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What Is The Creepiest Thing About You, According To Your Zodiac Sign 

What Is The Creepiest Thing About You, According To Your Zodiac Sign 

Plenty of people seem to believe that the stars have a lot to say about them. For hundreds of years, astrology was and has greatly influenced the thoughts of people. From makeup suggestions to dating advice, a lot of people tend to lean towards astrological interpretations regarding their choices and psychology. The following are some of the creepiest traits associated with you depending on your zodiac sign.


Aries – Violence

Aries - Violence
Source: American Psychological Association

As an Aries, you are bound to have incredibly awful anger management skills. When triggered, you can channel all your enthusiasm and energy into a seething explosive ball of anger. The more you attempt to hide the violent side to you, the harder it gets to control it. Start joining the gym or invest in a stress ball before you seriously spiral out of control.

Taurus – Possessiveness

Source: The Moscow Times

You are obsessed with keeping things just the way they are to an almost possessive degree. Your sentimentality, materialism, and persistence prevent you from letting things go. Basically, you care far too much and that leads you to appear psychotic.


Gemini – Backbiting

Source: BahaiTeachings

You may love your friends, but you cannot really help backbiting about them. It is in your nature to complain about some of the things your close friends and family share and talk about. Despite trying really hard, you find it impossible to remain an honest and loyal person.

Cancer – Victimizing

Source: Design 4 Life

You have an overdeveloped martyr complex and you love yourself more than you love anyone else. You regard yourself as the strong yet suffering caregiver who valiantly faces ill fortune and mistreatment.

Leo – Narcissism

Source: Jezebel

Wherever you go, you believe that the spotlight will find you. You love being the best and being always right. Your generosity, fun attitude, and enthusiasm allows you to compulsively steal the limelight wherever you go.


Virgo – Control Freak

Control Freak
Source: Church Leaders

Instead of caring, you control and plan everything around you due to your obsessive control freak habits. While you may call it “dedication,” others see it in a different light. You desire personal control so badly that you confuse yourself with what the real connection is.

Libra – Empathy

Source: Merriam-Webster

Your empathy will be the death of you. While you may be kind and just, your degree of empathy is far too high which sometimes leads you to empathize with the worst of people. Your ability to empathize will one day lead you down the road of unspeakable horror.

Scorpio – Sadism

Source: Insider Monkey

Your internal compass is a little off and you find intense joy in some of the most awful things. Tragedy, crime, and taboo will attract you more than anything else. At least you know better than to talk about it. You literally have a little abyss within yourself.


Sagittarius – Cult Leader

Cult Leader
Source: Timeline

You are imaginative, adventurous and optimistic which aptly places you as the ideal candidate for a cult leader. Your thirst accompanied with wanderlust allows you to form connections all over the world. What with your charming personality, they would literally do anything for you!

Capricorn – Ambitious Yet Devoid Of All Emotion

Source: Everyday Power Blog

Your determination and ambition win over the admiration of just about everyone around you. However, you are completely oblivious and uncaring of what your fierce force will do to those around you. While you may go far with your ambition, you will absolutely burn those around you.

Aquarius – Sociopath

Source: Business Insider

You are obsessed with changing the world for the better. What you do not seem to care about are the unorthodox methods it will take you to reach there. You cannot care less about bashing anyone who will stand in your way to improving society.


Pisces – Emotionally Volatile

Source: The Balance

Your feelings inspire you to create and heal but they also steer you away from the good in this world. While being overwhelming, your feelings also tend to lean towards the darker side. You are highly manipulative and pay no head to attain “emotional stability.”

While most astrology followers are keen on picking out the good qualities assigned to their sign, there are always the darker, gorier and scarier aspects of zodiac signs, too. Every sign is loaded with negative qualities as it is with positive ones. Now, that you have read this list, you can have an idea of what other horrors lay in store.