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25+ Completely Mysterious And Paranormal Stories Of Doctors And Nurses

25+ Completely Mysterious And Paranormal Stories Of Doctors And Nurses

Those working in a hospital often make the difference between life and death, and what lies in the midst of them. For these disturbing stories you will need a strong stomach to overcome them, they will also show you that you do not only need healing hands if you want to work in a hospital. These stories are told by the people who lived them


1- Night lights

Night lights
Source: Nurseslabs

I am a nursing assistant in a long-term care facility and I look after two men under and no one can use their call lights because they have severe dementia and debilitating Parkinson’s disease. In spite of that, one night a light turned on and I went to ask, confused I entered in the room. I went in there and the two lights were unplugged from the wall and finished under their beds, then I took them out, plugged them back in and left.

I knew from the beginning that it was not normal, since I have seen black shadows, the dying people and, when I do CPR, a few tapping on my shoulders.


2- Life after death

During medical school in an ER rotation we received a call thatCrawling down the hallwaysaid a 23-year-old woman had been killed by a head shot, but they applied CPR maneuvers because she was 5 months pregnant.

Once in the emergency room they made an ultrasound that gave them step to make the ceasefire since the baby was able to leave. The process took less than 1 minute. The incredible thing about this fact was how a dead person could get a baby totally healthy and alive.

3- Looking at white

We went to take care of an old lady with chest pains, when arriving at the house the entrance door was open but we hit, immediately the old lady said “I’m in the back room” in a quiet voice. My mate and I went to the back room and we felt the smell of a rotten corpse. We called the police and ALS backup while we went to the room.


As we entered to the bedroom we saw our patient, who was about 80 years old, looking at the main bathroom with her eyes cold and dead, she never saw us approaching. I started talking to her and I stood in front of her eyes but she did not look at me, then I turned to see what she could be looking at, and I found the source of the rotten odor.

He was a man of an age close to the patient’s, on the floor with very little of his head still attached to his body, a shotgun was next to him on the floor, the rest of his head was scattered on the walls and the bathroom counter.
We took the woman in the ambulance, to transfer her to a hospital.

4- The Last Goodbye

The Last Goodbye
Source: Affinity Institute

In my student days I received a patient with a stroke, applied CPR and worked on it for 45 minutes but she was already dead and blood had filled her brain, then told her relatives to say goodbye.


They took the woman to another room, she had turned gray and started to smell, but out of nowhere the family called the nurses and they rushed to take the monitors and equipment needed to stabilize. After stabilizing and saying goodbye to her family, the woman died a second time.

5- The miracle man

A man was shot three times in the head, entered the emergency room full of blood and with one eye hanging from the basin, the bullet had entered through the temple and passed through the eye socket, followed by the nose, palate and finally leaving on one side of the cheek.

At that time I thought that he had been brought to the emergency room only to issue the death, since he seemed dead. But when I started to check it, he jumped and shouted, “Be gentle!” Everyone in the emergency room was impressed that he was alive and well.


6- The game of riddles

When I was working as an ICU nurse, I entered a 20-year-old woman with severe cardiac anomalies and with respiratory distress, so we had to put a ventilator on her, and we kept her sedated enough to keep her lucid. She could nod and shake her head when we asked questions.

The patient in the room next to her died that night, and while they waited for the body to be taken to the morgue the room was completely closed, but the woman could not have seen the man.

When I went to check it, I found it in a very altered state with an expression of panic. I asked her a series of questions to see if she had any discomfort and she shook his head, then asked if she saw someone and this time the answer was positive.


I did not take any drugs that made her hallucinate, so I followed the game of questions to get the details and I got: a man, pale white, left arm gone, heavy, bald, standing behind me. That was the description of the man who died next door and whom she had never seen.

7- Bloody

Source: Christin Milloy

A post mortem aide assisted a patient who had received many anticoagulants before death, because of this the woman began to bleed through her eyes, nose, mouth and ear. The assistant and the nurse had nightmares for weeks.



8- The Bewitched Hospital

In my city there are 2 hospitals with very disturbing stories, which no longer work at night. The emergency rooms are no longer cleaned because the lights go out everytime, and on other floors say that there is a child with a ball and a lady with a white dress.

One day one of the employees was cleaning one of the floors that was completely alone and suddenly heard the throwing of a ball, went to one of the rooms already clean, and on the bed found the stains of some hands.



