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10 Victims Who Weren’t Done With Their Serial Killers

Most serial killers are remorseless about their senseless acts. To even think about a killer caring about his or her actions would humanize them and ultimately make them even more terrifying. But what most sane individuals hardly ever think about, after the loss of life, is that what happens after someone experiences a violent death at the hands of these miscreants.

Depending on your belief in the afterlife, it’s not only serial killers that go bump in the night. Here are ten examples of victims who were not content to go quietly into the great beyond.

Mark Bridger

Mark Bridger

Bridger spent his days in typical deranged fashion, drinking, and looking at kiddie porn. On one particular evening after a bender, Bridger decided to go out looking for an innocent child and unfortunately found April Jones. He lured Jones into his car and she was never heard from again. Police traced her death back to him and he admitted to hitting her with his car and was too drunk to actually seek help.

Forensics did, in fact, trace pieces of Jone’s body on the front of his car but they matched it to pieces they also found in his house. Bridger was sentenced to life in prison after police believe he sexually assaulted the 5-year-old, killed her and scattered her body. Bridger has said that the girl haunts him every night in his cell.

Terry Childs

Terry Childs

Source: Sante Fe Sentinel

Childs stabbed 17-year-old Lois Sigala and was sentenced to 41-years in 1987. The reason Childs makes this list, however is because of a confession he made  while incarcerated. Childs confessed the the brutal stabbing of Linda Ann Jozovich in 1979 as well as several others. This of course extended his stay in prison to life without parole, however Childs claimed that confessing led to his demons, who had been haunting him every night disappeared upon his confession. Previously they would appear to him and being to consume his brain.

Jose E. Ferreira Jr.

Jose E. Ferreira Jr

Source: NY

Jose E. Ferreira Jr. was 17 when he met 13-year-old Carrie Ann Jopek. The two shared a joint at a party in 1982 when Carrie Ann suggested they go down to the basement. Ferreira agreed, however, in the middle of walking down the stairs, Jopek got cold feet. She turned around and expressed her objections, Ferreira told her it was going to happen and pushed her down the stairs. seeing her lifeless body, he went down the stairs to “have a little fun”. he realized when he got there that her neck had been broken in the fall. he snuck her body out and buried her.

The body wasn’t found for 17 months. Police scratched their heads over the case for decades with no leads. it wasn’t until Ferreira confessed after being haunted by Jopek’s face since the incident that her death was brought some closure.

Daniel French

Daniel French


French was a little low on funds so he decided to steal some through the good old fashioned way of robbing someone. He did this by posing as a maintenance worker and gaining access to the home of 87-year-old Barbara Howe in a retirement community. He shocked Howe with a stun gun but the tough old gal didn’t go down. He then proceeded to strangle her but still, she refused to die. Eventually, he did manage to kill her and hide the body. he rifled through her life’s possessions, finding only $18 and a diamond ring, which he later discarded.

After two years, police finally followed the evidence to French where he confessed they he felt bad about killing Howe and after seeing her ghost multiple times he apologized.

Ah Fong

Ah Fong

Source: Pinterest

Three members of a triad gang kidnapped Fan-Man Yee, claiming she owed them HK$20,000 in Hong Kong in 1999. Over a month’s time, they tortured Yee along with one of the member’s 13-year-old girlfriend. Yee finally succumbed to her injuries. The girlfriend, known only as Ah Fong was haunted by the spirit of Yee until she eventually turned to the Police who initially chalked up the experience to the ravings of a teenager. Finally, they went and investigated the premises where they have found parts of Yee’s body that the gang had sawed up, boiled and discarded. Fong testified in exchange for immunity. The gang members all got life sentences.

Adrian Daou

Adrian Daou

the Ottowa Citizen – Sarah Wallace

in 2010, Jennifer Stewart was killed via ax. Her death went unsolved for three years until a man named Adrian Dau confessed to the crime. Even after confessing, police still didn’t believe him as some of his statements didn’t match the evidence. It wasn’t until he demonstrated with a cardboard tube that they took him seriously. Dau said that after he killed Steward, he went to smoke a joint and saw her spirit fly past him. He went on to say that she visits him several times a day. When asked why he committed the heinous act, he said that he felt killing someone would give him more street cred as a rapper.

Victor Amewugah

serial killers

Source: Ghana News Agency

in 2013, Victor Amewugah hired a taxi for a long journey and midway through the ride killed the driver and took his cab. He did this again and was soon suspected of the crimes and was forced to go on the run. While running, however, he took on a strange fare. The ghost of his second victim began to haunt his dreams and even slapped him in the face while he rested. The torment finally became too much for him and Amewugah confessed to one of his friends of his dastardly deeds. The friend contacted police who arrested Amewugah, who now warns other criminals of changing their ways lest they be visited by the spirits of their victims.