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10+ Real Videos That Will Creep You Out!

The internet can be a fun and whimsical place. So long as you stay away from political climate, which to be fair is about 90% of the Internet. But if you still want to be freaked out, you can always check out YouTube for some videos that will absolutely chill your spine. Not sure where to start. Well, fear not fellow traveler of the creepypasta landscape. We went ahead and got 17 examples of what to look for in a freaky video. So sit back, grab some popcorn and a broom (you’ll need it when the popcorn goes everywhere when you jump out of your skin) and enjoy our 17 videos that will freak you out.

10+ Creepy Videos That Happen to Be Real

I Feel Fantastic

You may have noticed that a signature component of mannequins is that they don’t move. So when this rare occurrence happens, it tends to put someone in a state of unease. Add to that the blending of synth pop, a staple of 80s horror flicks and autotune and you have a recipe for a video that will creep you out.

Max Headroom

Max Headroom was a staple of 80s pop culture. He had a television show where he was voiced by Matt Frewer but no one remembers that so much as they remember Max Headroom. He was a pop icon. But in 1987, he was used in a cyber hacker (before it was even a thing) to hijack a taping of Dr. Who to call its viewers nerds. We’re not sure if he intentionally tried to use a cross between a Dalek and Cybermen voice for his taunting but it was really effective. Also, The freakiest part of this video? The culprit was never found.

Mama said

One of the creepiest things on the planet is to take something wholesome and mix it with something serious. It gives it an outright eerie feel. So, to that end, this is one of the creepiest videos on this list. The producer took a smooth Motown classic and paired it with actual beatings during the Civil Rights Movement. It is unclear if they were making a political statement against the violence or a sick parody of the times.

Shaving cream torture

There’s something about the way a warped VHS tape can add to the creepiness to some videos. Although with a video of a man in a straight jacket with an eight-ball in his mouth covered in shaving cream needs little to make it any more creepy.

Forest fire PSA

There is nothing scarier than a forest emblazoned due to negligent campers. Unless you get the image of a bear who has presumably skinned one of those campers alive and worn her as a disguise to talk about the dangers of forest fires. Smokey the Bear just took his war on fire to a new level.

Spider tree

If there is one word to describe a spider it would be eerie. If there is one word to describe a mass of spiders in a nest on the side of a tree it would be…there is no word to describe this creepy video. Upon seeing it, everyone that didn’t spontaneously combust from fear would be screaming in terror.

Elisa Lam

This video doesn’t seem creepy until you hear the story that is related to it. The lady in the video is Elisa Lam and this was a video taken before her accidental drowning at the top of the Cecil Hotel’s water tower. Lam went missing on Feb. 1, 2013, and wasn’t found until the 19th of that month when guests of the hotel began complaining about the quality of the water.

Alice mask

There are certain ways to advertise a product that you’re selling but we’re not sure this creepy video is the way to go. Wearing an expressionless mask, Kerry demonstrates her wares by applying the mask and doing simple chores. If your aim is to reenact Silence of the Lambs, this may be the product for you.

Exploding banana face

Bananas have a reputation for comedy but this creepy video tends to go in the opposite direction. We’re not sure what exactly is inside the peels, but his reaction of nothingness is the creepiest of all. How many times does one have to blow up a banana on their face for it to become routine?

Mysterious roadblock

There are a couple of reasons to have a roadblock set up in the middle of the night. Off the top of our head, night time construction and a car accident top the list but this creepy video tells a different story. Neither of the above explanations is apparent in the video and when a stranger insists you pull over and reaches for his pocket, we would speed off as well.

Dining room

This creepy video defies all logic. A pale woman speaks with a demonic voice, plants her head in a bowl of soup (presumably) while a fire rages in the background. The editing is the real star with its nonlinear approach. Still, The less we know about the video, the creepier it becomes.

Weepy voiced killer

The voice on this creepy video is that of Paul Michael Stephani, a serial killer in the 80s. He would make calls to 911 after killing his victims. Known as the weepy voiced killer, Stephani is confessing to the murder of Kimberly Compton who he stabbed with an ice pick. He was caught in 1982 and died in prison in 1998.


The original night stalker was a serial killer in the 70s who would leave threatening messages on his victims answering machines. From Sacremento to Irvine, he terrorized California and to this day was never found. He can be heard saying “I’m gonna kill you…I’m gonna kill you…Bitch…Bitch…Whore” in this creepy video.

Creepy Clown

Clowns are notoriously creepy but this video is probably what started that trope, to begin with. This clown, presumably aimed at kids, psychotically advertises a cereal that bears his name. This is probably where the term, “cereal killer” came from.

Baby Laugh’a’lot

This creepy video features a doll that when rocked goes immediately into a death laugh. even the little girls in the commercial turn their heads in fear, knowing that they are about to meet a grisly end. And yet, they cannot help but be consumed in the laughter.

Suicide mouse

This creepy video features one of the happiest characters of all time walking on a descent into madness. with each step, Micky gets ever closer to insanity until finally the eerie look he has upon his face becomes too much for him and he keels over.

Final Thoughts
Creepy videos are a staple among the horror crowd. Some of it is a product of its time such as a vintage commercial while others are recordings or actual serial killers on tape after taking the life of an innocent. Some are viral videos that people staged in order to gain attention and perhaps didn’t get exactly what they were looking for. Others are simply trying to sell a product and miss the mark entirely.

For whatever reason, creepy videos have become a staple in our culture and we couldn’t be happier. Who wants to watch the latest internet sensation when we can be chilled to the bone with videos or men setting up roadblocks randomly in the street for no apparent reason other than to find his next victim.