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10 Entertaining Halloween Party Games For All Ages

10 Entertaining Halloween Party Games For All Ages

Halloween games should not always cater to a certain age group. There are plenty of games that are suitable for all ages. These are perfect for house parties on Halloween which feature adults and kids alike. The following fun and hilarious Halloween party games will keep you occupied for the whole night. Whether it is a Halloween carnival, a trick or treat party, a classroom party or even a kids’ party, these games will work wonderfully in all of them.

Begin my splitting everyone into teams depending on the game. Some games require only one person while others need 4-6 members. You can finish off the games by awarding Halloween prizes to the winners.

Choose The Candy

easy party games for halloween

Players Needed: 1 Person

Supplies Needed: Large bag of candy and stickers

Open up a large bag of candy and glue stickers to some of them. Then mix up the whole bag. Form multiple teams of 1 person each. The game is to eat as many candies as possible before finding a sticker. Once you find the sticker you are out of the game. The last standing person wins.

Mummy Wrap

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Players Needed: 2 People

Supplies Needed: Toilet paper

This game involves two people working together to wrap another person completely in toilet paper in order to create a “mummy”. You can make multiple teams and the first team to make a full mummy wins. The mummy needs to be completely covered except for the face.

Costume Change

halloween party games

Players Needed: 1 Person

Supplies: Costumes/dress-up clothes, masks, hats, etc.

The challenge is to have a bag full of costume attire. Each player has to pick out 10 items to complete their costume. The player with the best costume wins.

Trick Or Treat Balloon Pop

party games for halloween

Players Needed: As many as desired

Supplies: Treat stickers, black balloons, blank slips of paper

Into each balloon put in a sticker of a treat or a slip of paper with a trick or act written onto it. Mix all the unblown balloons in a bag and pass it around. Each person must extract a balloon, blow it up and then pop it. If they get a treat sticker, then they win that treat. If they get the slip of paper instead, they are supposed to act out the trick written on it.

Pumpkin Bowling

halloween party games

Players Needed: 1 Person

Supplies: Toilet paper, mini pumpkins, black sharpies

Use a pumpkin as a bowling ball and the toilet paper as the pins. The sharpies can be used to draw creepy faces onto the toilet rolls. This game is ideal for kids.

No Hands

easy party games for halloween

Players Needed: As many as desired

Supplies: Plates, tofu, candy, gummy brains, a variety of gross food and a blindfold

Every player in the game is given a plate of food that they must eat without using their hands. The plates will contain a variety of gross food from blue cheese to tofu and even gummy brains.  Blindfold the players. The first person to clear their plate is the winner.

Tarantula Toss

party games for halloween 2017

Players Needed: 1 Person

Supplies: Halloween spider webs, plastic spiders

Have multiple people spread the spider web in a large room. Each player is supplied with plastic spiders and the goal is to get 3 spiders stuck in the web. The first person to do so wins.

Spooky Scramble

party games for halloween

Players Needed: 1 Person

Supplies Needed: Word games

A Halloween themed scrabble or word game is a great game for those who don’t want to participate in the rowdy crowd. The players need to finish the game before moving on.

Zombie Walk

Halloween party games 2017

Players Needed:  1 Person

Supplies: Plastic pumpkins, witch hat, orange soda bottles, Halloween trees and obstacles

Create an obstacle course while walking like a zombie. Make the obstacle course as difficult and cluttered as possible.

Face The Cookie

Halloween party games

Players Needed: As many as desired

Supplies: Oreos and cookies

The game is to place a cookie on your forehead and by using facial muscles only, transport it all the way to your mouth. No hands are allowed. If the cookie drops, you lose.

This list of Halloween games will make your party a lot more fun than how it started off as. You will be able to entertain everyone from kids to adults to the teenagers and even the elderly. Everyone will be able to equally participate and enjoy themselves. So what are you waiting for?