadly animals also bite and attack. It is in everyones best interests to not let the large beseeching eyes fool you.

Blue Ringed Octopus

Blue Ringed Octopus
Source: Pinterest

If you think octopuses are ugly creatures then you probably have not laid eyes on the blue ringed octopus. These stunning creature grow only up to 5-8 inches in size. Their venom is powerful enough to outright kill a grown man. The worst part is that there is no anti venom that can combat their poison. If you get stung then prepare to experience nausea, heart failure, repiratory arrest, blindness and paralysis altogether. Eventually you will end up dead.

These adorable deadly animals are not ones you want to cross paths with. Some of these are unreal, who would have thought kittens could kill? It seems like the more you know the more you feel like never leaving your house. Disturbingly enough, most of these animals are considered tame and suitable for human interaction. From dolphins to mice, you can never really gauge the terrible power that lies in the hands of these predators. Adorable or not, these animals need to be kept far and away from human life.

8 Haunting Paranormal Games/Rituals You Can Play With Your Friends

Are you looking for some fun while you’re hanging out with your friends? Do you want to scare them so badly with some haunting rituals that will leave your bones quaking and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? These five games will leave you wanting to do them but also hesitating to actually follow through with them because of how terrifying they actually are.

Origin of Paranormal Games

The origin of haunting paranormal games is believed to be ancient satanic rituals but have been modified after being performed for a hundred of years and took a lesser grim version of the original occult. Rituals were used to summon the Devil, ferocious demons and deadly spirits to spread terror among the humans as well as to worship Satan. Although the rituals where carried out with the uppermost secrecy due to the sacrifices required to summon demonic beings, as years went by some of the rituals would be revealed to some of the public. An as a result of human curiosity the rituals were adapted by certain people as years went by. Until the 19th century, when they took the form of haunting paranormal games which children would play for fun as well as thrill. But the evils that such games have the potential of unveiling is still of the same magnitude.


paranormal games

Part of the rules for The Midnight Game that can be found online.

Source: Ghost Face Knife

The Midnight Game is the most haunting, most terrifying game out there that a person can play with their friends. Many believe this game to be an old Pagan ritual that was used as a punishment to those who disobeyed the religion.

Posted above is the beginning of the rules, but the others can simply be found online for those who are daring to play this game. The whole point of this game is to summon The Midnight Man at exactly midnight and surviving until 3:33 a.m.

If you survive the game and the time strikes 3:33 a.m., congratulations! You won the game! You have to walk around your house after following the very simple rules that are clearly outlined online and make sure you avoid him at all costs.

People claim that while playing this game, they have experienced hallucinations and are left with mental scars.People also say that if The Midnight Man catches you then he will either send you into a nightmare dimension or will rip your internal organs out. Be careful if you play this game, you may never know who is lurking around the corners of your home, waiting to attack.


hunted paranormal games

Part of the ritual that people need to do to play the game.

Source: Mys Town

This game is also called “no sleep” and is extremely popular. This particular game enables the person playing it to go into another dimension. To play this game, the individual needs to play in a large room (preferably the basement) without a single stream of light coming through any doors or windows. A pack of candles, two large mirrors, three chairs and any object from your childhood is needed for this ritual.

You need to set everything up and once it’s complete, leave the door open to the basement and head up to your bedroom. Don’t forget to set your alarm for exactly 3:30 a.m.! If the alarm goes off exactly at 3:30 a.m. and the things in your basement remained as they are, then you can proceed with this game.

To proceed with this game, you need to be seated on your “throne” at exactly 3:33 a.m. with a lighted candle in your hand. DO NOT LET THE CANDLE GO! PROTECT IT FROM A FAN WITH YOUR BODY! When you are seated, look straight into the darkness and DO NOT look into either of the mirrors nor the candle. At this point in this game, you’ll start to feel and hear a presence from somewhere within the room.

People report that it is almost like having a conversation with your conscience or an entity that has manifested as a part of you. This particular entity or conversation will be about your past and the unresolved issues you may have. Some claim that this particular ritual is some kind of psychological experiment that puts you in a lucid dream. How would you feel talking about your past? Do you think this ritual is something that puts you into another dimension or do you think it’s just some type of psychological effect on you?


hunting games 

Make sure to use an empty elevator like this one to play the game! 

Source: Youtube

This particular ritual came from Korea and if this is performed correctly, then it will take you to another dimension by an elevator. To play this game or to conduct this ritual, you will need to find a building that has at least ten floors and has a working elevator. Ensure that no one else will be riding this elevator with you, and then you can proceed with the ritual! Once inside, you will have to do a 4-2-6-2-10-5 combo on the buttons of the elevator.

When it comes time for the elevator to go to the fifth floor, a woman would enter the elevator with you. WARNING: DO NOT SPEAK OR LOOK AT HER! Afterwards press the button for the first floor.

The elevator would begin ascending to the tenth floor inside of going down to the first floor. Once at the tenth floor, you may explore the world that awaits you. Further instructions can be found online and be sure to follow the instructions carefully if you want to have the full experience!

The woman may ask you where you are going but DO NOT ANSWER HER! After walking around in this new world, you may return to the real world by entering the elevator again and using the same combo as before. If you do pass out during this game, you will find yourself inside of your home- but be warned. Everything may not be as it seems.


hunting games

This is what the hooded man looks like when people play the game.

 Source: Youtube

This ritual is similar to the Elevator ritual because it essentially takes you to another world other than ours. For this one, though, you need to perform a cleansing ritual before starting the actual game either burning sage or spreading salt on your front door. When night approaches, make sure you are in a room with a telephone.

From here, you will be making a call for a cab. If succeeded, a black cab parked outside of your house will appear. Exit your house, get into the cab’s back seat (make sure it’s empty!), lock the door behind you, and go to sleep. If awoken and your watch reads exactly 3:30 a.m., then you will find yourself falling asleep for the second time.

When you wake up the second time, you will be on an unfamiliar highway and the Hooded Man will be behind the wheel of the cab. People claim that other passengers have climbed into the back seat with you, but you should never, EVER acknowledge them. If you want your ride to end, whisper to the hooded man that you have reached your destination, you will fall asleep and then wake up in your house.

When you wake up, you will dial a number and say, “Thank you for the ride.” After this, proceed to do another cleansing ritual. People exclaim that you can continue the ride for as long as you want, but caution the ones that want to further it because the world becomes more absurd as the ride goes and in worst-case-scenario situations, some say you may never be able to escape that world anymore.


An old bathtub inside of an old abandoned house.

Source: The Ghost In My Machine

Also known as Daruma-san, this game is another ritual from Japan. This particular game involves summoning a ghost that will follow you all day long and attempt to catch you. To do this, you have to go to a bathtub before bed, strip yourself of all of your clothes, fill the tub with water, and turn off all of the lights.

When you get inside of the bathtub, make sure you are facing the faucet. Then, close your eyes and begin to wash your hair while chanting “Daruma-san fell down” over and over again until you are done washing your hair. From there, you will see a mental image of a Japanese woman standing in front of you in the bathtub before she falls on a rusty tap which then goes through her eye.

When you feel a presence near you, ask out loud, “Why did fall in the bathtub?” DO NOT WAIT FOR AN ANSWER! Keep your eyes closed, stand up (carefully) and exit the bathroom with closing the door behind you. Leave the bathwater overnight and get some sleep- that’s where the real game begins! When you wake up, you will feel a presence around you all day.

DO NOT ALLOW HER TO CATCH YOU! Put some distance between you and her by catching her in a glimpse behind your right shoulder and shout, “Kitta!” while doing a karate chop motion with your hand. If you fail to do this properly and fail to catch her before midnight, then you will for sure see her in your dreams.

6. Ouija Board

Some of the top rules of the Ouija board. 

