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10 Victims Who Escaped Notorious Serial Killers

Serial killers are some of the most dangerous individuals on the planet. It takes a bit of crazy just to make them tick. Ever since Jack the Ripper brought the term into the lexicon, there have been many who have aspired to be just like him.

But what about those that escaped these notorious murderers. Here are ten examples of victims who lived to breathe another day. Some of them even contributed to the capture of the most dangerous serial killers on earth.

Robert Black - Notorious Serial Killers

Source: dailymail

Victims Who Escaped Notorious Serial Killers Wrath

Listed below are only a few of the lucky ones who got to have another chance and this only happens once in a blue moon. Notorious Serial killers are not to be taken flippantly. The ratio of people who escaped from serial killers to the people who gruesomely became victims is quite higher than one might fancy. The victims listed below have been in shock for a while and had their lives affected because of what they experienced. It is strongly advised not to take chances against serial killers.

Theresa Thornhill escaped Robert Black

Robert Black was a pedophile and notorious serial killer in the late 70s and early 80s in Scotland. Known for killing four small girls ranging from five to eleven, Black seemingly met his match when he attempted to kidnap Theresa Thornhill.

Black attempted to force the 15-year old into his van but she would have none of that. She flailed about, fought back, trying such tactics as biting and even grabbing Black’s groin. Black, thinking she was too much trouble presumably, let her go. Thornhill got the last laugh, however, because her testimony led to two of the notorious serial killer’s convictions.

Name: Robert Black

Victim Count: 4+

Dean Carter - Serial Killers

Source: huffingtonpost

Rose Steward escaped Dean Carter

Rose Steward was living in Ventura, California when she got an unexpected visitor in the middle of the night. The notorious Dean Carter stood above Steward, then 22, with a knife and proceeded to physically and sexually abuse her for the next 5 hours. Later she described what she thought was her impending death, but she got the idea to outsmart her attacker.

She began to show some attraction to this dangerous serial killer, which seemingly worked. she even had the strength of mind to kiss him in the morning when he left and told him to call her. This tactic was more than Carter’s other victims had the fortitude to muster as Carter later attacked five women over the next 18 days, killing them and leaving them in their closets. He is currently on death row.

Name: Dean Carter

Victim Count: 5

Rodney Alcala - Notorious Killers

Source: crimelibrary

Tali Shapiro escaped The Dating Game Killer aka Rodney Alcala

Rodney Alcala was a contestant on the famous Dating Game. Fortunately for his date, she opted out because she considered Alcala “too creepy”. Unfortunately for Tali Shapiro and quite a few other females as well as some teenage boys, Alcala was one of the most dangerous serial killers in the world. Alcala picked up Shapiro when she was just 8 years old. Fortunately, a passerby saw the act and followed them.

When the police arrived, Shapiro had already been strangled, sexually assaulted, and left for dead. She miraculously survived but Alcala escaped and remained free for eleven more years. When arrested, police found thousands of pictures of potential victims in sexual poses. With seven convictions, he is speculated to have between 50 and 130 kills. He is currently 70 and on death row.

Name: Rodney Alcala

Victim Count: 50-130

Zodiac Killer - Notorious Serial Killers

Source: criminalminds

Brian Hartnell escaped the Zodiac Killer

The notorious Zodiac Killer was one of the most dangerous serial killers in the world. His spree lasted from December of 1968 until October of 1969, leaving at least 7 people dead. He is known only as the Zodiac Killer as that is what he referred to himself as in a series of taunts to the press. He also sent 4 cryptograms, only one of which is considered completely solved. To date, no one has been charged with the crimes of the Zodiac Killer and the Dept. of Justice have kept his file open.

One victim, however, escaped being a statistic. Brian Hartnell was having a picnic with one Zodiac’s female victims. The killer approached the two, tied them up and stabbed them both multiple times. thinking them both dead, Zodiac walked off. Hartnell survived and became not only a lawyer but also a prosecutor.

Name: Zodiac Killer

Victim Count: 7+

Joseph Paul Franklin - Notorious Serial Killers

Source: tully

Larry Flynt escaped Joseph Paul Franklin

Back in 1978, Famous Hustler publisher Larry Flynt was standing outside of a courthouse with his lawyer. A gunshot hit Flynt from seemingly nowhere which caused significant damage to his spinal chord. Years later, White Supremacists and most dangerous serial killers on the planet, Joseph Paul Franklin confessed to the crime. Surprisingly, no official charges were made on the attempt on Flynt’s life, however, he was charged with the murders of 8 unrelated people.

Franklin was sentenced to death but ironically, Flynt himself lobbied to have that punishment lifted. Being a staunch disbeliever in the law, Flynt wanted to see the man suffer for his crimes. Flynt lost however and Franklin was put to death on November 20, 2013.

Name: Joseph Paul Franklin

Victim Count: 8+

Richard Speck - Serial Killers

Source: murderpedia

Corazon Amurao escaped Richard Speck

in 1966, Richard Speck broke into a townhouse where 9 nurses resided. After killing eight of them through stabbing or strangulation. He had held the young ladies against their will before killing them, however, Corazon Amurao hid under one of the beds while Speck was busy with one of the other ladies.