9- Solitary

One case that I will never forget was a call that I received at 3 am, we arrived at the place and applied CPR maneuvers but it was useless since the woman had more than 3 days dead.

The weird thing was that the woman was completely naked and the one that called was her 11 year old daughter because she was “alone”.

10- Without eyes

Without eyes
Source: Deviant Art

I worked caring for an elderly woman with learning problems and no eyes, because they were removed due to a congenital condition. I used to walk in the evenings and more than once when I was leaving my room I find her standing silently in the hallway.


11- Clear water

What struck me most was when I saw how the eyes change at the moment of death. During my 8 years working I have seen 250 people dead or dying but only once have I seen this, it was as if the clear water changed to a nebula in a second.

12- Holding hands

I had a case in which a couple died instantly after a collision,in the middle of them was their 12-year-old daughter, whom they saved because they were the ones who received the impact.

On the way, the husband was saved but he died again, after a few seconds the wife’s hand fell on him, my boss looked in the rearview mirror and the event scared us both. Before the accident, the woman had just discovered that she was cancer-free after her last treatment.


13- Eyes wide open

Eyes wide open
Source: Vice

While doing care post mortem to a man, I entered in the room and thought it was strange that no one has closed his eyes, then closed them and began to look after him, when I returned the eyes opened slowly, slower one than the other.

When we washed his back, he groaned and his hand managed to grip the railing of the bed, which we had to detach. Putting it on his back again there was a stinky, oily, blackish liquid in the pillowcase.

I wiped his entire face in search of the place where the liquid came out but I did not find it, so what I can think of was that the thing had come out of his eye.


14- The last meal

An elderly woman in critical condition, who was a DNR (not resuscitated), entered in ER, but the hospital was full and we had to keep her in the emergency room during the night.

Since we could not do much alone we dedicated ourselves to monitor it, as one doctor knows the signs when one person is going to die and the old woman had them all, we just wait.

An hour later we were all surprised to see the old woman standing in her clothes, one of the nurses came and asked her how she was, she said she was hungry so they took her in a wheelchair to the cafeteria.


After eating and talking to the staff the old lady told her nurse that she was tired and wanted to lie down, then they took her to her room and after 30 minutes the old woman died.

15- Do not let me go there

To the emergency room came a man who had suffered a car accident, and lost a lot of blood. During the resuscitation, the man wakes up shouting: “Do not let me go back! Please, please, do not let me go back!”, After a few seconds of the event they lost it.

16- The old rusty saw

The old rusty saw
Source: Pinterest

A woman went into the basement of her house and cut her veins horizontally with a rusty saw, after bleeding a good amount she began to walk all over the house and sat on a chair in the living room. As the woman realized that she was not dying fast enough, she take a pair of scissors and began to cut even more.


I was the second person to enter the house, we even thought it was more than one body because due to the amount of blood there was. Thhe woman was found twisted in a very strange pose in the living room chair and from her wrists were missing huge pieces of skin, veins and muscles.

17- Cries from another world

Two co-workers were waiting on the nurse’s station when suddenly the two heard a scream, then incoherent words coming from one of the unoccupied bays. There were only three patients in the room and they refused to scream or hear anything. Other comrades also commented on hearing strange voices, especially after very bad codes.

18- Visitors

Most of my patients are elderly, these usually before dying observe 2 things:

  • Two men, big and abrasive in their behavior, come to their rooms and tell them to prepare to leave. After this, the patients call us very frightened or annoyed to tell us what happened.
  • The second thing they see is a child running around his room trying to wake them up, so they call us to ask who let that kid run around. A few days later or even the same night after the event the patient dies.

19- The handsome man in black

The handsome man in black
Source: Deviant Art

I worked as a nurse in an Alzheimer’s room, one night I’m storing my car and I hear someone walking behind me and I felt a hand on my shoulder, when I turned around there was no one else in the room.

One of the ladies with Alzheimer’s began complaining for two weeks that a man came into her room at night, so to reassure her I told her that I would stay the night with her and asked her to describe it to me, she said: “He is handsome and wears a black suit, Oh. It’s behind you now, sweetie”.

There was no one behind me and of course I was scared. The old woman died the next night while she slept.


20- The blender

We received a call that a man of about 30 years old, had some traumatic in the groin. We immediately went to offer aid and when we were with the patient we saw him seated in the front step with a towel on its crotch.

