Home Art Alien Fans Can Now Buy An 8 Foot Xenomorph Statue.

Alien Fans Can Now Buy An 8 Foot Xenomorph Statue.

Alien Fans Can Now Buy An 8 Foot Xenomorph Statue.

If you’re feeling a little lonely as you’re staying at home, then the Big Bad Toy Store may have the perfect, albeit unconventional solution. In a super limited run, they have created an absolutely gigantic individually painted recreation of the xenomorph from the Aliens saga.

The statue stands at a staggering 8 feet (2.44 meters) tall, so you’re going to have to have pretty high ceilings to fit this into your collection.

It seems that these will only be available to the most diehard of fans, however, as they bear the pretty hefty price tag of $8000 with a non-negotiable non-refundable down payment of $1600 required upfront.

On the Big Bad Toy Store’s website where the listing is available, the statue is described as having been “Painstakingly recreated by an Aliens SFX professional”. The company claims that the creation process involved “meticulous attention to detail” going so far as to use molds that could be traced back to those that were used to create the original costumes that were seen in the films.

Authenticity seems to be what the creators were going for on this one as the Big Bad Toy Store describes the piece which they have appropriately named the ‘Big Chap’ as “museum quality”.

The statue is made up of fiberglass and mixed materials and comes with a true to form Alien themed display base which will help it take pride of place in the living room.

Only 150 of these are ever being made

If you order now you will have to wait till the end of 2020 to actually receive the goods which the company says is an estimate and that the time of arrival is in no way guaranteed. Unfortunately due to its size, only freight shipping is available which means only those in the US will be able to get their hands on the Big Chap.