Is The Eclipse Associated With The Paranormal and The Occult?

Last week, America went into a frenzy as a total solar eclipse was happening. People flocked to locations around the country that were in the line of totality, meaning they would see the entire solar eclipse unlike other parts of the country. People cheered and jumped up and down as the world around them went dark for a few minutes while others just remained in silence as they watched the moon cross in front of the sun. Solar eclipses, or even lunar eclipses, are rare and when they happen, they are studied extensively while some people are excited and celebrating the eclipse while others remain in fear from it.

As people have studied and observed eclipses over time, they have noticed that there is an increase of paranormal activity whenever there is an eclipse whether it is total, partial, or lunar. Stories of what happens on days that there is an eclipse range from South Carolina’s Lizard Man to ancient rituals that are concentrated around all types of eclipses. Next time there is an eclipse of some sort, make sure you keep your eyes open to any strange and paranormal activity- you may be surprised by what happens.

Here are what a few people and cultures think about the eclipse. Their rituals are prominent and some are odd, making them interesting and intriguing to learn about.

The Acapocúva-Guaraní People

The Acapocúva-Guaraní People
The Guaraní people.

Image via: Guarani-Campaign

The Acapocúva-Guaraní people believe that when eclipses happen, it means that the world is coming closer to ending. They strongly believe that an entity named Eternal Bat, who is an extremely destructive entity, is responsible for eclipses. They say that the Eternal Bat gnaws at the moon or sun during the eclipse, helping set the destiny for this mythical creature. At the end of the tale, it is believed that the Eternal Bat is going to join forces with the Blue Jaguar to destroy all of humanity and all of the stars in the sky- which, evidentially destroys all of the Earth.

Eclipses Are Strong and Powerful Enough to End Wars

Eclipses Are Strong and Powerful Enough to End Wars
A partial solar eclipse. 

Image via: Time and Date

It would be incredibly nice to know that eclipses can in fact stop all of the wars that are happening in this world right now and will help everyone become peaceful with one another. The Ancient Greeks were in absolute awe when eclipses started occurring and Herodotus that if an eclipse is successfully predicted and planned, it would have enough power to change the hearts and minds of everyone. For example, there was a prediction by Thales of Miletus where there is credit for stopping a war cold in its tracks. The war that was going on during the time was the Lydians and Medes were and after the prediction was made and the eclipse happened, the men who were fighting lied down their weapons and decided to make peace with one another. That’s where the belief that eclipses are powerful enough to end wars and change the hearts and minds of people.

Inuit People

Inuit People
An Inuit family. 

Image via: Babadjawa

When it comes to eclipses, the Inuit People have a dark legend circulating around them that freaks people out. The belief is that the Moon God, Anningan, was obsessed with wanting to inbreed with his sister, who was the Sun Goddess named Malina. The Moon God evidentially raped the Sun Goddess and that made the Sun Goddess have extreme hate towards her brother. They believe that whenever there is an eclipse, that means that the Moon God has caught up with the Sun Goddess, raped her again, and is running away from her again. It is also believed that any man that leaves home during the eclipse will develop extreme anger that results from the Sun Goddess’s anger.

Food Gets Turned to Poison During an Eclipse

Food Gets Turned to Poison During an Eclipse
2008’s total solar eclipse. 

Image via: Sky and Telescope

In India, there is a belief that during an eclipse food gets turned into poison. They believe that eating food during the eclipse or on the day of the eclipse is extremely harmful and can kill people. The belief is that the food ages 28 days as the lunar eclipse happens and after it ages, it quickly turns to poison.

Eclipses Are Evil

Eclipses Are Evil
An eclipse of the sun.

Image via: Astronoo

Numerous societies over time believed that eclipses were pure evil was considered the biggest superstition during the Elizabethan Period. People coward in fear as the eclipses happened because they believed they were a true sign of evil and something bad was going to happen during it. South African people also believed that eclipses were evil. They believed that eclipses were the cause of Spanish influenza and small pox. Ancient Greeks had the same thought of eclipses and believed that natural disasters happened because of eclipses.

Increase in Paranormal Activity

Increase in Paranormal Activity
Total eclipse in Australia. 