Image via: Tumblr

This is one of the most iconic paranormal games known to man, however, people sometimes don’t realize how dangerous this “game” really is. The Ouija board is used to connect with spirits that have crossed over to the other side, and somehow demons use this board as a way to enter our world and possess the people playing with the board or haunt their homes. Researchers have warned people about the dangers of the Ouija board because of the unknown dimensions we could be releasing into our world. They say if people do play with the Ouija board, then they need to follow the rules of it and should never ask a spirit for proof if they are there.

If you ask the spirit to blow out candles or give you a sign they are here, then you just gave them permission to enter our world. That’s something no one wants to happen because you never know what kind of spirit is going to cross over to our side. If you do “play” with the Ouija board, be careful who you talk to and the questions you ask, but most importantly, make sure you ALWAYS say goodbye when you’re done using it. Not saying goodbye allows the portal to remain open, letting any type of spirit roam into our world.

7. The Closet Game

Make sure your closet is completely dark for this terrifying game. 

Image via: YouTube

This game has been deemed the scariest of all paranormal games because you are not just summoning a spirit to your house, you’re summoning an actual demon. In order to make this happen, you need to stand inside of a closet and make sure all of the lights are making, meaning you’re in complete darkness. Once you’re in the dark, you need to hold up an unlit match and say “show me the light or leave me in the darkness”. If you hear someone whispering in your ear, light the match immediately, but if you fail to do so, its said that a demon will drag you into a deep, dark abyss that you cannot escape from.

This could also happen if you look around when you hear the whispering instead of lighting the match right away. Once the match is lit, you have to walk out of your closet without looking back. You have to make sure that the match remains lit and that it doesn’t blow out or anything. From that day forward, whenever you go into your closet, you have to make sure that there is a light always on because the demon you had summoned now haunts your closet and waits for the day there is no light to snatch you and bring you to the dark abyss.

8. One Man Hide and Seek

What the doll should look like after you add the rice and red thread to it. 

Image via: YouTube

This particular game originated in Japan and is originally called the Hitori Kakurenbo. While playing this game, you are playing hide and seek with a spirit possessed baby doll. To do this game, you need to find a babydoll, remove all of the stuffing from the inside, fill it with uncooked rice, and add either your fingernail or a piece of your hair to the inside of the doll. To close the doll up, you need to sew it together with red thread and then wrap the red thread around the doll. The next thing you need to do is name the doll any name you’d like and leave it in a bathtub or basket that is full of water.

After putting the doll in the water, you need to go around your house, turn all of the lights off, fill your mouth with salt water, and return to where you had left the doll. Be warned, though, the doll may not be where you left it. If it is not in the tub, you need to go and look for it and when you find the doll, you need to pour the salt water on it and then burn it. After this, you hide in your house somewhere and wait. People who have played the game claim that you don’t have to wait long because you will soon know that someone is looking for you in your own house.

Though these haunting paranormal games would seem very horrifying, one is somewhat tempted to play this game to see what horrors would be revealed into the realm of reality. One might believe these haunting paranormal games to be just funny games who give a bit of a panic and nothing else, and will be tricked into playing the game; might be the trick of a demon who is hungry for a soul! But one cannot avoid the inescapable.

If you think you have guts in you and mettle in your veins, go ahead and try what pokes your mind. Some of the games can be played easily inside a room like The Three Kings Ritual. Never forget to take the safety measures. Ignoring the rules of a haunting paranormal game is absolutely out of the question, failing to comply with the rules will result in… well, you’ll find it out yourself.

5 Creepy Urban Legends That Happens To Be Genuine

An urban legend, according to Google, is a humorous or horrific story or piece of information circulated as though true, especially one purporting to involve someone vaguely related or known to the teller. They don’t sound that bad, right? I’m sure the majority of you have heard of Bloody Mary, where you go into your bathroom with the lights off and say her name three times into the mirror and she’ll appear within the mirror.

You may have also heard of Slenderman, the tall, lanky, no face person lurking around forests waiting to steal children or to kill someone- they even created a game out of him and let me tell you, it is spooky if you play at night and by yourself. There are some urban legends that lurk around the Internet as well as the world that some people haven’t heard of yet and they will send a chill down your spine.

The Origin of Urban Legends

Ever wondered why an urban legend gets its existence, seemingly out of nowhere? That how a foolish story can just get inside a mind and become famous for generations to come? It is because there is no foolish story that ceases to be obliterated from the minds of the most intelligent species. True, real life incidents take place that are too peculiar to be told as an actual incident hence they become the tales that are told to naughty children by mothers late at nights and anecdotes youngsters share in their camping trips just for the sake of hilarity.



A picture of the Cow Head from movie based on this urban legend.

Source: 7 Thai Shock

This particular story is rumored to be so scary and so psychologically disturbing that people have had nightmares because of it and that people would die of fright from hearing it. The story of Cow Head came from Japan in the 17th century with numerous articles written about it because people were left trembling with fear for days after hearing it until they eventually died from fright. Because so many passed away from hearing this story, apparently, there are many unknown parts of the story that are still hidden within the minds of the deceased, however, there are still a few rumors about it circulating the Internet.

One rumor is that one elementary school teacher came into some fragments of the original story of Cow Head and was taking his class on a field trip one day. The class often time was out of control on long field trips, making the only thing to quiet them down was ghost stories told by their teacher. He announced to his class that he was going to tell them the legendary story of Cow Head when his students grew into a panic and told him to stop. One child turned pale, apparently, and covered his ears while the others screamed and continued to tell the teacher to stop.

The teacher ignored their pleas and continued to tell the story. The children claim that their teacher’s eyes went completely black as he started to tell the story, almost as if some unseen force possessed him. An hour after telling the story, the teacher came back to his senses and realized that the bus had crashed into a ditch. The bus driver was slumped over his steering wheel covered in sweat and shivering from fright while the rest of the children on the bus fainted because they were so scared.

According to Scary For Kids, you cannot find the story of Cow Head anywhere on the Internet, at least not in English. Fragments of the story have been found, though, and they could put together a few bits and pieces of what the story is actually about. Here has what been gathered about Cow Head: There is a small, deserted village in the middle of nowhere where archeologists are digging to find out why no one lives there. While digging, they found that a skeleton that had a head like a cow and a body like a man.

They decided to do some research on the body they discovered and found that years before there was a famine. During the famine, the people in the village were starving and started to eat their cows and horses for survival. Soon after eating all of their horses and cows, they started to eat their pets (cats, dogs, etc.) but were still hungry after that. One day, a strange figure started to walk through their village and appeared to have a head of a cow and a body of a man. Since the village was absolutely starving, they attacked this man and devoured him to the bone.

From that day forward, the village became cursed and hell broke loose amongst the villagers. Unfortunately, that was the only found information about the original Cow Head story. It seems that the story has disappeared from the Internet, leaving nothing behind except the beginning of this horrific, terrifying story. Have you read Cow Head? Do you know the entire story? Be careful, you may accidentally stumble upon something related to this story, and it may be the last thing you ever read.



What she supposedly looks like.

Source: Draft House

Slit Mouth Woman, or also known as Kuchisake-Onna, is one of the most terrifying and frightening urban legends that is lurking around Japan. People claim that if she asks you a question, you better have the right answer, or even answer her for that matter- or else. She was mutilated by her jealous husband and murdered by him, making her come back from the dead and seeking revenge on anyone that answers her one true question: “Am I Pretty?” As the story goes, Kuchisake was a beautiful woman who married a man that deemed her as unfaithful. He was right, for Kuchisake fell for another man and was planning to leave her husband for the man whom she fell in love with.

Due to this, her current husband grew to be viciously jealous and knocked her unconscious, tying her up to a chair. When she woke up from the brutal attack, he proceeded to threaten Kuchisake that he would kill her if she ever left him. He then grabbed a large pair of scissors and sliced her face into a permanent smile. He smirked at her and said, “Who will think you’re pretty now?” and then sliced her head off of her body. Regret crept into his soul and he stabbed himself to death so he didn’t have to live with the constant reminder that he murdered his beautiful wife.

