‘Bird Box’ burst onto the scene in late 2018 with a bang.

The Netflix original film took social media by storm, prompting some not-so-safe challenges. Of course, some took matters into their own hands and made the best of the situation. With that being said, ‘Bird Box’ star Sarah Paulson recently did an interview with Bloody Disgusting to promote ‘Glass,’ which releases this week in theaters.

Paulson played Jessica, Malorie (played by Sandra Bullock)’s sister. However, her character was killed early on in the film when she locked eyes with one of the monsters that inexplicably drives people to kill themselves.

The film never outright shows the monster that is terrorizing the world. But when asked what exactly her character saw in the film, Paulson refused to reveal the secret:

“Oh, that’s something I’m not going to share,” Paulson said. “I mean, it’s sort of the magic of moviemaking.”

She did say she wasn’t actually looking at anything. She needed to look off into the distance and “freak the f*** out” on her own:

“I will tell you I was looking at nothing,” Paulson said. “There wasn’t even a green piece of tape for me to look at. I was just looking straight ahead.

“I think my car was being pulled, being towed so it looked like I was driving, I just had to stare off into the middle distance and freak the f*** out.”