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10 Scariest Paranormal Encounters Cops Ever Witnessed

10 Scariest Paranormal Encounters Cops Ever Witnessed

When it comes to the paranormal, people continue to struggle to believe it. They are skeptical about some of the paranormal events that people describe, they have high doubts that people have the ability to interact with the other side, and they strongly think that there is a logical explanation for all of the mishaps that happen during hauntings. Believers of the paranormal fight tooth and nail to get skeptics to see what they’re seeing and believe, but they just won’t budge. People fail to realize, though, who the biggest believers of the paranormal are- cops. Police officers have witnessed a countless amount of paranormal encounters while on the job and they just can’t seem to explain it. Some of these officers were skeptics themselves but after witnessing activity first hand, their views have changed and they try to persuade others to believe in the paranormal. Listed below are some of the scariest paranormal encounters that cops ever witnessed while on the job, and some are just so unbelievable, no one seems to be able to explain them.


1. The Footprint

The Footprint
Could this be the footprint the police officers saw? 

Source: Club Lexus


One cop recalls of the time where they loved to be working on the force, especially the night shift. They explained that they hated working the day shift because of all the nonsense that went on and that during the night if there was anything to be dealt with it was extremely interesting.

They continue on to explain that the alarms in the buildings that are connected with the base they are working in are set up in a way that they are all connected to the front desk, so if they were to go off they would know immediately. They further explain that if the alarm is activated, then they will close off the base (where they are located), go to the building and inspect it by pulling on the doors to see if they could get in, and then proceed to enter the building to secure it.

One night, the police officer was on patrol with their partner when they received a call that the alarm system was going off at an elementary school. The police officer and their partner respond to the call and check the entire school to make sure no one broke in and once they investigated the entire school, they called back to the base and informed them that the building was secure and there was no disturbances or personal at the scene. They continue patrolling through the night, forgetting about the elementary school.


15-20 minutes later, after the first check of the building, the police officer and their partner receive another call that the alarm is going off at the elementary school. They go back out to the school and find that a maintenance door is open, which leads to the boiler room. They enter the doorway and investigate the room, secure it, close the door and lock it. They report back to the desk that the building was all clear and secure and continue on with their night. 20 minutes later, though, there was another call about the alarm going off, so the duo return to the school, check it, secure it, and call it in to the desk and move on with their night like they have been.

Except, they didn’t go back to patrolling. They sat on opposite ends of the school and started to watch it to see who kept attempting to break into the school. They sit there for hours on end and when nothing was going on, they decided to were going to leave soon; except, while they were sitting there the alarm started to go off again. It is around 3 a.m. now and the officer calls the desk to ask if they can enter the building with the assistance of the building manager to ensure no one is inside of the school. The building custodian shows up a short while later and all three of them enter the school and begin to do a thorough walk through. They search every class room and every room in the school to make sure no one was hiding inside, but during their walk through they discovered that another maintenance door was open with the lights on inside of the room. The police officer explains that they were all confused because this particular room was the size of a closet.

They proceeded to walk down to the maintenance door and look inside, only to find no one was inside of it. However, as they were looking around in the room, they noticed a bare footprint that was wet of a small child. All three of the investigators got extremely freaked out by the footprint because there were no reports of any missing children and there was no way someone could have entered the school because all of the doors were locked and secure. The police officer explained that they were baffled by finding the footprint because they were sure no one entered the building and they did a three hour sweep of the school that included looking in ceiling tiles to make sure no one was hiding up there. No one was.


2. “I Need Your Help”

A rundown ranch house in the open field. 

Source: Interior 24

This 911 dispatcher recalls of a time where they were working and recalls that there was an elderly couple who lived in a rundown ranch house located about 20 miles away from the police station. Unfortunately, the husband passed away, leaving the wife to call the police station at least three times a week to help her with the small tasks that first responders normally don’t respond to. She would ask for help to turn down the thermostat, that she needed assistance with boiling her water for her tea, and a few other small, simple tasks like that.


Over time, the elderly woman developed dementia and she started to believe that she was calling 911 in order to reach her deceased husband and ask him for help. The rest of the dispatchers soon gained recognition of the address whenever she would call, even though the wife would only say her husbands name, she needed help, and pleaded for him to come home and help her.