Kuchisake-Onna is known to hide in plain sight, rumored to look like an Asian woman with long, black hair and wearing a beige trench coat. She has now been rumored to be wearing a mask over her face, making it easy for her to blend into the large crowds of Japan, quietly and secretively hunting her prey. She can come for you at any time of the day, no matter where you are, and will always hide in the shadows wearing something to hide her disfigurement.

She will stand in front of you in a heartbeat, blocking your path, and holding a large pair of scissors while asking, “Am I Pretty?” Before you have a chance to answer, she will reveal her face to you: a mouth sliced into a horrendous smile that exposes her tongue and teeth. She will ask you, “Am I Pretty Now?” If you answer yes or try to scream, she will slash your face so that way it looks just like hers. If you attempt to run, that’s even worse because she is rumored to be extremely quick and will cut you in half out of extreme anger. Lastly, if you answer no to her, she will walk away and leave you be- until you realize that she followed you home, watched your every single move, and kills you in your sleep.

Many people also say that to escape from her, you have to outwit her, meaning you have to either offer candy or money to her so that way you have a chance to run away. People also exclaim that if you ask her if she thinks you’re pretty or if you claim she is “so-so”, her confusion and pausing moment will give you a chance to escape her unruly self. There is a more recent twist to this story, though, and that is that a woman used to chase and terrify local children that eventually led parents to complain to the police. When the police finally caught her, she frantically ran into traffic and was killed instantly by a car, leaving her injuries to include severe head trauma and facial lacerations that looked like a jagged, bloody, demented smile. Which story do you believe of this horrid slit-mouth woman? Be careful walking alone at night, you may never know what is hiding within the shadows of an alleyway.



What these black eyed children should look like.

Source: The Ghost Diaries

If you are a regular on YouTube like I am, then I am sure you have heard of Shane Dawson. He talked about The Black-Eyed Children in one of his videos and talked about one of his personal experience with these types of children. Many people, though, do not know whom or what these black-eyed children are, making this particular urban legend intriguing yet eerily creepy because these children are dark and demented- I mean come on, anything with evil children is just down right scary and traumatizing.

Who are the black-eyed children? These children are rumored to be paranormal creatures that do resemble children by the ages of 6 and 16. They have extremely pale skin and black eyes, and are reportedly seen hitchhiking or panhandling people in public or alone. They have also been reported to come up to people in their homes and ring their doorbell, asking them to come inside and practically forcing themselves inside of a person’s home.

The legend of these children came from postings in 1996 where a Texas reporter by the name of Brian Bethel wrote about two alleged sightings of the black-eyed kids. He claimed that the sighting of these two children were in Abilene, Texas in the year of 1996 and claimed that a person in Portland, Oregon had a very similar experience to his. His story quickly rose to fame and he continuously answered people about his experience with these children and was even featured on Monsters and Mysteries in America in 2012, telling the world his infamous encounter with these children.

People report around the world that when they have experiences with these children, they can’t explain why they feel these children are dangerous and supernatural- they just are. They claim that these children can also be seen playing games or singing the nursery songs Old Man Long Legs or HeJumped into a Bramble Bush. If you are looking to encounter a black-eyed child, they are known to be near abandoned or deserted places, or will just come right up to your doorstep (either alone or in a pair) with a sense of strong confidence or complete shyness and hide their eyes from you.

They will talk with extreme eloquence that is far beyond their age they appear to be. These children will attempt to push their way inside of your home by speaking and using a voice that is an adults voice and begging you to let them inside because there is apparent danger they are “hiding” from or they are looking for a phone to use. They will sometimes stop the games they are playing and stare at you, then run up to you and ask you for a ride home or for a place to stay. If you agree to help them and find out that their eyes are completely black, they grow angry and demand you to comply their demands. People have claimed that they feel these children are using some form of mind-control. Don’t answer your door all the time- you may never know who is on the other side of it, beckoning to enter your home.



Where this monster likes to live- the woods.

Source: Thought Catalog

If you live in Indiana, driven through there, or have relatives/friends from there, then they are well aware of the monster that is lurking within the woods. It simply resembles the stories of Bigfoot since some areas around the world have their very own twists and creatures that resemble or are Bigfoot. In July 2006, four boys went camping in the woods where they came across something that chilled them to the bones. They setup their camp and decided to take a trip to the fishing pond in Crosley, Indiana.

They fished all day and in the evening time when they were wrapping up their day, they heard a loud creature moving through the brush behind them. Thinking it was a deer or another animal, they casually turned around and instead of seeing a deer running through the brush, they saw a set of glowing red eyes peering through the leaves at them. The boys claim that they eyes were like floating saucers that were eight feet off of the ground and were just hanging there motionless.

One boy bravely reached for his flashlight, shivering with fright, and when he turned his light on to the creature, fear washed over the four boys. The sight of this creature was so intense to them and so terrifying that he dropped his flashlight onto the ground, making them engulfed in darkness again. Once in darkness, this creature became viciously violent and started to grunt in anger and shake the trees around the boys. The boys exclaimed that when there was a brief moment of light on the beast, they could see he was covered in matted, dirty hair head to toe, his glowing red eyes were slanted with anger and he bared his bright yellow teeth at them in anger.

As the boys stood there in fear, watching the beast work himself into an uncontrollable fit of rage, the beast lunged himself forward to the boys. They started to spring through the woods then, the beast galloping on all fours behind them, almost touching their heels. They reached the main road in a matter of seconds and jutted down the road to their car. As the continued to frantically sprint down the road, a boy turned his head over his shoulder and saw the beast run hastily into the cornfield on the other side of the road. Another encounter of this giant beast was when a boy went into the same woods a few weeks later in the spirit of squirrel hunting.

He heard the same loud rustling noise behind him and turned slowly, thinking it was a squirrel. He raised his shotgun and patiently waited for the little creature to emerge from a tree; but, instead of a little creature skimping about, the boy heard the rustling grow more intense and saw a giant creature come from the thick branches and leaves. The boy couldn’t really see what the creature looked like, but it started to encircle him and based off of the quick, loud sudden movements this creature was doing, the boy could tell it was large- and terrifying. The boy attempted to follow the movements of the creature and continued to hold his shotgun up to his shoulders, his fingers trembling with fear.

The creature then exposed himself to the boy and gained the name as the Crosley Monster. He stood tall on his legs and then dropped to all fours and encircled the boy again, fear surging through his body. The creature seemed to be playful, though, despite his red eyes and matted hair. He was throwing leaves into the air as he ran around the boy but because the boy was so traumatized with fear, he ran into the woods and made it to safety. The Crosley Monster still lurks amongst the thick branches of this Indiana woods and stalks its prey every single day. The encounters of this beast like creature are terrifying and for those who dare to go into these woods may just experience something they never thought they would experience.



One image that people believe the goatman looks like.

Source: Youtube

The Goatman is similar to the Cow Head urban legend simply because this story is about a half-animal, half-human combination. The Goatman is a half-human creature that has the head and the hindquarters of a goat with the body of a human. This urban legend lives in Maryland, USA and has been featured on Creepy Canada’s episode, Goatman: Prince George’s County, Maryland in 2006. This urban legend is based off of this: the Goatman is an axe-wielding creature that is, of course, half-human, half-animal (as his name suggests) that was a scientist in the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center.

This particular scientist was experimenting on goats and one day one experiment backfired on him, turning him into a mutated goat-like human being. Due to this mishap, the scientist grabbed an axe and started attacking cars and people in Beltsville, Maryland in an extreme fit of rage. Other variations of the Goatman legend state that he was a hermit who lives in the roads and can be seen walking along Fletchertown Road, or that the Goatman was the result of a DNA that was experimented and conducted by scientist Stephen Fletcher, and other variations include more supernatural happenings about the Goatman.

