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Pop The Question With This Nightmare Before Christmas Coffin Ring Box


Whether you’re single with high hopes, planning to propose to your loved one, or are simply interested in renewing your vows, this Nightmare Before Christmas coffin ring box is exactly what you need to make the special situation unique.

While most wedding ring’s come in a similar (and rather boring) shaped box, why not separate your proposal from the rest with a Tim Burton-inspired coffin-shaped box that is sure to give your significant other a memory for life.

Nightmare before Christmas We Were Simply Meant to image 1Credit – Etsy

The handmade Nightmare Before Christmas coffin ring box can be personalized to your liking with eight different color options, and can also be used for more than one purpose, meaning you do not have to be in a long-term relationship and contemplating marriage – it can be used as a gift for Halloween, Christmas, or even your anniversary.

The words “we’re simply meant to be” are at the end of the heartfelt message that’s attached to each individual ring box, which ultimately gives the coffin a more romantic feel.

Nightmare before Christmas We Were Simply Meant to image 0Credit – Etsy

In the rare case that your loved companion rejects your proposal, you can use the box as a small decoration piece and add it to your Tim Burton collection. There are no returns or exchange policies for this product.

Don’t take my word for how great the ring box is, check out some reviews for the Jack and Sally coffin below.

“This was even more wonderful than we imagined. Can’t wait for it to be used in our Halloween Wedding.” – Heather Lytle on Etsy

Another reviewer said:

“Far exceeded my expectations! Bigger than I thought it would be, but it’s absolutely, positively perfect!

To make this yours, head over to CherylsThingaMaBobs on Etsy, HERE, and get yourself a personalized Nightmare Before Christmas coffin ring box.

How will you be proposing to your significant other? Will you be adding the coffin ring box to your shopping list? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

The 10 Most Haunted Places In The World

There are countless haunted places around the world. With the sheer number of places that people could visit, it’s almost impossible to see each one. Naturally, this means that the majority would have to be cut from the list. But what are the best?

Teatro Tapia, San Juan

While the Teatro Tapia is known for its plays and concerts, it’s become increasingly well-known for its paranormal activity. Myths say that a woman fell to her death while performing at the venue. Following this, the haunting rumors began to take shape.

Lawang Sewu, Semarang

One of the newer buildings on the list, Lawang Sewu was originally built as a company headquarters. During World War II, however, it was taken over and turned into a Japanese detention camp. With the cruelty that subsequently took place, it’s no surprise that the place is cursed.

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Known as the ‘Suicide Forest,’ over 500 people have taken their lives in Aokigahara. Much of this is because of the forest’s relative isolation, as well as the difficulty of finding a body. As such, ghosts are reported to roam constantly.

Port Arthur, Tasmania

Built as a penal colony, Port Arthur was abandoned less than 50 years after being established. During this time, inmates were tortured extensively. As a result, inmates’ ghosts are said to walk the halls.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

This isn’t a place many people would expect to be haunted, but the hotel has seen many ghost sightings in recent decades. Despite the hauntings, the Taj Mahal Palace still welcomes countless guests every year.

Dock Street Theatre, Charleston SC

The Dock Street Theatre has seen fires, earthquakes, and other events take countless lives. That doesn’t mean that the departed have actually departed, however, as they’re still seen today. This is especially true on the second floor.

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose

The myth states that a woman designed the house to confuse the ghosts of people who her husband shot. While this may have worked, it’s also meant that the ghosts haven’t found their way out of the premise.

They have recently started a new tour at the house called Walk With The Spirits

Canberra, Australia

This entire city seems to be a paranormal hotspot. As such, there’s no specific area that’s creepier than the others. As such, visitors can hear night-time whispers almost anywhere.

First World Hotel, Pahang, Malaysia

Urban legends suggest that countless people have taken their lives after losing their fortunes at the First World Hotel’s casinos. Naturally, they’ve stayed at the hotel to unleash their revenge.

Carl Beck House, Ontario, Canada

Known as the most haunted place in Canada, the Carl Beck House is home to a family of ghosts, some of whom seek revenge on the others. Naturally, there’s an extensive amount of in-fighting, especially considering the backstabbing in the family’s history.

Have you been to any of these places? let us know in the comments.

These Disney Halloween Wreaths Add A Spooky Charm To Your Decor

You’re now able to add a little bit of magic to your holidays with these incredible Disney Halloween wreaths.

Although Halloween is a time for creepy costumes and haunting designs, the addition of spooky charm is the exact thing your decorations need to stand out this year.

