10+ Pictures Of Nature That Are Hell Scary

Mother Earth has been the greatest blessing for mankind. It is so full of great stuff with nature, trees, flowers and creatures etc. that makes you feel more alive. But in all this beauty, people found some really dark things as well.

As much as these might look like perfectly timed photographs, you will see below the hidden dark ugliness of the world we live in. Not only you will feel lucky for not witnessing these with your eyes but even seeing these moments through pictures might leave you disturbed.

Anyways, let’s begin!

#1 Nightmares are real. Have a look at this nest built around an abandoned baby doll


#2 This tree got struck by lightning

#3 Imagine this as a penguin.

#4 This actually is a living bug

#5 Spider Silk is capable of holding many things

#6 Fire Aunts turned themselves into a floating island

#7 Elk shedding the velvet from his antlers

#8 This storm looks sneaky and scary

#9 Lava Waterfall

#10 This frog..damn!

#11 Ants preparing for a feast

#12 Lizard taking the revenge


reddit.com / Via i.redd.it

#13 Right on the edge

#14 Putty in the hands of the powerful ocean

#15 This freaking Snake

#16 This abandoned road

#17 Looks like someone had two bites of stingray for dinner

#18 The frog here refuses to be food

#19 Even water can be dangerous for us

#20 Looks like some owl

#21 Snapdragons that look like human skulls

#22 This gigantic fish does exist