This legend is rumored to have started a long, long, long while ago but was brought to light in 1971 where the Goatman was blamed as the cause of death to a person’s dog. Teenagers keep this story alive by telling others that the Goatman comes and attacks couples who are sitting at Lover’s Lane, and that he could be often seen on Fletchertown Road. What version of the story do you believe? Or, do you believe in the Goatman at all? Urban legends have their own uncanny way of haunting you at nights since they feel so real. Maybe it is the edict of nature that the past is obligated to haunt the present.

If you ever feel that a certain legend is false or just a hoax, do your research before you conclude your beliefs. Many such people have had their lives changed after they found the verity of a legend to be true. Some most of the creepy urban legends, when told at the right time and place, can summon the evil right at the spot and twist minds as well as take lives. If you ever come across such a legend, do not act ignorantly. Do not think “there are no such things as ghosts”. Because when the bough breaks, demons and ghosts will be summoned and they will haunt you for the rest of your life, if you’d still have it!

10 Creepy Natural Made Wonders From Around The World


Have you ever looked at a map of Google images and saw something that sent shivers down your spine? How about hearing a story from someone about when they saw something so strange and peculiar that they didn’t know how it got there? This world is filled with strange things that are hiding either in plain sight or in cracks and crevices deep into a mountain or a river. There is a multitude of natural made wonders that still leave people questioning how these structures or wonders have gotten there, but are mainly wondering why they are there. They are beautiful at times, but they can also be weird and bizarre. 

What are Natural Made Wonders?

A lot of wonders that happen in nature have been considered as some supernatural phenomenon in the past ages. But since the advent of science and understanding of the universe, these phenomena have been labeled as natural made wonders. Since they have a scientific explanation but happen so rarely, this title suits them best. Here are some of the astounding phenomenon that happens in nature due to bizarre scientific reasons.


Firefox Creepy Wonders

Firefox growing on a tree in the daylight and the night time.

Source: all-that-is-interesting

No, this is not the Internet domain that people use every single day of their lives. Instead, this strange yet beautiful phenomenon happens when a fungus from trees that are rotting produce Bio-Luminescent light and creates this bright green color that people call FireFox. This can only be seen in the darkness of the night.


A fire rainbow high in the sky.

Source: snopes

Everyone loves seeing a rainbow in the sky after a huge thunderstorm or rainstorm, and everyone goes crazy over a double or even triple rainbow that is stretching far across the sky. But, have you heard of a fire rainbow? This stunning natural occurrence happens as a result of the formation of plate-shaped ice crystals that are in the air and are infused into cirrus clouds. It’s a sight to see and can be a jaw-dropping sight for all!


Red Tide Creepy Natural Wonders

An eerie photo of Red Tide.

Source: serc.carleton.edu

Have you ever seen this sort of tide at your local beach or in pictures on the Internet? This strange weird occurrence happens when there is a huge buildup of algae in the water. It causes a deep, blood red color that can be seen on the shore. 


Catatumbo Lightning Natural Wonders

An ominous picture of catacumbo lightening.

Source: infinitelegroom

As beautiful as lightning can be during a thunderstorm, this series of lightening is so unbelievably beautiful, you have to fight back the urge to get close enough to see it. The multiple streaks of lightning hitting the ground can send a strong surge of electricity through the ground and through any person that is standing close enough to it.


Brinicle Creepy Natural Made Wonders

Brincle forming on the sea floor.

Source: dailymail

Looking like a long, white, decrepit finger coming from the sea, this rare phenomenon happens when salt water is excluded from the sea as the ice sinks within the ocean. Even though this is a sight worth seeing, it still sends a shiver down a few people’s spines because of how eerie and creepy it looks against the brightness of the sea floor below. 


The White Rainbow Creepy Wonders

An eerie yet beautiful picture of a white rainbow.

Source: express

This rainbow is colorless, however, it is still a bizarre natural thing that occurs within this world. It looks like someone is opening up a portal to another world because of how eerie and misty the center looks of this rainbow.


Haboob Sandstorm Creepy Natural Wonders

A sandstorm forming in the distance.

Source: theprovince

Have you ever witness a sandstorm in real person instead of just seeing it on movies? These sandstorms are as dangerous and creepy as they are depicted throughout movies. Within these sandstorms, there is a 0% chance of any type of visibility and if a person isn’t careful enough, the sand can get into their eyes and irritate them extremely. The sand can also fill the person’s lungs, making them have a difficult time to breathe.


Sun Pillars Creepy Wonders

A creepy yet beautiful picture of a sun pillar.

Source: youtube

These beautiful pillars are ones that cannot be missed if it occurs around your home. This particular thing happens when ice crystals are present in the Earth’s atmosphere and creates a stunning show of light in the sky.


Firenado Creepy Natural Wonders

A dangerous firenado.

Source: upi

Tornados are already a terrifying natural occurrence that destroys homes and areas in a matter of seconds. Fire is another destruction that people flock from because it consumes anything in its path in seconds. But, when you combine these two elements together, how would you react? Firenadoes are natural occurrences that happen when a tornado sucks up a fire and continues on its path of destruction. 


Volcanic Lightening Natural Wonders

An eerie, ominous photo of a volcanic eruption with lightening.

Source: seeker

Volcanoes are still labeled as unpredictable to this day because no one knows when one will erupt. That leaves a haunting feeling to people living near one because at any second of any day the volcano can erupt and destroy the homes and lives of everyone near it. Volcanic lightning is a creepy occurrence that happens when there is a mixture of charged particles and lightning when there is an eruption of a volcano. Even though it is a sight to see, it is a sight that sends shivers down anyone’s spine.

Mother Nature is indeed a force to be reckoned with, but, at the same time, it gives off such majestic looks that one ceases to remain oblivious of the beauty of nature. With monstrous occurrences like volcanoes, sandstorms, The Catatumbo Lightning to harmless white rainbows and bio-luminescent algae, every phenomenon out there is as beautiful as heaven itself. There are various examples of passionate researchers who lost their lives while getting too close to the beauty they perceived in the destructive portent of Mother Nature.

People have lost lives while getting too close to volcanoes, getting inside a massive thunderstorm, falling inside a volcano. It is human nature to be so passionate that curiosity overcomes their feeling of fear and as a result, they either gain great knowledge or simply lose their lives. There are countless natural man-made wonders that are yet to be uncovered and relished by those who have the eyes to perceive the beauty.

10+ Explicitly Creepy Abandoned Cities Around The World

There are far more abandoned places in the world than your darkest nightmares can muster. Stark reminders of what once was, they leave behind haunting tales of spirits, curses, and ruin. Ranging from eerie to majestic to downright terrifying, these 15 creepy abandoned cities around the world will chill you to the bones.

Why are Whole Cities Abandoned?

When it comes to abandoned buildings, it is plausible because every building could become dysfunctional at one point. But when whole cities become abandoned and left for dead, it startles one’s mind. It must be quite a ghastly incident that led to a whole city being abandoned. And the callous past that haunts it makes it a creepy abandoned city.

Wonderland Amusement Park — Beijing, China

beijing wonderland amusement park - abandoned cities
Source: quora

Who would’ve thought an amusement could ever be abandoned? What once was fabled to become Beijing’s Disneyland soon fell into ruins. Disputes over land prices brought construction to a halt. The lonely space houses half built amusement rides and castles set for decay. Local farmers have even ceased part of the land for illegal farming.

Hashima Island — Nagasaki, Japan

nagasaki hashima island - abandoned cities
Source: quora

The ghost island marks a high spot on lists for creepy abandoned cities around the world. Hishama Island (also sometimes called Battleship Island) was home to a coal mining facility back in the late 19th century till the mid 20th century. However, its glory days were soon over and now it is home to schools, restaurants, homes and hospitals in ruin. Many James Bond fans would recognize it as the lair of Skyfall’s villain.

