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10 Differences Between Male and Female Serial Killers Science Explains

10 Differences Between Male and Female Serial Killers Science Explains

Serial killers can be female or male, and throughout history serial killers have prove that they are not all alike. Scientists dig down deep to see how serial killers differ from one another based off of their gender and narrow down the top ten differences that really help separate them. It’s amazing to think that even though serial killers all share something in common, they are all equally different.


Difference Between Male & Female Serial Killers

1. Premeditated

One of the most famous serial killers to date: Aileen Wuornos. 

Source: Mensxp


It has been proven that women actually do commit more premeditated murders because they get to know their victims and the routines of their daily lives.

2. Location

Still photo of Richard Ramirez.

Source: Top Public Enemies


As scientists continued to analyze the differences between male and female serial killers, they discovered that women have more of a tendency to kill their victims in the victim’s home, while men tend to stick to the streets and commit their crimes there, or in an exclusive location.

3. Caught

The infamous Ted Bundy with a sly smirk on his face. 

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Men have a tendency of being caught more than women because people truly believe that women are not capable of being serial killers and they are the least suspected when investigating murders.

4. Familiarity of Victims

Familiarity of Victims
Serial killer Joanne Dennehy. 

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Since females are known to do more premeditated murders because they know their victims, females have the ability to become extremely familiar with their victims because of their jobs as nurses or nannies, and they also have the tendency to prey on those they know they can take advantage of. Men, on the other hand, tend to not know their victims at all.

5. Psychologically

The killer clown, John Wayne Gacy. 

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Looking at the minds of the serial killers, psychologists claim that male serial killers tend to have been physically abused while growing up, making them have a more twisted mind while female serial killers tend to be sexually abused growing up.

6. Demographic

A young Charles Manson. 

Source: Movie Pilot


Female serial killers have been declared to be older than male serial killers, who range from 20-30 years old; however, both genders appear to be good-looking.

7. Weapon

A still shot of Gary Ridgway in court. 

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Men tend to be more violent and use guns or knives to kill their victims while females lean towards being discrete and use poison when they’re killing their victims.

8. Motive

Don’t let the face fool you, this is serial killer Dorothea Puente. 

Source: All That Is Interesting


The motive behind serial killers are all different- some hated the victim, others just did it for fun, or they did it because some demon told them to do so. Nonetheless, the motive women use to kill people is for resources while men kill their victims because of s**.

9. Hunters and Gatherers 

Hunters and Gatherers

Jeffrey Dahmer’s mug shot. 


Source: Murder Pedia

Unlike males, females tend to gather as many people as they know, including some of their family members at times, and go out to kill their victims. Men, on the other hand, go out by themselves and kill random victims.

10. Damage 

Still photo of serial killer Pedro López. 


Source: The Line Up

When it comes to how damaging a serial killer is to their victim, it is proven that men cause a lot more bodily damage to their victims and even more destruction when they kill someone.