10+ Deadliest And Most Violent Plants In The World

The most violent plants in the world will kill more than just the common house fly that lands on it. They will kill grown men and even animals if ingested and in some cases even if touched. These plants are incredibly deadly and mostly go undetectable. Deadly plants fall into two major categories with one being violent ones and the other being poisonous plants. The former are plants that actively hunt and kill their prey whereas the latter are sneaky plants that can be slipped into your food and ingested unknowingly.

The following list of 15 plants are proof that nature is not so lovely after all – in fact it can get quite ugly.

Brugmansia – Angel’s Trumpets


Source: Wikimedia

The Angel’s Trumpets come in an array of colors. However, everything on this plant from seeds to leaves to the gorgeous trumpet flowers, you will instantly experience hallucinations, diarrhea, confusion, amnesia, a disconnection from reality and eventually death. The plant is sometimes used recreationally but one famous incident involves a man cutting off his own body parts (inclusive of penis and tongue) after ingesting a cup of Brugmansia tea.

Hippomane Mancinella – Little Apple of Death

Hippomane Mancinella

Source: Reddit

This killer plant does not possess any intricate mechanisms to kill or ensnare its prey. However, it will just as easily kill you if you simply brush past it. Coming in contact with the plant leads to an awful skin allergy and infection. If you are unlucky enough to consume an apple from the plant (also called “manzanillas”), you will suffer from vomiting, seizures, nausea and diarrhea. And that is if one of the tree’s multiple toxins don’t kill you first.

Aconitum Napellus – Monkshood

Aconitum Napellus

Source: Twitter

The gorgeous bluish-purple flower is incredibly common and can be growing under your window right now. It is often planted or dried as a decorative piece. However, the plant is incredibly deadly and causes cardiac arrest almost instantly. Once upon a time it was used on the tips of arrows and spears to kill prey and enemies.

Nepenthes Attenboroughii – Giant Pitcher Plant

Nepenthes Attenboroughii

Source: Reddit

The distinct bell-shaped plant full of fluid was named after Sir David Attenborough. It has upright lid which is the perfect trap for insets and small rodents. This carnivorous plant is to be avoided at all costs.

Ageratina Altissima – White Snakeroot

Ageratina Altissima

Source: Wikimedia

This plant generally grows in the woods. Once an animal consumes it, it poisons the meat and milk of the animal so if any animal or human consumes it after, they will fall sick too. Nancy Hanks Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln’s mother) died from drinking the milk of a cow which that ingested the white flower.

Cicuta Douglasii – Western Water Hemlock

Cicuta Douglasii

Source: Wikimedia

A perennial plant, the Western Water Hemlock can flourish in multiple wet climates and has little to any notable qualities or practical uses. This plant’s roots contain Cicutoxin. Although animals love the plant, ingestion of less than 1% of the body weight will lead to instant death within a matter of minutes. For humans, it is similarly awful. The Cicutoxin attacks the central nervous system which results in lack of coordination, frothing at the mouth, seizures, tremors and respiratory failure leading to eventual death.

Cerbera Odollam – the Suicide Tree

Cerbera Odollam

Source: Pinterest

The Suicide Tree is commonly found in swamps in India and Asia. It contains cerberin which is a poison which directly attacks the heart by blocking the calcium ion. This results in death. Because of the fact that it can kill easily, it is often hidden in spices making it a popular choice for murder and suicide.

Nerium Oleander – Oleander Flower

Nerium Oleander

Source: Twitter

The Oleander Flower is pretty popular. It is common garden beauty and has beautiful pink flowers. The plant contains a plethora of toxins which cause seizures, nausea, comas, excessive salivation, increased heart rate and even death in both animals as well as humans.

Utricularia Macrorhiza – Common Bladderwort

Utricularia Macrorhiza

Source: Reddit

The Common Bladderwort is native to Eastern Asia and North America. The plant survives on crustaceans and tadpoles. It murders it prey by killing them as they pass by in the water. The plant possesses a number of submerged bladders which detect nearby motion of prey. It then proceeds to grab the prey, captures it and suffocates it within the bladder.

Cephalotus Follicularis – Australian Pitcher Plant

Cephalotus Follicularis

Source: Wikimedia

Also known as the moccasin plant, the Australian Pitcher Plant is extremely ugly. The plant contains several small pitchers full of spikes which trap any prey that wander within them. If that was not bad enough, the plant has clear cells, which make it rather confusing for prey while they are being ingested.

Dieffenbachia – Mother in Law Plant


Source: Wikimedia

The Mother In Law plant is used popularly as an indoor plant for décor. Many countries are even studying this plant for the cure of cancer. However, this interesting plant releases sharp needle-like crystals when chewed resulting in swelling, excessive drooling and oral numbing.

Drosera Glanduligera – Pimpernel Sundew

Drosera Glanduligera

Source: Pinterest

The Pimpernel Sundew looks rather terrifying and catches and consumes its prey by a unique mechanism that is a cross between snap traps and flypaper. It also has the ability to regenerate its tentacles if any are broken. The plant will stick its prey to itself and then catapult them to its center for digestion.

Darlingtonia Californica – Cobra Lily

Darlingtonia Californica

Source: Pinterest

The Cobra Lily is called so because it resembles a snake, complete with a set of fangs and a tongue. It also contains lubricated pitchers which make for the perfect traps for insects. If you attempt to kill the plant with fire, it retains the ability of regenerating its roots from a fire.

Ricinus Communis – Castor Oil Plant

Ricinus Communis

Source: Twitter

The Castor Oil plant would never be looked at as a dangerous plant partly because of the fact that it produces castor oil which is a very useful drug. However, the plant itself contains ricin. Just a small dose of this powder is absolutely lethal – it will grant you with seizures, diarrhea and awful nausea.

Dionaea Muscipula – Venus Fly Trap

Dionaea Muscipula

Source: Pinterest

The Venus Fly Trap is a popular killer plant. Its leaves are full of tiny hairs which allows it to detect prey and small insects. Once an insect of a spider walks its path, it will clamp shut its leaves on it and consume it.

The next time you see your pet or your kid approaching a gorgeous plant or flower, bear in mind that the prettiest of plants are often the deadliest. Being aware of the properties of each and understanding what to bring into your house for décor is highly important especially if you have kids and animals around.

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