Domes — Casa Grande, Arizona

arizona domes - abandoned cities
Source: listverse.wpengine.netdna-cdn.

The Casa Grande ruins survive in battered shape on the outskirts of the desert town. Dwellings of Anasazis, these peculiarly shaped dome-like monuments date back centuries. Many have likened their appearance to UFOs. A place with no real past and no determined future, it reeks of despair and gloom. Feel free to add it to your bucketlist of creepy abandoned cities around the world to visit before you die.

Holy Land USA — Waterbury, Connecticut

connecticut holy land usa - abandoned cities
Source: listverse.wpengine.netdna-cdn

Yet another abandoned theme park, this 18 acre park was once a hub for visitors and children. In the 70’s around 40,000 people came each year. When shut down for renovation in 1984, the owner mysteriously died. The incident left everyone unsure of what to do with the place. Rapidly falling to ruin, multiple freak accidents emerged soon after. On those very grounds a murder also took place.

Oradour-sur-Glane — Haute-Vienne, France

haute vienne oradour sur glane - abandoned cities
Source: historydivision

The infamous and gruesome Oradour-sur-Glane massacre gave rise to this haunted city. The Nazi Waffen SS company wiped out the village, women and children included in 1944. Never rebuilt, the old city was left in ruins. French President Charles DeGaulle made sure the decaying city stayed as a reminder of the gruesome past. In recent years a plague set through the town leaving it more morbid than ever.

Historical Ruins — Bhangarh, India

bhangarh historical ruins - abandoned cities
Source: listverse.wpengine.netdna-cdn

The historical city of Bhangarh is legitimately one of the most creepy abandoned cities around the world. Although transformed into a tourist attraction, there is an interesting fact about the place. No pictured at night exist of the place. At night, paranormal activity reigns in the old city. Legend has it that a heartbroken magician cursed the city after the princess rejected him.  Doomed to death are those who set foot in the city. Rebirth? That is forbidden upon them too.

Suburbs — Lehigh Acres, Florida

florida suburbs - abandoned cities
Source: landcentury

The suburbs of Lehigh Acres hold a story that dates back decades. Once a populated town, the real estate inflation that followed the 90’s rapidly threw it into decline. From the many blocks in the town, barely any are inhabited. The remaining abandoned plots soon became haunted. Wayward spirits and ghosts sought refuge in them hence labeling the place a ghost town. What would cause you to set foot in there?

Veterinary Complex — Anderlecht, Brussels

anderlecht veterinary complex - abandoned cities
Source: listverse.wpengine.netdna-cdn

The deserted and crumbling walls are the least terrifying in this complex. Deserted since the 90’s, fear of what dwelt within resulted in it never being rebuilt. Assorted animal parts still remain stored in jars and vials inside. Appropriately titled, “Horror Labs” what ensued in the complex remains a mystery. From sewn body parts to animal skulls, the place will leave you sick and rather horrified.

Underwater City — Shi Cheng, China

shi cheng underwater city - abandoned cities
Source: dailymail

While most of the creepy abandoned cities around the world lie on the surface of the Earth, this horrifying one lies underwater. China’s Atlantis, the city is preserved underneath the Qiandao Lake. Although it once resided on ground level, the need for a hydroelectric plant caused the flood which submerged it. Now lying perfectly preserved underwater, it has become a creepy destination for daring divers.

Island Of The Dead Dolls — Mexico City, Mexico

mexico island of the dead dolls - abandoned cities
Source: reydocbici

The fable that surrounds this creepy island started with a man named Don Julian Santana Barrera. On one creepy instance, the body of a young girl washed ashore the island. The next day a doll washed ashore. Soon after, a doll drifted past every day. The dead girls spirit was believed to dwell within the dolls. Barrera stayed and collected the hundreds of dolls that kept washing ashore. Now the island is a barren wasteland of rotting dolls. If you are wondering what happened to Barrera, he was found dead in the very same waters. A chilling tale, it leaves many rather disconcerted.

The Village — Kolkmanscop, Namibia

kolkmanscop the village - abandoned cities
Source: dailymail

When the diamond hunters of Germany rampaged this village, they settled soon after. However, when the diamond rush ended the Europeans left. As a result, the town was left derelict and abandoned. The desert then took to making the town its own. Sand filled the abandoned homes consequently burying the city. What lives on in the empty homes now is a mystery.

Sanzhi District — New Taipei, Taiwan

new taipei sanzhi district - abandoned cities
Source: photorator

The 1970s saw the creation of pod houses in this district. The dream was to create a futuristic town. Eco conscious and forward thinking was the vision for this town. However, the financing company soon ran out of budget. As a result, the district was abandoned. Rumor has it that the city was built on a graveyard and hence was eternally cursed. Multiple accidents emerged resulting in workers’ gruesome deaths. Despite being razed to the ground in 2010, the horrifying history of the place lingers on.

Ground Zero — Pripyat, Ukraine

pripyat ground zero - abandoned cities
Source: mnn

Located in the Chernobyl zone, Pripyat was privy to the worst nuclear disaster in history. In 1986, a freak accident destroyed a nuclear reactor. Within 36 hours, 49,000 residents evacuated. The high radiation in the region makes it inhabitable. Even today, no one dares set foot there. Nature has reclaimed the town for itself making it a notable spot among creepy abandoned cities around the world.

Old West Ghost Town  Garnet, Montana

garnet old west ghost town - abandoned cities
Source: garnetghosttown

Distant, abandoned and haunted, the Garnet Ghost town is famous for its creepy stories. Around 1000 people dwelt there at its peak during the gold rush times. When the gold rush finished, everyone left. Consequently the place fell into ruins. Shortly after, a huge fire almost destroyed the whole town. It is one of the most visited creepy abandoned cities around the world.

Mining Town – Centralia, Pennsylvania

centralia mining town - abandoned cities
Source: huffingtonpost

What used to be a mining town was soon reduced to ash and dust. After a fire broke out in 1962, the residents evacuated. Rumor has it that it shall continue burning for 250 more years. As a result, the town’s zip code was revoked. Reduced to a blip on the map, its atmosphere parallels Saturn in toxicity. This is a world where no human can dwell. Only the supernatural!


It is indeed shocking to realize that humans fail to maintain the composure of the earth after using it so discourteously. Humans are, undoubtedly, the most ungrateful of the creations. These cities/part of the cities were left abandoned in the ugliest of shapes and nature transformed them into more creepy places so they become too frail and vile to be inhabited by any living thing. Hence were declared as explicitly creepy abandoned cities.

They only purpose such cities serve are research for scientists. For ghost hunters and paranormal investigators, these places are perfect as they are home to thousands of spirits and evil entities. Such places are, in fact, gateways to demonic entities since they carry so much negative energy within them. Plan a visit to one of these places and spend a few nights. It’s hopeful that you will interact and become a nice company to the undead. What’s the worst that could happen, right?

10+ Grippingly Haunting Tales Of Terrifying Archangels

Recognized since Biblical times, Archangels are known throughout history for being more than just the Messengers of the Lord.  They also serve as warriors or weapons both in Heaven and on Earth. Depending on the scripture and faith the main Archangels vary but the seven known ones that agreed upon in just about every faith are: Azrael, Raguel, Raphael, Uriel, Remiel, Gabriel and Michael. Quite opposite to the childish pure representation portrayed in Renaissance art, Archangels are a vision to behold. From terrifying tales of Archangels torturing humans to battling over their souls, here is a list of 12 stories of archangels to chill your very bones.

The Reason Why  Tales Of Terrifying Archangels are True

The article you are about to go through is based on legends not believed in most parts of the word. But that does not mean the legends are untrue; legends only come into existence because of an occurrence so inexplicable that the human senses would naturally deny a tale about such an incident. If the manuscript of the legends is old enough and untampered, you might as well believe in it.

