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10+ Photos That Will Literally Freak You Out

10+ Photos That Will Literally Freak You Out

It is said that pictures are worth a thousand words, but these pictures will leave you speechless. Here are 20 pictures that give a glimpse into humanities darkest moments.


1. The Jonestown Massacre

The Jonestown Massacre was an event where a religious American cult committed mass suicide. All except two of the 909 individuals died that day as seen in the picture above.

Source: nydailynews


2. New York Post Subway

This picture was taken moments before this man was killed, he was reportedly pushed on and is considered the most controversial picture of today. It remains the perfect example of product over people.

Source: forbes

3. Baby Cage

In the 1930’s it was believed that babies in the city weren’t getting enough sunlight so babies cages became all the rage. Thus creating an oddly precarious situation for the infants. At least the babies got more time in the smog for urban air.


Source: treehugger

4. Vapor People

Soon after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, those closer to the blast didn’t suffer burns but rather were vaporized alive leaving these darkened shadows behind in their memory.

Source: quoracdn


5. Elephant’s Foot

The Elephant’s foot is considered the most radioactive place in the world. This photo was taken of the reflection of a mobile robot from 30 feet away. The robot never made it back. This remains the only photo of the elephant’s foot to this day.

Source: nautil

6. Diving Death

While Gabe Watson was acquitted of his accused crimes. This picture captures the body of Tina Watson sinking to the ocean floor. As you can see in the background the body sinking and resting on the ocean floor.


Source: abcnews

7. Nuclear Baby Carriage

When the nuclear threat of world war two was too much to handle, what do you do when you need to take you baby for a walk? You put them in a nuclear proof baby carriage and you get going. When you look at it, it looks more like a steam engine than a baby carriage.

Source: worthytales


8. Bison Skull

If you are desperate for fertilizer and had nothing but Bison to fix the problem, you follow these men’s idea. You ground up Bison Skull and make sure your crops are good to go. Reportedly, this was common practice in the late 19th century.

Source: anokaramsey

9. Pogo the Clown

Pogo the Clown (Aka John Wayne Gacy) confessed to murdering and sexually assaulting 25-30 boys. He hid their bodies in the crawl space of his house. If people say they aren’t scared of clowns, then show them this.


Source: nocookie

10. First Bulletproof Vest

The testing of the first bulletproof vest in progress. Either you have to be completely confident with the product or you are wishing for death, regardless the guts this took are too much to handle.

Source: blogspot


11. The Hindenburg

The Hindenburg was supposed to be the future of the travel, but due to a malfunction in its maiden voyage, an explosion took place resulting in disaster. The picture does not do this disaster justice in its size.

Source: marymount

12. Fire Sacrifice

During a fire rescue in 1975, a godmother and her godchild jumped out of a window. The godchild survived only by landing on her godmother’s body.


Source: ebaumsworld

13. The Last Guillotine

The last public execution to take place, however, what makes it unique is that it was done with a guillotine. People at this event were unaware that they were witnessing history.

Source: blogspot


14. Mickey Gas Mask

More often than not, there is a lot of creepiness that is found in nuclear war and nuclear planning. So born was the Mickey Gas Mask and the nightmare fuel that come with it.

Source: lateet

15. Falling Ceiling Body

You may have seen this picture circulation around and no one really knows what to think. If it is fake then woo! Another Hoax. If it’s real than the timing and the fear of the situation is insurmountable.


Source: shortoncontent

16. Gas Chamber Scratching

This photo was taken from the inside of one of the gas chambers of the Holocaust. From here you can clearly see the scratch mark of people trying to claw their way out for life.

Source: furtherglory


17. The Final Embrace

In the last minutes of their life, two engineers atop of a burning wind turbine embraced each other one last time before falling to their death.

Source: imgur

18. Keith Sapsford

After wanting to travel more, Keith Sapsford went hid in the wheel well of a plane bound for Tokyo. However, when the wheel well open in arrival, he fell 150 feet to his death.


Source: emadion

19. Mt. Saint Helens

The eruption of mount saint Helens resulted in a few deaths, however, the ash that covered the sky was the enough for anyone to think the world was ending.

Source: theatlantic


20. Beautiful Suicide

This is a 23-year-old woman that jumped off the empire state building and landed on the limousine of the United Nations. This has been coined, ‘The Most Beautiful Suicide’.

Source: blogspot