This Disturbing Artwork Made By Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Will Surely Scar You For Life

The artwork the daughter of Kurt Cobain makes is quite disturbing.

But I don’t blame her. I mean just look at the environment she grew in and you’ll understand perfectly why her art is so ‘dark’ one might say. Her art manages to both scare and intrigue the viewer. Because at the end of the day, we don’t know that much about her.

It is however understandable. As she did grow up in the amidst of her Father’s numerous conspiracy theories that even went as far as to say her mother was the perpetrator. So it might be best for her to express her feeling through one medium or another. And apparently that was art for her.

Space Witch artwork also comes in print on apparel and accessories. I am still not sure as to who would like to buy these.

#1 Treat me like your mother.

#2 Remember laughter. 

#3 Poppyseed.

#4 Webster. 

#5 Goat shit. 

#6 Be civil. 

#7 Celestial splendor. 

#8 Scum f*ck. 

#9 Chocolate for the bald man.

#10 Mouth. 

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