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Orphan Prequel Set To Tell The Origin Story Of ‘Esther’

Orphan Prequel Set To Tell The Origin Story Of ‘Esther’

Orphan remains one of the most underrated horror movies of the past 20 years. Originally released in 2009, Orphan follows a husband and wife who are devastated after the recent loss of their unborn child, leading them to become desperate to grow their family.

They do this by adopting a 9-year-old girl who at first glance is a harmless young girl, but future events show the child isn’t as innocent as she claims to be.

Esther, real name Leena Klammer, is revealed to be a 33-year-old woman who suffers from a rare disorder that stunts physical growth and causes dwarfism, using this illness as a way to pose as the little girl.

Reports are now suggesting a prequel to Orphan is in the works with William Brent Bell (The Boy, Brahms: The Boy II, Devil Inside) set to direct the movie, according to Deadline.

While the twist from the original Orphan was a great one, it’s interesting to see what William Brent Bell could do to grow suspense now that we all know Esther’s secret.

The upcoming movie will see Lena Klammer escape from a Russian psychiatric facility and travel back to America where she impersonates the missing daughter of a wealthy family. This time, she enters a household where her new mother will protect her family at any cost.

No casting news has been released as of now, but the prequel, written by David Coggeshall (Prey, Scream: The TV Series), is expected to begin in the fall.

It is unknown whether Isabelle Fuhrman, the actress portrayed as Esther, will feature in William Brent Bell’s Orphan, but that remains highly unlikely.

If you are in the dark as to what awaits you while watching the Orphan and want to delve deeper into Esther’s crazed mind, you can witness the trailer for the 2009 version below.