One day, the elderly woman called the 911 dispatch line and only repeated the phrase, “come home. I need your help, please come home and help me”. The first responders gathered their things and proceeded to her house and when they arrived there, they found her lying dead in her bed. The first responders called back to dispatch and confirmed that the elderly woman did in fact call the dispatch line. As they investigated the house, they discovered that her heater was broken and the average temperature in the house was about 50 degrees, so that’s what the first responders wrote in their report about the strange death of this elderly woman.

A year after the woman passed away, the 911 dispatch line continuously received phone calls from the elderly woman at the same exact address she had called from before. Vandals over time ruined her house and eventually it burned to the ground, so the calls were unusual and unexplainable. Each time dispatch received the phone call from the elderly woman asking her husband for house, they needed to go out there to make sure nothing was wrong on the property- and nothing was ever there. The phone company even confirmed that the phone line had been disconnected, but the calls were still coming from that same address and no other.


3. Break in at the Morgue

Break in at the Morgue
A room inside of a morgue. 

Source: Mirror

A person remembers that one of their friends’ father was a police officer in one of the larger villages that was located in Illinois. One night, him and his partner were working when they received a call that there was a potential break in at the local morgue. They proceeded to go investigate it and when they arrived at the scene, they saw that the custodian was outside waiting for them to arrive. The officers began to ask him questions about what had happened and the custodian explained that while he was mopping one of the corridors, he noticed something move out of the corner of his eye. When the custodian looked up, he saw a person quickly dash from one side of the hallway to the other; and upon seeing the person, the custodian explained they couldn’t make out any details of the person because he would shut off lights as he finished cleaning them. He informed the officers that he was unarmed and proceeded to call them because he was sure of what he saw inside of the morgue and stepped outside to wait for the police to arrive.


The two officers entered the morgue and started to look around to see who was hiding inside of it. At first they just called out to see if anyone would answer them, but no one did. They proceeded to make a sweep of the building then and started down the central corridor with their hands on their guns. They looked inside of every room to make sure no one was in there and frequently called out to the intruder to show him or her self. The friends dad approached a room that was pitch black inside and fumbled to find the light switch, and when the room lit up, there was nothing inside except the deceased bodies of loved ones.

His partner soon called out for a person to stop and when the friends dad turned out, his partner unholstered his gun and was pointing it down the corridor and said that she ran that way. The custodian chimed in that the girl was trapped because there was no exit down there, so they knew they caught their intruder. The police officers asked the custodian to lock himself in the waiting room for safety precautions and proceeded down the corridor to where the girl ran. When they approached her, they noticed that she was standing in front of a big grey door and the lights were off, making it hard to make out what she looked like. The police officer could make out a few small things, though, like she was unarmed and that she had long fair hair. He proceeded to step out from behind the corner and talk to her, but she swung open the door and slammed it firmly behind her.

He rushed to the door and tried to open it, but she locked the door behind her, making him bang on it for a while and yelling at her to open the door. The door itself had a deadlock on it, so the custodian rejoined the police officers and when he saw the door they were referring to, he grew confused and explained to them that the door didn’t lock from the inside. But, the custodian found the key for the door and unlocked it for the officers, and once it was open the officers proceeded to yell out to the girl that they were coming in and instructed her to have her hands up.


They turned their flashlights on and walked into the room, looking at every inch of the room by the light of their flashlights. The custodian helped them out, though, and hit the light switch so that way they could see better inside of the room. The room appeared to be empty except for some equipment against the wall and two gurneys in the middle of the room, one of which had a sheet on it and looked like it was covering a deceased individual. When the friends dad approached the body, the smell hit him and was the first thing that creeped him out a little. He explained that it smelled like a corpse and as he lifted the sheet back, he discovered that the corpse was of a woman that had straggly brown hair covering her entire face. The tag on her read that she had passed away four days ago. The friends dad is a dedicated Christian and doesn’t believe in the paranormal, but he could not explain what had happened to him that night at the morgue.

4. Possessed

An old depiction of what the Devil supposedly looked like. 

Source: Public Domain Review


10 years ago, a person worked as a 911 call taker and claims that they received one of the creepiest calls ever while they were working one night. It was a cold and frigid night, indicating that it would be a quiet shift for whomever was working, but around 3 a.m., the dispatchers call box lit up green and they proceeded to ask what the emergency was. The man on the other end of the line started to scream into the phone and exclaim that he was still possessed by a demon that attempted to cut his heart out while he was sleeping. He then explained that he ran out of the room when the attack happened and locked himself inside of his bathroom. The dispatcher was in disbelief and started to question the man to try to grasp a better understanding of what was going on in his home.