And yes, while wreaths are normally a Christmas decoration, we just cannot say no to having one of these intimidating creations hung up on our door or sitting on our mantelpiece this Halloween.

There are a substantial amount of Disney products out there, but we chose a handful of the best ones we could find.

See them below!

Credit – Etsy

This outstanding Maleficent wreath shines a mesmerizing green glow, which is ideal for those looking to spook up their decorations with some sinister beauty.

Find the Maleficent wreath on Etsy, HERE!

Mickey and Minnie BatsHalloween Wreath Halloween Decor image 0Credit – Etsy

Another incredible Disney wreath has caught the attention of many, this time the terrifyingly adorable design is inspired by Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Head over HERE to get your own!

Disney Wreath Jack Skellington Wreath Jack and Sally Disney image 0Credit – Etsy

You can never have a Disney wreath list without including the lovable Tim Burton creations – Jack Skellington and Sally. Aside from our obvious love for the pair, this design has a real eye-catching pattern and is perfect for Halloween this year.

get it here

Credit – Amazon

Finally, we end on the second Mickey Mouse wreath in the list which is bursting with Halloween color, it will also do well to distract guests from what’s happening behind them…

Fans of the wreath can order their own at Amazon, HERE!

Will you be buying any of these fascinating Disney Halloween wreaths?

In case you missed it, you can go and check out this hauntingly unique Oogie Boogie wreath which is selling out fast, HERE!

Which one was your favorite? Will any of these be hanging up in your home come Halloween? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The Ren & Stimpy Show Is Getting A Reboot


The Ren & Stimpy Show saw a significant amount of success during its initial run. Despite this success, however, it was met with a significant amount of controversy. Over its limited season run, this controversy would keep growing, eventually culminating in the show not being renewed. Comedy Central, though, is now looking to reimagine the series.

The announcement is part of the network’s focus on developing new animated content. Up until now, South Park has been its main animated show, with there being relatively few others produced by the network. In the past few months, however, the network has announced a new show called Jodie.

Jodie is set to be a spin-off of the Beavis & Butt-Head spin-off Daria, both of which were created by Mike Judge. The original Ren & Stimpy Show was released by Nickelodeon in the early nineties. Despite its controversy, as well as its status as a cult show, it would go on to win several awards, including an Emmy.

Positive praise was given to its dark humor and quite vivid imagination. As a result, it would see a certain amount of critical acclaim. The titular characters also saw a lot of praise, with Ren being an emotionally unstable Chihuahua and Stimpy being a dim-witted cat. Despite this praise, the show went off the air in 1995.

This isn’t the only time the show made headlines in recent months. Happy Happy Joy Joy, a documentary focused on the series, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. The positive reception that the film garnered may have played a role in the show’s revival.

There currently isn’t much information available for the Ren & Stimpy Show reboot. However, it seems to look like the show won’t be too close to the original run, with Comedy Central describing it as a “reimagining.”

For now here are some of Ren’s classic insults.

Brand New “Treehouse of Horror” Vinyl Toys Releasing This Halloween

A completely new batch of The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” vinyl toys are planned for release this coming Halloween and the fresh collection is wickedly wonderful.

Including some of the most iconic Simpsons characters with a haunted twist, toys from Funko’s new selection would be a great addition to anybody’s Halloween later this year.

See the assortment of vinyl toys below.

The Simpsons Reaper Homer Pop! Vinyl FigureCredit – Funko / Entertainment Earth

Alongside death’s list and signature scythe, Reaper Homer will be leading his band of monstrous misfits this Halloween.

The Simpsons Vampire Krusty Pop! Vinyl FigureCredit – Funko / Entertainment Earth

Following Reaper Homer is a fantastically detailed bloodthirsty clown, now known solely as Vampire Krusty.

The Simpsons Zombie Bart Pop! Vinyl FigureCredit – Funko / Entertainment Earth

Skateboarding besides the two is the vinyl figure we never knew we needed – Zombie Bart.

The Simpsons Witch Marge Pop! Vinyl FigureCredit – Funko / Entertainment Earth

The slightly greener skinned Witch Marge flying on her broomstick also joins the lineup this Halloween.

The Simpsons Devil Flanders Pop! Vinyl FigureCredit – Funko / Entertainment Earth

Ned’s evil has surfaced and the once kind-hearted Springfield resident is now showcasing his bad side, thus giving us the birth of Devil Flanders.

