10+ Spooky Halloween Cupcake Recipes To WOW Guests

Halloween Cupcake Recipes are no different from your traditional desserts course. In fact, Cupcakes are for real the best thing your dessert course can have. Halloween is just few weeks away, and we know it is all about treats, parties, and celebrations. We decided to collect some amazing cupcake ideas and their recipes that you can cook this year.

If you’re looking for easy desserts to make for a Halloween party, then look no further. Because we have sorted everything. They are easy to cook and manage.

A Halloween cupcake is not your average cupcake. It has to be spooky, creepy, and full of Halloween spirit. People love to go to the extreme with their cupcakes and make them as spooky as possible. These Halloween party cupcakes are the next level of cupcakes and will wow your guests with how perfect they look!

Halloween cupcake recipes listed in this article will guide you to perfecting these tasty treats. Your dessert will be spooky and creative, making them the best cupcakes ever! They’re easy to make and your guests will devour them in seconds.

Creative Halloween Cupcake Recipes That Everyone Loves

Creative Halloween Cupcakes

These Halloween cupcake recipes will blow you away with how creative they are! Not only do they look amazing, but they taste amazing and will make you taste buds dance with excitement. The Halloween cupcake recipes here will guide you in making these amazing treats and will make sure you are an instant hit!

Mummy Cupcakes

Mummies are a staple icon of Halloween. So many people dress like them by wrapping themselves in toilet paper to achieve the look. Wrap your cupcakes in frosting to create mummy Halloween cupcakes that have big eyes looking back at you!

Mummy Cupcakes

Image Via: Sugar and Charm

Cauldron Cupcakes

Witches always need a cauldron near by so they can mix their potions together and cast some spells on some people. Keep your cauldron’s close to you this year by making these Halloween cupcakes. They’re so good, your guests won’t be able to break the spell they cast on them.

Cauldron Cupcakes

Image Via: Pastry Affair

Witch Hat Mint Chocolate Cupcake

Okay, so witches like to have their hats on their heads- it’s their iconic image. These Halloween cupcakes look so real to what a witches hat is depicted to look like and they taste amazing! They’ll be the true hit to any party and you’ll need to keep making them because they’ll run out so fast.

Reese’s Frankenstein Cupcakes

Reese’s fans, this cupcake is for you! Not only is the cupcake delicious and filled with peanut butter and chocolate, it is also the cutest cupcake ever. It’s so cute, you wouldn’t want to eat it- but what’s inside this Halloween cupcake will make you hungry for more!

Jessy and Melissa

Image Via: Your Cup of Cake

Creamsicle-Flavored Mini Orange Halloween Cupcakes 

Placing little pumpkins on top of these Halloween cupcakes ties in the true theme of Halloween. These cupcakes are going to be an instant hit at your party and will make everyone’s mouths water when they see them. It truly is one of those kinds of cupcakes.

Spiderweb Cupcakes

Make your friends scream with these tasty and freaky cupcakes- that is, if your friends are freaked out by spiders. Not only are they perfect for Halloween, but they’ll melt in your mouth the second you bite them. They’re everything you need for a Halloween party!

Spiderweb Cupcakes

Image Via: Country Living

Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes

Okay, so there is literally EVERYTHING pumpkin-food, drinks, cookies, desserts. Everything. But, you’ve never had these cupcakes before. They’re the perfect combination of chocolate and pumpkin, making them the best dessert ever. And, if you don’t want them to be Halloween cupcakes, you can turn this dessert into a Halloween cake!

Country Living

Image Via: Country Living

 Owl Cupcakes

Owl’s aren’t scary, but they are some how associated with Halloween. Maybe because in all of the creepy music we hear or all of the scary movies we see, there is always an owl “hoo-ing” in the background, making everything scarier. These cupcakes aren’t scary, but they sure are good- and cute!

Casper’s Cousins

Casper was honestly the friendliest ghost we have ever seen on television. He’s cute, funny, and plain adorable. His cousins, though, are some tasty cupcakes that are ready to be eaten by hungry party goers. These Halloween cupcakes sure are boo-tiful.

Casper's Cousins

Image Via: Baking Dom

Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcakes

Surprise your guests with these cheesecake cupcakes! They’re the perfect dessert for Halloween and will be gone by the end of the party. Don’t tell your guests about the surprise inside, though. What is it? Oh, just a hidden pumpkin inside!

Jack-o-Lantern Cupcakes

These goofy looking cupcakes will be the most talked about dessert this year! They actually are a sandwich with the frosting in the middle and two cake bottoms-one on the top and one the bottom. They’re fun, goofy, and some of the best tasting Halloween cupcakes you will ever consume!

Easy Spiderweb Cupcakes

Ahh, you just got asked to make a dessert for the party, but you have no idea what to make! These quick and easy cupcakes might do the trick for you! They’re easy and quick enough to do last minute and all you really need to add is a fake spider and you’re good to go!