Image via: Space Place

There have been a plethora of beliefs that whenever there is a solar eclipse of any sort, there are more reports of paranormal activity. Investigator Dennis Carroll claims that paranormal investigators are always on high alert whenever there is going to be an eclipse because it causes a strong increase in paranormal activity. Carroll also sends a warning out to anyone who lives on the path of the totality because eclipses are known to impact electromagnetic fields as well. Because of the impact on electromagnetic fields, there are more paranormal sightings during an eclipse than any time during the year, making investigators believe that eclipses have a connection to paranormal activity. Another warning Carroll sends out is that some paranormal activities become a little more violent as people report getting hurt by an unseen force during an eclipse.

Eating The Sun or The Moon

Eating The Sun or The Moon
Annular eclipse. 

Image via: Peck Notes

Many people started to speculate that whenever an eclipse happened, something was eating the Sun or the Moon. This belief is circulated around cultures that believe in a Sun and Moon god, making it a little more understandable as to why people think this way. There have been reports of several myths that involve the Sun or Moon being devoured during an eclipse, which lead to panic, chaos, superstitions, and an extreme increase in believing the supernatural. When Ancient Chinese people looked at the eclipse, they claim that they saw a dragon eating the sun while people in East Asia believed that there was a giant frog devouring the Sun or the Moon. There is also one interpretation of a Norse myth that says there are two large wolves in the sky eating the sun.

South Carolina’s Lizard Man

South Carolina's Lizard Man
An artists perception of a Lizard Man. 

Image via: Deviant Art

If you live in South Carolina and are in the path of totality during an eclipse, you better watch out for the Lizard Man. During the great 2017 American eclipse, the state of South Carolina issued out a warning to people about the Lizard Man and to be aware of their surroundings at all times. What made people believe that this wasn’t a hoax was that South Carolina’s Emergency Management Team was behind on the warning as well and was ready to save the day if there were any mishaps with the Lizard Man. This legend of the Lizard Man has been around since the 1980’s, but there has been no hard factual evidence of the Lizard Man.

Birth of a Demon Child

Birth of a Demon Child
A demon child.

Image via: Paranormal Cannock

People started to believe that if you were to procreate during the eclipse, your baby is going to turn out to be a demon child. Pregnant women from several cultures have lucked out from seeing the eclipses because there was a strong belief that witnessing such an event can harm the unborn baby. A few groups in India still believe in this myth today, making people question whether it is true or not.

Advances Evolution

Advances Evolution
A solar eclipse. 

Image via: Matzav

If you love to go onto Craigslist to read the strange and odd ads that some people put on there, then be sure to add this one to your list of odd ads. One man put out an ad on Craigslist claiming that if people procreate during the eclipse then that will create the next level of human evolution. He explains that in order to achieve this goal, copulation needs to happen during the totality of the eclipse and when the man’s penis is “directed towards the sun”.

Eclipses and Bigfoot

Eclipses and Bigfoot
The famous photo of Bigfoot.

Image via: Idaho State Journal

NASA cartographer Joshua Stevens has indicated that supernatural activity and cryptid activity during an eclipse is proof that Bigfoot does exactly exist. Stevens used August 21st, 2017’s solar eclipse to help prove that there is an increase in Bigfoot sightings whenever there is an eclipse, which of course helps prove he does exist.

Pagans and Wiccans

Do you believe in the Pagan and Wiccans belief?

Image via: ThoughtCO

People who are devoted to these lifestyles look forward to eclipses because they work advanced magical spells during these amazing events. They believe that if they cast spells during this time, then they will be more powerful and more advanced, meaning that an advanced practitioner has to do the spells because it requires someone to harness energy during a short amount of time. Also, magic related to psychic skills becomes more advanced during an eclipse. Wiccans and Pagans celebrate lunar eclipses because they cast spells to remove anything baneful from their lives.

What do you think about these beliefs circulating eclipses? Do you believe in some of these or do you have your own beliefs of eclipses? Myths and legends of solar eclipses have been around for centuries and will continue to be around for all of mankind. They’re interesting to hear and they’re intriguing to learn about.

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