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Weird is something that can describe something that is out of the ordinary and that’s exactly what this section does. We explore the vast reaches of the planet and beyond in order to bring you such incredible sights. Odd creatures that the evolutionary scale forgot or perhaps things the human body was previously thought to be incapable of. This section delves into the supernatural parts of the world.

If you’re a fan of the freak show at the circus then this is the spot for you. The oddities you will find here are designed to delight and frighten. You will be awed and thrilled at the visual tapestry of the weird.

The mysterious articles in this section will take you on a wild ride of thrills and chills. Fate has decided on the otherworldly articles you will find in this corner of the Internet. Join us for a glimpse in to the supernatural as we take a trek into the realm of the unexplained.