Raphael’s Demon Burial

Raphael's Demon Burial - Haunting Tales
Source: pinterest

The tale of Raphael and the demon Azazel is one that is mentioned the Book of Enoch. But if you think Azazel was just killed at the Archangel’s hands, you are mistaken. Bound by his hands and feet, Azazel was thrown into a pit of rocks and buried alive in the heart of a desert. As if that were not enough, following God’s orders Raphael’s punishment continues with Azazel awaiting being burnt alive on the Day of Judgement.

Lucifer’s Fall From Grace

Lucifer's Fall From Grace - Haunting Tales
Source: pinterest

Lucifer is renowned for his staggering pride and ego that got the best of him when he rebelled against God. The real story is that it wasn’t him alone. Lucifer recruited about a third of the angels and together launched the attack on the throne. However, Archangel Michael did not take any of that and despite going way back with Lucifer, he rose in defense of God and obliterated the rebellion. It ended with Michael casting Lucifer and the rest of the rebels out of heaven down to Earth. This was when Lucifer earned the names Devil and Satan which mean “accuser of the brethren ” and “adversary” simultaneously.

Uriel and Moses’ Foreskin

Uriel and Moses' Foreskin - Haunting Tales
Source: pinterest

In a terrifying tale that many find rather disturbing and horrifying, Archangel Uriel was believed to be involved in an incident involving Moses’ foreskin.  This peculiar tale speaks of Uriel being sent down to torment Moses to rid him off of his foreskin. Moses’ son was yet uncircumcised and that was a great deal offensive to God as dictated in the Book of Genesis. Uriel was on the verge of slaughtering Moses had his wife, Zipporah, not circumcised their son swiftly with a sharp rock.

Gabriel’s Uncanny Way To Deliver The Word Of God

Gabriel's Uncanny Way To Deliver The Word Of God - Haunting Tales
Source: italian-renaissance-art

Many religious texts emphasize on the theme of Archangels being terrifying in their own right. This holds especially true for Gabriel. When given the task to announce to Zechariah the birth of baptist John, he grew angry at Zechariah’s protest. Gabriel is believed to have said “I am Gabriel. I stand in the presence of God, and I have been sent to speak to you and to bring you this good news. But now, because you did not believe my words… you will become mute, unable to speak, until the day these things occur.”


Uriel’s Tale Of Infant Drowning

Uriel's Tale Of Infant Drowning - Haunting Tales
Source: reneefineart

The Great Flood that wiped out humanity was believed to be Uriel’s idea to begin with. Disgusted by the mingling of humans and the outcast rebels, the Archangel sought to remove the abominations that arose from such unions. The eradication of the giant babies born from the relations between humans and angels living on Earth was unacceptable. In an attempt to cleanse the world, the Great Flood was initiated.

Samael’s Attempt At Fetal Murder

Samael's Attempt At Fetal Murder - Haunting Tales
Source: iamthesoulkeeper

Often referred to as the Angel of Death, Samael decided to intervene in an unfortunate situation. Twin brothers Jacob and Esau were an ever conflicted pair with their disagreements stemming from the womb. Inheriting the earth and being born first was their major concern. At this point Samael made up his mind to kill baby Jacob in the womb and end it all. Had it not been for Michael stepping in, Samael would have succeeded. Michael retaliated to the act by meaning to burn Samael but that was when God intervened and saved him.

Archangels Love Mass Destruction

Archangels Love Mass Destruction - Haunting Tales
Source: pinterest

It appears like Archangels have a taste for death and destruction. During David’s reign one of God’s angels decided to wipe out Jerusalem. Having prepared an army fit for fighting Armageddon, the Archangel sought permission from God. Seeing how angels cannot act out of their own free will, God ordered them to call off the war.

“And when the angel stretched out his hand toward Jerusalem to destroy it, the LORD relented from the calamity…”

Angel of Death Wipes Out Egypt

Angel of Death Wipes Out Egypt - Haunting Tales
Source: pinterest

Several occasions which involve God sending the Angel of Death to abolish the Israelites’ enemies are mentioned in the Hebrew bible. A famous such incident is the Passover where all of Egypt’s firstborns were killed. An even larger bloodbath was the Archangel’s intervention to save Jerusalem from Sennacherib invaders. In a single night, 185,000 men were murdered.

Belial’s Love For Angel Carnage

Belial's Love For Angel Carnage - Haunting Tales
Source: goo.gl

A demon no less than Lucifer himself, Belial is known as the embodiment of wickedness. Created after Lucifer, he was amongst the first to join the rebellion against God. When Michael rose to defend God, Belial was on the front lines of the rebels. He won three battles within which horrific carnage took place as did Michael. In the 7th battle, God intervened taking Michael’s side. Soon after Belial was abolished.

Jophiel’s Infamous Eviction Of Adam & Eve

Jophiel's Infamous Eviction Of Adam & Eve - Haunting Tales
Source: pinterest

The Biblical story of the eviction of Adam and Eve from Heaven is well known. However, it does not highlight the Archangel responsible for the act. Jophiel is known as the Archangel wielding the flaming sword who protected the Tree of Knowledge in the garden of Eden. After breaking God’s rule, Adam and Ever were the firs to face his wrath and supernatural power.

Azrael’s Morbid Death Journal

Azrael's Morbid Death Journal - Haunting Tales
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In Islam, Azrael is the Archangel of Death akin to the Grim Reaper of Judeo-Christian traditions. Many places describe him as four faced so as to watch over all four corners of the Earth. Eyes and tongues equivalent to the number of humans on Earth cover his whole body. In addition to that, he also has 4,000 wings. To top off the creepiness of it all, he is known to keep a journal filing in all the deaths and births of mankind.

Michael’s Battle Over Souls

Michael's Battle Over Souls - Haunting Tales
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In Jude, Archangel Michael is said to have fought with the Devil over Moses’ soul. The battle ensued after the Devil chose to end Moses for killing an Egyptian. But due to the fact that Moses was a Messenger of the Lord, Michael was sent down to halt the Devil. Michael then saved Moses from the grasp of the Devil.


The righteousness of archangels sometimes seems so exasperating because they have been granted a grand set of powers that give them the ability to enforce whatever they will upon the realm of existence. But it is not so, their judgment is controlled by someone more supreme that they are, which we all believe to as God. After all, they slew the evilest of the Devils for the humans to live in peace. If you do not believe these grippingly haunting tales of terrifying archangels even after reading this article then you must read the history of archangels and the reason of their existence – reading the legends from different cultures might get you the grip.

Keep in mind, angels just serve as onlookers and monitors of heaven, hell, and earth. It is the archangels who are the intermediaries and truly, the ammunition of God. The remains of weapons they used to finish or incarcerate into the pits of Hell the devils that once perilously reigned the earth are scattered throughout the lands and oceans; and they serve proof that these haunting tales of terrifying archangels were, in fact, true celestial battles.

6 True Horror Movies and the Spooky Tales They Were Based Off 

Ever wonder how such horrific legends come into existence and how horror movie directors get such horrifying ideas? They don’t just come out of thin air and they certainly do no reside in the realm of fantasy. They have a solid background story and every story has its own way of being opened to the world.

Horror Movies – The Beginning Of Horror Cinema 

The most common way of sharing horror stories with the world is the electronic media. That is how movies get such ideas. So much so, some movies are even based on or are an imitation of real life events; not just inspired by the idea of a certain eerie incident. If you are a fan of the horror genre then you must know about such movies. Nevertheless, here is a list of horror movies and the spooky tales they were based on.