The Simpsons Bart with Chestburster Maggie Pop! Vinyl FigureCredit – Funko / Entertainment Earth

Bart with Chestburster Maggie will also be making an appearance this Halloween.

The Simpsons Homer Jack-in-the-Box Pop! Vinyl FigureCredit – Funko / Entertainment Earth

Although it’s rather mild, Homer Jack-in-the-Box is one of the more adorable Funko toys to collect this year.

As well as the fun new Treehouse of Horror vinyl toys – which you can pre-order through Entertainment Earth before their October release, HERE! – three exclusive figures will debut from Box Lunch, Game Stop, and Hot Topic.

Credit – Funko

Half-eaten donut-headed Homer, gamer Bart, and the Raven are the three new exclusive vinyl toys on their way this Halloween.

Finally, we have the awesome Itchy & Scratchy figure we ship next month.

The Simpsons Itchy & Scratchy Medium Vinyl Figures

Personally, my favorites from the new Funko toys have to be Vampire Krusty and donut-headed Homer.

Which ones do you prefer? Will you be adding one of these spooky vinyl toys to your shopping list this October? Be sure to let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Zombie Cicadas Are Now A Thing. Because 2020 Isn’t Bad Enough!


The year hasn’t been off to a great start. Or middle. While many people would assume that 2020 couldn’t get any worse, this isn’t the case, sadly. Instead, it’s looking to get a whole lot worse with zombie cicadas being on the loose. Cicadas aren’t great at the best of times, though it appears as though there’s something about these specific bugs that makes them more horrifying.

While they aren’t a threat to humans, beyond being creepy, they can be lethal to each other. As some reports highlight, these types of cicadas will attempt to lure others in before infecting them. How this actually happens is a lot creepier than many people may anticipate and it’s similar to how humans become zombies.

This is made possible by a fungus called Massospora Cicadina that can infect some cicadas. Upon being infected, a male will begin behaving somewhat like a female and perform a mating ritual. However, this is just a ruse to help make other zombie cicadas. Once another male is close by, then it runs a significant chance of becoming infected.

That being said, it has to be close enough to its zombified counterpart for the fungus to transfer between the two. Some reports note that the fungus will eat away at the bug while controlling it. This starts at the abdomen before spreading outward. It’s also been highlighted that it fills the abdomen with yellow spores.

Presumably, these are then used to infect more bugs in the future. As Yahoo Life notes, the zombie cicadas lose about half of their body during this process. While this would seem like something that only affects under-developed countries, it isn’t.

As some reports suggest, the zombified cicadas have already made their way to parts of the United States of America.

Have you heard of murder hornets? if not check them out here.

Hand-Stitched Leather Alien Facehugger Masks Have Been Released


Personal protective equipment has become increasingly vital over the past few months. Similar to many other necessities, however, some people have gotten tired of how the equipment looked. Despite being medically-focused, many people wanted to make cosmetic changes to it. This was especially true with masks, which have now gotten an Alien-inspired design.

The Facehugger mask is made by Pirates Leatherworks and is made almost completely out of leather. Adding to the quality is the fact that all of the masks are handmade. Though there have been versions of this released in the past few months, this one is a little more unique. The main reason for this is that other film-inspired masks have typically had a design printed on.


The Pirates Leatherworks Facehugger mask, however, is designed to look exactly like the titular aliens. This includes a tail that can wrap around a wearer’s neck. Since it’s made out of a leather exterior, it should also be much more durable than other Alien-inspired masks.

How a Facehugger latches onto one of its victims works well with the design of the mask. Because of this feature, the alien’s claws are what keep the mask in place. As a result, the resemblance to most Facehugger scenes is quite uncanny, minus all of the blood and gore. Naturally, nobody’s chest should explode a short while after wearing the mask.

People have been flocking to find well-design PPE over the past few months. While a significant amount of this has been because of the health benefits, others have wanted to wear masks with some doing personality tests.

This has led to masks being inspired by numerous television shows and movies, as well as some comic books. For fans of the horror genre, the Alien-themed Facehugger masks may be one of the more attractive options. You can check out the Pirates Leatherworks Instagram account for more details.


2 Lazy Gray Wolves Howl While Lying Down


There are a few animals that come to mind when the word ‘lazy’ is used. Perhaps the most notable are sloths, though pandas aren’t too far behind. Wolves, however, wouldn’t be anywhere near the top of the list. That being said, these two lazy gray wolves were caught being a little too relaxed.

