Watch These Metal Musicians With Their Adorable Metal Cats Like Never Before

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As we all know that metal heads are generally perceived as people who love dark stuff with tattooed looks. But these adorable pictures of metal musicians with feline friends will now show you their never seen before softer sides.

Published in Metal Cats by Alexandra Crockett, these photos are of musicians from reputable bands like Napalm Death, Cattle Decapitation, Murder Construct, Skeletonwitch and Lightning Swords Of Death. Their names might sound very horrible but despite of appearing in black leather, spikes, tattoos and muscles all the time to look fearsome they also have a close bonding with their dear pets just like everyone else.

Like a cherry on top, there will be a series of benefit concerts of these musicians which will take place across the U.S. West Coast. The money gathered from these concerts, along with a portion of the book’s proceeds, will be donated to no-kill animal shelters at each of the four cities from the benefit shows tour. You will love them more after watching these.

#1 Well.. the cat even looks metal


#2 Look in the eyes mate

Look in the eyes mate

#3 Hello there cutie!

Hello there cutie

#4 Hates posing but cannot do anything about it


#5 Wait, control please!

Wait, control please

#6 How sweet!

How sweet

#7 Love is popping out from this picture

Love is popping out from this picture

#8 Beat That!

Beat That

#9 What are you even doing human?

What are you even doing human

#10 Ignore him. He is very weird


#11 Screw You!

Screw You

Although Alexandra Crockett’s Metal Cats is available on Amazon but who is looking forward to the concerts?

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