1. The Conjuring (2013-2013)

This film follows the horrifying and torturous adventures of Lorraine and Ed Warren. The Warrens were known around the world as the most highly pronounced demonologist and medium duo. The couple founded the oldest ghost hunting group in the history of New England, the “New England Society for Psychic Research”. Lorraine and Ed Warren’s haunted run-ins included the plot of “The Conjuring” and “The Conjuring 2”, plus much more.

The Conjuring - Horror Movies
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2. The Exorcist (1973)

“The Exorcist” was a movie that intrigued many, as it came to be one of highest grossing cinematics of all time. The film began with strange actings committed by 12 year old Regan MacNeil. When medical professionals could not determine the effects of this phenomenon, MacNeil’s family found an exorcist as a last resort. The true story consisted of not a 12 year old girl, but of a 13 year old boy. While the boys name was unknown, the alias ‘Roland Doe’ came to play. Doe often recorded his strange sightings (noises, objects moving on their own, levitating, etc.) in his personal journal. Despite the iconic, over-dramatic vomit scene, “The Exorcist” stayed close to its origins.

The Exorcist - Horror Movies
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3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

The infamous “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is based on the real-life serial killer Ed Gein. Gein was notorious for fashioning furniture and clothing taken from a victims skin and bones. According to Wisconsin Sickness, at the time of his arrest, the authorities discovered the following accessories and body parts in his possession: human skulls mounted upon the corner posts of his bed, human skin fashioned into a lampshade and used to upholster a chair seat, human skullcaps in use as soup bowls, a human heart, the head of Mary Hogan found in a paper bag, a ceiling light pull consisting of human lips, a “mammary vest” crafted from the skin of a woman’s torso, a belt made from several human nipples, and socks made from human flesh.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Horror Movies
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4. Child’s Play (1988)

“Chucky”, the child’s favorite icon, has an inspiration of his own named “Robert”. Better known as “Robert the Doll”, this voodoo is about as horrifying as it gets. Six-year-old Gene (Robert Eugene) Otto received Robert as a gift in 1906. Said to have been linked to dark magic, the Otto family’s retainer created this voodoo doll by hand with ingredients consisting of straw, cloth, wire, and DNA from the child. Taken enough abuse from the Otto family and recently losing a child of her own, the servant decided to take matters into her own hands. “Robert the Doll” came to life and began doing things the stereotypical spirit would do (mutilate other toys, move from spot to spot, and misplace furniture). Gene confined Robert into the attic. Though, time after time, he always found a way to escape. Gene died in 1974, and while the doll found new owners, Robert now lays in the “Fort East Martello Museum in Key West”. May you wish to visit him, ask before taking pictures. Rumor has it, if you take the picture of the doll without talking to it first, strange things will start to occur.

Child's Play - Horror Movies
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5. Dahmer (2002)

This film, as one could suggest by its name, is based on the serial killer Jeffery Dahmer. Known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, Dahmer was accused and found guilty of seventeen accounts of the r***, murder, and dismemberment of little boys and men between 1978 and 1991.

Dahmer - Horror Movies
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6. The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

Based on a family road trip gone wrong and bloodthirsty cannibalistic mutants, the realistic true story takes place during the reign of England’s King James I. The Beane family lived in a cave by the sea close to Scotland’s Ayrshire and had no contact with the outside world, besides the occasional traveler; which they would rob, murder, and cannibalize the said travelers remains. King James’ higher authority could never find out why or how these individuals went missing until one victim of this horror managed to escape and notify the people that she came across.

The Hills Have Eyes - Horror Movies
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There are so much more spooky real-life events that lead to the creation of a related movie. One ought to search the web for such movies and watch them for a real thrill because real stories have real thrills. It might have been heard on social media about deaths of certain people while they were watching The Conjuring 2. It’s definitely not a hoax since the horror was too intense. The reason behind such intensity was because the story was real and has happened before in the past.

There are so many local legends around the world that if every legend was made into a horror movie, the horror genre would become the genre having the most movies under its name. It is hoped that one day this might happen because all the horror stories are frantic to escape their oblivion and all those who seek to know are anxious. Meanwhile, enjoy the real life horror movies and the spooky tales they were bases off that are already revealed to the world.

10+ Of The Creepiest Abandoned Prisons In World

Crime has become an increasingly common activity these days with people whipping out guns and police officers shooting young men in broad daylight. Although none of these said individuals are facing any time in jail thanks to a fair share of privileges, that wasn’t how things were done in the old days. Prison time was hard and it was real. No longer as popular as they once were, there are numerous prisons around the world that are no longer being used. How far can you go down this blood-curdling list of the creepiest abandoned prisons in the world?

The Horrir Aura of Abandoned Prisons

This list of the creepiest abandoned prisons contains real life haunted places which are likely to drive you insane if visited. In some of these places, the sensation of something evil watching over your head is so powerful it totally overwhelms you. You’re bound to feel chills after reading this!

Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary - Abandoned Prisons
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Founded in 1829, violence and torture was a frequently practiced act. Claiming to “improve” the behavior of inmates, many grizzly acts were performed.  The staff celebrated the arrival of winter by steeping the prisoners in cold water and leaving them to “dry” in the freezing winter air. Closed in 1971, for a couple of decades, the prison was home to countless inmates who suffered at the hands of the staff.

Today it is a museum and a haunted house. Every Halloween, visitors flock to visit to hear the ghostly shrieks bouncing off the crumbling walls.

Alcatraz Federal Prison

Alcatraz Federal Prison - Abandoned Prisons
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Located on San Francisco Bay, water surrounds the area with sunset views to die for (pun intended). Some of the most notorious American convicts like Machine Gun Kelly (George Barnes) did time in there. Many others faced their ultimate death before the establishment closed in 1963. Perhaps one of the creepiest abandoned prisons in the world, memories of the deceased still haunt the place. Blaring music, shrill screams, and endless weeping can often be heard from the walls. Join the party, boys!

Bodmin Jail

Bodmin Jail - Abandoned Prisons
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King George III thought it fitting to hold more than 150 criminals between the walls of Bodmin Jail in 1779. With the First World War in motion, death was easier to come by than rain in England.  In the 100+ years between 1785 and 1909, 55 executions took place in Bodmin. Not particularly merciful, the most famous execution was of Selina Wadge. She was hung for murdering her smallest boy and her soul still thirsts for more. Extreme and frequent supernatural activity can be heard from the confined walls of the prison. Screams, banging on the walls are regularly heard and reported to the police.

Atlanta Prison Farm

Atlanta Prison Farm - Abandoned Prisons
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Located in Georgia, the prison was burnt to a crisp in October, 2009. If that isn’t depressing, firefighters did not even attempt to extinguish the wild flames. That day marked the end of the prison farm and the start of one of the many abandoned prisons in world. The place soon became haunted and ghost hunters frequent the place in search of troubled spirits.

Pottawatomie County Jail

Pottawatomie County Jail - Abandoned Prisons
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The Iowa prison started in 1885 is a true work of art. The fantastic design earned the prison the title of Squirrel Cage Jail. The prison’s cells kept changing places with the mechanism of a water wheel. The wheel frequently malfunctioned and the gears jammed. Often times it got stuck resulting in body parts of the inmates to be crushed and turned to jelly. Lost cells soon became a thing too and on occasion a prisoner found himself trapped. Unable to be retrieved, the corpse rotted away in the same cell. Broken beyond repair and in shambles, this abandoned prison in world it still hosts trapped souls. Some people are never meant to breakout!

Old Salem Jail

Old Salem Jail - Abandoned Prisons
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The stories and horrors which surfaced from this Massachusetts prison are too gory to be true. Brad Upton, a corrections officer, states “I refrain from retelling any stories, because no one believes them”. He also said “you were either there, or you weren’t”. You can tell by how he constructed these words that the details were too messed up for any of the staff (the ones living) to ever retell them. The institute closed in 1991 and for more than 2 decades haunted tales swam about. Later the place was demolished and transformed into luxury apartment flats. One of the few abandoned prisons in world to be refurbished, the new luxurious place still rings with ghostly cries.

