10 Simply DIY Last-Minute Custom Halloween Mask Ideas

It is almost Halloween but have you acquired your mask and costume? If your answer is the affirmative then good for you, however if you still have not then you have nothing to worry about. These simply and easy DIY custom Halloween mask ideas will keep you afloat for this holiday season. There is no reason for you to stay at home moping around, when you can just as easily join your friends on the trick-or-treating.

Unicorn Mask

Custom Halloween Mask Ideas

Source: Rebecca Page

A fun and easy to do animal mask, the unicorn mask will easily stand out from the crowd. Give yourself (or your child) the ideal last-minute mask this holiday season.

Troll Mask

Halloween Mask Ideas

Source: Frogs and Fairies

These colorful and easy to make custom Halloween masks look nothing like a DIY project. Adorn yourself with them and it will look like the Trolls perfected it by themselves.

Wolf Mask

DIY Halloween Masks Ideas

Source: Oh My Handmade

Begin with a basic wolf mask. Afterwards you can add your personal touch to it to either make it scarier or more intimidating. We are only here to set you on the right path.

Pikachu Mask

Custom Halloween Mask Ideas 2017

Source: The Relaxed Homeschool

Before you ask, NO Pikachu is not uncool. Perhaps one of the most underrated masks on this list, the Pikachu Halloween mask will save the day at the very last instant.

Batman Halloween Masks

Halloween Masks

Source: Living With Punks

Everyone wants to be Batman, even if just for a day. This holiday season you can fulfill your dreams with this simple and easy to make Batman mask.

Dragon Mask

DIY Masks For Halloween

Source: Lia Griffith

This mask will make you feel like the ultimate badass. Whether you want to battle the bad guys away or breath fire, this Halloween you can do it all.

Emoji Masks

Mask Ideas For Halloween

Source: Alice and Lois

Emojis are all the rage these days. So why not get in on the craze and design yourself some fancy custom Halloween masks?

Grumpy Cat DIY Halloween Mask

Custom Halloween Mask Ideas

Source: Snowdrop and Company

Among other internet fads that are highly popular these days is undoubtedly the grumpy cat. Create your own DIY custom grumpy cat Halloween mask today.

No-Sew Ninja Mask

Masks Ideas For Halloween 2017

Source: Christine Trevino

Aside from being Ninja masks, the other best thing about these masks is the fact that they require absolutely no sewing. Perfect for last minute work.

Easy Halloween Themed Mask

Halloween Mask

Source: The Flair Exchange

This list would be incomplete without a little Halloween themed custom DIY mask now, would it?

All of these nifty little custom Halloween mask ideas are the best thing to fall back on if you are running out of time, money and patience yet still want in on the festive cheer. After all there is nothing wrong with going DIY from time to time in order to save on your pocket and budget. Get to Halloweening now!

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