In case you missed it, Target has once again opened up its Hyde and Eek! Boutique for pre-order and most of their products are must-buys for any Halloween enthusiast.

We first reported on Target’s Halloween decorations when we shared their new range of adorable succulent planters that can be yours for just $3 each, but today, we have something that’s a little more fun.

For those of you planning on creating your very own Nightmare Before Christmas-themed house this Halloween, take a look at this unbelievable 7-foot-tall Jack Skellington inflatable that’s perfect to welcome (or scare) people upon their arrival.

Credit – Target

Mark your calendars for August 27 as that’s when the lovable inflatable officially drops, but if you’re too impatient, you can go and pay for it now and get Jack Skellington delivered to you as soon as he’s available.

You can head over to Target and make this 7-foot Jack Skellington inflatable your very own for $60 – HERE!

Credit – Target

The great part about having Jack Skellington inflated during Halloween season is that you don’t have to pack him away with the rest of the decorations as he can give some personality to your Christmas decor too!

The inflatable will have to be plugged into an electricity source and Jack Skellington will be grown and ready to put on a show.

There’s a high demand for Target’s Hyde and Eek! Boutique items right now and if you want to get yourself some great Halloween products before they sell out, we recommend that you act quickly.

In case you missed your opportunity to get your hands on the inflatable Jack Skellington, do not worry as Target has a wide range of other decorations to haunt your Halloween this year. Go over to their website, HERE!

What do you think of the 7-foot Jack Skellington? Be sure to let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.