10+ Stuffed Creatures That Are The Stuff Of Nightmares

But why?

That will be the question you keep asking yourself after taking a look at the pictures below. While, I don’t understand why taxidermy is still a ‘thing’. The following pictures take it to a whole new level of creepy. I mean I can see why people would want a remembrance of some sort.

This however is not it. Some of these might be because of poor craftsmanship and some because weird and terrifying taste. Or it might even be old age. Only they themselves know for sure.

#1 What even is that?

#2 Just a casual welcome.

#3 Because why not? 

#4 Everyone should have this.

#5 Looking dapper. 

#6 A loving family. 

#7 A table for how many? 

#8 Wouldn’t you rather have this than a gucci? 

#9 Not available at Ikea. 

#10 Why are his eyes red? 

#11 Definitely a cover for vogue.

#12 Didn’t he have enough shock in his life? 

#13 This is quite a shoddy job. 

#14 I have no idea. 

#15 Those are legs I would kill for. 

#16 Ahh yes, love the soothing sound of death. 

#17 Just imagine the voice coming out. 

#18 Who wants a normal bagpipe anyway? 

#19 I’d rather not have that close to my lady parts. 

#20 Just a big nope! 

#21 Why I ask you? Why!?

#22 What the heck happened to his eyes? 

#23 I think I spoke too soon. 

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