When we barely stopped, the man ran to the platform holding the towel. Apparently had problems with the ladies and he decided to fornicate with the blender in his kitchen but accidentally ended up turning it on.

21- Carbonized skin

A motorcycle driver with third-degree burns was transferred from the ambulance directly to the ER bed. When we moved it with a transfer sheet, the subcutaneous fat of the charred skin caused the back to separate and his body fell to the ground although we tried to hold him.


22- The fallen cross

The fallen cross
Source: Man of Depravity

I answered a call that reported that a concierge was under a large stone cross in the middle of a church. The man climbed a ladder to wipe the cross, but slipped and clung to the object so as not to fall, but the cross could not bear the weight of the man and fell on his left arm. When he tried to remove the cross, it completely crushed him. Without a doubt, it was the scene with more blood that I have witnessed.

23- Dead man dies

One of my tasks as security at a local hospital was to help bring deceased patients to the morgue. Once we were leading an older man from the emergency room down and suddenly in the hallway we heard a groan from the body.

I panicked, I thought he was coming back to life, but the resident explained to me that that happened sometimes, sometimes the air in the lungs ends up leaving a while after death.


24- Bill is here

I was taking care of a woman who had terminal kidney failure, and she did not want to be resuscitated. One day we were chatting and she suddenly stopped, look over my shoulder and said, “Here Bill is love, I have to go”, then stopped breathing and died. From her old notes I discovered that Bill was her late husband.

25- The body on the floor

The body on the floor
Source: Manisha Melwani

The call was in relation to an old woman with senile dementia, who was lying on her bed next to a body covered by a sheet. When we got to the place the body was full of flies, apparently the body was that of the woman’s husband. Her husband was her primary caregiver. The police estimate that he had been dead 3 weeks.

The creepy moment was on the way to the hospital when the woman said, “I hope that good man on the floor is fine”.


26- The headless nurse

She worked at St Barts Hospital, in London, and the nurses working the night shift told her about a ghost of a night nurse who was pacing silently at night, but only her head would be visible drifting across the room.

27- Monsters

I was a nursing student at the time and I was assigned to a young patient with schizophrenia. The young man admitted himself to the institution because he heard voices telling him to hurt the people around him and he feared he could do it.

Enter the room, I introduce myself as usual and ask him how he was. He was drawing creepy monsters and had over half a dozen drawings around him. I asked him who they were and he told me that they were the monsters he saw and told him to do harm.


Then I asked him if they told him to hurt me and he said yes. It’s bad to say but I did not stay in the room much more time.

28- Crawling down the hallway

Crawling down the hallway
Source: YouTube

I worked as an STNA in a nursing home, we had a resident who was younger and was mostly for mental reasons, had long, dark hair and was very thin.

When I sat down at the nursing station, at the top of the hallway I saw a call light on, I looked into the dark hall and saw a figure crawling down the hall toward me on all fours.


It turned out to be the resident, since the other STNA forgot to put the bed rail, the resident had jumped out of bed.

29- Heaven

I cared for a young woman with complete liver failure, had orange skin and she was still conscious, asked me what I thought about how would feel about dying.

I replied that I did not know, but hoped it would not be painful. Then she asked me if I thought she would go to heaven and I said yes, but when she asked if I would go I told her that I was not able to answer that question.


She told me that she would go to heaven and knew it because the man sitting at the end of the bench told her, also told me that the man told her that I too would go to heaven. When I asked her how he looked, she told me that he looked like Jesus from the windows of his church.

I was impressed by his statement and then we pray together, I will never forget that moment. A week later the old woman died and I hope she has truly reached heaven.

30- The man in black

People often get weird when they are very sick, there is even a term called psychosis of the ICU. I am a nurse and had a patient who was overdosed and had a history of mental health problems. She was in bed, very combative and totally incoherent.


The night that I cared for her, she began to make reasonable sense, but not totally oriented, she was extremely paranoid and kept talking about the black man in the corner.

I could hear her talking and screaming all night and I went into the room to calm her down, I could see the fear in her eyes. She said that the man in black was in the corner and I did not see it, I told her that there was nothing there and I put in the corner where she was pointing and waved his hands.

I told her that there was nothing there and she looked at me with a horrified face and that really scared me, I also insisted that there was no one there, but her answer was “that’s what you thought”. Then I left.