Easy Spiderweb Cupcakes

Image Via: Bakerella

Witch’s Broom Cupcakes

It’s a well known fact that witches can’t go anywhere without their broomstick, right? I mean, that’s how they get around town nowadays. Summon witches to your party by making these broomstick Halloween cupcakes. They’ll be sure to stay a while and devour all of your tasty cupcakes!

Witch's Broom Cupcakes

Image Via: Cookies and Cups

Creepy Creative Halloween Cupcakes 

Creepy Halloween Cupcakes

Some of these Halloween cupcakes are creepy, but that doesn’t take them away from being creative. They’re so realistic looking people will be doing double takes all night! They’re truly unique cupcakes that are perfect for Halloween and will make everyone want them. Get creative this Halloween and use these Halloween cupcake ideas to get inspired!

Slimy Cupcakes

It wouldn’t be Halloween if there wasn’t slime somewhere around the house! These Halloween cupcakes have a green slime sliding down them with an eyeball sitting on top, making them look super creepy- and super good. They’re easy to make, making them an instant hit at any party you go to.

Witches Brew Cupcakes 

If you’re going to a party or are hosting one, you want to have a dessert that screams Halloween. These cupcakes have a spell on them because it seems once you eat one, you just can’t stop. They’re spooky enough to fit in with the Halloween theme and delicious enough to make your guests devour them.

Reese’s Cup Werewolf Cupcakes

Calling all Reese’s fans! This cupcake is for you! Not only is it the cutest cupcake you will ever lay your eyes on, but this Halloween cupcake is jam packed with all sorts of delicious things. Talk about a tasty dessert!

Caramel Stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes with Caramel Skulls

If you have a serious love for caramel, then you should make these cupcakes ASAP. They’re creepy looking to fit your Halloween themed party and they’re delicious enough to keep people by the platter of them. They’re fun to make and even funner to eat.

Caramel Stuffed Chocolate Cupcakes with Caramel Skulls

Image Via: Sugar Hero

Skeleton Cupcakes

These bony cupcakes aren’t just filled with edible bones, they’re filled with deliciousness, too! They have a tall skeleton on them, making them stick out from the rest of the desserts at the party, and they are the perfect definition of a Halloween cupcake.

Skeleton Cupcakes

Image Via: Womans Day

Graveyard Cupcakes

Graveyards are the iconic symbols for everything spooky and are people’s favorite places to go during Halloween night. If your guests aren’t ready to take that risky adventure to a graveyard, bring the graveyard to them with these yummy Halloween cupcakes that are equally creepy looking. Your guests will die from the tasty goodness of this dessert.

Zombie Brains Cupcakes

Okay, it won’t be Halloween without zombies, right? Make sure you’re bringing all of the components of Halloween to your party by making these zombie brains cupcakes. Don’t worry, they’re not as gross as they look!

Happiness Is Homemade

Image Via: Brendid

Axe Murderer Cupcakes

If you love serial killers or slasher movies that involve an axe as the main weapon, then these cupcakes are for you! They’re easy to assemble and bake, making it the perfect dessert for any party. Your guests will LOVE them for sure!

Pretzel and Chocolate Spiders Cupcakes

Spiders are kind of creepy animals if you think about it, but these cupcakes are far from creepy. Salty and sweet is a food combination that is both tasty and easy to achieve, especially with these cupcakes. Your guests will love the look of these tasty cakes and LOVE how good they are.

“Dirt” Cupcakes

Oh, yuck! There’s dirt on these cupcakes! But, is there really, though? These cupcakes make it look like someone spilled a heaping amount of dirt on your delicious treats, but the dirt is covered with gummy worms. What more could there be to make this Halloween cupcake better?

Dirt Cupcakes

Image Via: LMLD

Monster Strawberry Cupcakes

Bring your dessert alive this Halloween by adding rows of teeth to these strawberry Halloween cupcakes. It’ll look like a monster is ready to bite you every time you move in to grab a cupcake. Be warned: these cupcakes are highly addicting. You may eat more than three.

Monster Strawberry Cupcakes

Image Via: Yummy Crumble

Pumpkin Spice Pudding Cupcakes

This combination of food will leave your taste buds in heaven because of how good they taste together. This Halloween cupcake will make your guests want more- and adding the black cat with the yellow moon on top of the frosting is a nice Halloween touch!

Vampire Bite Cupcakes

Oh, no! A vampire got into your party and sunk their teeth into all of the cupcakes! Well, all of these cupcakes look bloody delicious now! These are the perfect Halloween party cupcakes and will leave your guests wanting more!

These Halloween party cupcakes will be an instant hit at the party and will make everyone scream with delight. Transform a simple cupcake into an ultimate Halloween cupcake this year and make people swoon over how your creativity. They’re unique, creative, and some of the best cupcakes you will ever consume! For more cupcake recipes, take a look at this cookbook!

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