Each time that the man tried to answer, though, the dispatcher heard banging and scratching coming from the bathroom door. The man whispered to the dispatcher that there was a demon inside of his sisters body and that he had been battling him for the past few days. Only this time, she finally broke free of the chains. The dispatcher then says that the next thing they heard chilled them to the bone. An unrecognizable voice began taunting the man through the door, except it didn’t sound like a 20-something year old woman, it sounded more like someone swallowed and gargled razor blades before speaking. She continued to growl and speak in an unknown language until the police arrived at their house. As the officers broke in to the house, she let out a blood curdling scream and then the phone went silent.

The call was then over and the dispatcher was left in shock. They looked over and saw their supervisor, who had been listening to the call as well, pale white and speechless after the line abruptly ended. Before the dispatcher’s shift ended, the commanding officer who responded to the call called the dispatcher and told them what they found and said that they would have nightmares for the rest of their life.


When the man exclaimed that his sister finally broke free of her chains, the officers found he wasn’t kidding at all. When the officers entered the home, she still had a chain tied around her body with a bloody handcuff attached to her, her body was covered in self-inflicted scratches, and one of her eyes popped a blood vessel, making it bright red. The clothes she was wearing were completely shredded and it looked like her body had been drained of all of her blood. She was removed from the home and taken to a psych hospital where she remained there for a long while. Her brother appeared to be okay, except for a few gouges on his chest, and the police officers confirmed that she really did try to dig his heart out of his chest.

5. The Abandoned House

The Abandoned House
An old abandoned house. 

Source: ABNF


A police officer in a small rural town in Nebraska remembers a time during the 90’s when they were patrolling the town during the winter. There were numerous abandoned houses in the town, but one was a hot spot for copper thieves, making the cops heavily patrol it to make sure nothing else would get stolen from the house. At around 7:00 p.m., the police officer drove around the house and had a clear view of all four sides (it sat on a corner lot) and saw nothing was out of the ordinary. Two hours later, the officer returned to the house and noticed that the back door was wide open.

The officer knew that the door wasn’t open when they drove by the house two hours ago, but what made it even stranger was that when they looked in the snow to see if there were any footprints leading up to the house, they found nothing. The officer calls dispatch and informs them that they will be investigating inside of the house and asked if a county sheriff would come along with them. The police officer got out of their car, turned their flashlight on, and proceeded inside of the house. The house was completely gutted for the most part- the plaster walls were torn down, there were debris piles everywhere, and the house itself just looked like it was in shambles. There were no footprints inside of the house either, so the police officer thought that maybe the wind opened the door and was going to secure it, when they heard a loud thump come from one of the rooms upstairs and heard children laughing. The police officer informed the children that the police department was there and they were instructed to come downstairs, but they continue to laugh and play upstairs. The police officer informed dispatch of what they were hearing and went upstairs to talk to the kids.

While the police officer was checking out the rest of the house before moving upstairs, they heard two more loud thumps upstairs and because they had no response, they started to assume it was an animal of some sort. As soon as the officer reached the top step, everything fell silent. The upper part of the house was relatively small with a hallway at the top of the stairs, one bedroom to the right, one straight ahead at the end of the hall, and one on the left. When the officer started to look around, they heard a loud thump come from the bedroom on the left. The officer slowly looks around the door only to discover that the room was empty and the only thing inside was a pile of debris and wood. But, upon further investigation of the room, the officer noticed that there was a page torn out of a children’s book sitting on top of the debris pile. What made it even stranger was that the page that was torn out had a police officer on it. The police officer got creeped out, secured the rest of the house, locked the back door, and told dispatch no one was inside of the house. The officer never returned to the house.


6. The Hanging Soldier

The Hanging Soldier
A uniform used in World War II.

Source: Pinterest

A police officer one time had a call for a mental evaluation, also referred to as a 5150. When the officer arrived there, they started to ask a 50 year old woman what the problem seemed to be and she responded that her 20 year old son was under the influence of some type of drug and refused to go into his bedroom because there was a hanging man in there. The woman explained that she was scared to go into the room because her son would sometimes bring home friends who were drug addicts and she was unsure if the claims her son were making were true or not.


The police officer then started to question the son, who is in fact under some type of stimulant, and he tells the officer that a spirit told him not to enter the room because her dad is in there dressed in a Class A military uniform and is hanging from the ceiling. The police officer went to go look into the room and found that no one was hanging inside of it. The police officer starts to explain the situation and that there was no one inside of the room when a veteran police officer joins the other officer at the scene.