Ararat County Gaol: J Ward

Ararat County Gaol: J Ward - Abandoned Prisons
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In 1861, Ararat County Gaol began imprisoning culprits during the Victoria gold rush. Although the gold rush spell was over in 1887, the prison was not shut down. It was reformed into a psychiatric ward. No one is really sure whether the moans, shrieking cries, and rapid footsteps are those of the psychopaths or the criminals. When heard, it’s hard to tell the difference as it is.

Vilvoorde Prison

Vilvoorde Prison - Abandoned Prisons
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Not much is revealed about this multiuse prison that opened in 1779. The building was created fairly simply. The silhouette was big and rectangular and divided equally into 4 different sections. 12,000 homeless s** workers, drunkards, and tramps were packed in the establishment with minimal comfortable. Forcefully employed to produce artisanal items from cotton, wool, and hemp the individuals soon found that they will never leave.

In the 1900s medical military assistance was required. The building’s inhabitants proved of much use. Shortly afterwards the Germans took over and once more began the unjust worker trade. 2006 was the year when the establishment was finally deemed as a historical monument. Visitors and tourists get to witness the cruel history the building is soaked in from the carvings, drawings and eerie hallways.

Sinop Fortress Prison

Sinop Fortress Prison - Abandoned Prisons
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A state prison that was built in 1887, it is said to be the oldest prisons in Turkey. Built on the northwestern section of Cape Sinop, it is one of the many haunted abandoned prisons in the world. It lasted a whole decade before it was shut down in 1997. The inmates who survived the deathly halls were moved to a new prison. However, those who lost their souls within have never really left. Although open to the public, many fear to step inside.

Goli Otok Prison

Goli Otok Prison - Abandoned Prisons
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Goli Otok in Italian means a barren island which happened to be one in Croatia. Once lush with greenery and a home for grazing cattle, the land was soon to be barren and flooded with labor camps and prisons. It was a top secret propaganda and was known to only a few. 16,000 political prisoners found themselves trapped within the boundaries of the island and around 600 of them died in the same spot. Islands may be great for tourists but not one that takes a spot in abandoned prisons in world. The horrors of the place are endless.

Carabanchel Prison

Carabanchel Prison - Abandoned Prisons
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The Spanish Civil War that lasted 4 long years forced the Spanish government to build the largest prison in Europe. Political prisoners were detained in there alongside the practice of slave labor. In 1998 the establishment was closed and in 2008 there was a political discussion over what to do with the useless haunted building. It was soon decided that it should be destroyed for no one could tread on those grounds. Although hospitals and apartments deck the area now, you can never tell if spirits are watching you.

HM Pentridge Prison

HM Pentridge Prison - Abandoned Prisons
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The HM Pentridge Prison was Her Majesty’s prison and it was a pretty big one. It was meant to hold 650 prisoners and a hundred guards. But things got grisly and soon the number of prisoners reached a thousand. After countless scandals and riots the prison was shut down. A large fraction of the prisoners died within its confines. The prison ground was then razzed to make space for the graves of the deceased. Talk about abandoned prisons in world turned into haunting graveyards. This stuff comes straight out of a nightmare.

Isle of Procida Jail

Isle of Procida Jail - Abandoned Prisons
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Once a castle, the Isle of Procida rapidly fell into decline. Built in 1563, it was not until 1815 when King Ferdinand II widened its horizons that it became a prison. Quite a rotten prison, this one was. Quite literally. The Procida prison in Italy was ridden with decay and rot. The inmates lived in gruesome circumstances and left to rot. In 1988, the jail was officially closed but the remnants of its inhabitants still live on.

William Porter Reformatory

William Porter Reformatory - Abandoned Prisons
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Located in Tokai, South Africa the prison was not exactly for adults. The eldest individuals detained in this underage jail were not more than 16 years. Some children were held captive in isolation cells. The prison was said to be “playing a role in the social engineering of the black and white working class community”. The gruesome child abuse does not end here. Whoever had the misfortune of stepping into the abandoned prison can’t help but feel the loneliness and misery of the dead souls of children.

Wyoming Territorial Prison

Wyoming Territorial Prison - Abandoned Prisons
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Built in 1872, the territorial prison was meant to confine the ever-growing number of criminals in the area. But instead, the staff were faced with numerous prison escapees, too many inmates and ghost fires erupting. A failed attempt at a prison did not seem to shoo away the infamous Julius Greenwald who was sentenced for murdering his wife. He had an expert hand when it came to rolling cigars and he made a habit out of smoking a great deal of them. Passing away in 1901 from a heart failure, Julius still lingers about in the place he died. The faint cigar smoke smell that wafts in the corridors echoing with emptiness will lead you to him.

Old Charleston Jail

Old Charleston Jail - Abandoned Prisons
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Feeling adventurous? Well, here is your next visiting spot! The Old Charleston jail is said to be ringing with old souls and the famous convict, Lavinia Fisher. Built in 1802, the fortress-like prison was up and running till 1939. But the hustle and bustle never died out and you can still hear the commotion of the undead through the walls.

Essex County Jail

Essex County Jail - Abandoned Prisons
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Rendered out of order in 1970 when a newer version of it was built, the Essex County prison still lives on. Fire damage and endless decay have done the building more harm than good. Drug addicts and the homeless call the abandoned spot home. But any sane person can distinctly make out the shadowy faces that linger in windows and halls.

Moundsville West Virginia Penitentiary

Moundsville West Virginia Penitentiary - Abandoned Prisons
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One of the most notorious abandoned prisons in the world, the staff at this penitentiary were exceptional.  Started in 1876, the prison was around for more than a hundred years before being abandoned. During the 100+ years that it existed, it earned a famous nametag amongst other jails. It was easily the best when it came to beating inmates to death, electrocuting them and hanging them. The prisoners still hang around in search of much-deserved vengeance.

Holmesburg Prison

Holmesburg Prison - Abandoned Prisons
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Built purely out of stone, the Holmesburg jail was never meant to be escaped from. The guards made the jail even worse by punishing the inmates with heat. A small building with huge steam radiators was created to ‘steam them out’. Prisoners perished as temperature reached 200 degrees inside the small building at times. Later in the 1960s, the inmates had a new job to fulfill. Biochemical, pharmaceutical and dermatological weapons were experimented and researched with the results being tested out on the prisoners. In 1973, the warden and the deputy warden were murdered in cold blood. As a final point, in 1995 the jail was shut down. In one of the most terrifying abandoned prisons in world, the restless souls never really found peace

New Mexico State Penitentiary

New Mexico State Penitentiary - Abandoned Prisons
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The prison was a fairly normal one but not so much on February 2nd and 3rd, 1980. The two days marked the most brutal and violent prison riots in the American correctional system’s history. In those 2 days 200 inmates were sent for medical care while 33 others needed graves. A few weeks after the riot, the prison shut down and since has been titled the Most Haunted Spot in New Mexico. The dead returned to their former home and terrified the former employees with disembodied voices and sudden apparitions.

If you went through the entire list with flinching or feeling one in your spine, you really have some mettle! Most of the places, especially the Eastern State Penitentiary, has been mentioned in several places as the creepiest abandoned prison and it is locally famous for dreadful haunting incidents. Another such place is the Alcatraz Federal Prison; whoever wants to visits this prison has already lost their mind or will lose it when they actually visit the prison. It takes some fearless ones to even pass by these places after sundown.

Abandoned prisons (including asylums) are, in fact, the most haunted places than can be found on earth. Hospitals and the rest come after. It is so because all the prisoners die with such ire, ferocity and hatred in their mind that their spirits get corrupted by the evil intentions. And when they finally pass away, their restless spirits become vengeful ones. People have been warned not to visit such a place. Even if they really have to, they must not stay overnight; because nights are when they spirits gets furious.