Thinking he had taken care of them all, Speck fled the scene and was not apprehended until a year later in 1967. Sentenced to two consecutive life sentences, Speck died in 1991 from a heart attack. Amurao escaped one of the most dangerous serial killers in the world by hiding under her bed.

Name: Richard Speck

Victim Count: 8+

Andrew Urdiales - Serial Killers

Source: murderpedia

Jennifer Asbenson escaped Andrew Urdiales

Way back in 1992, Jennifer Asbenson ran out of luck when the final bus of the evening had pulled away. But salvation seemingly arrived in the form of the notorious Andrew Urdiales when he pulled up next to her. He proceeded to take her to work and was even nice enough to hang around when she got off to offer her another ride.

As nothing happened the first go around, Jennifer accepted and the two drove off. However, this time, Urdiales, who had ten victims under his belt, showed his true colors. He pulled a knife on Asbenson and held it to her throat. He then tied her up and drove the two into the desert, cut her clothes off with the knife, stuffed her underwear in her mouth to keep her quiet, sexually assaulted her and strangled her until blacked out. When she woke up, Urdiales forced her into the trunk of his car and drove off. During the drive, Asbenson found the trunk latch, hit it, and jumped to freedom. Urdiales was free until 1997 and convicted in 2002 when he was sentenced to life in prison.

Name: Andrew Urdiales

Victim Count: 10

Railway Killer - Notorious Serial Killers

Source: csnews

Holly Dunn escape Angel Resendiz AKA the Railway Killer

In 1997, Holly Dunn was relaxing by the railroad tracks after a party. She and her boyfriend Chris Maier were calmly looking at the stars when they were approached by a maniac wielding an ice pick. Angel Resendiz was the notorious Railway Killer because he used the trains to travel between cities and victims. He demanded money of the couple but before they could respond, he had placed the ice pick against Maier’s neck. After tying the couple up and tossing them into a ditch by the tracks, Resendiz lifted and dropped a large rock onto Maier’s head, killing him.

He then proceeded to sexually assault Dunn and then repeatedly hit her on the head with a blunt instrument until she lost consciousness. When she came to, Resendiz was gone. Dunn never knew the reasons for her assault or the death of her Maier as Resendiz was put to death via lethal injection in 2006, responsible for the deaths of over 30 people.

Name: Angel Resendiz aka the Railway Killer

Victim Count: 30+

Gary Ridgway - Serial Killers

Source: nbcnews

Rebecca Garde escapes Gary Ridgway AKA Green River Killer

Gary Ridgway focused on prostitutes and drug abusers. He has pled guilty to strangling 48 women and has confessed to an additional 20 more over a 20-year career. One night, Ridgway came upon Rebecca Garde on her way home from work. she was hitchhiking to avoid the cold Seattle rain when Ridgway pulled over. Little did Garde know that Ridgway was one of the most dangerous serial killers in the world, the Green River Killer.

In exchange for some Marijuana, Garde propositioned Ridgeway for sex. Checking off two boxes on the serial killer’s list, Ridgway pulled over into the woods. After providing Garde with the proper identification, Ridgway attacked her. Garde managed to push Ridgway into a tree and managed to flee to a nearby mobile home. After being arrested, DNA evidence linked him to at least 4 murders. Ridgway is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Name: Gary Ridgway aka the Green River Killer

Victim Count: 48+

Alexander Pichushkin - Notorious Serial Killers

Source: carcabin

Maria Viricheva escapes Alexander Pichushkin AKA the Chessboard Killer 

Chess is a game of strategy with 64 squares lined on an 8 X 8 board. Alexander Pichushkin, better known as the notorious Chessboard killer, lured Maria Viricheva into a park with the promise of making some side cash by selling contraband cameras in 2002.

Pichushkin took the name the Chessboard killer as he sought to have 64 victims to his resume, just like an actual chessboard. With an estimated kill count of almost 60, he came really close to achieving that goal.

After getting Viricheva in place, he pushed her down a concrete well, where she hit her head on the hard walls. She fell 8 meters down into a sewage pipe, which carried her down to an iron ladder inside another well. Viricheva climbed up the ladder and screamed until someone got her out safely. Chess is a game of strategy but it was pure luck that saved Maria Viricheva

Name: Alexander Pichushkin aka The Chessboard Killer

Victim Count: 49+

These are the 10 of the stories of victims who escaped a malevolent ending. As mentioned before, very fortunate ones get to have this chance to be brave and escape. Most of them get locked in a room, tied up in ropes or handcuffs. Cases have been seen where the victim’s limbs were cut off just so they could not escape. And not to mention, there are much more callous trained killers out there who will make sure the victim doesn’t slip from their hands. Hence, one must not push their luck with serial killers and keep themselves and their family secure by all means.

Sometimes serial killers can be very methodical such as in the Larry Flynt case, who openly admitted that an interracial photo shoot drove him to take his drastic actions. Other times it can be seemingly random such as the Zodiac or Railway killers. The purpose of this article is to show that not everyone who is taken victim will most certainly die. Sometimes blind luck is on the victim’s side. Other times it’s because the victim used their wits. In any case, whether one feels luck by their side or not, never give in or panic in such a situation.