The veteran police officer pulls the officer aside and informs them that they had to respond to a call a few years ago to the same exact residence and had to investigate the same exact room. The reason being was because there was a report of an older male subject hanging themselves inside of the room. The veteran officer didn’t remember all of the details, so the officer went out to their police car and looked up the case in their case management system, and sure enough, the veteran police officer was right. There was a subject who was a World War II veteran living in that house and dressed himself in his uniform before he hung himself inside of the very same room.

7. The Phone Call

An old vintage phone.


Source: We Heart It

An individual’s uncle works for dispatch in the town they live in and he recently was telling the family of the strangest phone call he ever received while working one night. On the night of this strange call, he received a phone call from a landline and when he answered, there was only straight static on the other end of the line. This strange occurrence happened about two more times for the officer. The uncle had enough of this phone call game, so he asked for a squad car to go out and investigate the address the phone call was coming from. When the cops entered the house, they discovered a dead body in the middle of the floor who had been dead for 5 months. What was even creepier about this phone call was that there was no electricity or utilities working inside of the home, meaning, there was no way a person could make a phone call from the landline.

8. “She’s Inside The House”

She's Inside The House
Could the young girl look like this that the elderly lady saw?


Source: Horror Cult Films

This cop claims that they were never a believer of the paranormal, until one day when they came across something they would never forget. The officer responded to an elderly lady who reported that she kept seeing this little girl run through her yard and the elderly lady was afraid that the little girl would vandalize something or something worse would happen to her. While the officer was driving over to the house, it started to pour rain with lightening and thunder as well. When the officer arrived, the elderly lady pointed the officer in the right direction of the yard where she was seeing the little girl and the officer proceeded to the area. The officer looked around the yard and called out a few times to see if anyone was out there, but the only response they received was thunder.

The officer made their way back to the house and the elderly woman was now cowering and trembling in a corner and exclaimed that the girl was inside of her house. The officer heard a thump in the house and when they turned to investigate it, they saw a young girl, who was about 13 years old, run from one side of the house to the other. The officer chased after the girl and commanded her to stop, but she somehow disappeared right in front of the officer. The officer thought their eyes were playing some type of trick on them but the elderly called out that the girl was back outside in her yard.


The officer turned to face a big window and saw the little girl running through the yard and was in disbelief of how the little girl got passed them and made it outside so quickly. The officer ran outside immediately only to have the little girl vanish again. The officer searched for the girl but found nothing, so they informed the woman that the little girl had run away because of the weather and that everything was going to be okay.

A few months later, the officer found out that the elderly woman had passed away and there was a new family moving into the house. A short while after they moved in, dispatch received a phone call from the same address, exclaiming that there was a little girl running around their yard and that she somehow got inside of their house.

9. The Disappearing Passenger

The Disappearing Passenger
An old car, not from the story. 


Source: Popular Mechanics

About 15 years ago, a controller took a call from a man who was in a state of hysteria because he had picked up a motorcyclist on the side of the road because he was just standing in the pouring rain and had a petrol can next to a Norton style motorbike. The man explained that he drove down the short roadway to the next service station to help the motorcyclist out, but when he turned to talk to the passenger, he had just disappeared. The man was beside himself so he called the police, and that made them do extensive research to discover that at the exact point the motorcyclist disappeared there was a fatal accident with a motorcyclist 20 years prior. It chilled the man and the officers to the bone when they found out that information, and the officers who responded to the scenario confirmed that the man was not lying and was beside himself about the disappearing passenger.

10. The Flying Man

The Flying Man
An Australian police car. 


Source: News

While working on a route in Australia, a police officer was forced to “move in” on an elderly aboriginal man because the public accused him of dabbling into witchcraft and other strange things. When the officers apprehended the man, they drove him an hour and a half to the township because people from around the town were terrified of him because they strongly believed he was a witch doctor. The officers dropped the man off and instructed him not to return to the town for at least three days so the people of the town could have a peace of mind. The officers were heading back to the town at a high speed, maybe 100km+, and it only took them about 45 minutes to get back to the town. Upon their arrival, they saw the same exact man they just dropped off sitting on a street corner. No one could explain how this man got back to the town so quickly and it still sends shivers down people’s spines when they hear this story.

These are just a handful of creepy stories police officers have witnessed over their years of working. When they are asked about their experiences, they still can’t explain what had happened to them or what they saw. It’s left a mystery to those involved and to anyone who had heard their stories, making them all the more creepy and scary.