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5 Reasons Why Watching Horror Makes You A Better Couple

5 Reasons Why Watching Horror Makes You A Better Couple

You’d think that with often hard to deal with subjects, scenes of extreme gore and violence and some peoples worst fears being brought to life in front of their very eyes, horror movies could potentially not be the best things to watch as a couple or on a first date. Freaked is here to prove you wrong.


1. Horror Movies are good for your brain

According to Multiple studies, watching horror regularly actually helps you destress in the long term. With high tension and terrifying scenes the adrenaline that is released into your body allows you to forget about your stress and put your worries into perspective. And as most people know, stress in any relationship often leads to its demise. Horror films are a great form of catharsis by helping to provide relief through the release of fear. All of these things combined lead to healthy relationships.

2. Vulnerability strengthens relationships

A lot of people don’t realise that vulnerability is the key to a strong relationship, and what better way to increase vulnerability than scaring yourself and your partner silly? Be it with spooky dolls come to life, undead axe murderers or classic zombies, horror movies bring our vulnerabilities right to the surface. When you do that with someone you love it can let you grow as a couple through shared support.


3. Horror movies make you more romantic

It has been proven by actual science that being scared makes you fall in love. With all of the chemicals that your brain releases during a scary movie combined with the safe atmosphere in which you watch them, there is a phenomenon that horror creates called misplaced arousal. With your heart racing and palms sweating, a horror film also causes a dopamine release which is responsible for a feel good reaction.

4. A good horror film gives you an excuse to get close

Amongst all of these mental reactions, horror movies also of course cause immediate physical reactions. Perhaps the most beneficial of these is the urge to get physically closer to your partner as a kind of defensive response, which more often than not can lead to snuggling.

5. Horror films help you to reveal, face and discuss your fears.

With all of these reactions both physical and mental going on, it is almost easy to forget the most obvious reaction of all- fear. When your fear is brought to the surface its incredibly hard to hide. If you’re on a first date you will be able to see how they react under such pressure and if you’re out for date night a good horror film will give you plenty to discuss and learn from.