A new video released by New York’s Wolf Conservation Center shows that some wolves can be just as lazy as people. The video features the animals, named Zephyr and Alawa, howling for another wolf while laying on their backs. Needless to say, it’s not the sight that most people would expect when they hear a howl.

The two animals look as though they couldn’t care too much about what the unseen third wolf is saying. Quite frankly, they don’t look as though they don’t care too much at all. The howling went on for about two minutes, with the two lazy gray wolves falling asleep almost immediately afterward.

According to the Wolf Conservation Center, the unseen wolf is named Nikai, who is apparently best friends with Zephyr and Alawa. This is backed up by several photographs that the conservation center posted to Instagram.


In the photos, the three wolves are seen going about their daily lives. As many people may expect, this also includes a few lazy days. However, they’re also shown to be quite physically active, with some photos showing them making their ways across the park. Alongside this, the pictures show the three wolves in all of their natural glory.

Clearly, the howling video was the trio communicating across a vast distance before going to sleep. Regardless, the lazy gray wolves seem to have enjoyed their pre-bedtime nap. What the conversation was actually about, however, remains anybody’s guess. As long as they’re not planning on overthrowing the planet, ala Planet of the Apes, everyone should be happy.

Spirit Halloween Unveils An Exclusive Trick ‘r Treat Funko POP!

Spirit Halloween has been gearing up for the holiday season. Over the past few weeks, it’s announced a wealth of new products for release. The majority of these have been exclusive to the brand and based on hit films. Now, the company has unveiled a Trick ‘r Treat Funko POP! Toy. The toy, which is available on the company’s website, is already available for pre-order.

Standing at the typical height of a Funko POP!, the figure is of primary protagonist Sam. He also appears practically identical to what he looks like in the film, including a burlap sack over his head, an orange jumpsuit, and a jack-o lantern. There’s also a significant amount of detail in the burlap sack. Like many other products released by both companies, a lot of effort went into ensuring that the POP! is high-quality.

The character has gained a significant amount of popularity in the years since the film’s release. To date, this has made Sam relatively iconic for many modern and younger audiences. This continues to increase around Halloween, with Tick ‘r Treat being watched repeatedly over the holiday season. Naturally, Spirit Halloween and Funko have aimed to capitalize on this enduring popularity.

The Funko POP! is exclusive to Spirit Halloween and should begin shipping out near the end of September. This should give the majority of buyers enough time to have them delivered for Halloween. As a result, the Sam POP! could be a perfect gift for Trick ‘r Treat lovers. Alongside that, the timing couldn’t be any better.

The Funko POP! is available through the Spirit Halloween website for $21.99, plus postage. While on the site, potential buyers should be able to find quite a few other characters and products that they might want to pick up. With how good the collectibles are, they should be worth the money.

Check Out These Creepy Jack Skellington and Sally Mugs This Halloween

The Nightmare Before Christmas is never short on must-have products, and that doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon.

Whether you’re a passionate fan of the lovable characters from Halloween Town or not, these Jack Skellington and Sally mugs are the perfect addition to anybody’s household.

The handcrafted mugs are incredibly detailed and get more and more daunting with every glance, which makes them an ideal display piece if you’re not interested in using them for their main function.

Credit – Amazon

Credit – Amazon

For those of you who do want to use them for their primary purpose, the Jack Skellington mug is able to hold up to 15.5-ounces of your favorite drink, while the Sally mug holds an outstanding 26-ounces.

The Skellington mug measures at an estimated 5.66-inches in width, 4.15-inches in length, and 3.85-inches in height, but this could change slightly due to the mugs being handmade.

Credit – Amazon

As you can see in the image above, the Jack Skellington mug is 100% BPA free, is not suitable for microwave use, and to preserve its design, handwashing is highly recommended.

If this has caught your attention (believe me, it grabbed ours), then you can head over to Amazon to add the Jack Skellington mug to your collection of Nightmare Before Christmas merch for just $14.99, HERE!

In turn, the Sally mug is an officially licensed NBC/Disney merch and serves as a great gift for any pumpkin king or queen out there.

Credit – Amazon

You can head over and get yourself a Sally mug, HERE!

Jack Skellington and Sally rose to fame when Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas debuted in 1993.

Their gripping personality – and heartfelt story – instantly made millions fall in love with them.

Love The Nightmare Before Christmas? Why not go and check out their official Funko advent calendar, HERE! You can collect a Nightmare Before Christmas mini figure everyday leading up to Halloween or Christmas.

Will you be adding the daunting Jack Skellington and Sally mugs to your Halloween collection? Make sure you share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below.