10+ Death Punishments Which Are Even More Horrific Than Anything You Have Ever Seen

Before you read this, make sure you are ready to see a list of most inhuman and brutal treatments ever from history. It would not only frighten you, but you would also think that how did people back in those days came out with such horrible ideas of punishing humans? Although people do unforgivable crimes, but these punishments are a lot more than all the crimes themselves.

After seeing these all you would thank god for the fact that law and order has evolved over the years. The punishments of today are in no match to these.

Have a look at them

#1 The Coffin Trap

The Coffin Trap

The offenders were frequently squeezed inside a small iron pine box, the sizes varied according to the level of crime.

#2 The Brazen Bull

The felony is locked up inside a hollow bull made of metal and then it is set on full heat from below.

#3 The Rack

The Rack

The victim is tied on top of the slab and the body joints get disrupted by pulling apart the limbs.

#4 The Spanish Donkey

The Spanish Donkey

Prisoners are put on sharp wedges with heavy weights tied to their legs and then their body gets sliced down from the middle.

#5 Bamboo Torture

Bamboo Torture

Mostly famous in the Asian countries, criminals were brought into the bamboo fields and tied up there. After a while the bamboos emerged while cutting through their bodies.

#6 Knee Splitter

Knee Splitter

The screws are tighten and the spikes pierce through the legs.

#7 Saw Torture

Saw Torture

The victim is hung upside down and then cut unto two halves with a saw.

#8 Rat Torture

Rat Torture

A cage full of rats is placed on victim’s abdomen. The cage is then heated up which makes the rats rush for a way out. While doing this the rats then dig through the flesh of victim to save themselves.

#9 The head crusher

The head crusher

The leader of the criminal will be put in the machine, with the head under the top. The screw will pop the eyes out by dropping down, breaking the jaw and the entire facial bone structure gets disrupted.

#10 Chinese Water Torture

Chinese Water Torture

With the victim tied up with a chair, water (hot or cold) is then poured non stop.

#11 The Lead Sprinkler

The Lead Sprinkler

After filling the sprinkler with molten lead, hot oil or acid, it was then sprinkled on victim’s body.

#12 The Judas Cradle

The Judas Cradle

Casualties were held by ropes and were made to sit over the metal pyramid and they gradually brought down the ropes.

#13 The Breast Ripper

The Breast Ripper

This weapon was first heated up and then used to rip of female’s breasts.

#14 The Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden

A coffin of metal with long and sharp spikes inside for all parts of the body.

#15 The Scold’s Bridle

The Scold's Bridle

The metal veil was tied in the casualty’s face and it had spikes around the mouth zone which kept them from articulating.

#16 The Chinese Torture Chair

The Chinese Torture Chair

The scariest of them all with sharp spikes and blades all across the chair on which victim is forced to sit down.

#17 Raped by Wild Animals to Death

Raped by Wild Animals to Death

During the Roman Empire, female victims were raped by trained wild animals to death.

#18 The Tub

The Tub

The victim is placed in the tub stripped, they apply milk and honey to his/her face making flies to swarm on them. And furthermore they continually bolster the casualty, coming about them to lay without anyone else discharges and left to be eaten alive by parasites.

#19 Guillotine


Considered as the quickest and most humane of them all, the victim’s head is chopped off with sharp blades in seconds.

#20 Crocodile Shears

Crocodile Shears

Criminal’s body is torn apart with heated iron crocodile.

#21 Hanged, drawn and quartered

Hanged, drawn and quartered

The victim is set down in a wooden planked. It is hanged for some time at that point pulled on each of the four limbs and teared into four pieces.

#22 Republican Marriage

Republican Marriage

Nuns and priests were thrown to drown in ice cold water by tieing them up with each other.

#23 Crucifixion


Victims are hanged and nailed to wooden cross where they die gradually.

#24 Heretics Forks

Heretics Forks

The victim is made to wear this torment gadget made of metal which has two sharp forks in both the closures and fixing to the neck. One pointing the button and the other on the sternum.

Imagine yourself in these punishments and you wouldn’t have even survived for a second in these. Even thoughts of it scares you. What do you think about them? Let us know in the comments section.