10+ Scary Halloween Cakes With Easy Recipes

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, it is time to get into the full festive cheer mode. Aside from all the trick-or-treating and costume parties, there should always be something warm and decadent to come home to. As an adult, Halloween tends to lose its touch but that should not be the case. With these amazingly easy recipes, you can get to baking scrumptious scary Halloween cakes from scratch.

Spider Cake

Scary Halloween Cakes

Creepy crawlies don’t always have to be a bad thing. You can always make the most out of the things that terrify you beyond your wits. After all, what better time to put your fears up on display than at Halloween? The kids will love to bite into this decadent chocolatey spider cake.

Meringue Bone Palace Cake

Scary Halloween Cakes 2017

This freaky goth bone palace cake is heavy on the sugar and the scare. You can easily add cherry sauce to the bones and add an even freakier touch of blood to the cake. Everything about this dessert screams (pun intended) scary Halloween cake.

Monsters From The Pit Below Cake

Scary cakes for halloween

All the colors of Halloween are packed into this four-layered terrifying cake. From neon green to bright orange and even purple, this dessert will be the cherry on top of your festive decorations. The best part is that it is easy enough to make all by yourself at home.

Sneaky Snake Cake

scary cakes recipes for halloween

Perhaps the easiest and most classic looking cake on the list, this one can be made by everyone. Seeing how it does not require anything other than a basic cream frosting, a stencil and some cookie crumbs, it should be on top of your list of scary Halloween cakes to make this year.

Trick Or Treat Sandwich Cakes

easy to make halloween cakes

If you want to avoid the mess and intricacies involved in cake making, opt for these delicious little treats. The trick or treat sandwich cakes can even be easily handed out to trick-or-treatin’ kids from the neighborhood. Sandwich cakes are simply irresistible.

Ouija Board Cake

scary halloween cakes

The Ouija board cake is far more simple than you can imagine. There are several ways to go on about making the Ouija board itself. One of the simplest ways is to simply use CakeArt.Us to get a customized wafer with the design on it. Simply placing this on top of a rectangular cake will complete the look.

Vampire Bat Cake

Halloween scary cakes

This gorgeous red velvet cake will enrich your life and your taste buds and your holidays. A classic cake that is necessary for just about every spooky occasion. Bring back the fables and tales with this signature delight this festive season.

Grave News Cake

halloween cupcake recipes

The scary Halloween grave cake will easily steal the limelight on your dinner table this Fall. It will instantly transform your party making it spookier in essence. Everyone loves an extra spook.

Creepy Critter Cheesecake

scary halloween cupcake ideas

This list would have been incomplete without at least one cheesecake. This gnarly and scary Halloween cake will get your skin crawling. However, the aesthetic of it all might just calm you down and push you into diving mouth first into it.

Pumpkin Pail Cake

halloween cupcake 2017

If you have not gotten a pumpkin for your house this year around, worry not. Now you can bake yourself a gorgeous Pumpkin Pail cake and fill it up with all the candy there is. Double the fun and double the delight.

Jack Skellington Cake

Halloween cupcake

Halloween without a cake dedicated to the ever living legend of Jack Skellington would be incomplete. Although it might look plain on the outside, there is a fun Halloween themed surprise on the inside once you cut it open.

Chocolate Bug Cake

cupcake ideas for halloween

Another cake featuring the creepy crawlies on this list, this cake is decked in golden critters of all sizes, types and shapes. It will literally make you run the other way if you don’t stay long enough to take a bite out of it. The decadent flavors will make you stay, I promise.

Frankenstein Cake

cupcake for halloween 2017

Don’t mistake this delicious beauty for Shrek. The Frankenstein cake is a fun and uncomplicated easy recipe that even the kids can help out with. The end result is a creepy yet tasty cake.

Spooky Splatter Cake

cupcake for halloween

Bringing together sparkles, bats, the moon and silver altogether makes up for an awesome cake. Just the sound of that is yummy. The artsy cake is incredibly easy to make as opposed to what it may look like. Give it a shot!

Spawn Of Frankenstein Cake

scary halloween cakes

If Frankenstein had babies, they would look like this. This fun and easy scary Halloween cake incorporates plenty of chocolate, from the frosting to the Twix ears, chocolate cookie eyes and the MnMs.

It is time to pack up your pantry with the right ingredients to make sure this Halloween is as memorable as it gets. Baking your own scary Halloween cakes has never been easier and more fun. Are you ready to give the kids and guests a good scare?

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