Art comes in all shapes and sizes, and while some pieces tend to resemble the work of a toddler, others are simply stunning and eye-catching, just like these sand animals.

Artists are comfortable using endless objects and material in order to express their creativity, and that’s no different to Andoni Bastarrika.

Bastarrika is a multimedia artist from Basque Country, Spain, and his use of sand to sculpt incredibly realistic animals is second to none.

The Spanish-native gets his inspiration from real-life animals, and due to the realism in his art, it often makes the general public take a second glance wondering whether they should be in awe at the unbelievable work of Andoni Bastarrika, or if they should run for their lives from this terrifying alligator who looks ready to devour them.

After over 10-years of sand-sculpting, the man has progressed far beyond he could have ever imagined.

He begins his process by gathering and piling up moist sand and shaping it until he finds the realistic aspect that brings his artwork to life. He later uses a sharp stick and feather to mold his sculpture’s expression into one that most stands out. Sometimes, Andoni will introduce coal powder, clay powder, ashes, glass shards, or even stone powder of different colors to make his workings look as realistic as possible.

Below, you can see a small handful of his enormous collection of art, starting with his wonderfully cute depiction of The Lion King’s, Simba.

If you’re interested in seeing more of this extremely talented man’s work, you can head over to his Instagram page and join the other eleven thousand people in following him, HERE!

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