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The Official Friday the 13th Camp Site Is Open To The Public

The Official Friday the 13th Camp Site Is Open To The Public

If you’re a horror lover, you’re surely a massive fan of Jason Voorhees, right? A man that is hellbent on revenge from his tortured past who now kills teenagers and college kids, you know, the usual.

Well, anyway, the infamous Camp Crystal Lake (later named Camp Forest Green for a short time) is an iconic location for Jason, as this is where most of his victims come to die.

If you’re interested in dyin… I mean, if you’re interested in visiting the camp made famous by Jason himself, we have great news for you!

Located in New Jersey, the No-Be-Bo-Sco camp, which serves as an active Boy Scout camp, is the real name of the mass murderer’s stomping grounds, and the good news is it holds events for all of you Friday the 13th fans who are interested in exploring.

On Friday the 13th, camp staff organize an event where visitors can spend the evening camping in the real Camp Crystal Lake.

One of the many surprises event-goers will encounter which makes the experience that much more outstanding is Adrienne King, or Alice to you Friday the 13th fanatics, will be present throughout the night.

The unfortunate part is that due to its incredibly high demand, potential visitors must bid in order to secure a chance to explore the camp where Jason has slaughtered countless men and women.

There’s only one single way to apply for a place at Camp Crystal Lake and that is by entering their ticket lottery HERE! Customers must join their mailing list to be informed if you are in with a chance of winning such an exclusive adventure, and although they do promise not to spam your email, you can quickly unsubscribe from the opportunity at any time if the idea is not for you.