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14 Flowers You Need To Make Your Goth Garden Glow

14 Flowers You Need To Make Your Goth Garden Glow

Today, we will be having a look at fourteen different goth flowers as we help you hand-pick the perfect ones in order to make your garden glow with mysterious auras.


Flowers can be cute and quite pretty, but the fourteen we’ve highlighted are all bursting with enough menacing beauty to strike fear into the eyes of people, while also being able to hold their gaze.

View the list below.


Black Cherry Petunia – A flower that can grow as tall as 45 cm and as wide as 60 cm, the Black Cherry plants look like they wouldn’t be out of place if they were on front display in Dracula’s flower garden.

Black Velvet Petunia – These incredibly striking Black Velvet’s are a definite fit for anybody looking to add a little bit of dark, sinister beauty into their garden.

Queen of the Night Tulip – Depending on the lighting, these award-winning Tulips can go from a velvety deep maroon to a stand-out purple. They’re also great to plant in your garden where all of the bodies may or may not be buried.


Chocolate Cosmos – This crimson flower gains its name due to its chocolate-scented nature, making this the perfect flower to grow in the garden of soon-to-be-goth children.

Black Magic Viola – These flowers in the violet family have the perfect mix of good and evil. Alongside its deep, dark, and mysterious petals, it is accompanied by a vibrant yellow that does well to keep your attention.

Black Prince Coleus – This raisin-colored flower with a hint of gold could be just what you need to liven up your garden and distract people from what’s happening behind them.


Fishnet Stocking Coleus – The Fishnet Stocking Coleus is exactly what your garden needs if you’re trying to make it look like the birthplace of an alien parasite.

Pomegranate Punch Calibrachoa – These Pomegranate Punch flowers flaunt a powerful red color, but what else do you expect from a flower stained with the blood of your victims?

Wild Potato Vine – A large, mysterious-looking flower dedicated to capturing people’s attention with its beauty, before devouring their souls, of course.


Black Pansy – The Black Pansy almost looks like the beam of a UFO spreading throughout the darkness of the abyss.

Odessa Calla Lily – This grape-colored flower can strike fear into anybody’s heart with its extremely mystic elegance.

Brazen Hussy Celandine – Perfect for those who want to show off their light, bubbly personality, while also letting everybody know that their dark side is waiting to rise.


Black Satin Dahlia – This outstandingly mesmerizing flower attracts bees, butterflies, and birds, which is much more preferred than attracting stupid humans.

Mystic Dreamer Dahlia – The Mystic Dreamer brilliantly hides its dark, corrupt core with colorful, eye-catching petals, just like you.

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