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10 Signs You See In Your Dreams And Shouldn’t Ignore

10 Signs You See In Your Dreams And Shouldn’t Ignore

We all have those weird dreams where they don’t make sense to us or we see something in there and we spend the day trying to figure out what it could potentially mean. Well, to help your thinking out, here are ten signs that people see in their dreams and they really shouldn’t ignore them. Why? These signs can be trying to tell you something that could help turn your life around for the better. They can help you understand more about yourself and the life you live, helping explain maybe why certain things keep happening to you or how to relieve the stress you may have lately.


1. Dying

A person holding the hand of a loved one who passed away.

Source: Dying Matters


Sometimes, people have an unsettling dream that revolves around death. What does this mean, though? Columnist Lauren Lawrence explains that dreaming of death is not 100% a bad thing. Instead, dreams that involve death can mean that the person wants to terminate something in their life, like a bad relationship or a job that the person hates going to.

So, what should people do if they have a dream involving death? Take it into consideration that something in your life needs to be shed and that it’s been sitting heavy on your mind for a while. Once you know what the thing is that needs to be shed or terminated, let go of it! That should help with the dreams of death and could reduce some of the stress and worry you had about it.

2. Showing Up Naked Somewhere

Showing Up Naked Somewhere
Waking up naked isn’t embarrassing at all, it actually just means you might be worried about something. 


Source: MX Emedemujer

Don’t laugh, we all have had that embarrassing dream where we wake up in school or at your job and you’re completely naked. What does it mean, though? If you show up naked someplace it could represent the signs of vulnerability and anxiety. These dreams typically happen when you feel like all eyes are on you, like a night before a big presentation or a job interview.

If you do have a dream where you show up naked somewhere, don’t be embarrassed. What you should do is not feed into the feeling of vulnerability. Up your confidence by doing something good for yourself or practicing a few times in front of the mirror if you’re worried about a big presentation coming up.


3. Seeing The Dead

Seeing The Dead
Seeing the dead isn’t scary, it really means that a person is having issues letting go. 

Source: Unsworth-Primary

This dream could be just terrifying as dreaming about death, and it could send someone into an emotional rollercoaster. Dreaming about the dead, though, means that there are small hints in a dream that indicate a person’s inability to let things go and can also hint that the person has a fear of illness and death.


If you dream about the dead, seek a counselor so you can talk to them about what you’re feeling deep down inside. If you lost someone that was extremely close to you, that can trigger this type of dream. Develop healthy ways of keeping them close to you by carrying a picture of them in your wallet or framing a picture of them in your room.

4. Being Chased

Being Chased
Don’t worry, being chased doesn’t mean that someone is after you in real life. 

Source: Express.CO


This is probably one of the most heart pounding dreams a person can have because they can feel their actual heart beating against their chest and they wake up in a sweat. These dreams are more common in women and can mean that you are afraid of confronting something, so you keep running away from it.

When it comes to dreams about being chased, people should consider the dream a challenge for them and figure out what they’re scared of confronting. When they figure out their fear, they should swallow it and face the confrontation, no matter what.

5. Missing an Important Event

Missing an Important Event
Dreaming about being late means you’re just worried about missing an upcoming event because you may have a lot going on. 


Source: Feel Good

People often times dream about missing an extremely important event, making them frantically race there in their dream to make sure they make it in a decent amount of time. It inflicts fear and panic because you really think you’re missing the event. Experts have analyzed people with these frequent dreams and have concluded that if people are dreaming about missing important events, then they are taking way too much on.

If you find yourself dreaming frequently about missing important events, try setting some goals that are more realistic to you and make sure you don’t make promises you know you can’t keep. Doing so will help eliminate the feeling of missing the events because you don’t have that much going on and you feel less stressed.


6. Being Trapped

Being Trapped
Being trapped is certainly terrifying in a dream, especially if a person has claustrophobia. 

Source: Curtmercadante

Another frightening dream people frequently have is being trapped in places they cannot escape, especially small spaces. Claustrophobic people frequently have these dreams because of their fear of confined places, but if this typically doesn’t bother you, then this means you feel trapped in a certain part of your life. Whether it is school, a job, or a relationship, you still feel like you’re stuck there and you can’t get out.


If you keep having this dream, analyze any current situations that you are in and are creating anxiety for you. If you think these situations don’t deserve the amount of anxiety you have for them, get rid of them. This will help you feel free and like you’re no longer trapped.

7. Teeth Falling Out

Teeth Falling Out
Teeth falling out doesn’t mean old age in a dream!

Source: YouTube


As gross as it is, people do happen to dream of their teeth falling out. Experts discuss that teeth symbolize power and confidence and if people are dreaming they are falling out, then they feel like they’re losing control somewhere in the life; i.e., at home, work, or in school.

Teeth falling out in a dream is terrifying, but if you have this dream have no fear. Figure out where you have a loss of confidence and work on building the confidence you lost back up. Even if it is something simple, resolving the problem can keep the teeth falling out dreams away and can additionally help increase your confidence.

8. Falling

Falling can mean that you have a huge problem that is occurring in your life at home or at work. 


Source: Psychics

We have all felt that jolt our body does when we think that we are falling from a high place as soon as we fall asleep. Dream analyst and psychologist Lauri Lowenberg says that dreams about falling are a huge red flag in your subconscious and can indicate a huge problem at work or at home.

Experiencing this dream could be scary, so if you find yourself constantly having one, seek the help of a counselor- that is, if you can’t figure out what the problem is you may be having. You may be experiencing bad memories or you may be unaware of how a small event could really be affecting you. Talking to a person can help solve the problem and stop the falling dreams.


9. Out-Of-Control-Vehicle

Out-of-control vehicles are scary in real life and also represent your life could be out of control somewhere. 

Source: Business Insider

Car crashes are one of the most terrible events that could ever happen to a person. They are loud, scary, and can often times lead to death if its that bad. If you have a dream about a vehicle that is completely out of control, it simply means an aspect of your life is out of control.


These frequent dreams can help you realize that your life needs some type of order, so if you continue having these dreams, find the thing or things that are making you swerve off of the road of success and fix them in order to continue down that road without any future problems.

10. Getting Injured

Getting Injured
Getting injured in your dream means that you have a weak aspect somewhere in your life. 

Source: Long Road Media


Dreaming about being injured can reflect that you feel some sort of weakness in your life. Falling can sometimes mean that your bones are weak from breaking them so much or that your legs are weak from sitting on them for so long, so dreaming about it could only mean that a small part or a large part of your life needs some stronger support.

If you keep having these dreams, decipher what the weakness may be in your life and provide it with strong support to keep you from having these dreams. It could help balance out your life and can actually help you figure out what your weaknesses may actually be!